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Medicine Cabinets Medicine Cabinets For many bathrooms, storage can be quite limited, which explains why the use of medicine cabinets is crucial to store toiletries, medicines, and other small items. Medicine cabinets serve two purposes, including storage and organization, as well as aesthetics and decoration. Style medicine cabinet is the most commonly used is the mirrored cabinet that is located above the sink in the bathroom. This common type of the medicine cabinet is located under a main light so that the mirror is the most functional for different uses, such as applying makeup or shaving. These mirror medicine cabinets comes in a single mirror cabinet, bathroom cabinets or multiple, depending on the wall space, storage requirements, and the size of the sink and cabinet area. Longer areas generally have more medicine cabinets mirror, while areas generally have shorter simple mirrored medicine cabinets. Sometimes, an additional single wardrobe can be placed on a side wall for extra storage. There are many advantages of installing a medicine cabinet in your bathroom. This is a well hidden storage that provides quick access to items used on a daily basis. Individual shelves with different heights can help store items and stock based on the height and size. The shelves can also store other items such as manicure items, shaving kits, makeup, beauty and cosmetics, tools and more. The convenience of storing items in a medicine cabinet is because the items should not be taken back and forth to the bathroom every morning. Although they invented the term “medicine cabinets�, prescription medication should not be stored in these cabinets due to heat and moisture that may come into contact with it. However, over the counter drugs , drugs against pain, and other drugs that are also easily damaged by moisture can be stored in medicine cabinets. When choosing medicine cabinets in your bathroom or remodel new home, there are two main types to choose from depending on how they are installed. This includes medicine cabinets of surface mount and recessed medicine cabinets. Surface mount cabinets are more easy to install both. This is because they are placed on the surface of the wall just like a picture frame. If you want a medicine cabinet just outside the wall up to four inches, surface mount medicine cabinets are an ideal choice. Recessed medicine cabinets are installed style to sit in a hole in the wall. The mirror is actually flush with the wall in this style of medicine cabinet. This cabinet is more hidden and minimalist in style, because it does protrude from the wall at all. Depending on the style and design of your bathroom, you may want to be a medicine cabinet surface mount or a cabinet-style recessed medicine. Either provide a storage area clean and hidden for toiletries every day. Look at the use of medicine cabinets with multiple shelves to store bottles, medicine, and other elements that are easily accessible and within reach, just behind your bathroom mirror. Key Cabinets Plus specializes in custom cabinets and cupboards. We provide customized solutions for your organization den, kitchen, bedroom, garage or home office laundry. We can


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Medicine Cabinets  

Key Cabinets Plus specializes in custom cabinets and cupboards. We provide customized solutions for your organization den, kitchen, bedroom,...

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