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Health and Wellness Experts Want more patients? Join a select group of health and wellness practitioners in Del Mar, gain new clients, and free yourself from the hassles of marketing your practice. “Your Del Mar Wellness Connection” is providing marketing services for wellness professionals in the social networking age. The concept is simple, yet powerful. We are inviting health and wellness experts to form an integrated wellness group, and then will promote the group as a comprehensive wellness program. Promotions will consist of:

Now you can reap the benefits of the latest electronic technologies to gain clients and new business with a minimum investment of time and energy. Take the “Del Mar Wellness Connection” e-zine for example. Members of the group contribute articles, making them the local expert in their field. You share your ideas, knowledge and passion, and we do the hard work of bringing your name before the public. The result is increased referrals and business. Even better, since you’ll be part of an integrated wellness group, you’ll realize these benefits:  Cross-marketing to targeted mailing lists to reach existing wellness-oriented clients as your potential clients  Sharing costs to decrease your marketing budget  Being a monthly contributor to a wellness-related publication  Increasing your exposure to potential clients by a minimum of 900%+  Enabling you to use the latest technologies with little effort on your part Here’s how it works. A wellness specialist with a practice in Del Mar expresses interest in joining the group. We will choose only one provider from each modality (see list) to provide the right mix of services offered, and to eliminate unnecessary competition and infringement on other member’s rights. This gives you exclusive access for your particular specialty not only to the public, but also to the other providers in the group for cross referrals. We publish your articles. Clients read them and get better informed about the benefits of your modality. We incent them to patronize your practice. You treat them. They experience for themselves the benefits you told them they would get. They become your clients – long term.

The group will offer a comprehensive wellness program that addresses your clients’ mind, body and spiritual needs throughout their lifecycle (i.e. youth, adult and senior years.) And while the main benefit is an increase of clients, remember that you now have access to the other members of the group. Here’s a simple example. More and more runners are looking to yoga as a supplement to their training. But if a runner gets injured, their yoga teacher may want to suggest a physical therapist. How to choose the right one? Through membership in the co-op they already know a physical therapist for the referral, not just a name in the phone book. By referring to someone they personally know, the referral becomes a no-brainer.

Your Del Mar Wellness Connection

The upshot is that Your Del Mar Wellness Connection connects you with clients and your colleagues, takes the hassle out of marketing your business and frees you up to do what you love – practice your profession.

If your specialty is listed below, then you should seriously consider this unique opportunity. Call today – Set yourself apart from your competition! Members of the group will include: Herbal Medicine



Doctor of Osteopathy Eye specialist

Health Counselor

Personal Trainer

Anti-aging expert

Healthy aging

Holistic Spa

Physical therapy


Healthy foods

Holistic Vet

Rolfing Expert

Exercise / Fitness

Hearing Specialties




Holistic Gynecology

Cleansing / Colonics


Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Massage therapy

Natural Birth instructors / midwife Weight loss

Exercise Equipment

Holistic Doctor

Meditation / Yoga

Life Coach


All member requirements will be outlined in the co-op member agreement provided to the chosen health and wellness specialists. To learn how you can connect with new clients through Your Del Mar Wellness Connection, contact: For more information, contact: Dave Lyons 760.271.9264 Rev 2/11/11

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