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Acts 3 Theme: Restoration of all things!

Reader: Acts 3:1-11 Personal Restoration

The Crippled Beggar’s Restored • Power of Prayer!! – “I don’t have silver or gold… – I HAVE PRAYER!”

• Social and Religious Outcast – Restored to community! – Restored to WORSHIP!

Readers: Acts 3:12-24 GLOBAL RESTORATION

Ready to Witness? • “Peter saw his opportunity…” • Spiritual Gift of Evangelism** • Call to evangelism = FOR ALL

First Reader 3:12-16 Second Reader 3:17-26

What is your story?


The Name of Jesus • “Through faith in the name of Jesus…” – NOT MAGIC – Actions done in … • Character of that person! • Authority of that person!

– Ambassador : Authority

The Blessings of Jesus

Second Reader 3:17-26

• Vs. 21 “Restore all things!” • Vs. 26 “To bless you by turning you each back from your sinful ways.”


Class #6- Healing @ the Temple  

Personal Restoration First Reader 3:12-16 The Crippled Beggar’s Restored Theme: Restoration of all things! Second Reader 3:17-26 What is you...

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