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Attracting bats to your bat house Attracting bats to your bat house One of the most enigmatic creatures of nature, the life of bats have been drenched in mystery for centuries. At the end, these amazing creatures have attracted the interest of not only researchers and environmentalists, but bird lovers as well. If you are interested in setting up a bat house, here are some tips to attract bats to your structure. Some facts about bat houses If you install your bat house and pay attention to other factors such as location and availability to predators box, it is a good chance that you will attract bats. According to statistics from Bat Conservation International, bats live approximately 60% of all bat houses reported. Ninety percent of the homes of bats were used in both years, with 50% being occupied in the first year. Bats Attracting Bats usually look for opportunities to rest during the reproduction of new overnight. In nature, they are looking for nooks and crannies that provide shelter against predators. Although often used, lures bat or attractions (such as guano) are unlikely to attract bats. What is most important is that you have correctly set up and create ideal conditions in your bat house. Where to put your bat />

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Attracting bats to your bat house