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Through Leadership body, feeling, mind, intuition

Chenrezi Initiation Be Here Now What Drives Us The Observation Mind Quiet Mind, Open Heart

July 9-12

July 23-26

Vajrapani Initiation Exploring Body Mind Being Me Full Time The Urge to Connect The Pure State

Psychological Forces Charisma or Cool The Power of Archetypes I Showing Up

Life Flows Ghost In The Machine Ego Psychology What Defines Us

July 16-19 July 30 -Aug 2

Sustainable Heart The Intellect The Alchemy of Emotions Moving Me, Moving You

Meditation & Study Foundation Summer Program 2011

Sept 3-6 Integrative Meditation Retreat

Aug 6-9

Aug 13-16

Aug 20-23

Aug 27-30

Dynamic Compassion Sport & Play Space Travel I Articulation & Creation

Weekly - Saturday to Tuesday. Come for short meditation sessions or for all four days.

Manjushri Initiation Group Dynamics The Power of Archetypes II Challenge & Victory Creativity & Handiwork

Prajna Paramita Initiation Lending Strength Space Travel II Progressive Social Synergy Joy To The World

Awareness of Body

Developing Mind

To cultivate awareness of Body we explore movement, sensing & the practice of service as tools empowering us for greater mindfulness. We will train ourselves to carry awareness of body throughout all daily activities, including dance, cooking, building, yoga, cleaning, gardening, handiwork & other movement.

Descartes changed Western perception when he declared, ‘I think, therefore I am’. The ego believes its thoughts, and liberation from ego entails dismantling our intellect: we can build on the good and transform the bad and the ugly into something that works better. Our toolkit includes reasoning and debate, creative idea development, the joys of logic & analysis, and exploring our views of resources, especially money, time & energy.

Summer Program 2011 Jul 9 – Sep 6

Explore Practical Buddhism in the Majestic East Kootenay Mountains

Exploring Feelings

In the spirit of developing healthy group consciousness, together we’ll explore Body, Feelings, Mind & Intuition. This program combines educational classes on the application of traditional Buddhist philosophy and meditation to modern life with cultivating the practice of selfless service, as we mindfully and skilfully collaborate to run and build a retreat center together. One day per week (Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday) is dedicated to each of the four aspects of body, feelings, mind & intuition. A healthy, awakening being integrates all four of these, and we encourage you to explore all four areas with us this summer – come for a four-day retreat, or combine individual one-day sessions. Every Saturday to Tuesday there will be a morning class session with Achariya Doug Duncan, and a meditation session in the evening, with the cultivation of community, selfless service and other activities in between. The summer program concludes with a four-day meditation retreat Sept. 3 – 6 to integrate all the explorations of the summer; during this final period we welcome you to attend the entire retreat, single days, or short sessions within each day.

Through investigating our evaluations & ego colourings, we will liberate those that contract our experience of life. We’ll explore our human evaluations of ‘like/dislike’, the ego and the shadow, trust and collaboration, and wholesome competition. Uncovering what our feelings are teaching us, we’ll develop skills to channel them for healthier relationships, with ourselves and others.

Cultivating Intuition

Arising Yoga (visual meditation with mantras), breathing meditation, role playing & the kind of playing we used to love to do all summer will be the vehicles used to cultivate the intuitive aspects of being. We’ll investigate how modern daily life meets some of the pillars of traditional Buddhism – loving kindness, compassion, spaciousness, and developing the skill and means we need to live these. Traditional Buddhist initiations into the Arising Yoga meditations of Vajrapani, Chenrezi, Manjushri & Prajna Paramita (Body, Speech, Mind & Intuition) will be bestowed by Achariya Doug Duncan Sensei.

Meditation & Study Foundation

Awakening Through Leadership July 2011 9-12

Chenrezi initiation Embodiment of Compassion


23 – 26

Vajrapani initiation The Body of Awakening

Jul 30-Aug 2

August 2011 6-9


Manjushri initiation Mind of the Awakened Ones



Prajna Paramita initiation Mother of WIsdom

September 2011 3-6

Summer 2011 at a glance

Saturday BODY


Monday MIND


Be Here Now Full Living with the Senses

What Drives Us Feeling Good, Feeling Bad

The Observation Mind Collecting Intelligence

Quiet Mind, Open Heart Learning to Listen





Life Flows Breathing Meditation

Ghost in the Machine Mechanics of the Enlightened Mind



Exploring Body-Mind Yoga & Movement


Ego Psychology Preferences Desire & Awakening

What Defines Us Touch & Boundaries



Being Me Full Time The Nature of Like & Dislike

The Urge to Connect Community & Communication

The Pure State Loving Kindness




Sustainable Heart Compassion in the “Real World”

The Intellect Inquiry & Systems Thinking

The Alchemy of Emotions Transforming Lead to Gold

Moving Me, Moving You The Dance of Self & Other

Psychological Forces Manipulation, Control & Community Relations

Charisma or Cool Acting & Personality

The Power of Archetypes I Archetypes & Positive Transformation

Showing Up Defending your Master Plan

Group Dynamics There is No ‘I’ in ‘Team’

The Power of Archetypes II Secret Agents for Positive Transformation in the World

Challenge & Victory What’s Easy, What’s Hard … & Why?

Creativity & Handiwork How the Human Mind & Body Work with Tools

Dynamic Compassion Energetic Communication

Sport & Play Awakening = Joy in Action

Space Travel I Opening Mind to Clarity




Articulation & Creation The Empowerment of Setting Boundaries

Lending Strength Enlightened Leadership

Space Travel II Infinity & Clarity in Action

Progressive Social Synergy Communication & Conflict

Joy to the World Living with Bliss





Saturday FEELING



Sunday BODY






Integrative Meditation Retreat: Weaving the pieces together

Tuesday MIND




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Meditation & Study Foundation Summer Program 2011

Clear Sky Summer Program 2011  
Clear Sky Summer Program 2011  

Courses at Clear Sky for Summer 2011