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Combi Call 49 Otley Road Shipley BD18 3PY

Tel: 01274 598598


Editor’s Message 2010 is well under way and it’s almost spring. I can’t believe how quickly the first two months of this year have passed. The sun is shining, the mornings and evenings are lighter, hopefully we have seen the last of the snow and all we need is some sunshine to put that smile back. To help the smile along, we have some great features in this edition of Here & Now, there’s news of ‘Baildon in Bloom’, thanks to Ron Bairstow, a great training course opportunity to help those of you in business achieve more for less, there’s a lovely wedding feature including Yorkshire lass and Apprentice finalist, Claire Young, who tells us about her latest business venture, Elegant Venues. Plus all you need to know about good health, what do with the children, the best places to dine out, good business advice and who to use locally for all those home improvement projects that arrive at this time of year. It’s certainly a packed edition, which we hope you enjoy. Remember Here & Now Magazine is still possibly the only A4 glossy publication that delivers directly to homes. To find out how we can support your business in 2010, call us today on Tel: 01274 420091. Remember, it pays to buy local and support all local businesses. Keep it local!

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Your 30 Minute Relaxed Workout New Theatre Opens at The Yorkshire Clinic Win 4 Personal Training Sessions

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How to Pass Exams Baildon in Bloom Zaara’s in the Michelin Guide



Elegant Venues with The Wedding Apprentice Perfect Wedding Beauty Bespoke Wedding Flowers with Emma

Homes & Gardens 18-29 Gone in 60 Seconds Tired of Grubby Grout & Silicone Seals Bathroom Beauty Comes as Standard

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Many thanks to our Contributors: Nuffield Health Club, The Yorkshire Clinic, Ron Bairstow, Little Red Marketing, Michael Joule, The Naked Marketing Company, John Steel and Kip McGrath. HERE & now! is produced by MAD Publications Ltd as a free local magazine. The Publishers cannot accept any liability for any advertisments in this publication.

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Cosmetic & Beauty Treatments at The Yorkshire Clinic

Thought it?... Considered it?... Now discuss it!

Bradford Road, Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16 1TW Tel: 01274 550 621 Fax: 01274 563 029 RAMSAY People caring for people HEALTH CARE

Last month’s competition winners: Denise Jones of Gilsted and Claire Thirkhill of East Morton

The Difference at Nuffield Health at Cottingley Manor... At Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing the differences go on and on! In their continued efforts to improve your wellbeing and long term health, general manager of Nuffield Health in Cottingley, Helen Walker, and her dedicated team have introduced Iconic Personal Training.

Iconic Personal Training Activities – The Difference The main difference between Nuffield Health Iconic Personal Training and other personal training methods is the Nuffield Health Assisted Stretch. Why? Because every client needs to be stretched during every personal training session, and your Nuffield Health instructor uses their body to enable you to achieve maximum stretch of the correct muscle groups, safely yet much more effectively. Each personal training session is designed to be engaging, innovative and interactive, including stretches and activities that you would not be able to complete alone. The Personal Training Team, Kirsty-Anne Cowling, Linzy Ryan, Tom Watts, Lee Eggett, Jonatahan Storton, James Forrest and Gemma Nickle have all


Body & Soul

been trained to the highest standard to assist you in achieving your own personal body and health goals. General Manager, Helen says, “Making the decision to look after your health is the first important step you can make. The next is choosing the right way to do it, and Nuffield Health offer a combination of fitness facilities, health services and expert staff that you will find hard to beat, and it’s all designed to give you a smarter way to look after your health, keep you more motivated and help you to

lead a healthier and happier life long term. My team are passionate about the difference they can make and the good they can do armed with their specialist training.” Many people know the benefits of regular exercise and would love to use the expertise a personal trainer can offer but see this service as a luxury. However, following the success of the competition in the previous edition of Here & Now, where the prize was One Month’s Membership of Nuffield Health at Cottingley Manor, plus four Personal

The centre offers a wide range of treatments and facilities to suit all requirements

The trainers: (Clockwise) Kirsty-Anne Cowling, Lee Eggett and James Forrest

Training Sessions, there are obviously many of you who are keen to trial this service. Therefore, Helen has decided to run the competition again, to enable more people the opportunity to win this superb prize. Nuffield Health at Cottingley Manor is a beautiful period building, set in stunning grounds, with a picturesque lake and ample free parking within the grounds. There is a 25 metre swimming pool (swimming classes available), a day nursery for members and none members children, fully equipped changing rooms (with lockers) and every type of exercise class you can think of from spinning to Pilates and Tai Chi! This year has also seen the

introduction of a private gym facility that is dedicated to females and physiotherapy clients. There is a brand new private Nuffield physiotherapy clinic, and finally a wonderful Relaxation Spa which offers an extensive menu of indulgence beauty and relaxation treatments for members and none members. The differences at Nuffield Health just go on and on...what are you waiting for?

WIN 1 Month Membership

including 4 Personal Training Sessions (1 each week) worth over ÂŁ200! Just fill in your details and answer the three simple questions below...

Name:................................................................... Address:.................................................................................................................................... Tel:......................................................................... Mob:................................................................ Email:.............................................................. 1. What is the main difference between Nuffield Personal Training and other personal training? .................................................................. 2. Name three of the Nuffield Personal Training Team ......................................................................................................................................... 3. How large is the pool at Nuffield Health at Cottingley Manor? ...................................................................................................................... Please send this completed form to Helen Walker - Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Competition, Nuffield Health & Fitness Cottingley, Cottingley Manor, Cottingley New Road, Bingley BD16 1TZ l Terms & Conditions Apply l Closing Date: 31st Mar 2010

Body & Soul


The Yorkshire Clinic Opens Theatre 5 In order to cope with increased local demand The Yorkshire Clinic is pleased to announce the opening of Theatre 5. The Yorkshire Clinic is a well established independent healthcare provider serving Bradford and the surrounding regions. In recent years we have been treating an increasing number of privately insured and self paying patients and also a large number of Choose & Book and NHS patients. We carry out a wide and varied number of procedures including; cardiac surgery, plastic surgery, orthopaedic surgery, maxillo-facial surgery, gynaecology, urology, ophthalmology, vascular surgery,

general surgery and ENT surgery. In order to cope with the demand we have increased our operating theatre capacity from four operating theatres to five. The new building was built off site by Moduleco Ltd and transported to the Hospital, craned into position and stands on stilts at the back of the Hospital over the staff car park. The theatre is a ‘state of the art’ facility built specifically to accommodate our

innovative orthopaedic surgeons. The build quality is excellent and features a large ultra clean ventilation system and antimicrobial wall coverings which are unique and assist the team in providing the best possible infection control for our patients. The eagerly anticipated and very well received facility was officially opened by one of the country’s top knee surgeons Mr S R Bollen.

The Yorkshire Clinic, Bradford Road, Bingley BD16 1TW

Tel: 01274 550600




0845 409 2321


Body & Soul

Pass Exams

How to

The thought of upcoming exams or tests, which are as little as 8 weeks away, is sure to cause nightmares for many students; especially those who are unprepared. All types of students: the “plodders”, the high achievers and the average students,all suffer from the same pre-exam pressures. Stress affects all students in one way or another. A whole range of factors produces stress for individual students. THE CHIEF CAUSES OF PRE EXAM STRESSES ARE: • • • • •

Poor preparation Poor self discipline Inadequate self esteem Inappropriate family pressure Inappropriate peer pressure

PREPARATION What students in their right minds enjoy studying? Very few is probably the answer. Unfortunately, although it’s boring compared with hanging around with friends, or going on outings to the cinema,,the fact is that study is an ESSENTIAL PART OF

SELF ESTEEM If you don’t believe in yourself how can you possibly achieve? Negative thoughts and attitudes will only produce negative results - a “self fulfilling prophecy” - Like famous boxing champion, Mohammed Ali, believe “you are the greatest”. BELIEVE AND ACHIEVE.

FAMILY PRESSURE Parents especially need to take note of this point. Forget the nagging. Use positive encouragement and rewards. Only expect the best your child is capable of. Try suggestions such as, “I’m sure you’ll do well, but do you think it would be better if….” Good old fashioned “bribery” goes a long way too!


Kip McGrath Education Centres have been helping children with Reading, Spelling, English and Maths for more than 25 years. There are now over 600 centres worldwide. The centres provide support (by caring, experienced and fully qualified teachers) to children who are finding schoolwork difficult and to those who are preparing for entrance examinations, SATs and GCSEs. Sometimes the difficulty is due to a lack of understanding, with a child falling behind his or her peers - but sometimes a gifted child may be insufficiently stretched by work which is beneath their capabilities. Kip McGrath give hope to children who just don’t understand, who are bored and frustrated or who no longer try. They also provide invaluable support to children who experience problems for other reasons, for those who have moved schools, who have been ill or have otherwise missed vital schooling. Kip McGrath give confidence to children who make up lost time and catch up with their peers. The programs are designed to give students the motivation to succeed. Every child and every problem is different, so every learning plan is different. There are no ‘standard’ timeframes and progress is at the students’ own pace, so they are never overwhelmed and failure is minimised.

KIP MCGRATH GIVES THEM GUARANTEED SUCCESS Children try harder when they attend Kip McGrath because achievement is there for them all. And this achievement is not only rewarding, it is fun. From the moment children walk into a centre there are clear messages given to them; this is a place where they can learn and this is a place where it is fun to learn.


• •

Cramming a few days beforehand isn’t going to reduce the stress levels. Try to prepare an organised study program. Plan a study timetable and STICK TO IT. Try to enrol in a course which offers study skill techniques to help boost your self discipline, study techniques and self confidence.

SELF CONFIDENCE You need a strict timetable which you should firmly adhere to. A balanced diet, plenty of exercise and sleep are essential elements, and relaxation techniques can also be very beneficial. Deep breathing and relaxation exercises can work wonders to physically and mentally prepare for the pressures of exams.

The temptation thrown at students by their peers is another pressure. Once again self discipline is essential. Avoid “hanging around” with losers. Associate only with friends who wish to succeed. Factors such as motivation, memory retention, recall skills, goal setting, time management, positive self talk, parental encouragement and early preparation for exams must surely produce the winning formula to beat stress and exam anxiety. Armed with all these helpful hints, the ball’s in your court. Head for the goals!

KIP MCGRATH GIVES THEM A SECOND CHANCE Hope, confidence, success and a second chance; don’t all children deserve at least that much?

Life & Leisure


Photos show members of the committee and the volunteer working party planting bulbs.

Baildon in Bloom The Baildon in Bloom Committee had only just recovered from their very successful ‘Wacky Scarecrow Walk’ before they started with a new incentive, their ‘Golden Daffodils for Spring’ promotion. This idea caught the imagination of the Baildon public and it appeared to set the scene for the ‘Yorkshire in Bloom’ competition for 2010. Having won two Silver Gilt Awards, the committee are pulling out all the stops for a Gold Award this year, and Bradford Council have confirmed that they will support as much as possible to help Baildon achieve this target. The Yorkshire in Bloom judges will arrive in Baildon in early April for their spring judging and the Baildon in Bloom committee are confident that with the continued support and cooperation of the villagers, Baildon will again raise the bar with their beautiful display of blooms. Baildon has an enviable reputation for being a very clean and well cared for village and the committee would like to offer their personal thanks to Baildoners and visitors to this popular village for their efforts in keeping such high standards. There has been a generous reaction from members of the public, who have donated many bags of bulbs to boost the committee’s contribution. The number of bulbs planted for spring is almost three thousand, and as Wordsworth once said, Baildon will have a ‘host of daffodils’ around the village. This has all meant a lot of hard work for the committee and volunteer planters on


Life & Leisure

the working parties. There has been a great deal of help from The Probation Service and their Payback Team. The team consists of seven teenagers with a supervisor, who all brought their own tools and even their lunch with them! Committee member Ron Bairstow told us, “We were very impressed with the way the payback team tackled the job in hand, they worked very hard and it was obvious that they realised that they were ‘paying back’ to the community for their misdeeds. Their efforts were greatly appreciated by the committee and we would highly recommend this wonderful service provided by The Probation Service.” There were two areas planned, the area around The Cricketers Arms and Baildon

Green hamlet, and the second by the cattle grid, close to the tilted trolley. The team worked very hard and planted 700 bulbs in a few hours. Each school in Baildon also received a bag of daffodil bulbs, to be planted by the school garden clubs. This idea came after Sandal School won second prize at the recent Scarecrow Walk, with scarecrows from their own garden club. The Baildon in Bloom committee are hopeful that the Yorkshire in Bloom judges will be suitably impressed by their efforts to include all of the schools and general public in their target of a Gold Award in 2010.

10% Discount

on the first terms fees with this voucher

Life & Leisure


Experience Children’s Parties with a Difference with May School of Dance at Umbrella Studios in Crosshills Caught up in the whirlwind of children’s parties and always wondering what to do that’s different, exciting and that will appeal to boys and girls alike? You need to know about the fabulous themed parties at The May School of Dance in Crosshills, the brainchild of principle, Christine Goode. Always been passionate about creating magical parties for her own children, Mollie and Finlay, Christine creates children’s parties

Give your children a party they will never forget with the May School of Dance in Crosshills.

in your choice of theme, leaving you with magical memories for all. You can hire the whole building for the duration of the party, which is usually an hour and a half, and the decor being changed to suit the theme chosen. Christine and her team will be there throughout to coordinate the entertainment, games, dancing, all food and activities and make sure that each party is an event to remember for all the right reasons. For the children, they will have

had some good old fashioned fun and party food, and for the adults they will go away with tired, happy children and know that they have had great value for money with minimum effort on their part. Party themes include Fairies, Beach Dudes, Disco Divas, Cowboys and Indians, Superheroes, Pirates and very popular for older boys is Den Building! There is a fun and

adventurous theme to suit everyone. To make sure that each party has a great atmosphere and runs perfectly, minimum numbers have been set at ten and maximum numbers at twenty. Each child will have a great time dressing up and taking part in all of the party activities. They will also enjoy proper ‘party food’ of sandwiches, crisps, buns, cakes and fruit etc; plus take home a fully loaded party bag, and all for just £9 per child. What terrific value for money...and all the hard work is done for you. You just need to turn up with your children and take them home afterwards, everyone has a great day. The May School of Dance also celebrates its 21st birthday this year and in celebration is holding 21 workshops, including Contemporary Dance, which has been so well received that it could well make its way on to the regular curriculum. African Dance is also being introduced for the first time on the 12th March, 6.30pm to 7.30pm at a cost of £5 per person. This is also a brilliant time to try out those acting skills with a One Month FREE Offer on Drama Workshops, for ages 5 years and older. There are also many adult classes available so it’s never too late to explore your talents for dance and drama. Make 2010 the year you have fun! Call today for more information or to make those all important bookings. Don’t put it off as you may be disappointed!

May School of Dance

53 Main Street, Crosshills, Keighley Tel: 01535 634433 12

Life & Leisure

The Indian ONLY R Listed estaurant thro Yorksh ughout ir Miche e in the lin Guid e!

we cook our food at the restaurant in the the same we many Indians cook at home. Good quality fresh ingridents, we roast and grind spices and masalas ourselves which adds to the depth of the flavour. We also use less oil, ghee and food colouring than other Asian restaurants said Harry Khinda. One of our main principles is to prepare our food ourselves rather than buying it in tins or packets. We purchase fresh vegetables from the market, we hand make our own samosa’s and spring rolls, as well as making our own paneer (Inidan Cheese). The difference is in the taste and that’s why people like our food they trust us Zaara’s Restaurant to provide them with a great dining experience. We believe being different will make us stand out from the crowd. Come and try our hand made cherry and mascarpone samosa’s with vanilla ice cream and you too will agree with us.

34-38 Bradford Road Shipley BD18 3NT

Mother’s Day Bookings Now Being taken Sunday 14th March

Tel: 01274 588114 Web:

Event and Outside Catering Service Available: Weddings Parties and Celebrations Corporate Entertaining Home Dining Networking Events


Early Bird Menu £11.95 for 2 Courses (inc. 1/2 bottle of wine) Choices from main menu Available 7 Days a Week 5pm to 8pm

10% Off

Total Food Bill This offer can not be used on The Early Bird menu and can not be used in conjunction with any other promotion.

Some basic questions need to be asked so you don’t waste your time trawling round venues which aren’t right for you, for example:

The Wedding Apprentice Claire Young, Director of Elegant Venues and a finalist from the BBC Apprentice series in 2008, asks if the perfect wedding venue exists and how to find it. Before I set up Elegant Venues in 2008 I was already interested in weddings – like most women out there I secretly dream of meeting Prince Charming, receiving the big diamond and planning my wonderful day. For many people it is the most momentous day of their lives and it is important that every little detail is right. One of the things at the top of the list will be to find your perfect venue. Apart



from a car or mortgage, it is probably the largest amount of money you will spend on a single purchase so it’s important to think hard, do your research and ask lots of questions. I work in the wedding industry day in day out so feel I have plenty of experience to share. Trust me I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly! Everyone is individual; therefore, every couple’s idea of the perfect venue will be different. Nowadays there are so many venue options, with something to suit everyone. Literally any building can be a wedding venue and the range available is mind blowing, from traditional to the weird and wonderful. Whether it’s a beautiful castle, a marquee, or even something unusual like skydiving, the bride and groom will have an idea about what they are looking for. Weddings are no longer restricted to hotels where there are rules about what can /

Can they accommodate the number of guests you wish to have? You don’t want to be squashed in like sardines!

Does the venue allow children?

Do you need access for elderly guests?

Is there accommodation for your guests? If not, where will they stay?

Are there any restrictions with the venue? For example do they allow fireworks? Do they allow confetti? Do they allow candles?

Ask the ‘deal breaker’ questions to the venue before you make an appointment, your time is precious and you don’t want to waste it looking at unsuitable venues.

can’t be done. The individuality and flexibility of a private residence could be the solution – this is what we do at Elegant Venues. The properties are beautifully cared for; the venue is exclusive to the wedding party so it’s yours for the day. Despite the recession, the wedding industry is thriving and research has shown that the average cost of a UK wedding has actually increased over the last few years to over £22,000. Couples want this day to be spectacular and the venue is an integral part of this, as this research has shown, weddings are the bright spot in the doom and gloom of the economy. We’re heading into a relationship boom, romance is making people happy – love makes the world go round! You can find out more about Claire and Elegant Venues at

Perfect Wedding Beauty Inside and Out Your wedding day is the one day when you want to look and feel absolutely amazing, it’s easy for a beauty specialist to help you look stunning for your special day, however, to achieve a calm, confident, relaxed state of mind can be far more difficult. With all of the stress a bride goes through during the build up to the actual wedding, it’s no wonder that many don’t actually enjoy or remember their wedding day. It can be one of the most

wonderful days of a bride’s life or the most stressful and emotional. So we have been on a mission to find the perfect retreat where you will be made to look stunning and more importantly helped to feel calm and ready to enjoy every minute of your wedding day. The perfect solution is Tranquility Lounge in Ben Rhydding, run by owner Angela Mason of Crosshills and her team of experts. Angela specialises in wonderfully relaxing holistic treatments to help you de-stress and cope, whether you choose a relaxing Indian Head

massage or a more holistic Reiki rebalancing session or aromatherapy massage, you will leave feeling calm and relaxed. To achieve your perfect bridal look, Tranquility Lounge offers a full body Fake Bake tan to give you a natural healthy glow and to prepare your skin, Angela and her team use Decleor skin care products , recognised in the ‘natural’ beauty industry as a true market leader. Your hands will also be a main focal point on your wedding day, as you will want to show off your wedding ring to all of your guests, so make sure you have beautifully manicured hands by having a luxurious OPI manicure. In fact Tranquility Lounge provides the full top to toe range of treatments you will require to make you ‘the perfect bride’, including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, chemical peeling, laser vein removal, facial

and leg thread vein and age spot removal, all available with specialist Cosmedoctor. Don’t leave it to chance, prepare your mind and body for the biggest day of your life at Tranquility Lounge. A qualified and experienced therapist is waiting to answer any questions you may have regarding the comprehensive range of treatments available. Individual treatments, holiday and wedding packages are all available. Call today to find out more. Tranquility Lounge Beauty Rooms 122 Bolling Road Ben Rhydding Ilkley LS29 8PN Tel: 01943 432199

Shoobox of Bingley Superb Wedding Shoes Collection All the latest shoes, bags and accessories for spring! Visit us today to browse our fantastic collection at affordable prices. Personal, friendly

TAMARIS service with a smile... MARCO TOZZI GUARANTEED! LUNAR GINO VENTORI GINO VAELLO 4 Chapel Lane Bingley ESCAPE West Yorkshire BD16 2NG TIMELESS Tel: 01274 565483 Fax: 01274 565675 SKECHERS Email:




are a Girl’s Best Friend


or more than 21 years, ex professional model, Joan Walshe, and her dedicated team at Tip Toes, located at White Cross in Guiseley, have gained an unrivalled reputation for the very best choice in exquisite shoes, boots and handbags in every shade imaginable, plus a superb range in accessories such as costume jewellery, watches, belts and pashminas, and they are going from strength to strength in these difficult times. Combining innovative style and quality with the kind of personal service that is hard to find these days, it is easy to see why Tip Toes is renowned throughout Yorkshire and they have enjoyed those 21 years of success! Joan took over Tip Toes in 1987, with her experience as a top model she gives an uncanny flair for knowing exactly what customers want. Joan’s experienced team were carefully chosen and have been with Joan at Tip Toes for many of the 21 years and together they have built a reputation for being able to match any

Beige Matching Bag


(Available Separately)

The Lunar Range Beige


Red or Silver

TipToes Silver



18 Bradford Road, White Cross, Guiseley, Leeds LS20 8NH Tel: 01943 873385



outfit with the perfect footwear, handbag and accessories. Probably the main reason for staying ahead of their competitors in the current climate is that Tip Toes offers shoe and boot styles that are high in current fashions, plus durable, comfortable styles for her more mature customers and with sizes in footwear range from 3 to 8, everyone can find the style they want. Joan has an extensive mailing list which means that regular customers never miss out on new stock, or the twice yearly promotions which offer superb discounts. With spring and the wedding season just around the corner, there is every reason to pay Tip Toes a visit, for the very latest footwear and accessory fashions, plus a very enjoyable shopping experience! Tip Toes is situated in a charming row of small independent shops, with a good size pull-in and parking area.




t a s r e w lo F g Bespoke Weddin n e d r a G d n a e m Emma’s Ho At Emma’s Home and Garden our aim is to inspire you and create unique wedding flowers tailored to suit your style and budget using only the best quality flowers.

Contact Emma and Rebecca at the shop on 01274 599500 to arrange a personal consultation in a relaxed informal environment.

01274 599500

1-3 Westgate, Baildon, BD17 5EH

Open: Tues-Fri 9am - 5.30pm . Sat 9.30am - 4pm




Homes & Gardens

New Year Celebration Offers























here are not many businesses that are breaking records at the moment but United Carpets in Shipley are certainly bucking the trend with their success. Owner Adrian Lee told us that much of this success is down to the fact that United Carpets as a whole are the UK’s fastest growing carpet retailer, with unrivalled buying power and this means that each store can offer the largest selection of carpet and flooring at unbeatable prices! Adrian is confident that with discounts and offers, which cannot and will not be matched by anyone else in the area, and the extensive choice in flooring and beds on offer at his Shipley store, he has got something to suit anyone’s pocket. However, Adrian wants his customers to know that such a vast range of products, at brilliant prices, does not mean that there has been a compromise on quality. In fact far from it as the ten point Customer Charter, a pledge


to all United Carpets customers proves. The charter leaves you in no doubt that they are a company you can trust in today’s uncertain economic climate. With United Carpets, your money and goods are completely safe and you will receive exceptional service each and every time.

With fantastic offer for the New Year on beds and flooring, a visit to the Shipley store has to be your first port of call! It will also probably be your last as whatever your requirements and budget you will find the perfect flooring for your home, office or commercial premises, expert advice and service from the in-store team plus a superb fitting service by fully trained, fully insured, trustworthy fitters! You never know who you are letting into your home, so it’s reassuring to hear that the fitting team at United Carpets in Shipley have been an established team for the last 10 years. Because the total sales and service experience is so good, they work on 80%

referrals from satisfied customers. Many carpet shops have just one fitter, which means you could be waiting quite a while to have your own carpet fitted - if their previous fitting job runs over time, this has a knock on effect, delaying your own carpet. Due to the size of the store, United Carpets, Shipley have a fitting team large enough to guarantee getting your new carpet fitted at your convenience and not the store’s - it can even be fitted the next day if that is what you want. It makes sense to call in at United Carpets, Woodfloor and Beds in Shipley for choice, quality, and service and probably the best deals you will find anywhere.

United Carpets, Flooring and Beds Steadman House, Otley Road, Shipley BD17 7EX Tel: 01274 533408

Homes & Gardens



Enhanced Security Door Handle

No 1 Security Helping you to Feel Safe

Secured by Design Tested to PAS 24 Solid and Reinforced backplates Exceeded manual attack test


o. 1 Security is run by local resident, Andrew Broadbent, and with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the building and home renovation industry, he has made it his priority along the way to find out everything he can about home security, to ensure that every property he renovated was completely burglar proof! He set up No. 1 Security to share his knowledge with members of the public who have either fallen victim to burglars and house thieves, or are afraid they might. With windows and patio doors being the entrance of choice at the

Astral S Cylinder Anti Snap Anti Bump Anti Pick Anti Pull Anti Drill 3 Keys 10-pin key biting system

1 x Vibration Alarm

Compact and powerful 110dBs Suitable for all window types and uPVC doors

*FREE as part of the package



(RRP £140)

Locks & Handles also sold separately

Call for a FREE Quote


No 1 07593 213 755 SECURITY

Cut Out and Keep in case of Emergencies!


01274 617295

moment, Andrew specialises in locks, door handles and sash jammers, all of which make a home to be avoided by a burglar looking for easy access, as these simple, cost effective devices make your home the safe haven it should be. Andrew can even fit vibration alarms to your windows and doors which will activate immediately should an opportunist burglar try your door or windows for access. Make sure you call your local expert before you become a victim and security check the vulnerability of your home and give you peace of mind.

TESTIMONIALS “When we had an attempted break in we called Andrew of No. 1 Security who came immediately even though it was 1.30am. He secured the house with new locks and handles leaving us feeling safe enough to go to back to bed.” Dave Riches of Here & now Magazine

“It was a shock to return home from shopping and find our front door open. In one call to No. 1 Security, the house was secure again within the hour and more importantly...burglar proof!” Mrs Evans of Calverley


Editorial courtesy of Little Red Marketing Ltd

Anti-Snap Cylinder

New PAS24 door handle Free crime prevention advice can be obtained from Andrew Broadbent of No 1 Security on 07593 213755

Homes & Gardens


Tile Bliss with

Grout Wizard

Est. 2001

Tired of Grubby Grout & Silicone Seals? Is your Grout or Silicone causing leak or damp problems?

Bathrooms Dirty worn out grouting and silicone seals between your shower, bathroom and kitchen tiles can make a whole room look tired and decrepit, you may even think you need to completely refurbish. Grout and silicone deterioration is like gum disease for your interior tiles, when your gums deteriorate your teeth break down, fall out and in some cases can cost a fortune to rectify. Tile grout is a porous material that deteriorates with increased exposure and absorption of water, cleaning products, age and wear and tear. When grouting wears down, it will eventually lead to damp getting behind the tiles and causing leaks to floors, adjoining walls, carpet etc; all in all a very expensive exercise. Not to mention that when mould and moisture gathers, so does bacteria, and your bathroom and kitchen are the two last places in your home where you want germs. After all these are the rooms where you clean yourself and prepare your meals! An affordable alternative to refurbishing or re-tiling your bathroom or kitchen is to simply re-grout the tiles. You will be amazed at how much of a difference this will make to your tiles surfaces, in fact the whole room. Michael Joule has been running Grout Wizard, also known as Professional Re-Grout Service, for over eight years. Previous to this Michael worked in Sydney, Australia for a company specialising in this exact same service, and after making enquiries if there was such a service available in England, he found that there was virtually no one and saw a superb opportunity to come back to the UK and set up Professional Re-Grout Services. This he did in late 2001, immediately he started advertising and


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Michael Joule: The Grout Wizard hard at work. was astonished at the response. Michael told us, “We hit the ground running. As soon as we started advertising we had calls coming in a few days later, with people telling us that they had been searching for someone offering this kind of service. Some customers had tried to re-grout the tiles themselves, or found odd job men to try and do it, and these were often a disaster. There were

Kitchens scratched tiles, grout stuck to the surface of the tiles and generally a shoddy job that left the customer very unhappy.” That was over eight years ago, and although based in West Yorkshire, they found their unique service in demand all over Yorkshire and Lancashire, doing lots of work in Manchester and Liverpool too. Michael is still amazed at the results his re-grouting methods can produce on interior tiles, “We work on tiles from 6 months to over a hundred years old and every job we do has the same thing in common, 99% of the time the tiles are fine, they just need re-grouting, polishing, and silicone seals replacing, the end product looks as if you have had a complete re-tile. Of course our service costs a fraction of the cost of having that done!

‘An affordable alternative to refurbishing or re-tiling your bathroom or kitchen...’

Testimonials “Thanks once again for an excellent job.” Mrs. Whitehead “Please except my thanks for the excellent work done by Wayne, your workman. It was a pleasure having him working in my home. He was so pleasant and helpful. I’m very pleased with the work carried out.” Mrs. Travers “Just a line to thank you for the superb job Kevin did on our bathroom. He was very punctual and worked very hard all day. We will recommend your team in the future.” Jean and Malcolm Riley

People are always amazed when they see the finished results. It’s always a real shock when they walk in to inspect the work and see the difference. We have many testimonials from customers who have recommended us to family and friends.” Michael and his specialised team of technicians at Grout Wizard can re-grout most areas and type of tile, providing the tiles are not too badly damaged. They use a very high quality precision machine tool with a diamond tipped oscillating blade and remove 3mm to 4mm of old grout without damaging tiles or filling the house with dust. Even better, Grout Wizard’s unique service costs much less than re-tiling a shower, bathroom or kitchen. A shower cubicle or combined bath and



Show Show er Area or er Bat h Area from j ust


Fully T iled Ba throom from j ust






shower area will cost from only £110, taking usually no longer than half a day and a fully tiled bathroom from £190, usually taking no longer than a full day, and because most jobs are finished within a day, there is virtually no inconvenience caused. Grout Wizard is probably the longest established re-grout company in the UK today. Most professional tilers shy away from this kind of work, preferring to completely re-tile an area or room.

Tel: 0800 3281637 Mobile: 07816 333528 Web:

Silicone Wizard Got dirty, leaky seals? We seal baths, showers, screens, kitchen work surfaces, upvc windows and doors (white and woodgrain), conservatories, floors, walls, toilets, sinks etc.

Prices from £25.00 If it needs sealing, we can do it! Tel: 0800 3281637 Mobile: 07816 333528 Web:

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Beauty Comes as Standard As one delighted customer said: “It’s never too much trouble for the team at Bathrooms in Mind - if they can do it they will!” With over 18 years’ experience between them, the team at Bathrooms in Mind, based in Shipley, can offer the perfect bathroom for you. Don’t worry if you have a very tight budget to work with in these times of recession, because owner, Paul Sunderland, has just launched four different bathroom packages, ranging from £285 to £1,800, so you can transform your old bathroom into a clean, fresh and much more attractive room at a fraction of the usual cost. Bathrooms in Mind also boasts a large selection of natural stone tiles, in particular, Jerusalem stone, travertine, and marble, giving any bathroom the ‘Wow!’ factor’, and bringing you a warmer more welcoming bathroom. Paul continues: “We can provide a supply service only for people who are into DIY, or to other bathroom fitters; this I feel is a very good compromise when things are a little tight. We also do general plumbing, and have a shower tray and bath repair service which saves replacing the bath. “At Bathrooms in Mind, we feel that customer service is key, and we listen to what the customer wants, whether it is full installation or supply only, we will still go the extra mile.”

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Photography John Steel is a freelance photographer based at The Bradford Grid, and from the selection of photographs on this page, you will instantly see why we have selected John to write a regular feature in Here & Now Magazine.

John specialises in • Corporate, Events, Press and PR • Lifestyle Portrait Photography • Wedding photography

A little about me Before working as a freelance photographer I worked as a gym instructor for Leeds City Council for five years. I also worked with young people who had weight management problems to help get them involved in physical activity. I have always been interested in sports and spent 20 years of my life skateboarding, which finally led to sponsorship from Adidas, I also still have a huge passion for photographing skateboarding and action. So why photography? Since picking up a camera in 2003 I found a new passion. Photography has made me look at the world through different eyes. I can now use my creative energy to produce stunning pictures. So, with the passion for my hobby I decided that I could make photography my livelihood.


Life & Leisure

Here & Now Magazine Here & Now Magazine has asked me to write a regular feature on photography. I will show the reader’s examples of my work give people top tips and answer any questions that any one may have. I look forward to working closely with Here & Now and their readers.

Contact Web: Email: Tel: 01484 714614 Mobile: 07951 726212


How to make the perfect...

Chicken Korma


l bill


unit with l end of M this vouc ar 201 0 Offer h er only avail dinin able when Not a g in the resta vaila uran ble o t. n tak eaw ays.

1. Vegetable Oil 3 tsp

17. Tumeric

2. Onion 2 small onions - finely chopped

1 tsp

16. Coriander

3. Chicken Breast

small handful

1kg breasts, cut into bite sized pieces

Ingredients (Serves 4) 15. Garam Masala 1 tsp

First Marinate and cook the chicken. To season the chicken, we put the cutlets into a bowl and rubbed it with salt adding oil, garlic and ginger, mixed with yoghurt. Refrigerate for 40 minutes.

14. Sugar 1 tbsp

Whilst the chicken is being marinated, we will make the Korma sauce.

13. Almond Powder

Heat two tablespoons of oil in a pan. Add the finely diced onion. Add half tabsp of ginger and garlic in a pan. Cook for 2-3 minutes for it soften.

1 tsp

12. Salt 1/4 tsp

Add the chilli powder, turmeric, ground coriander and garam massala and cook for 2-3 minutes on slow heat. Now add the water, coconut milk, almond powder and sugar to give the sauce sweetness. Allow to cook for 3-4 minutes.

4. Ginger 1 tbsp -finely cut fresh ginger

5. Garlic 2 cloves crushed

Now add the chicken pieces and allow to cook for 2 - 3 minutes. Add the single cream and yoghurt. Allow to cook for another 3-4 minutes on low heat, letting the chicken soak up the korma sauce.

6. Yoghurt 100g natural thick yoghurt

7. Single Cream

Garnish with coriander leaves and the Chicken Korma is ready to be served.

60 ml

Enjoy! 8. Coconut Milk

11. Water

40 ml


10. Ground Coriander

9. Chilli Powder

half tsp (adjust to taste)

1 tsp



By Cardamon’s Head Chef

NEWLY OPENED! Open 7 days from 5.00pm 102 Main Street l Bingley l Bradford l BD16 2JH l t: 01274 561811

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Cardamon is Fully Licensed

dine in

style in our beautiful restaurant “A modern Asian fusion dining experience at its best...”

Cardamon is an Indian Restaurant with a unique concept which combines the symphony of cultural Indian flavours and adds a modern twist with a fusion of western tastes.



Sundays - 3 Courses £7.95 Starters - Main Courses - Desserts

NEWLY OPENED! Open 7 days from 5.00pm 102 Main Street l Bingley l Bradford l BD16 2JH l t: 01274 561811

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Here & Now Magazine Aire Valley Issue 19 March/April 2010