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Me inc.

Student: Taeeun Lee Course: Professional Practice Instructor: Doug Darrah Class Time: Friday 4PM Submitted on Nov. 27 2009

Personal Profile Career Objective

Improvement of my creative level from interactive design study field to become an lateral thinking game designer.

Top Skills • Quick Learning — able to learn complex knowledge quickly. • Strategic Planning — able to plan how to design strategically. • Lateral Thinking — able to solve a problem creatively by looking over. • Logical Thinking — able to solve a problem with logical sense.

Knowledge • Digital multimedia design — able to create interactive designs (applications and websites) digitally. • Design arrangement — knows how to arrange graphic object effectively on any media. • 3D Modelling — able to create any objects and living beings with 3ds Max Studio

Experience • Studied a visual art for 13 years. • Studied a brief view of a graphic design for 3 years. • Worked on Flash for 4 years. • Created 10 games so far with using tools.

Financial Plan Target Clients • Starting Companies • Companies with no websites • Companies who demands new design of their existing website.

How to balance my Economy

To create cash flow of personal budget, I must find many clients who desperate for websites for their business. This way, I could get paid and become financially stable to prepare for my actual dream plan. To accomplish this, my starting salary has to be at least approximately $35,000 per year.

Incomes - Expenses Incomes per month

• Successfully created website = base cost ($1500) + extra costs

(cost may vary depending client’s satisfaction of idea.) • Modifying existing web design = $1500 + extra costs (cost may vary depending client’s satisfaction of idea)

Expenses per month • Rent = $800–$1500 • Food = $500 • Transportation = $109 • Utility fees = $223.83 • Misc.

Estimated Income per year Total Incomes = Approx. $35,000 Total Expenses = Approx. $24,000 Yearly Income = Approx. $11,000

Marketing Plan Dream Objective

Become a web interactive designer to learn more about interactive design knowledge, then switch to a game designer. Industry I need to find is a web interactive design industry, starting from Junior level designer.

10 Potential Employers: 1. Teehan+Lax: (416) 340-8666 2. Dashboard: (416) 504-4422 3. Acro Media: (416) 915-3136 4. IWM Creative: (905) 477-0001 5. Rob Vena: (416) 302-3039 6. Metro Interactive Agency: (905) 471-9721 7. Hooplah: (416) 783-1157 8. Touche Comm: (416) 342-0218 9. Eden Interactive: (905) 669-9550 10. Overdrive Design Ltd.: (416) 537-2803

Marketing Plan




• Quick Learning

• Communication skills • Advertising

• Strategic Planning

• Laziness

• Lateral Thinking

Opportunities • Web design • Game design

Threats • Speaking to crowds with confidence. • Be criticized

• Logical Thinking

Unique Selling Point • My critical skill that makes me very unique is a programming skills, which many graphic designers find very difficult to execute. • My satisfaction comes from completing the app and looking at my target audience using my application without any issues. • Most interactive design firm employers value the skill to use web design tools effectively. Employers might choose applicants by looking over applicants’ skills and confidence. The best location for my dream plan is in Toronto. The reason why it’s Toronto is because the city is very diverse of many opportunities. The main product I would be making is interactive websites. Because there are many clients that need websites to promote their business. The pricing for creating a website will be at very basic base cost for all website which is approximately around $1,300. Hopefully, my profile promotion will happen everytime I help each individual company.

Appendix References • Utility Cost for Hydro One, affairs/energy_rates/electricity/utility_rate_comp.shtml • Web Design Jobs,

Me Inc. (Old Version)  

Me Inc. is a future plan document on how to sell yourself to clients in graphic design industry. This document is old version of Me Inc made...

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