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Furniture Design Furniture Design Oil the wooden doors and furniture should be smooth and Well? doors if you want a good D to hand-scan texture paint, dilute with thinner, if I buy a magnetic system to paint, dilute with water pine, painted wooden doors with Oil sweep, if you will shun Department of painted lacquer wood. painted with the left magnetic paint, paint brush my hand good on the lacquer or varnish. walls how to paint the oil that makes durable? curtain wall system level if either I Pihui, because there are many wild Pihui pursue after, I good to open paint is too thin, about 30% water. Department of the walls painted with a row of pens ruled until dry, then painted with 2 layers. Do Furniture Design, then, read product design have been enough, Well there must INTERIOR DESIGN BACKGROUND, but of course have a private interior design furniture reach you, at least one person to interior design trend you want to watch La ~ Hing with baa material, with the curtains baa colors like that, you have to keep practicing La. do not attempt to hand-draw a line that really can do sketch out sofa La Zhang. autocad system to help you drawn to scale out your furniture, if you can paint by hand to draw Good clear both; construction plans;, autocad Link are not necessarily a good effort, but usually only the first two cases received. you have a series of master classes small painting of two pen to help you, a series of one side of the Ma Tau Wai both furniture stores do. take a clean piece of cloth on the past can not drink the milk soak, and then use this cloth to wipe tables and other wooden furniture, furniture, remove dirt effect was very good. Rub over the last rinse. Washed wood furniture with tea, will hold another clean and bright. Also with a soft cloth or sponge dipped in warm soapy water to scrub the light, dry, then brushing it Guangrun furniture wax. Clean walnut furniture, use a soft cloth dipped in rubbing the surface of a small amount of kerosene, paint, and then use a soft, dry cloth wipe. Will wipe the grease on the wood, Cancha is an excellent detergent, rub, and then spray a small amount of cornstarch rubbed, and finally wipe the raw powder. Cornstarch can absorb all of the dirt attached to the surface of furniture, so smooth and bright curtains finish. Because o furniture before the curtain rolled left so rotten Aberdeen fan to buy their own set for the left, point to know nothing to change cannot finish line! In fact, curtain rails may be rusty, too resistant, the line Well down the track a reel, Department of Aberdeen, surface Diwu out, but when the Department of Hong Kong, a lot of moisture, and you are a paint roller blinds are bad, there is great opportunity to line a track, in fact, Department has Haonai not you agree, and all of my family survive Department fruit, but I’m not a first-hand, I was second-hand, there are seven or eight friends, so I manually pull the curtains, since I moved to Li, so Nuisance for to the sewer.



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Furniture Design  

Do Furniture Design, then, read product design have been enough, Well there must INTERIOR DESIGN BACKGROUND, but of course have a private in...

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