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Choosing Wooden Jewelry Boxes Choosing Wooden Jewelry Boxes Why are wooden jewelry boxes so popular? Part of the reason is that a wooden jewelry box feels warm in a way few other boxes can. Even if lacquered to a high-gloss shine, you can still feel the warmth of the wood beneath. Further, a polished wooden jewelry box seems to have an aura about it. Whether sleekly modern, or ornately carved, wooden jewelry boxes exude comfort and signify that your precious jewelry is being well cared for. Wooden jewelry boxes are available in styles suited to men, women, and children. Whether an armoire style, with multiple drawers and sections, or a simple men’s valet box, wooden jewelry boxes are available to suit every taste and style. Wooden jewelry boxes also carry the weight of tradition. Often acquired as souvenirs of exotic places traveled to, wooden jewelry boxes have been handed down through generations. Even when they are centuries old, they retain their charm and beauty. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, some of the more artisan-like aspects of wooden jewelry box creation lessened, because the use of machines made less-expensive boxes available to a wider circle of people. However, this lessening of quality did nothing to lessen the popularity of wooden jewelry boxes. If anything, it spread their popularity. This was even more apt with the advent of mail-order shopping, when fine wooden jewelry boxes could be easily shipped from all over the world either as gifts or as a splurge for oneself. Another reason that wooden jewelry boxes are popular is that wood adapts itself to a number of finishes. It can be gilded, lacquered, foiled, inlaid, adorned with shells, beads, gems, or just buffed to bring out the natural beauty of the wood grain. Further, wooden jewelry boxes fit in with any dÊcor, whether they are showpieces, like armoires, or simple boxes sculpted to show off the curves of a particular piece of wood. Wooden jewelry boxes are also durable, which is part of why they are so popular. Nothing protects your precious pieces better than a plush-lined, sectioned tray that cushions your jewelry. With brass or precious metal hinges, and decorative hardware, they can be as simple or as fancy as you desire. All in all, one of the easiest ways to own a piece of art is to purchase one or more carved wooden jewelry boxes. Beautiful, useful, and eminently affordable, they add charm to your surroundings, while keeping your most loved pieces safe and well-organized. Edan Alvo is an author for a variety of lifestyle issues and topics. For more information on wood jewelry boxes , visit the website You can also get unique jewelry


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Choosing Wooden Jewelry Boxes  

Wooden jewelry boxes are available in styles suited to men, women, and children. Whether an armoire style, with multiple drawers and section...

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