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How To Build Garage Workbench? How To Build Garage Workbench? You begin to build the workbench by building 2 identical 2×4 frames. This stabilising the legs of the workbench. Each frame has 2 fifty-four cm long 2×4 pieces & 2 twenty cm pieces. The twenty inch long pieces fit between fifty-four inch pieces so that the final outside dimensions of each frame fifty-four inches long & twenty-three inches deep & 3 & a half inches high. Worktop just need 4 legs. You can use 2x4s or 4x4s, whichever you prefer. Each leg is thirty-one & a half inches long. Legs are attached to the inside corner of 1 of the frames. Lay a frame on the garage floor & gather his legs so that they protrude into the air. Using 3 inch long screws or lag quarter inch bolts to attach the legs. Use a minimum of four screws or bolts at each corner – 2 to a page. If all 4 legs are attached, lay the other frame mounted on the garage floor. Did someone help you lift the first frame with attached legs. Turn the legs 180 degrees & place the legs in the second frame. Slide up the second frame legs eleven & a quarter inches. Attach this frame just as you did the first legs. This frame keeps your legs from spreading, & will also serve as a handy shelf when installing a piece of three four inch plywood on it. You must be scored in the corners of the plywood to fit around the legs. This is an easy task, & you can get exact measurements when you’ve mounted the frame to the legs. Workbench Your base is now complete. The top is easy to build. Start with a piece of three four inch plywood that measures seventy & a half inches long & twenty-seven & half inches long. Centre it on the bench base & secure it with L brackets & temporary short screws. The final finish of the workbench top is standard three four inch thick tongue & groove hardwood flooring. Purchase number one common flooring for the economy. Hardwood cut to fit flush on all sides of plywood. Use regular flooring nails to blind nail the hardwood by tongues. Cut the tongues out of the last 4 pieces to create a two inch wide trim strip used to the edge of the top. This strip hides the plywood & the ends of the hardwood strips on each side edge. Glue & screw the band pieces to hardwood for a nice fit & finish. Remove the temporary screws from the L brackets & replace them with 1 & a quarter inch long screws. Are you ready to learn more about woodworking plans and projects? Visit now, and get free plans and other great resources about how to garage workbench plans

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How To Build Garage Workbench?  
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