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Caricature Drawings Caricature Drawings Portraits and photos are so passé! For your fun side to liven up, you caricature!!! A caricature is not only a portrait of a person, but as well a way to embellish those characteristic features that super pose the person. The facial features need to be considered when you plan to learn drawing caricatures. Adopting a step by step process makes knowing how to draw caricatures easier. Some of the simple steps that you might find very much useful in learning caricature drawings include: Decide Your Subject: It is the essential point in caricature drawing and helps you in conceptualizing a unique idea. You need to spot the specific characteristics and qualities or utilize the outlook of the subject to come up with an interesting and fun portrait. Draw The Elements – Elements are the final outcome of any caricature. You need to balance the elements of exaggeration and likeness. A person with a double chin can have a typical bottle gourd kind of a head shape; but then you must ensure accurate representation of the eyes, nose etc. Or, when a person has peculiar eyes or nose, you can emphasize them but keep the rest of the characteristics adequately recognizable. You as well need to draw the most detailed components when doing your final touches. Ensure the Proportion- If you want a positive outcome of your drawings then need to pay attention on this point. Proportions are often exaggerated in caricatures to create a distorting and fun effect. For example, in a poker club, friends may want to gift a caricature to one of the players. And based on the descriptions about this player by his poker club friends, a few of his features – like he has a beer belly, or stubble, or wears a baseball cap, or has a peculiar look on his face when he wins or loses a game and so on can be drawn in non-proportional way. In either cases, you must ensure that the size of the round or pointed spectacles or the smiling curves do not subdue the rest of the recognizable characteristics of the person being caricatured. Distortion and Exaggeration – When you make an overstatement on a person’s character and create a hyperbole, it need in finalizing your caricature drawing. For example, a bespectacled girl can be shown with big round or pointy spectacles to exaggerate that characteristic. Or, a person with crow’s feet on her eyes can be displayed with exaggerated smiling curves and lines to emphasize her ever happy face. At times, a person’s specific characteristics can be used to distort the image in a fun way. Like, an avid tennis player’s face or his T-Shirt may be drawn looking like a tennis racket head with netting lines etc. In any of these cases, however, it is very important the person is recognizable by his near and dear ones; else, the essence of a fun caricature may easily be lost in such distortions and exaggerations.


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Caricature Drawings  

You need to balance the elements of exaggeration and likeness. A person with a double chin can have a typical bottle gourd kind of a head sh...