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Alcohol and why I hate it

I know most people only drink occasionally, but why is it legal and other drugs aren’t? Other than hallucinogenic drugs, alcohol is by far the worst. The immediate effects alone are enough to make it bad, but then you have the long-term effects, withdraw and legal problems. Something that can make you completely alter your way of thinking has to be dangerous. I know most people say they just drink to be social, but how many people actually do? I’ve heard all the “social” reasoning; I can’t talk to girls/guys unless I have a drink, I’ve had a hard day at work, my significant other has been yelling at me, etc… Blah, blah, blah. Hey, I’ve had those same problems, but I can’t go to the store and buy myself a nice shot of dope…CAN I? Infact, I can’t even have a doctor medically prescribe me heroin. I will never understand how something like alcohol is legal. You might feel good after one or two drinks, but how many people stop there? Most people say, “Well you just have to be responsible”. Well if we are responsible enough to stop after one or two, we should be responsible enough to choose between methadone or heroin as maintenance treatment. Other than methamphetamines and hallucinogenic drugs, alcohol is the only drug I know that can just make people lose their mind! In addition, with methamphetamines it can take a while. I mean once a person is drunk, they can laugh and cry within the same thought. Alcohol definitely is the reason for the majority of fights, even if it is your best friend. Also, with the exception of ecstasy, alcohol is one of the only substances that makes you love people that you don’t even know. I guess I mainly hate alcohol because the one main legal drug, is one of the worst drugs there is. I don’t understand why one substance is acceptable and others are banned. People should be allowed to ingest whatever they want, as long as it doesn’t physically hurt other people. Which if you were to compare alcohol to other drugs, alcohol would be the main drug to affect the people around the user both physically and mentally. One of the biggest arguments against legalizing most drugs is the notion that everyone will become addicted. They believe that the world would be over run by junkies. This is such an unreasonable argument. By this reasoning, the world should be plagued by drunks. I will admit when I was younger I used alcohol when there was nothing else. In rehab, they told me, I was an alcoholic, but this was false. I was just always so desperate to escape that I would do just about anything to get away. Even as early as ten years ago I was drinking to compensate for heroin. Then again, I got very heavy into the club scene and was burning out on ecstasy, meth, and smoking as much weed as possible. My girlfriend at the time had a nice coke habit, which became a weekly ritual for me. Then I started to realize if I mixed meth and heroin, I would almost have ecstasy. Slowly, the meth faded and once again, I had a habit. I was lucky; I never got any DWI’s. Like most drunks, I was never drunk enough not to drive, yeah right! I never understood social drinking. I only drank to get wasted! I guess that state of mind was what made counselors assumed I was an alcoholic. I never had to drink. I wasn’t insecure at bars, as a matter of fact, I preferred drinking soda to alcohol. I rarely ever drank beer. I never understood people thinking beer tasted good. The majority of my drinking was either mixed drinks or shots and it always took so much

to get drunk. I’ve only blacked out twice. The first time I drank three quarters of a liter of tequila. The other time I was dope sick and drank almost the whole liter of Jim Bean. It had been probably at least seven or eight years since I had even taken a sip of alcohol and it still took that much Jim Bean to get me drunk. There are so many reasons why I hate alcohol. It drives me crazy that all my old drunk friends (which by the way, I don’t hang out with anymore) can just drive, drunk most of the time, and get all the alcohol they can afford. Also, I’m a criminal just because I need to get high everyday. I don’t want to sell drugs, I don’t want to rob, cheat or steal from anyone or anywhere. I just want to live a normal life. Wake up early every morning, do my morning shot, and work an honest day of work. I did this for many years until work slowed down and I was forced back on methadone, but I’ll talk about that at another junction. Alcohol is so bad, both mentally and physically. It’s one of the few drugs that if you stop doing after a long time, you can actually die! Withdrawal can cause death! Don’t get me wrong, heroin withdrawal is bad. I mean you wish you were dead, but it won’t actually kill you. Mentally, alcohol doesn’t just impair your judgment and rationalization while you are drunk, it also permentaly kills brain cells. Alcohol is definitely not the worst drug ever ingested, but it is close. What kind of person would you rather deal with? A drunk that wants to fight or someone nodding out. Being ignored can be annoying and if the person does too much it can be scary. I know this first hand. I’ve had friends die in my arms and I’ve had to save a couple people from overdoses. This by far is the worst feeling in the world. Although, once you get them walking and talking, they are okay. It may take you about half an hour or so to recovery from the event, it can be a bit traumatic. If they don’t make it , you may never recover! With alcohol, it doesn’t stop; as a matter of fact, it usually gets worse! First comes the loving, then the fighting, then the hugging. Not to mention you can‘t understand a damn word the person is saying. I think the worst part is that people never think they are drunk! They want to keep drinking. If you think heroin overdoses are bad, try dealing with alcohol poisoning. This is scary. I don’t know which is worst, actually throwing up or the dry heaves. That is one of the worst sounds in the world, hearing someone that has thrown up so much there is nothing left and they can’t stop heaving. If I was a cop I would probably hate alcohol even more. I mean, everyone laughs at these shows where people get drunk and act like idiots. I will admit they can be funny, but how funny would that person be after killing one of your loved ones. I know this statement is ran into the ground and people say “lighten up people drink all the time and are responsible enough not to drive”. If your going to have that attitude then there are a lot of heroin addicts that shoot heroin everyday and don’t go out and rob people, or hurt them in any way. I mean it’s great that there are responsible, social drinkers, but it is still a major problem. Even if people aren’t driving, if they’ve had too much to drink they usually are a major pain to be around. Half the time they don’t even know what they are doing or saying. Even if they do know or do remember, it is so easy just to say “Oh, I’m sorry; I was drunk and couldn’t help it”. This is supposed to make everything alright and people just laugh it off like nothing happened. Of coarse, at the next opportunity to drink, the person is doing the same shit once again. Sometimes even worst. I don’t know how cops do it! How would you like to have a job where people always lied to you? Always trying to hide the bad stuff they do. Never knowing if your

next call will get you killed, hurt, or make you kill or hurt someone else. Maybe your partner gets hurt or killed. Then you got to deal with all these drunk people. Some might be happy, but with the snap of a finger, who knows what will happen. Every drunk has only had one or two drinks and everyone else is at fault. Or someone else made them do it. The drunk never does anything wrong and is pretty much always sober, no matter how much they have had to drink. I don’t know why drunks think they can always pass sobriety tests when they are in the bar or party. They always have to prove it too. It’s not like it matters, all a cop has to say is “blow in this”. After that, it’s pretty much over. I will admit that after two, maybe three beers everything does seem better. The problem is that two is never enough. I don’t know what it is, but with the happiness comes that feeling, like you have to beat everyone at everything. Without alcohol you wouldn’t even think about doing half of the dumb things you challenge yourself to do. Liquid courage is such a good phrase to describe alcohol. Most people don’t even realize that if alcohol were a newer drug, it would be illegal. The government already tried once to make alcohol illegal, but the people didn’t agree with prohibition. Look at all the bad things that happened during prohibition. Organized crime took advantage of this era and made millions. Not to mention all the bootlegging and moon shining that went on. Mexico smuggled hundreds, if not thousands of barrels into the United States illegally, does this sound familiar? People were getting poisoned and going blind from bad batches of alcohol. All the bad things that are associated with illegal drugs, where also associated with illegal alcohol. Even though I hate alcohol, this is a major reason why other drugs should be legalized.


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