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a message from Ronald L. Ewing, PE, RLS, Chief Executive Officer

While the U.S. economy shows some signs of recovery, our industry continues to take a hard look at the future, recognizing that many of our services and markets may never be the same as before the recession. Here at Dewberry, we are continuing to focus on our core strengths, serving a very diverse client base and maintaining a talented, versatile workforce. We have neutralized negative market impacts by instituting internal staff transfers and work sharing tactics. This has enabled us to retain a high quality, dedicated staff, and more importantly, offer individuals new career opportunities and challenges. We’re continuing to reposition our company as a market-focused organization, knowing that our strength comes from the caliber and commitment of our people. Their ability to build strong and lasting client relationships and commit to each client’s vision will ensure Dewberry’s success in the future. This year’s annual review and the accompanying issue of Dimensions, highlight a few stories about how our people performed in 2009, solving our clients’ challenges and transforming communities. On a more personal note, as 2009 drew to a close, I announced my plan to retire in 2010. In April I will move to Colorado and transition my CEO responsibilities to Donald E. Stone, PE, who is currently our chief operating officer. I leave Dewberry with a great sense of satisfaction, grateful that I’ve had the privilege of leading the growth and prosperity of this firm over the last eight years. Our succession plan now gives Don the opportunity to lead Dewberry into the next decade. Dan M. Pleasant, PE, who has been with the firm for over 30 years, has been named COO. I’m confident Don and Dan will be a very successful and effective Dewberry leadership team.

Jae-Hyuck Choi Architect, Fairfax, Virginia and Peoria, Illinois “I joined Dewberry two years ago in the Peoria office, and I’ve had the opportunity to work on many types of projects in many locations. A highlight for me was working on the master plan for justice facilities in New Orleans. That was a collaborative process that brought together a team from many of our offices around the country and helped me realize how many services Dewberry can bring together to help a client. Since then I’ve had a chance to work on a General Services Administration study for the Cleveland Detention Center, a correctional re-entry project in California, and the new airport in Peoria. “Now I’m helping to design two major projects in Baltimore—the new youth detention center and the women’s detention center. I spend a lot of time in the Fairfax office and in Baltimore. I’ve been given the opportunity to work with many very talented and experienced professionals in our organization—it has been a great career experience.”


Peter Drenan Alex Villegas Project Manager, Lanham, Maryland “With a focus on service integration, the land development group has really come together this year to find and share work, and keep each other busy. We have been fortunate to hold onto our people through work on projects like the 4,300residential-unit, five-million-squarefoot Westphalia Town Center in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and the eight-million-square-foot redevelopment of Landover Mall in Hyattsville, Maryland. “I started with Dewberry eight and a half years ago. In my first year I was sent to leadership and project management training. I’ve never stopped training and am fortunate to have a manager that spends a lot of time mentoring me. This year I was made the private residential and commercial development strategic plan leader, and I know that we will be ready to support our clients when the land development market makes a strong rebound.”

Associate Vice President and Project Manager, Fairfax, Virginia “For the two years I’ve been at Dewberry, I’ve enjoyed working on extremely challenging projects. In disaster recovery, we see clients and communities at their worst moments– when they’ve been laid bare–and they count on us to come up with answers, provide guidance, and implement solutions. This is a very humbling experience. Everyone on our team is committed to providing smart solutions for clients, and I’ve enjoyed working with each of them. “It’s been a busy year for our management and consulting group. I’ve held the management oversight role and done hands-on work for projects such as FEMA’s Public Assistance-Technical Assistance Contract (PATAC), Hazard Mitigation Technical Assistance Project (HMTAP), Individual Assistance Contract (IATAC), and Technical Assistance and Research Contract (TARC) as well as numerous local and state emergency management projects. It’s on these contracts where we can really bring the full range of Dewberry’s capabilities to support our clients through multiple services in various geographies.”

Nancy Rivers, PE Environmental Engineer, Fairfax, Virginia “My job is unpredictable. That’s what I like about it—having a problem come up and solving it. And I like working with a team knowing that we’re all heading in the same direction toward the same goal, and of course knowing that the work we’re doing benefits the communities we serve. “We recently won a water reuse project that involves taking wastewater effluent from the Noman Cole Pollution Control Plant in Fairfax County, Virginia, and pumping it to the Covanta Fairfax power plant for use as cooling water. I will have a significant role on this project, modeling the system hydraulics, designing the pump layout within the existing building, and designing the chlorine facilities. We are working with a lot of engineers within Dewberry to obtain permits and meet very short project deadlines. “I’m also really energized by how Dewberry is bringing together its municipal and water/wastewater engineers across all offices and business units to best support our clients. This alignment is important to our growth, and I want to see us taking on bigger challenges.”

ommitted to offering integrated services that support clients’ diverse needs


ommitted to professional

Sam Crampton, PE, CFM Deputy Department Manager, Atlanta, Georgia “This past year I worked largely on a 63-county floodplain mapping project for the state of Georgia where I served as technical lead and study manager. Additionally, I managed numerous large-scale flood studies for metroAtlanta municipalities. These flood studies provide highly detailed information and identify potential changes to the floodplains with respect to future land use plans, enabling municipalities to practice higher standards of floodplain management. I also led several dam safety projects that allowed us to expand our capabilities in dam safety work. I’m proud that during my eight years at Dewberry I have been part of our Atlanta office, which has expanded from just four people to 22 and is still growing! “Dewberry has always supported my participation in professional organizations, which includes founding the Georgia Association of Floodplain Management where I currently serve as chairman of the GIS Mapping & Technology committee. As chairman I’ve had the opportunity to facilitate special training events and network with other technical experts in the industry.”

Lisa Peterson, PE, SIT Senior Engineer, Bloomfield, New Jersey “I am grateful to have had the opportunity to obtain my bachelor’s degree in land surveying while working here at Dewberry. I became aware of how important land surveying was to my highway and roadway engineering responsibilities. I realized that there would be great opportunity for career advancement with the dual degrees and professional registrations. With Dewberry’s roots in the surveying profession, I knew that I would have the support of the organization behind me as I pursued my second degree. “Working on the New Jersey Turnpike Widening Program, Interchange 8 project has been an excellent learning experience. I was responsible for the design of roadway alignments, development of contract plans and cost estimates, coordination between design disciplines and subconsultants, and overseeing junior staff. “Now that I’ve completed my surveying degree, I look forward to repairing my 1989 250cc Kawasaki Ninja, whose gas tank sprung a leak this past summer.”

Bobby Bengtson, LS Manager of Surveys, Danville, Virginia “Almost 25 years ago, I took a job on a survey crew project with Dewberry. I came in green and worked my way up to department manager. “We have a great survey staff in this office, a quality bunch of people. They’re always here and ready to go. In 2009 we were fortunate to do a lot of transmission line surveying for Dominion Virginia Power, and we have continued a long-term relationship with Danville Power & Light. In fact, the first job we surveyed for Danville Power & Light six years ago went into construction this year. “I consider myself fortunate that I have a job where I can work outdoors. In my spare time, I’m a member of a mountain bike club, and we build trails for the local community. These are multi-use trails, used by mountain bikers, trail runners, and educational groups.”

growth & employee retention

Steve Kuntz, PE Transportation Project Manager, Fairfax, Virginia “I feel very fortunate to have been a part of so many high-profile jobs at Dewberry. This year I was the roadway design manager for the Interstate 95 and InterCounty Connector (ICC) interchange in Prince George’s County, Maryland. We are almost finished with ICC Contract C design, a $513million, design-build project, and will continue with construction administration and inspection. We’ve also completed 10 interchanges and attended coordination meetings weekly for the past seven years on improvements to Route 28 in Virginia. Recently we’ve been working to complete the Route 29 and Linton Hall Road Interchange for Virginia Department of Transportation. “I think my success with Dewberry has a lot to do with my managers’ involvement with my progress and the training I’ve received—I was part of the second Emerging Leaders class. I enjoy proactive and constructive feedback, and I’ve always seen a career path here.”

Larry J. Hlavacek, AIA, PE Project Manager, Chicago, Illinois “After I finished working on the renovations to the Harold Washington Social Security Center in Chicago for the General Services Administration (GSA), I was given the opportunity to manage improvements to the Major General Emmett J. Bean Federal Building in Indianapolis. At 1.6 million square feet, it’s the largest building I’ve ever worked on. We are currently exploring a number of renewable energy products and systems for the building. It’s exciting to be part of a GSA project involving so much innovative technology and research. “Dewberry has been a good fit for me because of the in-house engineering. I hold both architectural and engineering licenses. My engineering background helps me on a daily basis to integrate the architectural design with the building systems. I’ve also had the opportunity to take many training courses at Dewberry—more than 18 of them so far. I finished project manager training last year, and I’m currently in the Emerging Leaders program. “When I’m not still learning myself, I enjoy helping our local high school with its technology engineering program. I’m also a patrol leader for my son’s boy scout troop.”


rowth by supporting

Dan Wilkinson, PE

Rick McCarthy, AIA, LEED AP

Process Engineering and Technology Practice Leader, Raleigh, North Carolina

Principal, Elgin, Illinois

“I came to Dewberry in October with the directive of helping the company expand its wastewater treatment capabilities. In my first day of work, my team helped a private life sciences client troubleshoot an upset complex biological wastewater treatment plant, and ultimately bring the plant back to normal operating conditions. “I really enjoy understanding market trends and emerging technologies. For the last five years my team has developed a lot of design and operational nutrient removal expertise. I like a job where I can be in the office and in the field, helping solve client problems. “In previous positions, I’ve enjoyed mentoring employees, and I hope to do the same at Dewberry. “I love to sing and play the guitar—acoustic and bass—and for about 20 years I’ve worked with various bands…no nightclubs. We play for fun, not for profit.”

“I was first exposed to integrated design, prior to coming on board with Dewberry, when I worked with a British design team on Judson College’s Weber Academic Center in Elgin, Illinois. I realized that this is the future of our profession and a critical step in achieving our firm’s 2030 sustainability goals. It is a different way of approaching projects and requires us to re-think the way we work. Integrated design involves getting the entire team together much earlier and making everybody a part of the design process. It requires architects to be more disciplined, and engineers to be more creative. The process emphasizes early coordination and eco-charrettes. It is much more in-depth than a pure LEED®-based approach to design. We are hoping to use an integrated design process for our new project to expand the city library in Kingsport, Tennessee. “I frequently speak on library design and construction and have written two books on the subject. I also serve as the president of the board of our library in Elgin, where we just won a national award for library service. I will be going to the White House this spring to accept the award. It’s quite an honor for our community. “When I’m not immersed in library design, I devote much of my time to music. I enjoy composing, playing the guitar, and making a nuisance of myself with a ukulele.”

Andrea Burk

Jerry Sparks, PE, CFM

Cultural Resources Specialist, Parsippany, New Jersey

Program Services Branch Manager, Fairfax, Virginia

“This year New Jersey received more than $650 million in federal stimulus funding for highway and bridge infrastructure projects. Since projects receiving federal funding are required to go through the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process, the NJDOT faced an unprecedented need to review a large volume of projects quickly. We partnered with our client to develop an expedited NEPA review process, and we created an interactive project team website to manage all project-related input material. “NJDOT has been applauded for cutting through red tape to improve the state’s aging infrastructure while creating jobs. I’m really proud to have been a part of this process. “As an architectural historian in Dewberry’s environmental branch, I enjoy being part of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals. It has been a rewarding experience to help grow our cultural resources capabilities, and our clients appreciate our ability to provide a full-service approach to meet their project needs.”

“A lot of my work has involved establishing Dewberry’s climate change service line, and most notably developing the North Carolina Sea-Level Rise Risk Management Study. As the study manager, I’ve collaborated with state, federal, and local agencies, as well as the University of North Carolina, to kick off the project, which will show the impacts of sea-level rise on flooding. In 2009, we held three workshops and formed study teams in preparation to complete the study by mid-2011. “Dewberry allows me to be creative and gives me the opportunity to work on projects in emerging fields, such as the climate change initiative, which this year has seen considerable growth and market expansion. “Through Dewberry I’ve participated in the Technical Entrepreneur Program, a 15-credit graduate course at George Mason University. I was also Dewberry’s guinea pig as the first employee to go through certified floodplain management training. Luckily, it was successful, and we now have over 120 CFMs.”

& developing skill sets that clients value


rowth through expanding to where Brian Mayfield, CP, GISP, GLS Director of Remote Sensing Services, Tampa, Florida “In 2008, I moved from Fairfax to Tampa to further the development of Dewberry’s remote sensing services team. Our photogrammetric services provide a complementary internal service offering to many of our engineering groups and allow us to offer more well-rounded services to our external clients. “In 2009, Dewberry was tasked to remap the planimetric features for Baltimore County, Maryland. Rather than rely on an external subcontractor, Dewberry selfperformed this work using our remote sensing services production staff and knowledge of the county’s geospatial data needs. This resulted in an expedited completion schedule and overall savings to Baltimore County when compared to previous planimetric projects for the county. “As a manager, Dewberry’s biggest investment in me is the freedom to invest in our staff. I’ve had several employees join professional organizations, complete graduate certificate programs, and receive certification as GIS professionals. These initiatives have a direct impact on the professional growth of our staff and make our team stronger, more diverse, and more accomplished. “I love coming to work each day because I can look around our organization and see my fingerprints on positive growth for Dewberry. I like knowing my contributions are tangible and are felt in a positive manner by our clients and staff.”

Meg Bower, AICP, LEED AP Senior Planner, Baltimore, Maryland “I’m based in Baltimore, but I’m also part of Dewberry’s Fairfax office. My location has enabled us to have a stronger presence for clients in Maryland. I’m involved with planning for the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, and I do a lot of planning for GSA and municipal clients, including Fairfax County where we’re planning a replacement police and fire headquarters. I love the creative problem-solving aspect of our work—we’re able to meet our clients’ needs using a wide range of solutions. “I just earned my LEED accreditation and completed the project management training here. One of my goals is to help create a stronger sense of community among the planners at Dewberry—we’re embedded throughout the organization and represent a broad spectrum of skills and expertise. In April 2010, many of us from around the country will take part in the American Planning Association’s conference in New Orleans, where there will be a focus on disaster relief. We hope to showcase Dewberry’s entire complement of planning services.”

Corinne Bartshire, AICP, CFM Hazard Mitigation Planner, Oakland, California “I recently moved back to California from Boston, Massachusetts, and am expanding Dewberry’s hazard mitigation planning and emergency management services on the West Coast. My projects keep me traveling the country from Mississippi and Louisiana to North Carolina, South Dakota, and California. In 2009, I coordinated the development of County Emergency Management Snapshots for the western region of North Carolina. Our team interviewed every county in North Carolina’s western region to create a 10-page book of “need to know” information, for use by neighboring counties when assistance is necessary. In 2010, I am kicking off two new hazard mitigation planning projects in California: one for Santa Clara County and the other to assist with the public outreach for the California State Hazard Mitigation Plan. “My husband and I love to travel. We used our move to California as an opportunity for a two-week crosscountry road trip. In Minnesota we saw the largest ball of twine rolled by one person and added North Dakota to our list of states we’ve visited.”

clients need us


ommitted to helping clients adapt and grow through the years

Catherine Bohn, GISP

Gary Gardner, PE, LEED AP

Grant Smith, PE CFM

Project Manager, Fairfax, Virginia

Project Manager, Gainesville, Virginia

Vice President and Program Manager, Fairfax, Virginia

“The best part of my job is working with a variety of people and for different types of clients. Each of my unique projects applies geospatial technology to Dewberry markets. From local projects in Fairfax County, Virginia, to federal contracts working with the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, we apply geospatial technology to monitor stormwater infrastructure, provide situational awareness, improve business processes, develop frameworks to observe trends, and so much more. Through these projects, I enjoy getting to know how our clients’ needs grow and change.

“About five years ago, I started working as the civil engineer on the Virginia Gateway development in Gainesville, Virginia, becoming the project manager and point of contact in 2007 with The Peterson Companies on this more than 280-acre property. In 2009, we worked more on finalizing the commercial retail development and completing the design of the future town center. Dewberry has been involved in this development for more than 20 years, and I’m humbled to take on the responsibility of managing such a longstanding relationship.

“Dewberry has allowed me to take on more responsibility and transition to private industry after 30 years of being in the military. This year, I’ve been serving as program manager for the Risk Assessment, Mapping, and Planning Partners (RAMPP) contract; a joint venture with URS and ESP under the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Risk MAP program, which is part of the National Flood Insurance Program. RAMPP serves FEMA Regions II, III, and VI, as well as FEMA headquarters.

“At Dewberry, I’ve always felt supported in my professional development, which includes project management training and earning a master’s degree in geographical and cartographic sciences from George Mason University. I’ve also had the opportunity to travel to different locations to provide support after a disaster. “Dewberry is flexible with family needs. I cherish the time I can spend with my family and am able to do this while also managing an appropriate workload. As a busy mom, I don’t have much free time, but when I do, I enjoy gardening, cooking, and of course, playing with my kids!”

“Dewberry has really made an investment in my professional training and growth. As I move forward in my career, I have enjoyed learning multiple roles and how they integrate to complete a project. I’ve also benefited from Dewberry’s leadership and management training programs, and continue to work toward my master’s in civil engineering through the tuition reimbursement program.”

“Working with our long-standing client on this $600million, five-year project has allowed us to retain our knowledgeable staff and expand our role in traditional markets with risk assessment and Risk MAP projects. The best part of my job is the people who work with me, for me, and around me. “I’ve always felt great support from Dewberry for my involvement in the Association of State Floodplain Managers Foundation, where I am currently on the executive board of trustees. I’m also an usher and lector at my church and serve on the executive board of a retirement community whose residents are retired military or other uniformed service members.”


ommitted to delivering intelligent data management

Mat Mampara, EIT, CFM

Jennifer Taylor

Dave Palumbo, PE

Water Resources Engineer, Fairfax, Virginia

BIM Manager, Dallas, Texas

Technology Manager, Bloomfield, New Jersey

“One of the most exciting projects I worked on this year was the GeoRiesgo (GeoRisk) project. This was Dewberry’s first project working directly for the government of Puerto Rico. The project’s objective is to develop a web-based mapping tool to convey flood risk to Puerto Rican citizens.

“Joining Dewberry last spring has enabled me to apply my knowledge of Building Information Modeling (BIM) applications to all disciplines and many types of projects. Bringing this knowledge and change to our organizations is critical. We do a lot of work sharing and interaction between the offices, and using BIM is enabling us to experience interdisciplinary design coordination while becoming more accurate and efficient.

“We’ve had some great success this year helping our employees embrace 3D object-oriented mapping, design, and stakeout technology—using our 3D site civil workflow on projects. This really fits into our forward-looking goal to enhance core Dewberry services by delivering reusable intelligent object models. This adds value to our work by helping clients bridge information gaps between facility design, construction, and life-cycle asset management.

“We first provided the Puerto Rican government with a capacity and capability analysis to help them determine their ability for hosting and serving web-based geospatial technology. Now that we understand their infrastructure and capacity, we are developing an ArcGIS Server-based tool that aligns to their systems. The tool will provide a picture of flood risk, at an individual parcel level, and leverages flood hazard data updates that we have produced throughout Puerto Rico for FEMA. Our good work for one client has created an opportunity to do good work for another! “My wife and I are having fun playing ‘zone defense’ with our three boys ranging in age from six years to 11 months. I am also currently working with some of my neighbors to develop a program at my oldest son’s school for National Engineers Week.”

“I support the use of BIM technology in all Dewberry offices. I train and work with employees at every level, from interns to senior management. I’m on the road a lot and my job is hands-on, but in a much broader sense, it’s about change. “I’m pursuing my architectural license and LEED® accreditation, and I’m constantly involved in new BIM technologies so that I can bring new and exciting knowledge to our Dewberry team. “I love to work on old buildings. My husband and I bought a historic building, redesigned it and created a loft residence for ourselves. We hope to take that knowledge to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.”

“What I love about my job are the regular challenges I undertake to facilitate a broad range of business needs, and how Dewberry recognizes technology as a differentiator in our markets. “As a full-time information technology professional raising a family, I’d have to say that my hobbies are a bit limited. When I’m not fixing-up my near century-old house, I enjoy my kids’ competitive sporting activities as well as an occasional dinner or New York City show with my wife.”


he Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (MDPSCS) is developing two new detention centers in downtown Baltimore to accommodate nearly 1,000 women and youth offenders. The centers, currently in design, represent the initial steps in a seven-phase master plan that will ultimately reconstruct MDPSCS’s entire downtown correctional campus and enhance the state’s services in education, medical care, and community programs for detainees. Set side by side, the five-story, 200,000-square-foot Baltimore Youth Detention Center and the six-story, 375,000-square-foot Women’s Detention Center will be linked to enable medical and administrative staff to flow between the buildings and share resources and equipment. The complex will also include a level of shared subsurface parking for employees.



The new Youth Detention Center has been designed within an urban setting and provides secure detention with an emphasis on educational programs that focus on behavioral change.

Design of the youth facility takes its cue from Baltimore’s urban neighborhood context, with housing grouped as neighborhoods organized around a “street” and education offered within a connected but distinctly separate full-service school. The youth detention center will include six housing units accommodating 180 beds in single-occupancy rooms. Each unit will feature activity space, a multipurpose room, a counseling room, and an officer’s station. A gymnasium and community space will also be located in the center, along with the spaces for education and training, medical care, and administrative support. The women’s center will provide bed space for 800 female offenders, including special areas for expectant mothers and women with infants. Like the youth facility, the women’s center will enable the state to expand services in education, training, counseling, and medical care. Both facilities will also

provide separate booking and intake for offenders in order to alleviate lengthy processing activities at the state’s current Central Booking and Intake Center. Setting the two-building complex within a dense urban block has proven to be the most critical challenge to the design teams for both projects. The teams devised strategies to stack services and program functions vertically and link appropriate program areas such as medical care and food service, yet maintain careful segregation among women and youth detainees.

Maryland to Build New Detention Centers for Women and Youth Facilities to Expand Services in Education and Medical Care

MDPSCS Assistant Secretary for Capital Programs David Benzanson recently noted, “Our agency was very pleased with not only the functionality of the Youth Detention Center design, as it met our requirements for a secure facility to house youthful offenders awaiting trial in the city of Baltimore, but with the creative way in which PSADewberry incorporated our vision of providing hope for change to these detainees through a wellbalanced aesthetic that emphasizes education, programming, and community integration. The fresh, crisp design of the Youth Detention Center gives the neighborhood and the offender a great new outlook on tomorrow.” PSA-Dewberry and joint venture partner Penza Bailey Architects are designing the Youth Detention Center. PSA-Dewberry is serving as design architect for the Women’s Detention Center, working with architect-of-record AECOM. Carter Goble Lee is serving as programming consultant for both projects. Right: Maryland’s new Youth Detention Center in Baltimore will enable the state to enhance its educational program for detainees, with a school and extensive learning resources housed within the facility.


wo major design-build initiatives underway at the Noman M. Cole, Jr., Pollution Control Plant (NCPCP) in Lorton, Virginia, will enhance flow equalization and add a new reclaimed water distribution system to reduce discharged effluent. The projects are the first to be completed using the design-build delivery method for the Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services.

The Dewberry/Bongiovanni team has also begun work on a $15.2-million water reuse project for NCPCP that will reduce final effluent flow to Pohick Creek, a tributary of the Potomac River. Because the plant’s biological nutrient removal and advanced wastewater treatment processes result in a highquality effluent, the discharge can be used as source of usable water for industrial and commercial non-potable applications.

The NCPCP opened in 1970 as an 18-million-gallonper-day (MGD) plant and has undergone three major upgrades to bring it to its current capacity of 67 MGD. The plant currently serves approximately half of Fairfax County’s 340,000 households and businesses. The $8-million flow equalization project, now more than halfway complete, consists of the design, construction, and start-up of new equalization facilities that will reduce peak flows to the plant’s biological nutrient removal activated sludge tanks. Using new pumping facilities, primary effluent will be temporarily routed to the new equalization tank during influent high-flow conditions. Stored effluent will be returned by gravity from the new tank to the primary effluent channel when influent flows decrease.

Construction of the new reclaimed water distribution system, which includes a five-mile pipeline, will allow for water to be reused at the Covanta Energy/ Resource Recovery Facility—one of the largest waste-to-energy facilities in the country— and as irrigation at the nearby Laurel Hill Golf Course and Lower Potomac Park ballfields. The project is being funded in part by a grant through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Dewberry is working with Syracuse, New Yorkbased contractor M.A. Bongiovanni, Inc., on the design-build project, which includes a new 4-MGD equalization tank and the addition of 9.4 MGD of pumping capacity at the existing equalization pump station, including instrumentation and controls. The total project duration will span 18 months with completion scheduled for September 2010.

Dewberry has completed extensive work at NCPCP in past years, including the engineering of a new 100MGD raw wastewater/equalization pumping station, a 16-million-gallon concrete equalization basin, several thousand feet of piping, a septage receiving facility, a tertiary clarifier, odor control facilities, and other improvements along with associated site development work. The previous expansion work was completed in association with CH2M Hill.

Milestone Design-Build Projects Will Upgrade Virginia Treatment Plant 67-MGD Plant Serves Fairfax County Residents

Top: Using 3D civil engineering technology, Dewberry has modeled the pipeline corridor’s existing conditions, such as bridge foundations, existing utilities, and topography. By creating these dimensionally accurate models, Dewberry was able to show how to adjust the pipeline to better mitigate potential conflicts. Bottom: Under construction at NCPCP, the new 4-MGD equalization tank will improve the plant’s biological treatment process.

Working with the City of New Haven, Connecticut, Dewberry has conducted an inventory and assessment of bridges located within the city limits to develop a program to aid in the management of bridge infrastructure resources. After confirming the number of bridges owned or maintained by the city, Dewberry developed an inventory report and assessment of each bridge. The report identified current conditions, short- and long-term maintenance needs, available resources to fund improvements, and a “red flag system” to identify bridges needing immediate attention. The bridge inventory was incorporated into a Geographic Information System (GIS) to create an interactive, comprehensive planning tool, which will help the city provide superior service to its residents. The “living” system helps the city maintain its bridge program and manage future transportation projects while increasing efficiency, improving accuracy, and automating tasks.

Georgetown University recently contracted with Dewberry to conduct a drainage study on their landmark campus in Washington, DC. Dewberry developed a 3D rendering of the site conditions (above), based on fieldsurveyed topography and available as-built information, to assist the university in visualizing the network of existing utilities in the project’s vicinity. Since 2004, Dewberry has provided extensive civil engineering planning and design services in connection with the university’s mid-campus improvement project, which includes major reconfiguration of the university’s existing infrastructure and the construction of multiple academic and athletic facilities.

Four Dewberry-designed bridges recently opened to traffic in Somerset County, New Jersey: Easton Turnpike, Old York Road, Stirling Road, and Studdiford Drive. The bridges were successfully ushered through the local scoping program, which advances projects through the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process and preliminary engineering phase; evaluates feasible alternatives to address existing structural or geometric deficiencies; and defines measures to mitigate any historic and/or environmental issues. Dewberry’s knowledge of the process helped the county qualify the bridges for inclusion in the Transportation Improvement Program, making the final design and construction eligible for federal funding. Top right: Dewberry designed aesthetic treatments for Studdiford Drive and the other Somerset County bridges to reflect the area’s historic character and blend with adjacent parkland.

Following the completion of the Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center in Huntley, Illinois, (above) recently featured in Athletic Business magazine, PSA-Dewberry is designing two new recreation and fitness facilities on college campuses in the Midwest and Southeast. In East Peoria, Illinois, the $16-million CougarPlex is now under construction on the campus of Illinois Central College. The center will add 54,000 square feet to the existing gymnasium with an additional 9,000 square feet of renovated space. Like the Centegra facility, the CougarPlex will feature a green roof and extensive energy-saving measures. At the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, a new $26-million, 116,000-square-foot recreation center is planned for the northern end of the campus. The project, built in phases, will include a three-court gymnasium, exercise studios, exercise equipment floor, jogging track, locker rooms, and health and physical education departmental areas. PSA-Dewberry has joint-ventured with architect Borelli & Partners of Florida on the project. This project is targeted for LEED® Gold.

Project Briefs

FEMA Photo/Mark Wolfe

Preventing Loss to Coastal Communities


ith the largest estuarine system on the United States Atlantic coast, an extensive barrier island chain, and more than 2,300 square miles of vulnerable land, the state of North Carolina risks losing trillions of dollars in assets to rising sea-levels. In 2009, Dewberry began collaborating with the Geospatial and Technology Management Office of the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management to kick off the North Carolina SeaLevel Rise Risk Management Study, which will identify potential impacts related to sea-level rise, coastal flooding, and erosion for 20 coastal counties.

North Carolina Study Leads the Nation in Planning for Sea-Level Rise

Now in the fourth of ten phases, the study will evaluate various short- and long-term strategies to manage the risks from the effects of sea-level rise to North Carolina coastal communities. The study uses a scenario-based approach to evaluate potential changes in coastal flood hazards and the environmental, societal, and economic impacts due to sea-level rise. Changes in storm hurricane frequency and intensity associated with climate change will also be examined. The detailed assessment looks at multiple built and living systems such as agricultural and ecological; coastal structures, other buildings, and infrastructure, as well as the aquaculture and societal systems. Changes in coastal flooding hazards are being evaluated through 2100 to predict future conditions and impacts across all areas.

Top: The North Carolina SeaLevel Rise Risk Management Study will provide information about potential hazards and risks to help North Carolina coastal communities develop and implement adaptation plans.

Technically innovative aspects of the study include the development of a geomorphologic methodology to produce scenarios of how shorelines respond to rising sea-levels, hydrodynamic modeling of the impacts on storm surge, and development of a methodology to model future land use and development scenarios.

Dewberry is providing project and technical management as well as outreach for the study. The firm is also facilitating collaboration among varied study participants and advisors, which include state, federal, and local agencies, academic resources from the University of North Carolina system, and nongovernmental stakeholders. Funded by a $5-million grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the study aims to be the most comprehensive sea-level rise study conducted in the United States and will serve as a model for other coastal states. With information gained from this study, state and federal policy makers will be able to adjust their planning approach–from mitigation planning to water resources to design of roadways and bridges–to reduce future losses in coastal areas due to sea-level rise and climate change. The risk assessment phase of the study is scheduled for December 2010 completion, with the final study report, to include evaluation of risk management strategies, completed by summer 2011. More information about the study can be found at:

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