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Shed Blueprints ? Claim Your Free Shed Plan Shed Blueprints ? Claim Your Free Shed Plan Free is good. Free allows you to preview a product of a company. This is your time to see if you can read and understand how they put together their shed blueprints and woodworking patterns.

If the free shed plan is not what you are looking for it at least makes you aware of the work quality of the company. Order the shed plan that better fits your needs and you can be assured of the design and quality as was illustrated with the free shed plan.

Or, you may wish to make your own plans. I hope are good at it, I know I am not. It takes hours and much critiquing and editing to be sure that all is correct. Modifying a plan is much easier than designing from the very beginning.

Of course, you have heard that some locations require a permit. Check this before getting your heart set on a particular type of shed. There may be requirements that your city or county may require. Unfortunately, there is a penalty fine for not doing so.

For instance, if we build in the city, we found that we had to meet many requirements as to type of shed, location, material to be used and to meet inspection standards. We did not build the shed; too much hassle.

In another county where we are building our future house, the storage shed plans had to also be included and therefore we let the construction company gather the permits and the requirements from the zoning board. We are building the storage shed.

It is a good idea to order pre-designed shed plans and get information on building materials. Most of us go to the lumber and hardware store and buy whatever appeals to us. Also when we apply to permitting, our personally drawn plans may not be accepted your permitting office may


require plans prepared by a drafts person.

These are other considerations to think about:

What are the best types of construction materials to be used for your local weather conditions? Will you be installing flooring set permanently in a concrete foundation or mounted on blocks? Will you meet requirements set forth by permitting, e.g. shed being placed a certain distance to the proper line, water line, and septic tank?

The truth about permitting concerns public and personal safety, functionality, and legal, needs to abide by building codes and regulations. The size of your shed will determine if you need permitting or not.

Planning is the most critical stage before building your shed. Visit the hobbies section of Tricia Deed at and review Welcome Woodworking Enthusiasts Beginners through Advanced Craftsmen. Do not forget to download your free shed plan.

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Shed Blueprints ? Claim Your Free Shed Plan