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Platform Bed Selections For Homeowners Platform Bed Selections For Homeowners Whenever you enter another person’s bedroom, the bed is probably the first furniture that immediately catches your attention. This is due to the fact that such kind of contemporary bedroom furniture functions as the chief design element inside the bedroom. Nonetheless, it also serves as the main starting point for the general design concept of the bedroom. Because of the significant roles assigned to beds, it is crucial that you choose a bed type and size appropriate for your bedroom in order to achieve the right interior concept, and probably one of the best bed type that could suffice to these requirement is that of a platform bed. In its simplest form, a platform bed is a contemporary bedroom furniture fitted with an elevated, hard, horizontal surface that basically cradles the mattress. This kind of bed could provide firm cushioning and sturdy support since it does not require the use of a box spring, which is a common feature in most beds. It is also ideal for homeowners who are fond of having spacious and simple bedrooms as it sits just inches away from the ground and is truly stylish and comfortable to use. Platform beds can be crafted from metal or wood, and design options may include simple textures to sophisticated finishes. Today, it is easier for homeowners to pick platform beds that would suffice to their tastes as such beds are now available in different varieties. You could choose from contemporary design, traditional or transitional as well as Japanese or Asian influence to storage platform beds. Basically, contemporary full platform beds have clean lines, combined with neutral elements and solid colors. This platform bed type mimics European style that includes bold straight lines and minimalist features. Traditional or transitional full platform beds tie together conventional designs and modern decorative elements. For example, the headboards and footboards may be constructed from wood in order to mimic the arts and crafts era, but they are designed with contemporary hand-carved images. The beds encompass the mission style, which is known for simple horizontal and vertical lines. Obviously, the designs of Japanese or Asian inspired platform beds are gained directly from Asian cultures. These contemporary bedroom furniture pieces are known for the comfort they could give since they embody the Zen principle of simplicity in style and harmony with nature. Most of these beds are constructed from wood products and are joined together by ingenious slot locking system instead of using steel dowels, screws, or nails, making them easier to assemble and disassemble. Lastly, storage platform beds are platform beds with drawers. The storage space can be integrated underneath the side rails or into the bed’s footboard. There are also units that have retractable storage spaces in the headboard. These types of platform beds are preferred by many contemporary homeowners since they are helpful in keeping the bedroom free from clutter.


Having a platform bed inside your bedroom is one of the best ways to maximize your floor space. This is because such contemporary bedroom furniture is intentionally designed to sit close to the ground and it does not require the use of a bulky box spring. Today, you can find a variety of full platform beds.

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Platform Bed Selections For Homeowners