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The Accrington District Charity Stewards Minutes from the meeting held Monday 23rd August 2010 Present/Apologies:Lodge/Chapter

Charity Steward

Present/Apologies/No response

Commerce No.215

D Denton

No response

Amity No.283

J Hollows

No response

Limestone Rock No.369

T Wignall


Limestone Rock RA No.369

P Smillie


Bank Terrace No.462

A Low


Bank Terrace RA No.462

D McGurty (Secretary/treasurer)


Albert Edward No.1519

C Riding


Leopold RA No.1775

R Tattersall (Chairman)

King Oswald No.3306

J Hargreaves



Manor Lodge No.3322

P Thompson

No response

Remembrance No.3787

F Bunn


Rossendale Forest No.4138

I Howarth

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Confidence No.4295

E Bullock


Castle No.4482

C Wood

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De Lacy No.4591

L Hartley

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Rhyddings No.5205

T Hindle


Prosperity No.5206

E Leach


St Aidan No.6339

R Allan


Keep No.6538

D Harwood

Huncoat No.8542

N Bellas


Hawkshaw No.8624

J Hayes

No response


Hyndburn Lodge of Installed Masters

R Tattersall

St Michael In Castro No.8838

Ian Thornton Bryar

Already attending Apologies

Wisdom RA Chapter

Graham Mangham


District Chairman

Roger Flitcroft


These are the minutes of our last District Charity Stewards meeting, as I recorded them. rd Meeting held on Monday the 23 of August 2010 at Accrington Masonic Hall, Adelaide St, Accrington. Dave McGurty Secretary 23/8/10

1. Opening. The meeting was opened at 7.05pm 2. Apologies for absence. As detailed on Page 1 3. The previously circulated minutes. The previously circulated minutes were accepted on a proposal by Derek Harwood, seconded by Dave McGurty 4. Matters Arising Donations:The donations, agreed at our last meeting have been distributed to:a) Age Concern - £500 donation towards their new drop in centre b) Oswaldtwistle Bowling Club - £168 for the provision of chairs for their new spectator shelter. c) East Lancs Hospice - £350 annual donation for the patients drinks trolley and £650 contribution to the starlight walk bags, given to every participant, bearing our logo and the words 'Accrington District Freemasons'. Non Financial Work:21 Brethren from our district, Brethren from other districts and family members assisted by volunteering their services, for the Starlight Walk, keeping the walkers safe and offering support. The event was a success raising over £80,000 for the palliative care of the hospice patients. Accrington District Freemasons organised the whole marshalling schedule for the evening. Fund-raising manager Sharon Crymble and event organiser Denise Gee, have expressed a wish to pass on their sincere thanks to all who helped on the evening. Without the involvement of our Brethren and associates, the event could not have taken place. Other Hospice work includes marshalling for the Jane Tomlinson 10k Run, assisting on a Sunday morning in July. Brethren and their wives helped organise and distribute the water for the participants on Canterbury Street in Blackburn. This raised £1000 for the Hospice. Work installing racks/shelves at the new Hospice Charity shop in Accrington has also been carried out. We have now donated 168 bags of used and unwanted clothes to the Hospice scheme. If any Brother has any used or unwanted items of clothing, please forward them to your charity Steward. Hadrians Wall Walk – April 2010. Completed by Duncan Holmes, Ian Thornton Bryar and Dave McGurty. Sponsorship, although not fully complete as yet, is expected to raise over £1000. The money will be shared between the EL2015 Festival (50%), the ELMC and the Accrington District Charity Stewards Fund.

5. Treasurers report. The previously circulated treasurers report was presented showing a Balance at hand of £2304.00, prior to donation requests. 6. Donations to Charity. The following Proposals for Donations to local Charities were received and agreed a) £1000 to a Soldiers Support Group, which raises funds to send packages to the troops of the Duke of Lancaster Regiment, on active duty in Afghanistan. WBro David Baldwin of Bank Terrace Lodge No.462, currently has three sons in Afghanistan. He has been asked to open th a 1940's fund-raising day, to be held in Darwen on September 4 2010 at 10.30 am. The presentation of the cheque has been worked into the opening ceremony. It is expected media such as TV, Radio and newspapers are to be present. The BBC will be filming all day. b) £500 to the Friends Of Brungerley Park Clitheroe, to enable the voluntary group buy materials to repair benches, footpaths, fencing etc. The park is used by all ages of the community. c) £500 to the Maundy Relief organisation in Accrington. A voluntary run and supported organisation who supply the physical and emotional wants of those on the margins of Society. 7. Future events. Charity Stewards Annual Walk, The Beamers Trail, Witton Park, Blackburn on Sunday the th 5 of September 2010 starting at and meeting on the main car park off Preston Old Road. th

Winter Draw – To be held at Accrington Masonic Hall on Saturday the 15 of January 2011 at 7.30pm. Pricing and evening entertainment schedule to follow.

8. EL2015 Festival/ELMC Reports EL2015 Festival - Report from the Festival Manager stated that response to the Festival is slower than anticipated. Festival reps to be contacted separately to offer further support. Roger Flitcroft, District Chairman would like to engage the District team in supporting efforts for this cause by visiting Lodges ELMC – Although urged to remember the ELMC, donations to the EL2015 Festival are requested to take priority. 9. Any Other Business and date of next meeting:th

The next meeting was arranged for 7 pm on Monday, the 24 of January 2011, to be held at Accrington Masonic Hall. The Chairman thanked the Brethren for their attendance and closed the meeting at 8.10pm.


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