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Dating Advice for Shy Guys Dating Advice For Shy Guys Being shy Is essentially a personality trait which most people find endearing. While on a date, its up to the guy to draw the girl out and be charming, talkative and entertaining. All of this might seem difficult for a shy guy but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Shyness is not a negative quality and it just needs to be worked around to get best results. Dating should neither be difficult nor painful if guys know exactly how to approach a girl and what to say. These are some tips to help Shy guys in securing and enjoying dates It is very important to know that exactly where can you approach a girl and ask her for a date. Since shy people are not the sweep-off-the-floor kinds, you instead have to take a friendly path and make the girl of your dreams notice you. It is quite convenient to strike up a conversation with a girl on the pretext of asking her for help. For instance, in a movie rental store, book store or library you could ask her for recommendations. In a supermarket you could enquire about her favorite vegetable or dish. Such conversations are very harmless and draw the girl out towards you. It makes it easier to suggest getting together sometime later to enjoy any of the above mentioned activities. Do not overwhelm the girl and casually arrange a meeting on a later date and if she is available and interested she will definitely take you up. Remember to look very presentable and choose a venue that you are comfortable with. Take her to a relatively quieter place like a coffee shop and avoid crowded places like pubs. Once on a date do not forget to maintain eye contact. This might be slightly difficult for shy people but remember that you cannot connect with a girl without eye contact. Your best bet is to be an excellent listener. It is a known fact that this is one quality that all girls find attractive in a man. Talk to her about her preferred topics and invite her to tell you more about her take on a situation or event. There are no dearths of topics to talk about if you find the conversation lagging. Ask her about her views on global warming. Weather is a great topic to talk about. Be chivalrous and before you know you would have scored another point with her. Its very easy to be a little alert and pull out the chair, open the door and invite her to go first. All girls notice and admire this trait in Men. Mention that you are a little shy. Girls appreciate honesty and she will help you out instead of expecting you to take the lead for the duration of the evening.


Always remember to make your shyness a part of your personality and not treat it as some kind of a handicap. After the initial few dates your date would anyways have an insight into you and then before you know it, you won’t even have to make an effort to draw her out. Match Maker is a global network of various dating websites aiming to connect singles for fun and relationships. Some of the sites include The Love Club, which provides a place for swinging couples to hook up, and Adult Match Maker, which is another site providing free sex chat.

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Dating Advice for Shy Guys  

Do not overwhelm the girl and casually arrange a meeting on a later date and if she is available and interested she will definitely take you...