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Methadone Madness

Everyday, except Sundays and Holidays, I have to drive fifty miles round trip to make sure I get my methadone. For over four years now, I have been trapped in this daily routine! Sometimes I do get lucky and they give us take home doses if it’s gonna snow, but a lot of times, they don’t. This means that I have to struggle with the weather and traffic or I’m screwed. Believe me; people in the D.C metro area DO NOT know how to drive when it snows outside. On Sundays, I usually get high and manage to save my dose for emergencies. So if it is really bad outside, I’ll just miss that day and take my emergency dose. The crazy part about missing is the fact that I still have to pay for the missed day. Money is very important to the clinic; they are definitely just legal drug dealers. There are two kinds of people that go to methadone clinics. Actually, there are three, but usually people with pain management issues just visit a private doctor. At the clinic, patients are either there to detox or be on long-term maintenance. Most patients are long term, which actually means for the rest of their lives! Detoxing usually takes about a month, but can take a little longer, depending on the starting dose. Most clinics will encourage their patients to keep increasing their dose, and before they know it, the patient is on a hundred or more milligrams. This makes it almost impossible to start detoxing. I have always refused a higher dose, in fact, I try my hardest to decrease my dose. It would be great to be finished with methadone, but every time I get below twenty milligrams I get sick and have to go back up. I’ve been on thirty-six milligrams for about three years now. The majority of people on methadone are just as crazy as they were when they were using. Watching people come in everyday is definitely amusing. There is always someone trying to scam the lady at the front desk. Clinic rules state that you can go three days without paying, but on the fourth, you either pay or you will have to leave. Our front desk lady is understanding, but pretty strict when it comes to paying on time. Usually, if you miss two days, she is on your case before the third. Also, the Sunday take home doses have to be paid for on Saturday. The same rule applies to holidays. I don’t know what it is about methadone, but most of the people that come through there are like zombies. Some are limping, some are just slow and others are just plain crazy

Meth Madness  

-1 Methadone Madness

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