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July ~ August 2010


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Cosmetic & Beauty Treatments at The Yorkshire Clinic

Thought it?... Considered it?... Now discuss it!

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Issue 21 July / August 2010

Welcome Welcome to the first Bingley Show edition of Here & Now Magazine! We are really pleased to work in partnership with the shows organisers to promote this fantastic, local event while continuing to raise the profile of great local businesses who need your support by buying local from people you can trust. We are sure you will enjoy this latest edition as it’s packed with great reading and information about Bingley Show, how to stay healthy, lose weight and get the body you always dreamed of, plus tackling the sensitive topic of coping with relationship breakdowns. If you are on a mission to improve your home in readiness for the imminent property market upturn, then you will find the very best local tradesmen and businesses to help you do that within these pages. By keeping your business local you are using people you can trust, who can take you to view any jobs they have done, can provide recommendations and testimonials and will give you great value for money. Plus you are helping to keep local businesses trading through these difficult times. Here & now Magazines...put local businesses directly into thousands of homes and businesses, it’s everywhere you want your business to be, and if you don’t get it delivered, you can always read them online at our website Until next time...


Distribution Areas: Baildon, Bingley, Eldwick, Gilstead, East Morton, Keighley, Silsden, Crosshills, Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s stores Disclaimer: Here & Now is produced by MAD Publications as a free local magazine. The publishers cannot accept any liability for any advertisments in this publication. Contact: MAD Publication Suites 1 & 7, Albion Mills, Greengates, Bradford BD10 9TQ Tel: 01274 420091 Web:

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Are you on track to achieve your 2010 health, �itness and wellbeing goals? Helen Walker General Manager


t Nuffield Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Centres, the aim is to improve your wellbeing for the long term by helping you to actively take control of your health, and under the guidance of Helen Walker, general manager of Nuffield Health at Cottingley Manor in Cottingley, her team of experts are making a major difference to their members wellbeing in fantastic innovative ways and word is spreading!

For more information or to arrange a visit to Nuffield Health in Cottingley, Call 01274 565741 Nuffield Health at Cottingley Manor Cottingley New Road Cottingley West Yorkshire BD16 1TZ

One of the major factors to making such a difference is the introduction of the MOT Health Assessment, as Helen explained, “There is no point in trundling through a fitness programme without knowing where you are going or what you are trying to achieve. The MOT health assessment is a great place to start as it gives a comprehensive 60 minute health evaluation with a qualified Wellbeing Advisor. We then use the results to assess your current health status and to identify opportunities for you to improve your health, wellbeing and quality of life.” This sounded very impressive and I made it my mission to find out more and experience the assessment personally. The session starts with a review of your health history, measurement of your height and weight to calculate your BMI (body mass index), and a measurement of your blood pressure. You are then attached to a device which gives an estimation of your aerobic fitness at rest, and your resting heart rate is measured while you relax on a bed. Your blood is analysed after fasting, for blood glucose and total cholesterol and this is where my own assessment made me take notice, as unbeknown to me I had a very high cholesterol! However, my wellbeing advisor, Kirsty Anne Cowling, was absolutely brilliant and explained how easy it would be to bring it to a safe level through making some

minor adjustments to my diet and exercise programme. Your waist and hips are measured in order to calculate a waist to hip ratio and finally a review of musculoskeletal history is taken. All of this information generates a personalised action plan geared towards your individual needs, and subsequent exercise programmes. Regular check-ins will chart your progress and improvements and help to keep you motivated. Following my own assessment, I was keen to adapt my eating in particular to bring my cholesterol under control and with their help I found this easy to do and felt so much better in myself.

The facilities at Nuffield Health at Cottingley Manor are second to none. Based in a beautiful old building, set in stunning landscaped grounds with a lake that is home to ducks and geese, there is ample free parking within the grounds, a day nursery for members and none members children, a members restaurant, fully equipped changing rooms (with lockers), a 25 metre swimming pool (swimming classes available), personal trainers, every type of activity class you can imagine from spinning to Pilates and Tai Chi! January this year also saw the introduction of a female and rehabilitation gym and a private Physiotherapy clinic also opened in February. Last word goes back to manager Helen, “I have been with Nuffield Health, formerly Cannons, since the year 2000 and as I come up to my 10 year anniversary, I am really excited about the changes here at Cottingley. Since becoming part of Nuffield Health we have been constantly changing for the better. Our existing members are thrilled with the developments and we welcome any past members to come back for a visit to see firsthand what we have done. My team are passionate about the difference they can make and the good they can do armed with their specialist training and knowledge.” My personal experience by Angela Riches - Editor





Kathryn Hyde:

My Lighter Life Story My weight journey all started in my late teens, hovering around a healthy 10 stone through my teenage years, I walked everywhere, lived my spare time outdoors and ate normal family meals. But like most young adults I came of drinking and driving age, my spare time was spent socialising in pubs and clubs, and instead of walking everywhere I bought a car and became very lazy. After a few years of watching the scales tip, my confidence fell and I joined a slimming club. I was single at the time and found it easy, I lost 2 stone very quickly....but like most slimming clubs it crept back on, and quickly. When I met my husband I had gone from a size 12 to a 16, and I was bigger than before! He was a non smoker, so I took the opportunity to quit. With that I gained even more weight and as I was happy, I ignored the scales. We dined out and holidayed and had a happy few years, but inside I was miserable.

My wedding day was fantastic, but sadly I was at my heaviest. My wedding dress was a size 18 and on the wedding day I far too big for it and I felt uncomfortable, even had to be squeezed into it. I couldn’t eat my meal or sit properly I was so uncomfortable. I still feel a pang of shame and sadness when I see my wedding pictures. Deciding to start a family I joined a slimming club again, vowing to lose weight for the sake of my children, and I was desperate to have a healthy pregnancy. I again lost 2 stone, though when I got pregnant I was still quite big at 14 stone. I managed to hover around the same weight throughout my pregnancy, but having maternity leave was like opening the fridge to me! Long days alone with a new born baby are hard on someone with food issues; I would eat to fill time. Eat to feel happy, eat to feel good. As my daughter grew, she was soon old enough to be weaned onto food and I

made sure this was healthy. We had active days and went out walking a lot, swimming and spending time outdoors, but I still couldn’t get the weight off. As she became mobile and independent I started to struggle to keep up. I had to do something NOW before I lost these important days in my daughter’s life. At Christmas 2009, I went out for our works Christmas meal. My boss had recently lost quite a bit of weight and I was impressed with how good he looked, he began to tell me about Lighter Life and what it entailed. I was really interested in how the food packs worked, and the counselling sessions. I knew I needed more help than just losing weight, I needed my mind re wiring! For me the problem went deeper, I needed to go back to basics, teach myself to enjoy healthy food, appreciate feeling satisfied and not feel like I had to burst buttons to be satisfied. I basically needed what Lighter Life had to offer. Online I read up on Lighter Life, discovered a session in Shipley with Christine Smith. I emailed her and she called me very quickly, inviting me to a session the following week. It was inspiring, and very informative. My doctor approved of the Lighter Life programme (Programme NOT diet!), and I was ready to start. The first few days were hard to get through, withdrawing from food is tough. Like saying good bye to an old friend! But the massive weight loss makes it so worthwhile. In other slimming classes the first weeks loss is the biggest and it slows right down after week 2, but on Lighter Life it drops off every week and doesn’t slow, it’s amazing. The counselling sessions were tremendous, getting right to the root of my issues with weight and food. It really is the best thing I ever discovered, I feel healthy, I look healthy and I’m confident. It took me 14 weeks to lose my target of 4 stone. I’m 4 weeks into maintaining and I’m still the exact same weight. I see Christine my counsellor every week and I also help out in our Wednesday evening class to keep me involved. I’ve even plucked up courage to start road running, and I’m up to about 6 miles a week! A few years ago I couldn’t run a hundred yards! As well as losing weight, Lighter Life has given me the tools to keep my weight off. Kathryn Hyde – Member of Lighter Life Shipley

Lighter Life Shipley Unit 3, Riverdale House Business Park, Shipley BD17 7AD E:



Hot humid weather?

Caught in that unexpected shower? Good old British summers are with us once again. Put all the above together and it gives just one outcome BAD HAIR DAYS! What if you could make all that go away? We have the answer whether you want to spend a little or a lot!

‘The more you treat your hair the healthier it becomes, smoother, silker, easier and faster to blow dry bringing it close to being maintainance free.’

We all know what a nightmare your hair can be in these conditions. Frizz is a major problem as the damp and moisture from humidity and showers works its way into the hair expanding the cuticle. This creates that unwanted volume and unruly hair (frizz). We also know what damage the sun at this time of year does to our hair - drying it out and bleaching that newly coloured hair. Well this could be all in the past!!

around three to five months depending on the hair type. The more you treat your hair the healthier it becomes - smoother, silkier, and easier and faster to blow dry - bringing it close to being maintenance free. It is gentle enough to use on all hair types - colour treated, chemically processed, bleached or highlighted hair. This is a service only available in salons and is conducted by specially trained stylists.


Prices from - £215.00 (consultation required)

Keratin complex smoothing therapy is a new fantastic product on the market. This revolutionary smoothing system infuses keratin deep into the hair cuticle eliminating up to 95% of frizz and curl leaving the hair softer, smoother and shiner. The results typically last

MOROCCANOIL Moroccanoil is a product which has just landed in the UK from Hollywood. Top celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Pink, and

“I dropped 6 dress sizes in 7 months” Ready for a slimmer summer? You’re ready for LighterLife LighterLife is a weight-loss programme with a difference. In fact, we’ve been helping people to lose weight for over 12 years. At LighterLife you work in small groups with people just like you, to change the way you think about food. So why not find out more at How it works: • Fast weight loss using soups, shakes and bars • Then we help you get back to enjoying normal food • FREE ongoing support so you can keep the weight off

Christine Smith, Shipley

01274 222610 6

Price - £29.25

Shoobox of Bingley Superb Wedding Shoe Collection All the latest shoes, bags and accessories for spring! Visit us today to browse our fantastic collection at affordable prices.

Now available if you’re 1 stone or more overweight*

*BMI of 25 or above

Mariah Carey are big fans. Moroccanoil contains aragan oil which works like a vitamin E (nature’s most powerful antioxidant agent) which helps to naturally renew cell structure, increase hair’s elasticity and consistently restores shine to dull, lifeless hair. It is an ultra light formula which absorbs into the hair and protects it from UV rays leaving the hair silky with a brilliant shine that doesn’t leave any oily residue. It also repels water by up to 50% so drying the hair will take half the time, and static and frizz will be controlled. This can be used on all hair types. It’s definitely worth investing in as the results are amazing.

Personal, friendly

TAMARIS service with a smile... MARCO TOZZI GUARANTEED! LUNAR GINO VENTORI GINO VAELLO 4 Chapel Lane Bingley ESCAPE West Yorkshire BD16 2NG TIMELESS Tel: 01274 565483 Fax: 01274 565675 SKECHERS Email:

SCHWARZKOPF BC SUN PROTECT Schwarzkopf BC Sun Protect range has just become practical and made the packing nightmare a little easier. The BC Sun Protect travel pack contains shampoo, conditioner and an aftersun treatment, all in a convenient 100ml travel size. They offer double protection by working against free radicals with anti oxidants whilst also giving protection from UV rays. The BC sun protect shampoo cleanses and moisturises sun stressed hair and scalps, relieving them from chlorine, salt and minerals. The BC sun protect conditioner contains a UV- protection and also helps to detangle damaged hair. The BC sun protect aftersun treatment repairs, soothes and refreshes the hair after sun exposure. The travel pack can be used on any type of hair. Price - £13.95

25% OFF Keratin Complex

For a limited period only bring this voucher into the salon and recieve 25% off this fantastic service. The price includes initial consultation, the Keratin Complex service, Keratin Complex shampoo and conditioner to take home plus a follow up blow dry 72hrs after the treatment. Prices - Short/Bob norm £215 - offer £160 (consultation required) Mid/Long norm £250 - offer £190 (consultation required)

Jon Richard Hairdressing

219 - 221 Bingley Road, Saltaire, Bradford, BD18 4DH



It’s not you. It’s your metabolism!


Look at me now! Wow, I am so impressed at how easy it really was to lose my weight with SureSlim. I started at 16st 13lb – I had reached crisis point. The size 22/24 clothes were starting to get tight and this wasn’t good news. Having medical problems including Multiple Sclerosis and IBS meant losing weight was previously a battle. I had tried most things but never found something I could stick to. I had seen with my own eyes other people that had joined SureSlim and achieved great things. I knew this was the path I was going to have to take. I was scared and worried at how things would have to change but after my initial visit I felt confident that with the support of my consultant I would give it my best shot. My plan arrived and with trepidation I embarked on my new quest. My new life! Within a few months my cholesterol was completely normal but the benefit was really to the IBS. I no longer need to take the medication for this as the plan seems to have sorted it out – telling me that it’s the right food going in my body. It didn’t take long for people to start noticing that I was losing weight and this of course made me feel fantastic. My willpower was definitely encouraged by

the fact people were commenting but also that the weight was coming off at a super but sensible rate. I reached goal after 9½ months on SureSlim meaning I had lost 7½ stone. It’s truly amazing. Your SureSlim eating I am a size 10 now plan will include: which I didn’t think • Comprehensive blood was possible. tests I know when I go into a shop I can • Doctor’s analysis & try clothes on nutritional advice confidently. No need • Personalised to hide the tag! programmes for rapid I’ve been able to and permanent weight keep the weight off loss with the help of my • Tailored to your food lifestyle plan and preferences and I plan on keeping it lifestyle using normal that way – I feel so everyday foods comfortable with • Private one to the new me. My life one support has changed for the consultations! better. My family are proud of me and my achievements. Most importantly I love the fact I feel better about myself. I now have the key to manage my weight for the rest of my life.

SureSlim Bingley

01274 270511

SureSlim Bingley, Suite 4C, Russell Court, Cottingley Business Park, Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16 1PE




y e l g n i B Su reSli m Weight Before 13st 13lbs

a very long time, you have done in s ha ed to be able to ureSlim Bingley and Linda is excit nal ant ult ns co a th h your own perso wi ug re-launched guide you thro g m ein Sli llb re Su we n and who uses her ow journey to health monial for the sti te a as s. e es nc cc rie su th expe s, ramme starts wi ique, weight los The SureSlim Prog success of this un c. ini Cl e. ire m sh m rk ra Yo og e pr ess at Th health and welln ited blood tests your s living with a lim e results of which th m Fro Linda Hannah wa ck mme ba ra us og pr rio g se tin e to a own personal ea quality of life du y foods ilit al re ob m ing of ain k nt lac r co is designed, problem, and he of ce t ou lan s ba wa to t s ed ’s weigh that your body ne meant that Linda ical d enable ed an m r sm he oli at ab th et so m your glucose control, so much o to n of every meal, ed her to lose tw complete digestio consultant advis ! abolism and giving et ick m qu boosting your three stone...and of ly ick qu t thly weight loss the weigh an average mon Wanting to lose r fo GP r he d ite vis 10lbs! but safely, Linda e one-to-one recommended th Through weekly advice and was e th on d se ba ons with Linda e m consultation sessi SureSlim program tients who pa choices via your r he od ot fo of ed lts at and educ amazing resu eir th th bo in n, you will soon ts pla emen ividual eating ind g had seen improv h alt he levels of wellbein their general be achieving the weight and also g sin oo Ch . ed you always want and wellbeing. st ey, be one of the be ’s SureSlim journ ll da wi Lin m d Sli re rte Su sta So s th e. on ad m m er ve fi ve ev r initial decisions you ha and although he proven ar tmas and New Ye me has also been ris m ra Ch og e pr th d is re Th ve co and at rs, ne re sto ffe e su re etes still lost th to help most Diab period, she had essure d! pr rio od pe blo th h on hig m ve help in making the end of the fi to rol levels return ly noticed other and high choleste Linda very quick o: to e m m ra og normal. benefits to the pr , less back pain, increased energy t ir ly and Augus sleep and her ha better quality of Join during Ju ition than nd EE co r FR a tte e be iv in and skin were 2010 and rece r years. Combined ery Book with they had been fo r SureSlim Cook he by r n tio ec inj l ina me recipes fo with the odd sp good wholeso me has been m . ra ily og pr m m fa Sli e re th GP, the Su has you and all of r Linda that she such a success fo w no to ng sticks gone from walki in free, confident pa e, tiv ac an living life. ber 2009 and This was in Octo ly w been complete no s Linda’s life ha en wh at th so h muc transformed. So consultancy at she found out a e was available, sh SureSlim Bingley th bo th wi y nit rtu seized the oppo r nted to share he hands, as she wa -hand rst fi h ug ro th rs success with othe experience. a nts old and journey has been elcoming clie W Linda’s SureSlim nt wa t jus here to stay! t you may dramatic one, bu new – Linda is en feel ev or t igh we y for a FREE to lose some extra Call Linda toda ver your te ha W r. hie alt on generally he will consultation be sure that you 11 reasons, you can an th Tel: 01274 2705 ed ore energis feel better and m


Weight After 10st 11lbs

To qualify for your free month you must quote “Here & Now” upon joining

Call Now for your Free Trial! Ladyzone Pudsey First Floor, 35-39 Lidget Hill Pudsey LS28 7LJ Tel: 0113 236 3503 Email:

Ladyzone Shipley Wellcroft House (Above the Post Office), Shipley BD18 3QH Tel: 01274 588 686 Email:


I ate a

healthy diet


and but struggled with

my weight until...

...I had a food sensitivity test and discovered that my aching joints, depression and weight problems were caused by my diet. For years I waged a personal war on fat. I was permanently engaged in being fat, losing it or putting it on again with remarkable ease. And not only was I fat, I was unhappy and dogged by poor health. Frustratingly, I ate a healthy diet, exercised regularly but always ended up the same – overweight and tired! Sound familiar? Unhealthy Poor health had become my normality. Constantly unwell with an endless stream of colds and flu, dental abscesses, diarrhoea, depression, debilitating fibromyalgia and painful joints, my immune system was fighting a battle which the hospital doctors were unable to locate. I felt worn out, run down.

Could a Food Sensitivity Test Help You? • Can’t lose weight • Constipation

• Joint or muscle pain

• Diarrhoea

• Feeling Run Down

• Insomnia

They were: • Wheat • Maize • Barley • Oats • Rye • Dairy • Alcohol • Chocolate • Yeast • Mushrooms I was devastated. Very few people have such complex food sensitivities. I threw myself into the elimination diet with enthusiasm determined to give it 100%. Miraculous Results

My journey into robust good health happened when a friend had a food sensitivity test with surprising results. It was her idea for me to have a test too. Although sceptical, I had nothing to lose.

Now it has to be said that not everyone gets such dramatic results. Within three days of removing the offending foods from my diet the excruciating pain I had experienced every day for years had gone. I could hardly believe it – no pain in my feet, knees, hips, shoulders, neck, back – I felt ten years younger.

I was really surprised when the test highlighted a number of foods as being problematic for me.


• Depressed

• Skin Issues

• Just feeling generally under the weather

A Chance Discovery

The Test


Effortless Weight Loss During the first month of my new diet the

diarrhoea stopped and I felt alive, well and bursting with energy. By the end of the month I had dropped 22lbs and have never looked back. I no longer suffer from depression. Some of the foods no longer cause me problems, others I will never be able to eat regularly. Generally, I do not miss the foods that made me unwell. Occasionally I choose to eat my “bad foods”: I know I will suffer and I have a choice. It puts me in charge rather than being a victim. FREE CONSULTATION If you would like to know more about Food Sensitivity Testing or to find out if it is likely to help you why not book in for a FREE half hour consultation. Call Jane now on 0113 3910415 or email to arrange. detox - 5 Ivegate, Yeadon, Leeds LS19 7RE

Has the

“Amicable Divorce”

Finally Arrived? Accredited family law specialist, Juliette Kinsey, of Kinsey & Co Solicitors in Baildon, is offering her family and matrimonial clients an alternative to the Family Law Courts as a way of resolving their disputes which arise from the breakdown of their relationship, by providing clients with the Collaborative Law approach - thereby enabling separating couples an opportunity to resolve their issues in a dignified and respectful manner around a table rather than in a courtroom. The collaborative approach to resolving family law disputes originates from California and was developed in order to offer separating couples an alternative to litigation and all the heartache, stress and unpredictability that comes with an acrimonious divorce. Instead clients and their solicitors sign a contract that commits them to resolving matters through a series of open discussions around a table. Clients can discuss any issue they wish providing that they treat each other with respect, dignity and integrity and are open about financial matters. Juliette Kinsey explains further: “Traditionally, separating couples have had few options as to how to resolve issues relating to their children and their finances. At best some solicitors offer a mediation referral which, whilst successful for some couples, has proved unsuccessful for many. This leaves couples who cannot reach agreement with no real alternative other than to proceed through the family courts which often creates acrimony and can have a detrimental impact on the lives of their children. The Collaborative Law approach provides couples who wish to avoid the

confrontational process of court proceedings with a genuine alternative enabling them to address their concerns face-to-face in a confidential and constructive way without the threat of court proceedings hanging over them.” It is only in the past five years that collaborative law has become an available alternative to separating couples in the UK, but already early research indicates that couples who adopt the collaborative approach resolve their issues in a more constructive and sensitive manner and in many cases achieve a level of communication between each other which would not have been possible had the parties been through the court process. This can only benefit couples with children as future dialogue regarding parental issues is more constructive than destructive. “Collaborative Law is not a difficult concept to explain to clients. In many cases clients wonder why it has taken so long for the legal profession to adopt an approach which seems like common sense. Whilst there will always be a need for Family Courts it is important that clients are offered both approaches because in many cases resolving matters away from the court system is best for them and their children,” says Juliette. However, not all family law solicitors can undertake Collaborative Law work and therefore couples wishing to deal with their

separation collaboratively need to individually consult specially trained Collaborative Lawyers

such as Juliette Kinsey in order to access the service. Both solicitors will then work together for the benefit of both parties and facilitate a series of non-confrontational meetings enabling negotiations to take place professionally but also with a human touch. Whilst divorce may be a fact of life for many couples, how they divorce is a matter of choice. Adopting the collaborative law approach may be the best option for separating couples who hope to achieve the nearest thing to an “amicable divorce”.

If you are considering separating from your spouse or partner and you want to know whether Collaborative Law is best for you and your family please contact Juliette Kinsey on 01274 589900 to make an appointment or visit to find out more.


Get Beach Body Ready in One Visit to Hayley at

Beauty by H in Baildon Getting ready for a holiday can be really stressful, especially if you have a family to wash, iron and pack for! This can leave you little time to make sure you feel relaxed and beach body ready in time for the day of your departure, and we girls all know that this can mean the difference between a good holiday and a great holiday! Stress no more! Do everything on your list of ‘things to do for the holiday’ and make sure that you have just one day to yourself before you go, to dedicate some ‘me time’ with a visit to Hayley at Beauty by H in Baildon. You can have all of your waxing treatments, have a manicure and pedicure and don’t forget to have an eyelash tint; giving you longer, thicker dark lashes without mascara, or have false lashes applied for the holiday nightlife! Then there’s the sensational all new Minx nails for a dramatic look that last weeks! No more embarrassing white legs

when you first arrive at your destination if you have a full body spray tan for an even, golden colour (probably the best in town!). Tanning Tuesdays are popular with a reduced price of £12, saving £7! With over 18 years experience in beauty, holistic and alternative therapies, Hayley Scott is the perfect specialist to visit to make sure you look and feel a million dollars for your holiday or any special occasion.

at La Cote Maison

10% Discount from Minx Nails with this Voucher! Only 1 Voucher Per Person Voucher Valid Until End of August 2010

e cher vou r v vo cher vouche che vouch r voucher che oucher vou her voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher c v u v r r o e e u h c u o v u r c o e h v h r r er vouc v vo her vouc he ouch voucher che oucher vouccher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher v u v r r o e e u h c u o v u r c o e v h h r r e c r vouch v ouc vouch vo cher vou che h e er oucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher voucher v rv er u Browgate, ch e BD17 6BP o13 vou her ucher vouBaildon,

With her salon perfectly situated upstairs at La Cote Maison in Baildon, Hayley has created a peaceful, professional haven of tranquillity where she specialises in the total beauty preparation. This includes essential treatments to help you relax and de-stress. As well as beauty and alternative treatments, Hayley also specialises in Pamper, Wedding and Hen Packages, Wedding Make-up, Hen and Pamper Parties, Children’s Pamper Parties and more... For a full list of treatments available with Hayley, call her direct on Tel: 07990 983269, or email Hayley with any questions at: Hayley always has monthly offers on display in the salon. Call in and take a look or call for more information. Gift Vouchers Available.





Artwork must be approved by 6pm, Friday 30/07/10. PARTICIPATING OUTLETS ONLY. Offers only apply to selected sizes, styles and quantities.

Clyde St, Bingley Tel: 01274 565467 W: www.the

How to REALLY get the shape you want:

The FACTS…..


ose a stone in 4 weeks! Drop 2 dress sizes in 14 days! Shed pounds with the latest new fad diet! How often do you see these type of claims? When it comes to losing weight and getting into shape we all know that fads and gimmicks don’t really work - don’t we? Yet they continually draw our attention causing many of us to fall into their trap, leaving us misguided and down trodden. The reason for this is that people will always want a “quick fix” to lose weight and get in shape, and are willing to try almost anything to get there. We always tell our clients that If there was a “quick fix” the NHS would be the first to use it - to free up a large chunk of their budget which they utilise aiming to manage the obesity epidemic each year.

Being in great shape, knowing that you look good, will ultimately increase your selfconcept which is an invaluable asset to own which will serve you positively in all areas of your life including communication and relationships with other people. The only “real” effective way to achieve this is to follow a personal plan designed for you with your goals in mind, with consistent personal selfdiscipline which is where we can help. We will look at your current lifestyle and begin to implement the necessary changes, i.e. diet, metabolism, exercise, goal setting, self management, and motivation. We will coach you “one on one” in our private studio applying methods that are scientifically supported to produce results, supported by a nutritional plan that will give you energy whilst at the same time lose pounds.

If you feel that this is the kind of structure that you need in your life and want to make some real effective changes without any gimmicks then call us for a free consultation. Please also visit our website where you can find much more information on our studio. Paul Sebo & Melanie Pollard. M.Sc, B.Sc (Hons).

Having 20 years of experience as health professionals plus a high level of academic achievement, we can honestly tell you that there are no short cuts to getting in great shape - but, by introducing some habitual changes, following the right plan, with some self discipline and motivation, we can guarantee that you will get to your ideal shape efficiently and quickly. Much research has been conducted over the years looking at the differences between people who consistently stay in great shape opposed to people who stay out of shape. People “in shape” always look good because they have powerful enough reasons “why” they should eat right and exercise accordingly, whereas people generally who are out of shape and overweight generally find lots of reasons why not to exercise, and they tend to eat emotionally and habitually rather than logically.


May School of Dance and Theatre Arts Wins First Prize for their Float at Sutton Fun Day!


utton Fun Day is one of those local events that is fully supported by local people and there is always fierce competition to win the best float in the procession! It’s no surprise that May School of Dance took this coveted title with their wonderful display of colourful theatrical costumes and props. They also performed 20 minutes of high energy entertainment for the crowds and will repeat this at Cottingley Fun Day on July 10th. Want to dance? Want to act? Want to perform? May School of Dance and Theatre Arts is so popular that following their three week break in summer, they are adding extra classes to their curriculum to accommodate the demand from children and adults,

There will be:

Adult Jazz & Tap Great for fitness, fun and meeting new friends. JAZZ - Fridays 7.00pm – 7.45pm. TAP - Thursdays 8.30pm - 9.15 Jazz for Kids For children aged five and older. Fridays 6.15pm – 7.00pm. Saturdays 12.15pm – 1.00pm Tiddly Tots At St. Peter’s Church in Crosshills. Saturdays 9.00am to 9.45am. £3.75 per child (inc. Refreshments and parents participation). Beginners Tap and Ballet Wednesdays 4.00pm – 4.45pm. Saturdays 9.45pm – 10.45pm. From September New Classes

Performance - Age 3 - 5 Friday 3.45pm - 4.30pm Drama - Age 6 - 10years 4.30pm - 5.15pm Glee Singing Club 5.15pm - 6.00pm Drama 11+ 6.00pm - 7.00pm

Classes are £3.00 a session and on a pay as you come basis, with discount if you do the singing club too!!


It pays to enrol your children early and, as soon as they can walk, they can take part in Tiddly Tots classes. Parents also take part providing perfect fun and bonding time. Children’s Themed Parties are now really popular following the success of the previous features in Here & Now Magazine and dates are filling up quickly. To remind you, party themes include Fairies, Beach Dudes, Disco Divas, Cowboys and Indians, Superheroes, Pirates and Den Building for older boys. Each child has a great time dressing up and taking part in good old fashioned party activities, enjoying proper party food! There is also a well stocked party bag for each child to take home and all for £9 per child! Success Stories Congratulations to Lynsey Vincent, Rebecca Thompson, Sarah Whiteley, Jess Hall, Bethany Kent and Bryony Robertson, all leaving in september, four of who are doing further dance degrees at universities and dance colleges. Congratulations to Laura Williams who has just completed a 2 year dance degree in Sunderland. Congratulations to Billie Sendrowski who is attending SLP in Leeds. Billie is studying for a finishing degree to work towards becoming a professional dancer on cruise ships.

Want to dance? Call today for more information on classes or themed parties available at The May School of Dance. Don’t put it off or you may be disappointed!

May School of Dance and Theatre Arts 53 Main Street Crosshills Keighley Tel: 01535 634433

ACORNS-IN-ELDWICK LIMITED PRIVATE DAY NURSERY AND “OAK CLUB” AFTER SCHOOL CENTRE: OAK GLEN: ELDWICK Enrolments are now being taken for places in our new centre in the heart of Eldwick • The Nursery offers places to babies from 6 months old • Close proximity to the local Primary School makes us the ideal choice for parents living in Eldwick and surrounding area • Qualified and experienced staff across all provision • Balanced and nutritious meals provided • Ofsted registration pending • See the Acorns-in-Adel web page at THE OAK CLUB AFTER SCHOOL CENTRE OFFERS: • Wrap Around Care for school children Term Time Only; Holiday Club; Half Day Shared-Care or Full Year Round. • From as little as £3.75 per hour • Includes Breakfast Club : children walked to and from School • Afternoon tea: Homework support • Places are limited and preference will be given to those children requiring full time placements with a minimum of 2 days per week WE ARE ALSO OFFERING APPLICATIONS FROM STAFF FOR THE FOLLOWING POSITIONS: • Qualified Nursery Nurses NVQ 2 : NVQ 3 • Nursery Assistants • Cook and Kitchen Assistant • Full time and part time • Administration/Reception • We are on the main 623 Bus route.


• • • • • • • •

Purpose built Centre Babies from 6 months 7.30am - 6pm (Monday to Friday) Breakfast Club/After School Centre Holiday Club Open 51 week per year All meals included EYFS curriculum

267 3946 8am to 6pm Contact: 0113 01274 551530 after 6pm

Warren Lane, Eldwick

To register an interest or for further enquiries

A unique concept for

Party yourself

children and adults

into shape!

Classes all over West Yorkshire. For details Call: 07543 338491 Today

A unique concept for

children and adults

Party yourself

into shape!

FIRST CLASS FREE IN BABYBALLET, TOTAL DANCE OR ZUMBA on production of this voucher Voucher valid only for classes booked through Nancy or Rachael


The Story of Glenaire Garden Club –

A Dream Come True by Jenny Barrow


onsidering that only four years ago the land behind Glenaire Primary School was a bit of a wilderness, the transformation is amazing, and it’s all down to a lot of hard work and commitment from numerous parents, pupils, volunteers, outside providers and staff.

It all started in November 2006 when various members of staff, including the then Head Teacher, Mrs Naylor, together with willing family members, took part in ‘The Big Dig’! This event, led by Gail Smith, a Community Environmental Educator employed through HALE, involved digging over five beds to create an allotment area. The Allotment Club was then set up and ran after school producing such as potatoes, rhubarb, soft fruits, onions, salad crops etc; which were all grown and either given to the school cook to incorporate in the school dinners, or harvested at the end of the school year when delicious tempting treats were cooked by the children, and parents were invited to taste. After attending a course entitled ‘Creating a School Garden’, the idea of ‘The Wildlife Garden’ was born. This developed and grew into what it is today: as you walk through the gate you are greeted by a huge flower bed incorporating various flowering shrubs and plants, planted specifically to attract wildlife, together with herbs and beautiful spring bulbs. Nestled in a clump of silver birch to the back of the flowerbed and overlooking the school hall is Glen Bear.

Glen Bear is a magnificent chainsaw carving of a friendly faced bear, generously donated by G.P. Gill. Bark chipping pathways take you meandering past the willow dome, through a copse of rowan trees and then to the top of the wildlife garden where you will find a semicircle of wooden toadstool seats. This area faces into Midgeley Wood, which at this time of year is magically lit with a stunning haze of bluebells. As you follow the path through another clump of silver birch, sheltering beneath which is a hedgehog house, you then come across the newly planted mini orchard. These fruit trees were bought through the profit made from selling fruit at the KS2 healthy tuckshop, and it is hoped eventually to use the fruit on these trees to sell at the tuckshop – so long as the deer which have been seen very early some mornings, don’t steal them before they are picked! Walk a little bit further and you will see the pond which almost immediately became home to tadpoles and other wildlife, and a little further on there is a bird feeding station, regularly raided by the resident squirrels! The gardening club is well attended by a group of pupils who enthusiastically weed and water, plant and harvest. All the weeds, together with relevant kitchen waste and fruit peeling and used tea bags from the staff room, are put into clear fronted compost bins, specifically ordered from and made by The Cellar Project. Yes the dream has come true!

Wishing Well Private Day Nursery Achieves Outstanding Ofsted Report!


ucked away on Crownest Road is Wishing Well owned and run by Linda and Paul Dargan, who established the nursery 14 years ago. The nursery is in a former primary school and, because of this, there are lots of very spacious rooms, outside terrapins, three outdoor play areas and the children even have their own allotment area where they grow their own fruit and vegetables!

The nursery caters for all the children’s dietary requirements with totally home cooked meals, and consistently achieves the highest marks of hygiene with 5 Stars in the Scores on the Doors inspection. A lot of effort goes into providing the children with home grown and cooked meals and what they don’t produce themselves in their allotment is sourced from the local butcher, fishmonger and greengrocer. Most impressively, they even make their own ice cream for the children, ensuring only the purist of ingredients. At Wishing Well each child also has their own key person assigned to their wellbeing. This person greets the child each day on arrival at the nursery to settle them in, then is there to pass on information to parents/carers at the end of the session. Your child can attend Wishing Well from the age of three months in Tiny Steps Baby Room, which is dedicated to the special needs of babies aged three months to 20 months. They then progress on to Walkers and Talkers, a room for children aged 20 months to three years - continuing your child’s development through individual planning and recording their achievements through observations and assessments. Activities are set up to help children explore and experience as many varied opportunities as possible while building up their social interaction. The Three Plus Room, where children can start around their third birthday, continues with the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, helping each child to develop at their own speed, extending the learning they have already achieved. When your child is old enough to leave Wishing Well to go to school, teachers from the chosen

school are invited to come and observe the child in situ at the nursery, and receive a full record of your child’s learning and achievements so far. There is an excellent interactive Website for parents to log on to, where they can access feedback forms and monthly newsletters so that all parents and other members of the family can be kept up to date with all nursery activities. All children’s care facilities, day care centres and nurseries are regulated by Ofsted, (The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills), and are constantly striving to achieve the highest level of mark in all categories they are judged on. Wishing Well Private Day Nursery in Bingley are extremely proud to have achieved the highest rating of Outstanding in all areas, giving them a 100% score, something not achieved by any other nursery in the Bradford area! Wishing Well Nursery also has a very large on site private car park. So you can see there are many reasons why Wishing Well Private Day Nursery should be your first choice of care for the most precious little people in your life.

Nursery Education Fund available to all three and four year olds. From September fifteen hours per week FREE! Offering sessions of varied lengths and full day care 7.30am 6pm Call today for more information or to book an appointment to view these very impressive facilities and meet the team.

Wishing Well Private Day Nursery Crownest Road Bingley West Yorkshire BD16 4HQ Tel: 01274 774494


plash Swimming Academy provides children’s swimming lessons of the highest standard to families in and around the Bradford area. We limit the class sizes to an absolute maximum of 4 children, and all our instructors teach in the water. We find that progression is far more profound, strokes are more technically correct and that the overall enjoyment of the lessons and relationship with the instructors is greatly improved. When children are in crowded classes, often very little individual feedback is provided. These classes frequently suffer from instructors teaching on poolside which can make it difficult for the children to hear and see the demonstrations, this therefore hinders learning and progression, and quite often the instructor is unable to provide stroke analysis on all the children. However, 1-1 lessons don’t provide enough interaction and competition which is why we find our 1-4 the perfect balance. With the individual attention we provide, you

will find your child is more confident with the belief to push their boundaries in the safe knowledge that the instructor is there to support and encourage them. This often results in the earlier removal of buoyancy aids and the child swimming distances unaided with the correct stroke. Our instructors initially focus on breaststroke with beginners and gently introduce frontcrawl & backstroke leg action and body position. We then progress the children through our distance awards scheme developing their strokes and overall water skills. Our summer intensive which runs 16-20th August provides a fantastic opportunity for new customers to experience what Splash has to offer. All term time and summer courses are held at St Bedes Catholic School in Heaton, Bradford with a duration of 30 minutes per lesson. Splash Swimming Academy caters for all abilities, and takes children from as young as 3 ½ years old.

If you wish to book your children onto one of our courses, or wish to make an enquiry, then please don’t hesitate to contact Brad Hinchliffe on 07890 854408 or visit for further details.

Baildon Timber BRIAR RHYDDING, BAILDON TEL: 01274 532995




Providing a compassionate and understanding personal service, designed to meet the needs of each individual family We will support and guide you through those difficult decisions Servicing Crossflats, Bingley and surrounding areas Pre-paid Funeral Plans Now Available

Bingley Show Myrtle Park Bingley on Sun 8th August 2010

A Great Day Out For All The Family


ith the last few weeks running up to Bingley Show, there is some good news; Ireland Bridge which has cast a shadow over the event for the last two years with the threat of closure on show day is re-opened in time for this year’s show. This will make access from the south so much easier.

The closure this last six months has been a real problem for people on both sides of this very important link bridge and everyone in Bingley, Harden, Cullingworth and surrounding areas will be glad the disruption is over. Although the show is a one day event, the fact that all normal access routes are available leading up to the show, and on the day, is very good news, as Bingley Show is extremely popular with people travelling from all over the region to attend.

The threat that Ireland Bridge might have been closed for the show day has meant there will be only a limited number of horses at this year’s show. This was the same for 2009 and by having a very varied programme in the main ring we overcame the problem with almost everyone agreeing that the organisers had put on a really entertaining day. This has made them confident that 2010 will be another great year for Bingley Show. New to the main ring will be a crazy clown feature, sure to entertain the kids and no doubt provide lots of fun. Then for older children the motorbike display team is

back. In the past this has been a popular spectacle and the noise and thrills will once again wow the crowds. Add to this the old favourites of the sheep dog display, falconry, heavy horses, and a riding for the disabled demonstration, plus many more attractions and it will make for a great day out for all the family.



t will soon be August, and time again for Bingley Show. I remember my school summer holidays with great pleasure spending hours with my mother looking around all the varied tents and exhibits, not realising the effort and hard work by so many people to put on this annual extravaganza. Indeed I only ever remember missing one show, having my wisdom teeth removed! I have been involved with showing stock, and organising the cattle and sheep for some years now, and have a totally different view of it, to those of my youthful expeditions to Myrtle Park. This year I will hand the reins to my 12 year old son, Harry, to show our sheep, with the hope of some prizes at the end of it! I am proud and privileged to be this years President, and the first to take over from a lady! The show, as you will see, is a family day for me, and I hope it is the same for all who visit, with a little bit of something for everyone. Once again there will be no show jumping, but there will be a wide and varied programme of attractions through the day in the main ring from a Cattle parade to a stunt show, as well as thousands of exhibits including a cat section which is the only one still held in a tent at an agricultural show anywhere! I look forward to welcoming you all to Myrtle Park on Sunday 8th August for a great FAMILY day out. Martin Preston, President

Main Ring Attractions Airedale Beagles Bingley Harriers Cattle Parade Hawk and Vulture Display Heavy Horses Display Riding for the Disabled Sheep Dog display Tractor Parade Vintage Car Parade

HANDICRAFTS Whatever your domestic hobby is you will no doubt find a section in the handicrafts section to enter, so if Jam, Cakes, Knitting or Photography are your hobby, try entering it in the handicrafts section, you might win a prize.

BOWLS For many years Bowling has attracted large entries to compete for the coveted Airedale Agricultural Society Trophy, it is hoped that 2010 will be another exciting tournament.

PET ANIMALS AND BIRDS Whatever your Pet is there is a section at the Show for it, be it a Canary or a Chinchilla check on our website for the appropriate section.

GREAT ATTRACTIONS INCLUDING By popular demand a local Brass Band will be entertaining visitors throughout the day in the bottom meadow

Don’t miss the fun and exciting diggers event at this years show with Dotty and Duggy.

The Show prides itself on catering for all ages, the younger visitors get great pleasure from the various Fairground attractions.

The ever popular Pulse Radio Road Show will be presenting Music, Guests and Competitions during the day

Feeling “Peckish” or Thirsty, Food, Drink and Ice Creams are plentiful with numerous Vendors around the Show ground.

Make sure you are there, and don’t forget to purchase your tickets early and SAVE £2 A TICKET, and £6 ON A FAMILY TICKET! The show STARTS AT 9AM and CLOSES AT 6PM so a full day out can be had at the following prices


On the Day

Before the Day




Children senior Citizens Passport to Leisure



Family (two Adults, three Children)



You can purchase Tickets before the day at: Kay Crafts, Local Newsagents, the Council Office in the Main Street of Bingley, Harden, Wilsden and Gilstead Post Offices. Other outlets to be published.


Trade Stands


A list of the 2009 attractions is below. In 2010 most of these attractions will return.


Bars Bird Displays Bingley Harriers Brass Band Bowling Cats Cavies Classic Cars Craft Displays Dogs Food Stands Handicrafts Horticultural Displays Ice Cream Mice Novelty Dog Show Pigeons Poultry Pulse Radio Pygmy Goats Rabbits Sheep Show Jumping Titan the Robot Vintage Cars Vintage Tractors

As this year’s Show is on a Sunday, the usual parking problems encountered during the week should not be a major concern.

requested that visitors to the Show do not cause parking problems for the Congregation of the Bingley United Reformed Church just off Main Street.

Bingley has official parking for in the region of 450 vehicles, and on a Sunday these are free, there is also a great deal of unrestricted on street parking. The Railway Station is very near to Myrtle Park, and regular Buses run through the town on a Sunday.

Contact For all enquiries and forms please contact the Bingley show secretary: Airedale Agricultural Society Bingley Show 17 Victoria Mews, Cottingley Business Park, Bingley, West Yorkshire, BD16 1PY

The following are official Car Parks in Bingley and are free on Sundays: Chapel Lane Main Street (opposite the Conservative Club) Midland Hill Queens Court Ferncliffe Road Wellington Street Beech Street should be avoided as it is understood that this will be coned off on the Sunday. It has also been

Tel/Fax: 01274 564400 Open: most Wednesdays 9.30 - 13.00 E-mail:

Acorn Garden Supplies For all your gardening needs at wholesale prices

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H.H BIRCH & SON LTD FUNERAL DIRECTORS Established since 1903 - Serving the people of Baildon, Bingley and Shipley. Monumental Masons Offering pre-paid Funeral Plans

Tel: 01274 583467 For Immediate Attention Nab Wood Shipley West Yorkshire BD18 4BG Presented by: Desond Jackson M.B.I.E., Dip.F.D., M.B.I.F.D. Manager and consultant David Birch



Q Tip Snooker & Pool Club 5 Wellcroft Shipley West Yorkshire BD18 3QH T: 01274 587727 W:




orth Valley Young Farmers Club held its Local Food and Farming Exhibition on 8 and 9 May and sent out 12,000 free tickets to schools to encourage children to go along. The Exhibition which went ahead at the Bronte Vintage Gathering on Haworth Road, Cullingworth, took people on a journey

with ‘Mr. Sausage’ the mascot. A cookery demonstration was also provided by some of the Club’s members as part of the Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food Bradford ‘Pass it on’ project.

most of our members are not from farming families, they are passionate about educating young people about where their food comes from, especially local food. Supporting local food networks is hugely important for the local economy, environmentally and for community cohesion, and we hope that lots of people had a fun and enlightening day out in the countryside.” The Young Farmers activities over the weekend, which also included sheep racing and Mascot Mayhem were being filmed for broadcast on ITV Calendar as part of ‘ITV fixers’. This project champions groups of young people who see an issue which concerns them and get stuck into addressing it. Sophie Ogden explained how this came about, “The members are very excited about the prospect, She commented: “Most of the groups that get chosen for the ITV fixers project are urban young people and the ITV fixers team were really keen to cover a story about some vibrant young people in the countryside. We hope it will show the Young Farmers Clubs throughout Yorkshire in a very positive light and increase membership of our fantastic organisation.”

from field to fork to show them where their food comes from and encourage them to buy local food. The event largely followed the format of the 2009 event which proved a huge success and taught hundreds of young people where the food they eat comes from. A variety of livestock was on show and visitors were given vegetable plants to grow themselves and were able to milk ‘Daisy Duke’, the Club’s own cow. A butchery demonstration was also given by the head butcher at Keelham Hall Farm Shop, who helped children to make their own sausages


The focus of this year’s exhibition was local food, and during the weekend members were compiled databases of people, who produce, sell, serve and want to eat it. This information will be fed into a local food one-stop-shop Web site which will be run by South Pennine Prospects, who support the event through their Leader Fund. Keighley Area Committee supported the event. Chairman of the Club’s local food working party, Sophie Ogden, explained why members of Worth Valley and other local Young Farmers Clubs were putting on the event. “Even though

in ted s s e r e r s int Farme b’s b u l g c lu Any g Youn o the C n i t join log on ite g s d l y.or e Web l shou l thvaenquiry r o an w.w ww nd leave a


0800 048 8843 THE ULTIMATE uPVC




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ABS High Security PAS24 Door Locks

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Pickles Delicatessen at Towngate Rooms in Baildon

Purchase £10 of cheese and receive 10% discount



t is almost three months since Pickles Delicatessen in Baildon opened its doors to the public for the first time, and what a lovely success story this is turning out to be. Owner, Louise Pickles credits the wonderful support shown from the people of Baildon and Bingley and the many people from outside the immediate area who visited Pickles after reading about it in Here & Now. Two years ago, Louise from Baildon, started a petition campaign to save Towngate Rooms. Built in 1912 and a much loved historical building, yet the local council wanted to sell it as it had stood empty for many years, falling into a state of disrepair, but Louise had other plans and approached Bradford Council with a view to taking over the lease and transforming it into the wonderful Pickles Delicatessen it has now become. After ten weeks of hard slog, Pickles Delicatessen opened its doors to the public on Monday 26th April, with mouth watering displays of locally sourced fayre and good wholesome treats. Louise gets her meat, dairy, vegatables and free range eggs from local providers, this also includes dried ingredients. Louise told us, “Not only do we source all of our products locally we also use environmentally friendly packaging which is compostable.” The decor and furniture has been very carefully thought out, and Louise has created a beautiful, rustic feel, making excellent use of the space on each of the two floors, with the deli downstairs and a spacious lounge and eating area upstairs. Upstairs you can while away the time with a snack, a meal, a coffee and homemade cake or a lovely healthy choice from the menu, all served to you by your friendly

table waitress. Then wander downstairs to purchase your favourite cheeses, pickles and homemade cakes and pastries, taking a little bit of Pickles home with you!

Mon-Wed 9.30am - 5.30pm Thurs- Fri 9.30am - 5.30pm Sat 9.30am - 5.30pm

The latest products available at Pickles are summer cold pressed olive oils and vinegars such as Raspberry Vinegar and Basil Oil which is from Shipley and there is an increased selection of Gluten Free goodies. You will also find honey produced in Shipley, allegedly beneficial to hayfever sufferers. July sees the introduction of a Gourmet Sunday Brunch, served from 10.30am until 12.30pm which is expected to be very popular and Afternoon Tea has taken off so well that groups should book to avoid being disappointed. Now there’s even more reason to visit Baildon, making Pickles the stop off for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and to purchase all those local goodies for your tea!

Pickles Delicatessen Towngate Rooms 13 Northgate Baildon BD17 6LX Tel: 01274 587204

Wedding Flower Specialist, Corporate Contracts and Events Beautiful Bespoke Bouquets, Plants and Gifts Delivered Stockist of Greengate, LisbethDahl, Nancy Mac, Garden Trading, House Doctor, Albetta Baby, Melissa and Doug Inch Blue and many more

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Looking Back with Ron Bairstow


ear Reader, in reading these stories, I hope that you will have as much fun as I had writing them. I have tried to recapture the memories of my childhood and I hope that they will stir some of your memories and maybe let younger readers know about folks and places and happenings in the ‘20’s and ‘30’s. Please remember, these were the days of the ‘depression period’ after the General Strike of 1926, but in spite of all that, we managed to enjoy ourselves, ‘as lads always will’! There’s been a reight lot of changes round t’West Riding, Not all of them have been for the best, And there’s not much you can do about them, only accept them, like the rest. But there is just one thing that you can do, That’s look back on how things used to be, And t’folks and t’places and happenings round Bradford, ‘bout 1923. I lived in an industrial village, where a street, met a street, met a street, Hundreds of houses snuggled together, in rows all straight and neat. Houses full of friendly folk, and happy folk and miserable folk, Houses full of quiet folk, and lonely folk and nosey folk. But folk who stuck together, whatever trouble might be, You could allus knock on someb’dys door and borrow a mashing o’ tea. Working day started reight early, In fact it started in t’middle o’ neet. It started wi sound of Knocker-Ups clogs going clack, clickerty clack up street. Knocker-Up round our way was called Sally, It was a woman who got ‘em all out o’ bed, She didn’t need a stick with all t’wires at end,her clogs would have woken the dead! I used to wonder why a woman did this job, She was out in t’rain, hail and sleet, I used to wonder who wakened her up, or if she stayed up all neet. Soon t’mill buzzer ‘ud start to blow, you never heard such a row, It used to rattle all pots in t’cupboard, and all dogs ‘ud start to howl. And mill lasses ‘ud go pattering past, There’d be mothers and aunties and sisters, There’d be menders and blenders and perchers, and bobbing-liggers, doffers and twisters. Lifes blood o’ mill were these lasses, working from morning to neet, Allus laughing and joking, especially on Friday neet.


Then there’d be a lull till about half past eight, when school kids ‘ud go past in little huddles, Some running on t’walls, some playing tag, some jumping up and down in t’puddles. You’d hear them laughing and screaming in t’playground, till bell went, then they’d all troop inside, Quiet as mice; they daren’t say a word, or they got t’cane wrapped round their backside! Once again it ‘ud be quiet and peaceful, Women washing up or scouring t’steps, When suddenly you’d hear t’sound of iron clad wheels, and iron clad hooves on ‘t setts. Then it ‘ud start, the great procession, a colourful cavalcade, One after t’other they’d pull up t’street, owd hoss and cart parade. First one was always the milkman, with a reight little hoss pulling t’float, It ‘ud wander from one side o’ street to other, cadging sugar or a handful of oats. While Joe with his heavy milkcan, from door to door he’d sway, Shouting “Morning Luv, where’s your jug? Do you want a pint or a quart today?” He’d no sooner gone round t’corner, when a coil man ‘ud come along, Shouting

shouting “Rags and bottles and bones.” He’d come round t’corner; you’ve never seen such a sight, He’d be sitting, hunched up on his cart, You couldn’t tell where he finished and his smelly old rags did start! His hoss was t’oldest in Bradford, its back was bent like a bow, Its bones and its ribs all stuck out, And it moved reight painful and slow. Slow, we used to call it Lightening, but I’ve seen it move fast as well, That’s when it went past knackers’ yard, by gum it went like ‘ell! Trouble with hosses wass hoss muck, you’d to watch where you put your feet. There were piles of it here and piles of it there and piles of it all over the street.

Trouble with hosses was hoss muck, You’d to watch where you put your feet, There were piles of it here and piles of it there and piles of it all over street. “Coil, coil, two bob a bag.” In a sing song sort of song. He had a great big black stallion, puffing steam like a kettle on t’boil, No wonder it puffed, yon cart weighed a ton, piled high with its sacks o’ coil. Then in’t distance you’d hear somed’dy shouting, and you knew it were Raggy Jones, You’d hear him coming nearer and nearer,

I once asked a chap why he collected it; he said “To put on mi rhubub and flowers.” I said “Rhubub, that’s a bit funny, we allus put custard on ours.” Aye there’s been a reight lot of changes round Bradford, And I wanted young ‘uns to know,About folks and places and happenings Round Bradford, ‘bout seventy years ago.

y x e S Shoes

Fashions come and go, changing with the season - so many colours, styles, occasions and lifestyles, it can cost an absolute fortune, and where to go for the best footwear selection, value and service? Shoobox in Bingley, that’s where! Owner, Janet Brearley, was a legal secretary for fifteen years and, like most females, always had a passion for shoes and bags so was in her element when she had the opportunity to work for the previous owners of the shop, two days a week. It was then a much more traditional shoe shop and Janet could see the potential and the gap in the market locally for a footwear boutique that offered a range of classic footwear alongside the latest on-trend designs. The opportunity came up to buy the business when the owners decided to sell, and Janet realised her dream. In the two years since, Janet has built a

reputation as the place to visit to find the perfect shoes, sandals, boots, handbags, fashion jewellery and accessories, at prices that make it possible to wear the latest designs as soon as they come out, or even to buy your favourite styles in more than one colour! Janet stocks comfy, fashionable casual shoes by Tamaris and is proud to be the preferred local stockist of Skechers. There are classic designs by Lunar, trendy styles from timeless and highend fashion by Escape. Another favourite brand regularly stocked is Marco Tozzi and there is always a superb selection of classic and fashion bags, from the oversized ones for summer to the beautiful creations by Charlotte Reid. So if you want to stand out from the fashion crowd, look amazing in your holiday footwear, or complete that special occasion or wedding outfit with the perfect style and colour of footwear and bag...Shoobox in Bingley has to be your very first choice.

Shoobox 4 Chapel Lane Bingley West Yorkshire BD16 2NG Tel: 01274 565483 Fax: 01274 565675 Email:


Shipley Building Plastics Ltd are now well into their seventh year supplying local tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts, and they are proud to announce that to enhance the fantastic service they provide, they now have a superb new showroom and service area. Through their friendly and knowledgeable approach, Shipley Building Plastics have built a solid reputation for providing the very best in customer service and the keenest prices in the area. Their staff can assist any customer with any requirement, and they pride themselves on specialising in the sale of bespoke Rehau upvc windows, doors, conservatories, fascias and soffits. Their spokesman explained: “Our main priority at Shipley Building Plastics Ltd is giving our customers the keenest prices and best service possible; from the time they place an order to taking delivery, we keep customers informed every step of the way. We believe that information is of paramount importance in giving the customer that little bit extra - they know to within an hour as to when their order will be delivered. We are able to stick to this 99% of the time, the other 1% the customer is informed of what is happening at all times, especially as tradesmen don’t want to be hanging around waiting for materials.” Recently added products and services include Decorative Cladding which can be installed in about half the time required for tiling, and does not need grouting, and the Fibre Glass Flat Roof System. This superb product can be supplied in kit form with everything needed to deal with virtually every type of flat roof, and the product is guaranteed!

What a service! Why go anywhere else?

Jack S Bailey


Funeral Directors



Pre Paid Funerals Monumental Masons

Te: 01274 563415 For Immediate Attention

Bingley Chapel of Rest Church Street, Bingley BD16 2QE


Presented by: John Schofield - Funeral Director

Artwork must be approved by 6pm, Friday 30/07/10. PARTICIPATING OUTLETS ONLY. Offers only apply to selected sizes, styles and quantities.

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From Footballer to Painter and Decorator


ohn Davies started his working life living the dream of most young men; he was signed up to Blackpool F.C. at the age of 16 and was with them for eight and a half years until he broke his ankle, an injury so bad that it ended his footballing career.

However, John had not put all of his hopes in one basket and had been attending college in his spare time, adding a second string to his bow by training as a painter and decorator, qualifying in City & Guilds. Once John’s football career was over, this training came in very handy and he immediately got a job working for a company in Ingleton, where he stayed for 10 years gaining invaluable experience, and this eventually led to John setting up his own company 5 years ago when he moved to Keighley. At first John specialised in residential work, which he loves, however as an avid networker he found himself being offered


more commercial work through his business contacts. With a local reputation for the highest quality of workmanship at the most reasonable rates in the area, John’s services are always in demand and he always wants new business in the area to be able to move things to the next level. John is also currently on the lookout for an apprentice. He explained, “I was given an opportunity when I most needed it, and I would like to be able to help another young person into work, to learn a skill that will set them up for life. Male or female, they just need to be hard working with an eye for detail, and share my work ethic of honesty and reliability. No job is ever too small and will be given the same attention to detail as the larger work I undertake.”

To contact John for a free estimate for any decorating work, or if you are interested in becoming John’s apprentice, Tel: 01535John 603402 or Davies Decorater Bus/cards:Layout 1 Mobile: 07955 115014 Today!


No Job too Small!


J. Davies

Painter & Decorator Domestic & Commercial Free Estimates Quality Workmanship

Tel: 01535 603402 or 07955 115014



Mantra House - South Street - Keighley - BD21 1SX Email:



For further building advice or quotes for building work please contact Julian direct on:

TEL: 0113 2100053 MOB: 07879 464497 web: Based in Calverley



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£1,000 Off Any Acorn Conservatory! Don’t need or want a conservatory yourself? Pass this superb gift to someone who does! This Gift Voucher is only Valid with Acorn Glazing and Building Services.

Turn your Dream Home into a

Beautiful Reality CF Joinery is where skill, experience, craftsmanship and care are brought together to turn the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom that you have only ever dreamed about into a beautiful reality. Craig Fenton is a fully qualified joiner who has worked in joinery and related trades for the last 12 years, acquiring the specialist skills which enable him to offer his present wide range of services. There is little to which Craig cannot turn his hand, he is just as much at home plastering, tiling and plumbing as he is with joinery. Undertaking anything from decking

or door and window replacements to fitted kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms or even complete house refurbishments with full project management! Craig will install a shower unit or a complete bathroom, he can lay you a tiled floor, replace unit doors or present you with a fully fitted kitchen, and he can put up a few shelves or give you a luxury bedroom. When it comes to fitted kitchens, Craig can plan, fully design and fit a kitchen to your specifications, or will, if you so wish, simply install a kitchen you yourself have acquired; and when it comes to work surfaces, granite and corian are his specialities.

For a job that’s done well and workmanship that comes highly recommended call: Craig Fenton of CF Joinery and arrange for your free estimate today. T: 01274 621342 M: 07966 200757

CFJOINERY Kitchens - Bedrooms - Bathrooms - Joinery Tiling - Decking - Plastering - Plumbing

Kitchens Bedrooms Bathrooms Decking Plastering Tiling Property Refurbishment All Other General Joinery Work

Contact Craig today on Tel: 01274 621342 Mob: 07966 200757


Busy Times for Keighley Cougars Sorry it has been a while since we have written in Here & Now - it has been a busy couple of months here at the Cougars with matches coming thick and fast as well as off the field events taking place. Gary Fawcett, Graham Kemp and Neil Cullen are the new directors of the Club, each with their own active roles and responsibilities. Gary Fawcett is the Club’s new Chairman and looks after the business management, marketing and commercial side things. Graham Kemp is the new Community director and will oversee the Community Cougars Foundation Andrew Phillips is the Company Secretary and looks over the finance and football management. Neil Cullen is the new Hospitality and Complex director. We held a Question and Answer Night which gave the fans a chance to meet the new directors and find out their plans for the Club. This was a great opportunity for both the fans and the directors to meet and discuss the Clubs future. Following the success of the Q&A night we are holding regular fan forums on an evening to discuss ideas surrounding the Club such as how to increase crowd attendances. The fans are always coming up with ideas to help the Club improve, which is always great. We have recently launched the Sporting Chance Award which means all the young people on the Sporting Chance initiative can now gain an accredited award which is equivalent to an A*-C GCSE. This is a first not only in rugby league but we believe also in sport as a whole. The modules of the award are: democracy, coaching, healthy lifestyles, enterprise, safer communities, environment, education and employment. The Cougars Community Foundation continues to grow from strength to strength with 8,500 children engaged through Coaching, Sporting Chance, Reading Matters, Summer Camps and Performance Camps. In the Easter


The children who took part in the Easter Camp holidays we held our first rugby camp which 50 children attended. From the success of this we are holding two Summer Camps on the 26th-30th July and 23rd-27th August and a Performance Camp from the 9th-13th August which is targeted at established players. If you are interested in the camps please contact Dean Muir on 01535-606044. The success of the work of our development staff has been shown for the second year running in Champion Schools, Settle Middle School Year 7s and Settle College Year 10s have made it to the finals in London on Friday 27th August. They will then parade around the pitch at Wembley before the Challenge Cup Final the following day. A big well done to both the teams from everyone at the Cougars. The Cougar Prowlers have had a fantastic season taking part in festivals and tournaments all over Yorkshire and the District. They have really established themselves in girls’ rugby league. They are currently coached by our coaching staff Dean Muir and Tom Hall but we are looking out for another coach to help the team. The Prowlers are also looking for a shirt sponsor. If you are interested in joining the

Prowlers, coaching them or sponsoring them, then please call Dean Muir on 01535 606044. On the field we reached the Northern Rail Cup Semi Final in which we played Widnes Vikings. This was a fantastic achievement for the team who have never got to this stage of the cup before. In the league we have had some good wins against Dewsbury, Whitehaven and Sheffield - the Sheffield game was a real nail biter with us scoring in the last minute to win 26-27. The lads have done incredibly to overcome the minus nine point deficit and although we remain at the bottom of the league table we are not giving in and will do everything we can both on and off the pitch to stay in the Championship. We have seven league games left for this season and four of them are at home so please come down to Cougar Park to cheer on the team against, Featherstone, Toulouse, Whitehaven and Widnes. For more information about Keighley Cougars please log on to www. I look forward to seeing you all soon at the final home games of the season!

M A N Y D I S P L AY M O D E L S P R I C E D T O C L E A R !



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