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What to Wear on a Date – Tips for Men

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What To Wear On A Date – Tips For Men There’s so much stuff that you can fret about when you are going on a date. This is especially true if the woman you are going on the date with is someone that you really like a lot. Trying to figure out all of the little details so that you can have the best date experience possible is bad enough, but trying to wear the right outfit is something that you should not have to really worry all that much about. While it is true that she’s going to pay some attention to what you are wearing, as long as it is not something ridiculous, it really should not make or break your chances with her. I mean, if you show up wearing some kind of tweed suit that belongs back in the 1970?s, that may leave a mark, but in the grand scheme of things… what you wear has less of an impact on how she feels about you than many other things. Still, it is something that guys worry about, especially if they really like the girl they are going on the date with, so you might as well get this part of the puzzle down so that you can focus on all of the other things that matter so much more. After all, you don’t really think that having the wrong outfit on is the one thing that will stop her from going on another date with you, if she likes everything else about you? Here are some tips on what to wear on a date: 1. GOOD Cologne. I can’t emphasize the GOOD part enough. If the date goes well and you get really close to her, your cologne is going to be the first scent of you that she gets. And if it ends up being an offending scent, she probably won’t want to get any closer to you and she probably will pull away. Opt for the $ 35 bottle over the $ 10 bottle. It will do a world of good for you. 2. Nice Shoes. It’s so cliche and that is because most of the time it’s true. Women do spot a guy’s shoes really quickly. You don’t want to have a pair of muddy, scuffed up shoes on if you want to impress her. She will notice it, even if she does not say anything. You won’t believe how many women compliment my shoes (I make sure they look good), and it tends to be one of the first compliments that they give. Not THE first, but one of them.


3. Any shirt that fits the venue… unwrinkled of course. It’s hard to pick out one kind of shirt to wear, because it all depends on where you are going with her. At a casual restaurant, a simple button down shirt may be perfectly fine. At a high class restaurant, you may want to go upscale a little bit. Any way you look at it though, you want to make sure that your shirt is not filled with wrinkles. Show her that you are old enough and responsible enough to iron your shirt before you go out on a date. 4. The pants… the only thing that matters is that it goes with the occasion. For the most part, guys don’t really have to get all worried about what kind of pants they are wearing, as long as it fits the occasion. You don’t want to wear jeans to a high class club or restaurant and you don’t want to wear your best dress slacks to go miniature golfing. 5. The hair… keep it neat and keep it MANLY. It’s nice to be a guy sometimes. We don’t really have to worry too much about the hair thing. This is just my personal opinion, really, but as long as you keep it neat and manly you should be fine. Even though all of the guys on reality television are going all out on their hair, it’s not necessary if that does not fit your style. And I know for me that it does not. Overall, these are just the basics and you really do not have to worry about going to deep into the details of what to wear on a date with a woman. If your outfit is what killed your chances, honestly, you did not really have much of a chance at all. There are bigger fish to fry and with the right techniques and attitude, you can pull off a great date with a beautiful woman without stressing out like a girl over your outfit. Want to get more *advanced* techniques and tips on how to approach a woman and make her not even care what kind of clothes you are wearing? Read This: Never Really Get Women Copyright 2010 Chris Tyler All Rights Reserved.

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What to Wear on a Date – Tips for Men  

Still, it is something that guys worry about, especially if they really like the girl they are going on the date with, so you might as well...

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