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Pine Wood Writing Desks Pine Wood Writing Desks Pine writing desks are a natural alternative to many of the cheap fiberboard office desks that you find nowadays in both discount stores and even in major office furniture locations. These type of desks are cheap and functional, but they aren’t built to last and often have to be replaced every couple of years. While pine writing desks might not be top of the line like cedar or mahogany, they do offer an inexpensive (and far superior) option over fiberboard. Pine is often looked down upon as an inferior wood, and while to a small extent that is true, a good writing desk made of pine is still going to outlast any type of fake wood or fiberboard desk for years to come. It won’t even be close. Real wood will always beat imitation hands down, which is why a good pine writing desk is an excellent middle ground between the high quality and more expensive models, and the cheap throw away desks that you know you’ll have to replace every few years. Pine desks are made nicer and more sturdy than ever, and for many they are an excellent choice for a home office. These desks are going to hold up better than cheaper models, and as long as they are taken care of, even pine desks can last decades. They might not hold up as well as oak, but they’re not nearly as heavy to move, either. Don’t be afraid to price shop while you are going around looking for the right model for you. There are some great deals to be found if you’re willing to do the leg work. Since pine desks are also often in less demand than the more traditionally popular woods, you might be able to haggle better, as well. Find the pine writing desk that is right for you, and then enjoy the fruits of your research with the perfect desk for your home office. If you would like to learn more about pine writing desks, please feel free to visit my blog for more on this topic and on writing desks in general.

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Pine Wood Writing Desks