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foo (d) AS220 Spring Menu 2014

MENU HOW-TO 1 peruse this menu! 4 find a cozy place to sit and listen for your playing card to be called. 2 o rder your food under the 5 pick up and enjoy! big arrow near the front door. 3 you will be given a playing card. 6 p lease deposit dishes in the bin at the end of the counter. thanks!

SOUPS ($4.5) spicy tomato soup smoked goat cheese, fresh herbs v peanut butter soup ginger, carrots, spinach vv smoked bacon and leek soup chickpeas, kale, atwells gold cheese spicy miso soup shiitake mushrooms, brown rice, spinach, scallions v

SALADS simple greens radish, sunflower seeds, white wine dressing ($6) vv grilled asparagus salad local feta, toasted almonds, baby arugula, balsamic ($8) v raw kale salad crispy mushrooms, tempeh, pickled broccoli stems, carrot/ginger dressing ($7.5) vv grilled steak salad roasted fingerling potatoes, grilled onion, salad greens, herbed goat cheese, parsley/mustard dressing ($9.5)

SANDWICHES ($8) tomato braised lamb feta, red onion, mixed greens, tzatziki, pita bread vegan banh-mi housemade spicy seitan, pickled carrots, napa cabbage, red onions, mint, cilantro, sriracha mayo, baguette vv maple roasted turkey breast bacon, garlic spinach, cheddar cheese, beer mustard, pillow bread herbed grilled tofu hummus, sprouts, carrots, arugula, whole wheat bread vv grilled local chorizo hard boiled egg, tomato jam, cheddar, rhode island hot sauce, open faced on country bread FOO PLATES ($7.5) M.A.C. mac and cheese, broccoli, bread crumbs vegan or dairy R.K.T. wild rice, marinated tofu, kale, almonds vv

BIG STUFF SMALL STUFF AND SIDES roasted garlic hummus pita bread (small $2.5) (large $5) vv crispy chickpeas paprika, garlic, basil ($2.5) vv sauteed spring greens kale, chard, onions, garlic ($5) vv grilled asparagus bread crumbs, lemon, olive oil ($6) vv sauteed fiddleheads and nettles garlic, ginger ($6) vv roasted new potatoes lemon, dill, feta ($5.5) vv potato chips assorted flavors ($1.5) v bread ($.5)

tomato braised cod fingerling potatoes, spinach, feta ($12) roasted tofu shiitake mushrooms, black quinoa, broccoli, red curry sauce ($10.5) vv squid and clam pasta local chorizo, whole wheat spaghetti, spinach, spicy tomato sauce, aged parmesan ($12.5) pan fried mushroom risotto cakes stuffed with mozzarella, roasted kale, grilled onions, atwells gold cheese ($12) v grilled lamb sausage white beans, roasted potatoes, roasted garlic, chard, smoked goat cheese ($13)

DRINKS & SNACKS New Harvest regular/decaf coffee ($1.5)  exponentially half price refills

v = vegetarian vv = vegan we make our dishes from scratch to order. call us at 401.831.FOOD (3663) to save time on to-go orders. for max hippie cred, bring your own reusable to-go container! please inform us of any food allergies. there is a $10 minimum for orders paid by credit card.

New Harvest cold brewed ice coffee ($3, no refills) Farmacy herbal teas ($1.5) Yacht Club local soda ($2) available in ginger ale, root beer, cola, diet cola, cream soda, lemon lime, strawberry, pineapple, grape, ginger beer, sparkling water, orange, sarsaparilla, birch beer

Cape Cod potato chips ($1.5)


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WHO WE ARE FOO(D) is part of AS220, a non-profit community arts space. We are comprised of a performance space, four galleries, live/work studios, a fabrication lab, a community print shop, a darkroom, youth studios and a constant slew of classes and chaos to engage Rhode Islanders in creative expression. Money spent in AS220 FOO(D) goes straight back into the organization, helping us to continue expanding access to the arts and supporting Rhode Island's creative community. AS220's mission is to provide an unjuried and uncensored forum for the arts and FOO(D) abides by the same spirit. AS220 welcomes you here to congregate and collaborate, eat your fill or just chill.

WHAT WE DO: JUST FOO(D) We believe that radical things come from our community (radical as in awesome and radical change). This shows in how we make our food; just as local artists help create a rich and beautiful city, local farmers and chefs infuse everyday rituals with cooperation and love. We work with over 50 local farmers and vendors to bring you the freshest and tastiest meals on the planet. We procure all of ingredients locally, as long as mother nature and father finance allow. We are committed to bringing you food that is affordable (really), seasonal, simple and creative. We know it's wacky. But hear us out: buying and eating locally means reducing your carbon footprint. It means you can high-five the people who grow and cook your food. It means that your afternoon snack hasn't been on a truck for eight days and that when you eat it, it will have actual flavor that has not been fabricated in a factory. Your food spends less time traveling and you spend less time wondering what went into your food. You know what that means: more time to make art, more time to enjoy music and more time to relax and soak up all your little state has to offer.

AS220 YOUTH STUDIO We work in collaboration with Youth Studio, AS220's youth program which provides art access and instruction to teenagers, focusing on those in or transitioning from state care. We think that everyone can learn how to cook and that the capacity to create and enjoy a delicious, healthful meal for yourself and your loved ones is a basic human right. Our restaurant creates six-month rotating employment opportunities for these young people, providing invaluable work experience, culinary training, increased self-sufficiency and tools for continued success outside of the program. If you are interested in hiring youth from our program after their training, contact

— live local —

AS220 FOO(D) Spring Menu 2014  
AS220 FOO(D) Spring Menu 2014