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FRONTER FRONTER— — Davenant’s Virtual Learning Environment WHAT


Fronter is a web-based platform which provides a secure online meeting place for students and teachers alike. Each member of the school community has their own unique username and password. When you log in you will have access to a number of ‘rooms’; these are your online classes. You will also have a ‘today page’ which is the page you see when you log on. Your today page is your central information point; it will display details of homework due to be handed in from any of the rooms that you are a member of along with any messages from those rooms. Rooms and your today page are explained in more detail later in this leaflet.



Fronter is an online system so can be accessed anywhere that you have an internet connection. The web address is There is a short-cut button on the school website :- They will take you to this screen:



Your username and password are exactly the same as your network username and password. These are synchronised so if you change your password on the network it will automatically change on Fronter.



If you are unable to access Fronter see Mrs Theron, room 119. You may also email for help.

TODAY PAGE When you have successfully logged on, the first page you will see is called your “Today Page”, like the one below. This page has will show you any messages or homework that have been added in the rooms you are a member of. It will also display icons for some „rooms‟ that you are a member of. Click on these to enter the room.

TOOLBAR Whatever page you are on in Fronter, your toolbar will be displayed at the top of the page. The function of each icon is explained below. Please see page 3 of this guide for details of how to use the „Choose Room’. 1 Today will return you to your today page 1







2 Stickies are electronic messages that can be sent to other Fronter Users 3 Search allows you to search for other users of Fronter within Davenant 4 My Calendar is your own secure, online calendar. It will also store dates from calendars in rooms that you are a member of. 5 My Files is your own online area for storing files. Great for taking work between home and school. 6 My Portfolio will show you a summary of work you have handed in or tests taken on Fronter and what your marks have been. 7 Survey—Click on this to see if you have any active surveys that you are expected to complete.

ROOMS WHAT ARE ROOMS? For each class on your timetable you will have a room on Fronter. Each room is a secure website in its own right. Rooms are used for sharing resources, handing in work and many other things. The only people who can access each room on Fronter are the members of the room. These will normally be the students and the teacher of that class. You will also be a member of some other rooms. These will vary depending upon your role and year in the school. Your Head of Year may have created a Room for your Year Group. There is a Whole School Messages Room which will be used to share information with the whole school. HOW DO I ACCESS ROOMS? When you log in to Fronter at the top left hand corner of the page you will see this dropdown box displaying the words „Choose room‟. Click on the dropdown arrow and select ‘Display all rooms’. A list of the rooms you are a member of will appear: Click on a room to enter Rooms that are frequently used may have an icon on your today page (set up by the teacher).



The rooms tools are down the left hand side—these may vary from room to room. The common tools are explained below. Frontpage—takes you to the room’s homepage.

Resources— storage of files that may be useful to your class Hand-in—click to hand in work set by your teacher

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