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Questions And Answers On Sheds Plans Kits

David asks…

Does anyone have any experience with the wood shed kits? I’m thinking of buying one of the kits with plans and metal brackets, probably in an 8 x 10 size. You supply the 2 x 4s. We are hoping to complete in a long weekend.

admin answers: I’d say you’d be just as well without the kit.


Nancy asks…

Looking for a Barn Style Storage Shed Kit? Does anyone know where I can purchase a good wood storage shed with a loft in the measurements of 10?w by 14?d by 12?h? I’m looking for a kit which I can assemble myself from a company that will ship nationwide. Don’t want those cheapy metal sheds, looking for wood. Don’t want those plans/blueprints since my carpenter skills are pretty limited. Looked at most companies but the roof heights are only around 10?, need lots of loft space. Something just like a Tuffshed but cheaper. (BTW, Home Depot and Lowes don’t carry sheds with ceilings past 10? specs on their diy kits). Thanks!!

admin answers: This site has good info. You should be able to find what you are looking for and I am sure you don’ need to spend a fortune. Good Luck

Richard asks…


how to get rid of dampness in an outbuilding? Right So I got these out buildings, like sheds but made from brick. And I’m planning to have a drum kit in there, but I can’t cause its so damp. The walls are made from a single brick btw, is there a solution? Thanks ;D x

admin answers: The problem with outbuildings is that dampness can come through the floor (which rarely have damp proofing) as well as the walls. I find that a powerful fan, on a timer switch set to run for 20 minutes every hour or so, keeps things from getting damp by keeping a movement of air. It is something that is simple to test out, without a great deal of expense, if you already have a large fan.

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Questions And Answers On Sheds Plans Kits