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Free Storage Shed Plans Free Storage Shed Plans Lots Of Stuff… One day I realized that we had an ever growing inventory of tools, both lawn and garden. I realized that it was time to start looking for free storage shed plans online. Little did I know what a nightmare it was going to be, all I needed was free storage shed plans.

I would literally search hour after hour chasing down what I thought was what I was looking for. Only to end up with my quest being another dead end. Finally though, I did run across a site that was just what I was looking for…I’ll let you in on the secret in a little bit…shhhh!

Stuff Growing Pains Anyway, as I was saying, we had outgrown our current extra space allotment in both house, basement and garage, and it was time to seriously consider outdoor storage construction. We had gardening tools, potting soil, power mowers – both riding and push mowers, assorted gas cans, various tools, patio furniture, swimming pool equipment, bicycles, a rainbow of assorted old paint, Christmas decorations and more assorted items. Yes, as you can see, it was definitely time for an additional place to store things. Now all I need is a good set of free storage shed plans.

Finally – Detailed Free Storage Shed Plans I figured that with the detailed plan and material list available at the site I had found, and with the free storage shed plans. I shouldn’t have any problems constructing my own out building. They even had free storage shed plans for the exact sized building that I thought I needed to contain all of our “extra stuff”.

I had heard from someone, can’t remember who at the moment, but they said “if you can hold a hammer, you can build your own additional storage building with the right set of plans”. Hmmm…last I knew, I could hold a hammer, I thought to myself…


Uh-Oh – What Size Do I Need? I also figured I better be careful selecting the exact type and size of building that I wanted, I certainly didn’t want to be building another one two months after I finish the first one. I actually ended up piling all of the things that we would be storing in the shed in the middle of the garage floor, stacking it to a reasonable height and then measuring the pile.

My pile actually ended up being 15? x 15?, your pile may end up being a different size, but this will give you a very good idea as to what sized building you may need. It certainly is much more accurate than just looking at all of your scatters things and just guessing. So now I knew the exact size structure I need to build, I knew where to get my free storage shed plans and I was just about ready to get started.

Free Storage Shed Plans In Hand – Is Better Than Two In The Bush I had my plans, I had my materials, I had my tools ready to go, then my talkative neighbor walked out his back door. Anyway, I was talking to him and he told me how the addition of a properly constructed and designed outdoor storage would end up adding to the value of my property. Wow, this is not something I had realized before hand. Just a little extra bonus of building my own shed with my free storage shed plans. The increase in value of my property will far outweigh the cost of the materials…sweet…

My Project Complete and Looking for More OK, here we are a week later and my building is completely finished, it actually only took me about three full days. It was actually easier that I thought it would be. I have to thank the place I found my free storage shed plans for that though.

It really was a piece of cake with these detailed plans. Would I do it again? Absolutely, but hopefully not on my property again, I think I did a fairly good job of it, I really am itching to construct another one though. I’m trying to talk my other neighbor into letting me help him with his. He already has his free storage shed plans…wish me luck…


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Free Storage Shed Plans  

I would literally search hour after hour chasing down what I thought was what I was looking for. Only to end up with my quest being another...

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