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The Value of An Independent Roofing & Cladding Consultant Office: 01296 719 775 Email:

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Our Services

Acquisition Surveys For existing buildings, prior to purchase or a full repairing lease, we can undertake a survey to establish how well an envelope has been maintained or if major works are likely to be required. We will arrange our own cherry picker if required.

Advice on Specification The wrong selection of product or system can have a detrimental effect on build quality, overall design, aesthetics and cost.

Review of Contractor’s Drawings This will allow most of the design issues to be identified before the works on site begin, thus removing potential issues of correction and delay when the sub-contractor is under pressure to complete works.

Checking Calculations (Gutters & Thermal) We can check the Rainwater Calculations and Thermal Calculations

to ensure that they comply with the specification and Building Regulations.

Quality Control and Audit Inspections of works in progress We can check works are compliant to Good Practice, Specification, Building Regulations and the Sub-contractor’s own drawings.

Identification of Failures and Advice on Rectification We can investigate problems and usually identify the cause of water ingress and other issues.

Expert Witness Duties As an Independent consultant, we have some experience in providing expert witness services to those in litigation.

Intrusive Surveys We can arrange labour and plant to enable existing buildings to be opened up for an intrusive survey.

Pre-Construction Training & Briefings We can meet with the contractors and highlight the potential issues we perceive that could go wrong with their work, ensuring they have a project specific knowledge of the detail and workmanship required.

Repair Schedules We can also prepare a scope of works, specification and schedule of works to bring existing buildings to a state of good repair or required standards

Advice and Guidance on Manufacturer’s Warranties Some manufacturers offer a warranty for their products. These may not be valid unless formalised at time of construction, and some have no value whatsoever. We provide advice and guidance.

Almost anything Roofing & Cladding Related • Built up systems

• Standing Seam • Composite panels • Rain screen cladding • Single Ply membranes • Over Roof ( Full and partial ) • Refurbishments

Photographically Supported Reports You will normally receive a comprehensive, detailed report , prepared in an easy to understand format and complete with integrated photographic evidence of our findings. If the above brief list does not cover your requirements, please visit our webpage html or simply give us a call. David has over 40 years of experience within the Industry and is a Fellow of the Institute of Roofing. The Company is a Consultant Member of the Metal Cladding & Roofing Manufacturer’s Association. 3

Some Common Faults

Condensation within the insulation cavity will drip into the building as the liner sheet does not discharge into the gutter. (Insulation omitted.)

Wire balloons will reduce the flow of a downpipe by 50% when new and more as it becomes blocked.

Flashings installed upside down

Minimum upstand should be 150mm.

Insulation should be continuous

Over-painted flashband used to seal a joint ( new build )

Oil Canning, which can be easily avoided by design.

Ineffective gutter joints. The mastic has been removed from the bolt holes which permits the joint to leak.

A gutter “repair� ( New Build ).

Dektite installed without knowledge of how a standing seam roof works.

Aluminium in direct contact with galvanised steel

Damage to standing seam caused by inappropriate foot traffic 5

The Value of an Independent Consultant The Manufacturer’s Local Representative can not be Independent!

You are putting the Representative and the Supplier in a very difficult situation.

Remember that their client is the sub-contractor and not you!

A manufacturer’s Representative is fine, if you only have issues with the materials supplied, but far too many times we have been called in by the Main Contractor to resolve differences of opinion between his client and the suppliers.

Should the Representative condemn the workmanship this not only jeopardises future orders, but in some cases the survival of the subcontractor. It may also endanger the payment for their materials from that contractor.

We can supply an independent and unbiased view.

Some of our Projects

Easyjet, Luton

Various Travis Perkins Stores

Various Retail Parks in England & Ireland

Monastery (Aluminium Roof ), Fort Augustus

Various Halford’s Stores in England & Ireland

Rainscreen Failure Investigations

What can go wrong? Surprisingly quite a lot, as the centrefold of this brochure shows. There are several other issues which one cannot photograph, such as cold bridging which can easily cause condensation issues within the building. These drips of water are frequently mistaken for gutter or roof leaks. We are sure that you can recall a project where a leak persists despite numerous attempts at repair.

In the same period, 77% of all failed envelopes inspected were aluminium standing seam. Paragraph 1.11 of Approved Documents Part L, Part 2A & 2B makes it clear who is responsible. Are you sufficiently proficient to ensure compliance?

In the 2 years to September 2011, 70% of the buildings we inspected were not in accordance with Building Regulations, Specification, Good Practice or the Contractor’s own detail drawings.

So what do our services cost? That’s impossible to say as each project is different and our involvement will vary dependant on your needs. However, the savings in poor design, workmanship and potential delays and the litigation that can follow will soon outweigh our fee. We provide a FREE written fee proposal for each enquiry, without obligation. Why not give us a call now to discuss how we can help you? Office: 01296 719 775 Email:

Mobile: 07980 432 848 Website: 7

About David Hicks Consultants Ltd David Hicks is a Fellow of the Institute of Roofing.

selection of blue chip clients including inter alia :

Since 1969, David has worked for a number of specialist sub-contractors and Consulting Engineers, including Atcost, Bell & Webster, and Greens Steel Frames amongst others. During this employment he gained a considerable wealth of construction knowledge and expertise, mostly relating to structural steelwork and associated roofing and cladding.

Arden Construction, Boots, Bourne Wood Partnership, Canada Life, Capital & Regional, Cheshire Council, Crispin & Borst, Dixons Group, EasyJet, Fitzpatrick Construction, Halfords, Harris Partnership Architects, The Junction Partnership, Kiers, Mansells, Marshall Construction, McBains Cooper, Pets At Home, Simons Group, Tesco, Travis Perkins Group, Wates, Watts Group and WPL Design Management

These experiences lead to a Directorship in the early 1980’s, and to a post of Managing Director in 1985. In 1995 David launched a freelance independent Roofing & Cladding Consultancy service, which has steadily grown to cater to a wide

These activities were formalised into a Limited Company in 2003/4.


David is a Fellow of the Institute of Roofing. The Company is a Consultant Member of the Metal Cladding & Roofing Manufacturer’s Association.

Client and trade references are available upon request

David Hicks Consultants  

An introduction to David Hicks Consultants Ltd and their services in the construction industry.

David Hicks Consultants  

An introduction to David Hicks Consultants Ltd and their services in the construction industry.