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A Short H istory Of Metal Lunch Boxes Metal lunch boxes experienced great period of popularity and innovation through the middle part of the Last century. A technique used to imprint artwork patterns onto metal - known as lithography - meant that these items were adorned with all the colorful designs of contemporary TV and motion picture heroes. This fad started during the early 1950sonce the Aladdin organization brought the Hopalong Cassidy product to market. This was at once loved by young children all over the U.Sand was decorated with a traditional Western style motif. Soon after, Aladdin's profits soared and the organization moved promptly to cash in on this achievement with their followup Tom Corbett SpaceCadet box twelve months later on during 1952. At the same time, the "King Of The Cowboys" Roy Rogers was preparing to roll-out his own product which he did by working with the famed American Thermos Company. Whilst the actual Metal Lunch Boxes themselves remained remarkably unimaginative - a simple box regularly accompanied with a thermos - in the years that followed all manner of products were launched. The pop culture of that time period was told through the designs on these boxes! It is all too easy to glance back at this golden time and discover nothing but fond memories of when we were kids and days of innocence. Nostalgia really is that potent! Even so, it has to be recalled that the historical past of the lunch box has a mysterious side to it too. As collectors of such items know very well, many of the boxes from the earlier days have suffered significant harm in the form of conflict scars through spats in the school playground. Maybe this is simply not too surprising becausekids will be kids of course. Nevertheless, what's quite shocking is that the intensity and overall prevalence of the fighting finally got so intense that by the early seventies parents had started lobbying state authorities to consider actions against the "wicked" Metal Lunch Boxes! This unique moment of people power seemed to be most powerful in Florida and consequently, in 1972, the state legislature decided to enforce a ban through the entire state. Soon there after, this precedent ended up being accompanied by laws in various other US states. However, these happenings need to be seen in the circumstance that a great many companies had stopped production prior to this time anyways. There are lots more stories, information, advice and free from the author available at Tin Lunch Boxes HQ.Com

A Short History Of Metal Lunch Boxes