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Platform Beds – Simplicity and Style Platform Beds – Simplicity and Style The ever popular platform beds of Europe and the Far East have found their way into markets worldwide, including the US. The platforms of beds are cooler since they are so close to the floor. Couples especially find these platforms of beds unique and romantic. The beds are best for those who like spaciousness and simplicity in their rooms. These kind of platform are low-rise beds that hold only a mattress. No box-spring is used and the platform bed is held up by legs or a support structure. Support for the mattress is provided by either a solid board or slats. Platform bed is strong enough with the basic structures, and does away with foundations and box-springs. This platform of beds is mainly made of wood or metal. Although the original platform was simplistic, nowadays you can get a wide variety in design. Headboards and footboards, although not strictly part of the bed, are often added to the design to give it a more contemporary look. The area below the bed can be used for storage and there are plenty of drawer options available. Platform bed types: Traditional platform Traditional platform lend that unique Japanese look to your room. They are made of splendid intricate designs that bring out the best of arts and craft. Traditional platform sport headboards that consist of both traditional and modern design. Modern platform Modern platform beds sport European designs based on solid color and straight bold lines. Modern platform beds are the latest addition to the line of designer platform beds. Storage platform Storage platform beds utilize the space beneath the bed for drawers that often a part of the footboard design. Some platform beds allow the headboard to open to avail of the storage space within. Platform beds are a pleasing addition to today’s bedroom furniture. This platform have unique advantages that fascinate people across the world: Platform bed pros: Unique designs – The feature endless blends of traditional and modern designs. Firmness – With solid boards or slats, the platform bed well supports the mattress and prevents sagging. Storage – The roomy design of the platform bed allows for immense storage space under the


bed. Platform beds have plenty of design options for storage. Simplicity – Platform beds are lighter due to the simplistic designs. Cost effective – Platform beds deliver great value for money and they are less expensive than other types of beds. Hygienic – The design of the platform makes it easier to clean the dust underneath and maintain hygiene. The platform is less prone to allergic mites. Comfort – Since platform are firm and stable, you are assured of deep sleep without worries of twitching muscles or aches in the back. What to consider when purchasing a platform bed: Durability – Ensure that the platform consists of a strong frame and slats and also carries a center support. The center support ensures durability of the platform bed. Mattress compatibility – Tape your mattress and ensure that it fits well in the platform bed frame. Interested article about platform beds you may want to check out can be found at memory mattress site here. Thank you.

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Platform Beds – Simplicity and Style  

This platform of beds is mainly made of wood or metal. Although the original platform was simplistic, nowadays you can get a wide variety in...

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