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The TPACK Teacher Quest Purpose: to facilitate learning opportunities where teacher candidates can develop the knowledge and skills necessary for 21st century teaching and learning. You will navigate a series of challenging tasks designed to break down previous conceptions of technology and rebuild it to enhance your unique capacity to effectively design and execute tech-enhanced learning opportunities. You will be irreversibly changed in this process. You will be different. You will stand out. And, you will facilitate tech-enhanced learning in a way that pushes the boundaries of conventional applications of technology in education. You will engage in three streams of development activities:




your course grade

The following pages document which TPACK Quest Badges you will be working towards; when you will work on them, what you will be working on, what their grade value is, and the professional development learning outcome of each. This may be the most important consideration of this badge system: each one represents a specific area of knowledge and skill within the wider scope of educational technology. It is our hope that these badges will help you to identify the specific areas of growth and development you have undertaken in this course.

The Cup of Wisdom is earned through the completion of weekly online modules that facilitate the learning of Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK)



2% 3% 4% 4% 4% 4% 4% 4% 4%





DESCRIPTION develop an understanding of game mechanics that can be used to facilitate learning in educational contexts

learn about your digital footprint and explore strategies for establishing a positive and professional digital footprint

demonstrate and understanding of the rights and responsibilities for learning and working in our digital society


demonstrate an understanding of the structure of a ProblemBased Lesson and how to implement that lesson using techenhanced activities


demonstrate an understanding of the structure of a ProjectBased Lesson and how to implement that lesson using techenhanced activities


explore the world of online learning, discovering the knowledge and skill set required to design your own online learning activity


explore the world of coding, discovering how computational thinking is becoming a ubiquitous component of math and science curricula, and examining how you might incorporate it in your own teaching


explore the world of mobile learning, discovering how mobile learning is changing the how, when, where, and why of what we learn


Demonstrate and understanding of the knowledge required to plan and implement online and blended lessons for flipped and distance teaching

The Professional order of TPACK is awarded based on your actions throughout the course that demonstrate the development of a professional demeanor and identity, including your ability to collaborate with your Professional Learning Network





awarded for the in-class submission of a “Word of the Day” each and every week of the course, a.k.a. being dependable


awarded for the completions of three in-class peer evaluation activities (Movie Trailer, TED Talk, Genius Hour Digital Portfolio) and the demonstration of ongoing Twitter participation throughout the course


awarded for positive and professional participation in in-class learning activities conducted with your peers


The Genius Hour Badge is acquired by proposing, researching, and sharing a Genius Hour Project using a blog-based Digital Portfolio

Blog checklist:      

GH Home Page – reflective posts completed each week for the duration of the course, documenting your Genius Hour Research and your professional development experiences GH Intro Page – embedded PowToon movie introducing the Genius Hour Project framework GH Proposal Page – embedded Google Slides presentation outlining your Genius Hour Question, your motivation, your goals, and your completion timeline GH Movie Trailer Page – embedded Movie Trailer artifact that previews your Genius Hour research in a sensational and media rich format GH TED Talk – embedded video presentation of your Genius Hour research journey and the implications or outcome of your findings TPACK Quest Page – embedded TPACK Quest Badges you have earned and a brief description of how each represents the development of specific area of knowledge that contribute to your 21 st century teaching skills

See the Genius Hour Digital Portfolio outline

Combos! The value of any skill or area of knowledge you

There are two opportunities to earn combo points:

have acquired becomes greater when combined with other skills and knowledge areas. To better reflect the synergy of skills and knowledge when used in conjunction, you will receive additional


marks for completing multiple related tasks. As your TPACK knowledge becomes greater as a whole rather than the sum of its parts, so too


will your grade in this class increase.

Final Advice Virtually everything you need to stay organized and on task is centered around our learning management system Sakai. The weekly modules, located on the left hand menu bar of our site, are a great starting place. In each weekly module you will be reminded what you should have done for homework (Cup of Wisdom), what we will be completing in class (Professional Order of TPACK + Genius Hour), and what you need to complete for the next week (Cup of Wisdom + Genius Hour). The Cup of Wisdom tasks are organized by weekly module (weeks 0-6) and accessible through the TPACK Quest located on the left hand menu bar, and submissions occur through the Assignments section, also located on the left hand menu bar. The Assignments section is also a good place to check on due dates. You will receive feedback about the completion of your Cup of Wisdom tasks in the Assignments section as well as in the Gradebook section. Check in each week to ensure you’re making accurate and complete submissions. If you do not complete the in-class tasks outlined in the weekly modules by the end of a lab session, then consider these tasks homework. As the tasks in each weekly module are essential to the accurate and full completion of the course. Good luck, have fun! uour technology instructional team

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