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Dealing With Wedding Jitters Dealing With Wedding Jitters Wedding jitters, or ‘cold feet’ happen to the best of us. It is so easy to focus on the celebration and lose track of what it’s all for. No matter how frenetic the last minute preparations get, it is important to plan in some time together. And rather than talking about the wedding, talk about what you would like your marriage to be like. Chances are you are both feeling a bit nervous about how things might change, so now is the time to talk about your hopes for the future as well as your worries. Take a break from the plans and the spreadsheets and all the organisation and do something that is totally non-wedding related for a day! In the run up to the wedding you may be so busy that you feel like you’ve barely managed to have an entire conversation with your partner in days… Factor in some time as a couple – go for a walk, out for a meal, a cosy night in with a good film. Try not to focus on the practicalities of the wedding but instead look forward to your honeymoon, talk about your day, about whatever you like. The important thing is to reconnect and ease some of that stress you’ve been carrying around on your shoulders for however long you’ve been planning the wedding. Unfortunately, the combination of spending money that might be tight and coordinating so many different suppliers, dates, guests and details can create fraught nerves and many couples find themselves bickering more regularly before their actual wedding! Give yourselves a pat on the back for all your efforts and ask yourself one question: what’s more important, the actual wedding or getting married to the one you love? It’s not just the idea of being married that can cause a few nerves, many people get very nervous speaking in public and may be worried about getting their vows right, or whether or not anyone will laugh at the right places in your speech. Practice, and testing it out on some friends beforehand will sort out the speech, and remembering that the registrar is on your side, and will want to help you get your vows right. Before our wedding ceremony, my husband asked the registrar to prompt him one word at a time as he was so worried he would say my name wrong (not that unlikely…he did when we first booked the registrar!). She compromised by giving him two word prompts (otherwise it would have taken forever), and there were no unfortunate slip ups with my name! You will have a pre-wedding interview with the registrar on the big day, so if there is part of the ceremony you are particularly worrying about, let them know and they may be able to help. You’ve spent months planning your perfect wedding; chosen your venue, planned a theme, picked out bridesmaids’ dresses and spent hours trying on wedding dresses with your best friend before finding the perfect one. You’ve made decisions on the flowers, table settings, menus and seating plans. The gifts on your wedding list have been chosen, the wedding


favours have all been made, and the speeches have been written. The countdown to the big day is now only a few days, and it has finally struck home that you are getting married! Embrace the excitement rather than the worry and try to see it from the perspective that the hard part is over, you’ve only got fun to look forward to now! At the end of the day, although weddings are exciting it’s not just about the party of a lifetime, it is worthwhile remembering that the wedding is the prelude, the real story is what happens after.

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Dealing With Wedding Jitters  

It’s not just the idea of being married that can cause a few nerves, many people get very nervous speaking in public and may be worried abou...