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Equality Act 2010

Incorporating Essential Read

Issue No. 70 • Spring Term 2012

New school uniform announced

The Equality Act 2010 replaces all previous, separate equality laws including the Disability Discrimination Act, Race Relations Act and many others. Having one law on Equality helps people to better understand theirs and other people’s rights, and how they should expect to be treated. Equality does not mean treating everyone the same, it means treating people fairly, with respect, having regard for their rights and wishes. Sometimes this means giving people extra help so they have the same chances The following characteristics are protected from discrimination under the act: • age (for employees, not for service provision), • disability • race • sex (including issues of transgender) • gender reassignment • maternity and pregnancy • religion and belief, • sexual orientation • marriage and civil partnership (for employees) As a school we welcome our duties under the Equality Act 2010. Our general duties are to: • eliminate discrimination, • promote equality of opportunity • foster good relations In order to meet our general duties, listed above, the law requires us to: • Publish equality Information to demonstrate compliance with the general duty across all functions. (Of course we will not publish any information that can specifically identify any child). • Prepare and publish equality objectives If you would like to make comments or give us any feedback to help us establish our equality objectives please contact or telephone Caroline at school on 01777 870001 to discuss.

Just kidding! In fact this is the story of the sponsored non-uniform event on Thursday 20th October. Pink was the theme and the day was one of the best supported charity fund raisers organised at Tuxford. Some girls came in pink babygros and some boys wore pink tutus! Staff and students entered the spirit of the occasion and wore something suitably coloured. Several pink themed activities were organised by students to raise more money, from ‘The Pink Salon’ for nail painting and hair spraying to Pink Drinks

for sale. There was a Pink Raffle with prizes such as pink champagne and pink plants for the adults, and various pink chocolates and goodies for the children. Associate Principal Jenny Taylor said, “I’m gleaming with pride over the enthusiasm and organising skill displayed by the students.” The event raised a whopping £1,000. Breast Cancer Awareness received the biggest donation but other charities benefiting were Jeans for Genes and Marcia Schools, Hyderabad, India.

Tuxford Topics is the official termly newsletter of Tuxford Academy, Marnham Road, Tuxford, NG22 0JH

Tuxford Topics


A Message from the Head of School

24hr progress

Once again Tuxford Topics is full of interesting articles about what has been happening in our school over the past few months. It is impossible to capture all that we do, but hopefully our termly newsletter provides an insight into some of our activities and the significant contributions made by many of our students in ensuring Tuxford remains outstanding.

Modern technology is enabling both parents and students to keep track of progress in school as never before. Instead of waiting for an annual report or parents evening, they can now use the internet to access up-to-date assessment scores, attendance figures and behaviour records throughout the year and at any time of day.

Since September we have organised and delivered two Curriculum Days. These provide fantastic opportunities for students to work in teams, solving problems and developing higher order thinking skills. These skills are essential to our young people if they are to be successful in school and beyond. Curriculum days allow our KS4 and KS5 students to undertake some last minute examination preparation and if a staff member wishes to organise an educational visit, curriculum days are ideal because it doesn’t disrupt the normal timetable. Our Remembrance Day service in November as always was a moving experience. It was characterised by the fantastic behaviour and attitude of our

students, the moving performances of small groups of students and the relationship between our young people and veterans. Each year the number of veterans from World War Two decreases and it is important that we pass onto the younger generation the ‘act of remembrance’. Curriculum Days and the Remembrance Day are just two of many activities we undertake that reflect our values and principles. In a rapidly changing world our decision making needs to be underpinned by key values and principles. It is important that we create opportunities for our students to develop these values and principles. Finally, at the start of the new term an email letter was sent to all parents updating you on some of the developments and achievements of the school. If you failed to receive this letter please contact the school via with your current email address and we will update our records.

Geoff Lloyd Principal

New blazer badge to be phased in You may have noticed that, as part of becoming Tuxford Academy, the logo has been re-designed. Since the original design was based on the initials of Tuxford School, it had to be altered to accommodate the fact that our name has changed. The diamond template has been retained, as has the stylised letter ‘T’ based on the original Tuxford Secondary School badge introduced in 1958. In the new design, the letter S has been replaced by a golden hoop symbolising teamwork. The letter T is split to represent diversity. As part of the transition to Academy status, the government provides ‘ringfenced’ funding for re-


Tuxford Topics

branding, so the costs of these changes have not been diverted away from other educational resources. The new badge will be introduced to the school uniform’s blazers, ties and PE kit in the summer for the 2012 Year 7 cohort. There will be no requirement for the current students to replace their ‘old style’ uniforms - they can continue to wear these until they need replacing, by which time only the new uniforms will be available. The strong similarity between old and new is deliberate, so that students who continue to wear the old uniform will not feel conspicuously out-of-place.

INSIGHT is a secure, web based system. Students can use their school user account and password to access the information; parents have a separate set of login details. “Many parental queries can be answered if they get into the habit of consulting INSIGHT,” explained Assistant Principal Mr Tony Lynch. "It’s a great way of preparing for meetings with their child’s tutor." INSIGHT is part of a wider software package called PARS. Staff are beginning to use it to issue homework tasks to students and figures show that 95% of Year 8 students regularly use the system. There is potential for developing the system further. Mr Lynch is currently looking into the usefulness of PARS as a method of gauging student and parental views on important issues. Parents can access INSIGHT by clicking on the PARS-INSIGHT login to be found in the Parents Portal section of the academy’s website. If you have forgotten your username or password, please contact

New website Have you checked out our new website yet? It has several more advanced features than our previous site - including the ability for you to link the school calendar to your own Outlook calendar. This is the fifth version of our website and each one has been a technical improvement on its predecessor. You can still access the website by using the old address, but we are also introducing a common format across all DALP schools so the new address is:

From Plot to Pot

Lewis aims high Tuxford student Lewis Foley of Year 9 was pictured in the local paper in December after starring as Peter Pan in the Majestic Theatre’s Christmas show. His ambition is to become a professional actor so it was all good experience - and Lewis believes that he has to take every opportunity to be noticed if he is to succeed.“I will need to audition for small parts on TV and try for roles in adverts if I am to build my confidence and be given the breaks.”

We asked Rebecca Shuttleworth 9AMJ and Lauren Jones 8ATR to tell us something about their herb growing project. This is what they wrote: This year, students in Years 7, 8 and 9 have been involved in active learning challenges in their Learning Time (tutor time). Challenges have included Maths ones, Trim Trail ones and also one to develop the Herb Garden - which is what we were involved with. Miss Murphy (Willow), Ms Higgins (Oak), Mrs Evans (Beech) and Mr Timberlake (Ash). worked with students to create the perfect Herb Garden. The idea was to develop the area so that GCSE and BTEC Food students would have fresh herbs nearby when they cook.They can then bring the fresh flavours of the garden plot into their kitchen creations in the cooking pot. When Ms Higgins learned of the ‘President’s Challenge’ she persuaded students from

Years 8 and 9 who were part of the project to participate. We really enjoyed the gardening and so decided to ‘try out’ the food chain idea by choosing recipes and cooking with the herbs. Mich Stevenson OBE DL is Newark & Nottinghamshire County Show President 2012. It was his idea to involve students from around the area in creating a ‘green’ idea to protect the environment or to aid conservation. We thought our project ‘fitted the bill’.

Lewis became interested in acting at the age of 9 so he joined the Majestic Theatre’s stage school and worked his way into the highest performing group. He has performed to Retford audiences in two shows a year from the start: a pantomime and a summer variety show.“I love getting audiences to react – and to make them laugh.” He has taken on singing roles as well as straight drama – but he admits that when it comes to dancing he still has some work to do. Eventually Lewis would like to land parts in films and to make his living as a performer. But for him it is more than a career:“When I take on a role I like to explore how the person feels and to see the world as he sees it.”

We made lemongrass spritzers, courgette and thyme fritters and herby bread. We have drafted our entry together (and it was edited by Anastasia O’Connell). We are hopeful of being in with a chance of winning the prize! We have called our entry ‘From Plot to Pot’.There are no food miles lost, as the garden is right next to the food room! Lewis ready to rock Soon he must decide where to go after the Majestic to continue learning and developing. “I have been in some great shows and have been taught by some great teachers, but I need to work at semi pro level now – and to train with more people of my age group or older.” Lewis is also doing well in drama at Tuxford Academy and will be performing in this year’s school production, ‘We Will Rock You’. Tuxford Drama teacher Nick Cox said,“He is a talented performer. I am very pleased to hear he is so heavily involved in performing arts outside of the classroom.”

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Rugby Girls selected for Three Counties In recent years, Tuxford girls have played the rather sedate game of Tag Rugby. Not for them the experience of being tackled to the ground. Instead, the player in possession faces the prospect of having a velcroed tag torn off a belt - at which signal, she needs to pass the ball. It is all good fun - but it doesn’t prepare players for the contact version of rugby. Nevertheless, three of our players were offered places in the Three Counties U15 rugby team on the strengths of their performance during Trials at Paviors rugby ground, Arnold at the start of the Autumn term. The selection of Chloe Haxby (Y10), Charlotte Hind and Lauren Sparks (both Y9) was not only a magnificent achievement for each personally, but also for the school. To qualify to play at county level, they had to also play for a club – so they hurriedly elected to join Paviors rugby club’s U15 team. Following selection, there was a brief but intensive season of matches for both club and Three Counties with coaching in between. The Tuxford girls were all

advised to be more aggressive to keep possession - which is not surprising as this quality is discouraged in tag rugby. Chloe admits that the trial and first few matches came as a shock: “Everybody was diving and shoving - and it was so different from the game we were used to.” Lauren and Charlotte, being that bit younger, were intimidated by the sheer size and momentum of some of the opposing girls. “When we had the ball, they would grab us and pull us down and others would pile on top,” remembers Lauren. However, they won their places because of their speed, stamina and ball passing. The first warm up session before the Trial, Charlotte was surprised because they were required to pick up another player (in a fireman’s lift) and then attempt a weight lifter’s squat lift with the other person slung over your shoulder!

At the end of the season, Lauren and Charlotte agreed to retire gracefully from contact rugby. They enjoyed the experience, but felt that it was not for them. Chloe meanwhile had come to love the sport and she has been recommended to go to divisional trials next year and has hopes of an England shirt eventually.

Chloe, Charlotte, Lauren

During the first few matches, the team did not perform too well. The players were getting to know each other and the demands of the game. However, as the season progressed and the team practised, the results improved.

1st XV Rugby team shows off its new strip Tuxford Academy has developed rugby over the last few years to be able to claim we play representative rugby in all age groups. The aspiration is to play for the 1st XV which this season has consisted of boys only from Y12 and Y13.


Tuxford Topics

We did not have a Rugby kit to play our fixtures and had been borrowing shirts from Newark RUFC.

Tuxford Academy PTA, who donated £800 towards the purchase of 20 sets of kit for the first XV.

A bid for a grant to purchase kit was successfully and gratefully acquired from

The kit was ordered specially to reflect the colours and the corporate motto of the school “Excellence through teamwork” which could not be more apt for a game such as rugby. Indeed this has proved to be the case as the 1st XV have only suffered 1 defeat all season and hope to continue with the success for the rest of the term.

Snowboarding - without a mountain in sight! The sporting prowess of Tuxford students is quite simply amazing. They are competing successfully in all manner of physically demanding tests of skill and stamina. Amon Shaw of Year 11 is a good example because we have learned that he is currently ranked 4th in the UK at U16 for freestyle mountain boarding. Mountain boarding is a summer version of snowboarding - so the aim is to go downhill on a snowboard with wheels. The boarder’s feet are strapped to a one metre board that is steered by distribution of weight. The wheels are larger than those on skateboards because the boards are taken over natural terrain rather than concrete.

gained confidence, Amon was keen to compete. ATBA organises a series of “internationals” and scores are accumulated. Competitors are marked individually for amplitude (jumping height/panache) style (confidence and spectator appeal) and technicality (difficulty of routine). 4 runs are

completed down a course with jumps. Boarders are expected to vary their runs so are rewarded for varying the style of jumps, etc. Next year he will enter the ‘Pro’ competition offering prize money and stronger competition. Amon is delighted to have gained a UK ranking so quickly and he wants to go further in the sport.

Amon became interested in mountain boarding when he saw a demonstration at a Game Fair and had a go. A local mountain board retailer advised him to try a mountain board centre so he went to one in Hereford whilst the family were there. After a one hour lesson to learn the basics he set off down the trails. At the beginning there was a lot of falling but this wasn’t a problem as the necessary protective gear had been provided: “You have to learn how to fall safely.” Once he

Best wishes to departing staff colleagues and an interest in their welfare. Outside school she was interested in shows and travel so she often helped on school theatre trips as one of the accompanying adults. She had a good sense of humour and enjoyed the company of her colleagues so Mrs Merrills worked it is not closely with teaching staff surprising that to ensure that classroom she helped to resources were available organise staff when needed and that social events income from the school for many trips, charity fund-raising, y e a r s , Sally Black sales, etc was accurately Pauline Merrills particularly recorded, promptly the Christmas "do". It was typical of her banked and ready to spend. Her knowledge that just before she left she presented the of suppliers, catalogues, funding - and much staff room with a new microwave oven. more - became legendary and her ability to Before she left Principal Geoff Lloyd wished sort out problems always impressed. her a long and happy retirement, and this Within the office team she had an wish was endorsed by all her colleagues. influential voice, a willingness to help her Mrs Pauline Merrills retired from her position as senior finance assistant at the end of October after more than nineteen years of service to the school. Always reliable, efficient and selfmotivated, she was ideally suited to her role administering all school purchasing and its school fund income.

The school also said goodbye to Mrs Sally Black last term. She began her Tuxford career in March 2000 as a temporary midday supervisor and was later a temporary admin assistant then a temporary science technical assistant before becoming a full time cover supervisor from January 2004. She had shown herself to be very capable in each of the temporary posts, had worked well with students and got on well with the rest of the staff so she was in the right place at the right time when the school workforce expanded rapidly. As a cover supervisor she has been a great asset to the school and has ensured that lessons supervised by her in the absence of a teacher were orderly and focused. She did excellent work as a first aider too and was always willing to help in any area of the school. She has resigned for family reasons, but it is hoped that she will continue to help in school from time to time.

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‘The Corridor Curriculum’ Recent curriculum days at Tuxford have witnessed bouts of creativity, reflective learning and team work - based primarily in the school corridors. Curriculum days allow students to benefit from the flexibility offered by suspending the timetable. Most Year 11 students are able to spend a whole day focusing on Maths and English GCSE but others benefit from educational visits. Curriculum days are appreciated by students because they are different, risk-taking and fun.

Creative Arts Day - Friday 4th November

STEM Day - January KS3 students were again in the corridors to develop their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) skills. Balloon-powered racing cars were the focus for activities. In teams of 2 or 3 they had to build a car capable of moving forward from the thrust of air.They then competed to find out which team had produced the best designed and best engineered vehicle. Two practice runs were permitted and some modifying time allowed after. A Top-Gear style ‘wall of fame’ was recorded as each result came in for distance and speed. The winning teams were presented with prizes by Academy Principal Mr Lloyd. Afterwards the staff involved had to admit that the cars surpassed their expectations - and the winning distance measured was over 12 metres. This will set the standard for future years. The theme of speed was further developed when students were asked to discover the best boomerang design from a choice of three. Flying boomerangs were an unusual departure from the normal school day. Students were also introduced to the Bloodhound project - to build and drive the first 1000mph car.


Tuxford Topics

The first Curriculum Day of the current school year brought together students in their vertical tutor groups to experience a variety of activities focusing on Creativity. The theme of the day "Staring" - was introduced to students through a film edited by Miss Richardson and filmed by Mr Reid and Mr Cox of the CEA Team. (This must surely be nominated for a future Academy award!) The Big Act Mr Cox treated the students to a Dragons Den style activity. Each group was introduced to exemplar videos and students were then asked to devise and perform an advert to promote their unique products for the famous Tuxford Chocolate Factory. Ideas included Never Ending Milkshakes, Helium sweets, Edible ties and Dream beans. The Big Draw Students were introduced to a professional and highly informative video starring Miss Richardson. They were provided with visually stimulating resources, sourced by Miss Gregory and

appropriate to each subject area. Then they located themselves in the corridors of a faculty and engaged in a "Continuous Line Drawing." Paper was stretched the lengths of every corridor with the final works to be used as displays in each faculty. The Big Sing Show King Mr Evason led a singing extravaganza, accompanied by Mr Reid’s Soul Band. Anthems such as ‘We will Rock You’, ‘Signed Sealed Delivered’ and ‘Louie Louie’ were performed in four sessions each of which included over 200 students. Staff also showed off their moves and assisted in inspiring pupils to take part in this thoroughly enjoyable activity. “The Big Quiz” and “The Big Performance” concluded the day in the inspiring manner it began. Students competed against each other in a fun filled quiz and then Colleges combined to form an audience for ex student James Manners and his band ‘August James’ in the Sports Hall. The school truly rocked.

TFC (Tuxford Family Collaboration) Update They joined in September 2011. “The new members have strengthened the group and brought interesting new ideas,” commented Dorothy Hayes, Head of Dunham-on-Trent, the TFC co-ordinator.

Since the Tuxford Family Collaboration last appeared in these pages, it has welcomed two new members, Muskham School and John Blow School, Collingham.

All schools within the partnership retain their own identity and continue to be governed by their own governing bodies. But they all benefit from shared professional development, curriculum development including common inset days, exchange visits to schools, joint working parties and twilight insets.

“One of the greatest benefits of all is the continuity and consistency of high quality education that children receive within the area from the day they start their local primary school until the day they leave our secondary school partner, Tuxford Academy.” The TFC has recently welcomed two new headteachers to the group also, David Fotheringham at Gamston and Chris Wilson at North Clifton who have taken over the reins on the retirement of Kevin Fitzpatrick and Janet Medley.

ES team's funding successes

Listening theme

The team works with TFC schools to identify funding opportunities.

This school year, the Extended Services team will be arranging providers to help the children develop active listening skills. • Active Listening workshop - using games, role-play, language, etc • Film/media workshop - actor Colin Wells will be leading a one-day filmmaking session • Local poet, Chris White, will be inspiring the children with his quirky, comical use of language. • Sign language and non-verbal communication • Drumming - Fun, musical sessions.

Since last summer the team has submitted four bid applications to the Big Lottery fund and secured over £28,000 for individual schools. We are pleased to announce that the following bids were all successful: • Sutton-on - Trent Primary received £7,600 for a sensory garden. • Elkesley Primary received £5,065 towards IT equipment.

• John Blow received £8,350 for a Sensory Garden • Dunham-on-Trent received £7,000 for the creation of a Nurture/ Counselling room Further applications are pending at time of writing for: • East Markham - application for ICT equipment • Sutton on Trent - application for ICT equipment • John Blow, Collingham - application for Cooking equipment

Site team makes a big impression Permanent new caretaker Chris Trenham and his team have made a big impression since September. A high level of professionalism has been established and everyone at the academy knows that site services operate smoothly at all times. Chris has a good sense of humour and nothing is too much trouble for him. He and his two trusty assistants Dave and Kevin have undertaken routine maintenance including painting to a high standard, put up and taken down numerous examination tables without complaining and kept walkways safe during icy weather. Chris was previously caretaker at Valley School, Worksop, another Bassetlaw PFI school serviced by Balfour Beatty Workplace. Kevin Allison also joined us at the start of the academic year. He is a skilled

joiner by trade so he is a very welcome addition to the team. He is always cheerful, always hard working and very obliging.

first intake of students! He continues to work loyally for the good of the school and has adjusted well to working within the new caretaking team.

Dave has been with us for years - and was a student here in the 1950s in the

Well done to all three.

Chris Trenham

Dave Stockdale

Kevin Allison

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Tuxford 6

Post 1

younger students. Many have maintained the link with their old form group, taking on the role of Assistant Tutor. Many students are making good use of their study periods. The

It has been a busy half year for Post 16. After a successful induction week students adapted quickly to the demands of AS and Level 3 BTEC studying. The Year 12 students have shown themselves to be worthy role models as they have spent some time each week working with

LRC is well-used and the Conference Room provides a pleasant environment for quiet study. All students have been able to spend time developing new skills as part of the enrichment programme. A number have enjoyed developing their culinary skills with Miss Hethershaw on the “Cooking on a budget” course. There have been sporting successes also, from rugby to ultimate frisbee. Ten of our students, along with Ms Gilbert and Mr Worthington, participated in the Polish Exchange in October, visiting students in Gniezno. This exchange has now been

Former students meet Every autumn Tuxford Academy hosts a “Celebration of Achievement Evening” for former students who completed Post 16 studies in the previous summer. It is a very popular event because it is a chance for everyone to catch up with all the news. The students, now in their first term at university or experiencing new challenges as part of a “Gap Year”, are bursting to share stories of excitement, embarrassment, achievement and laughter. Staff in attendance enjoy the stories as much as anybody - but also quietly glow with pride for their part in shaping such confident, accomplished and well-adjusted young people. The 2011 event was held on Thursday 15th December 2011. All former students received their examination certificates and then prizes were awarded by each subject and several Special Awards were given in memory of former staff, students and friends of the school. Former Post 16 Charity Committee members Charlotte Hancock, Olivia Hudson and Beth Brown received recognition for raising thousands of pounds for a range of charities. They were presented with a prestigious Diana Award during the evening. The Award was established in 1999 as a lasting legacy to Diana, Princess of Wales and it celebrates young people who support others and strive to improve their communities. In a short address to the former students Academy Principal Geoff Lloyd praised the seventy five former Tuxford students who began university courses in 2011. In the current climate that is a remarkable number. In spite of the recession, falling family income, high tuition fees and the diminishing job market these 75 chose to invest in vital skills required by our country. They are


Tuxford Topics

Y13 student design Year 13 student Jamie Stevens was commissioned to design the livery for the Academy’s new minibus last year. However he had to wait to see it installed due to the delays in the school’s application to become an academy. Jamie was very happy that his design had been chosen and on 17th November he was able to be present when a Sheffield company came on site to skilfully apply the vinyl graphics to the minibus. Principal Geoff Lloyd and members of Tuxford PTA who offered to pay for the design were also present. The Academy’s marketing manager, Mr Terry White, commented on the design, “It is a little different from other school bus designs: very imaginative and eye-catching.” Jamie is an A2 Product Design student. He is currently working on his live AS coursework project with Benoy Architects of Newark. He is designing a shopping centre kiosk for Apple. At the end of last term he was able to see this design installed also. Jamie is hoping to study for a degree in Architecture next year. optimistic about the future and they have a “can do” approach to obstacles. “Education isn’t only about examination results, important as they are, but also about developing a wider set of skills and attitudes that are essential if our students are to be successful in the broadest sense of the word. Often difficult to describe and impossible to measure they are vital for future leaders of society.” Mr Lloyd quoted Ralph Emerson, the American poet, lecturer and philosopher: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” He felt that Tuxford was good at promoting “what lies within us”. One aspect of school improvement to which the departing students had

contributed a great deal, according to Mr Lloyd, was the move to a new “vertical” pastoral system. (Students are no longer organised into separate year groups, but are integrated into family-style mixed age tutor groups). “Our new pastoral system is the envy of many schools and is now spreading rapidly across Nottinghamshire and beyond - and you were crucial to that development. You, as the senior students within the school, contributed much guidance, reassurance and support to your younger colleagues. I know many of you benefited from this experience too.” Excellent musical entertainment was provided by current Sixth Form students Ruth Colclough and Harlee Howarth.

running since 2000. During that time a strong partnership has been developed between our two schools. Scores of students have enjoyed experiencing life and enjoying the sights of this Eastern European nation. We are busy planning the return leg of the exchange in March. The College Presidents have contributed to whole school fund-raising and they have also played a key role in running the auditions for this year’s Tuxford’s Got Talent. In December we learned that three students on last year’s Charity Committee had won national recognition for their fund-raising efforts by receiving the Diana Award. This is a great accolade and deserving recognition of the

huge amount of money they helped to raise. At the end of last term former students were invited to the Celebration of Achievement Evening. A large number of students were presented with awards in recognition of their hard work and success at A levels. It was great to catch up with former students and hear how they have settled into university life. We recently welcomed Leanne Murphy to the Post 16 team. She is overseeing Y12 Progress whilst Sarah Peake will oversee Y13 and Y14 progress, as well as taking on the new role of Post 16 Transition Leader. Both Post 16 Progress Leaders have been

s livery for minibus

identifying students who need intervention and are working hard to ensure that all students receive the necessary support to achieve their best. This is a demanding time for students. The next progress evening is for AS students on 7th March. This will be an opportunity to discuss with teachers the support that students will need to achieve their best in the forthcoming exams. The Post 16 team can be contacted at any time in working hours via Mrs Cupit, the Post 16 Administrator. Her direct line is 01777 874207 or you can e-mail

Fastest Blind Man inspires The fastest blind man on the planet and highly soughtafter inspirational speaker, Steve Cunningham, delivered a memorable talk when he visited Tuxford Academy on Friday 4th November. His presentation delivered to Y13 students, seemed to stimulate nothing but positive attitudes within both students and teachers. He shared his own heart-warming story and led an engaging workshop showing that barriers are often self-created and can be broken with a positive mental attitude. His motivational topics were: achieving your full potential, making a positive contribution in life and the importance of engaging with a diverse range of people with an attitude of equality. By the end of the session he had given his audience much to consider. Students came out of the presentation in awe of some of Steve’s accomplishments; depicting him as an “inspirational and down-to-earth” speaker. Setting up his own company, which is known as ‘Blind Vision’, is only scratching the surface of Steve’s achievements. The fact that he was blind from the age of 12 did not stop Steve achieving is lifelong dream of

leading Aston Villa’s blind football team to the World Cup, breaking world speed records on land and water, or most recently becoming the world’s first blind pilot; he even currently holds four world records. He also devotes much effort to raising money for several blindness-related charities - in between raising his two daughters and heading Blind Vision. His services as a speaker are not only sought by schools such as Tuxford Academy, but also by big name corporations such as Orange and Lloyds TSB. One of Steve's most memorable statements was: “I don’t see myself as having a disability, I see myself as having a different ability.” He asks us to celebrate diversity in individuals and to understand that each is on a different path but with equivalent potential to succeed.

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Poppy Day Launch

Remembrance Day

On Tuesday 18th October, thirteen students took part in the Poppy Day launch at Retford Oaks High School. This event was led by the musicians of the Queens Division Minden Band from the British Army, who acted as mentors to the young people from Tuxford, Retford Oaks and National schools.

On Friday 11.11.11 Tuxford Academy marked Remembrance Day by arranging special assemblies for all students. Students from the Army Cadet Force, Air Training Corps and other cadet organisations were invited to attend school smartly dressed in their cadet uniforms, to be inspected in the morning by former warrant officers Dave Salter and Khalid Hussain. A student from school was invited to play ‘The Last Post’. The Revd Colin Wall, School Chaplain, offered a bidding prayer and Mr Frank Nichol, Inclusion Instructor at school, gave the address. Other

participants included the school choir and a Drama group. Students had the chance to talk to some serving and retired soldiers. The guests included:-

Herb Garden: Mr Hardy, Miss Higgins and the Heads of College run this project. If anyone is interested, please get in touch with one of the above named. Representatives from each of the four colleges attend the herb garden during Learning Time - each college has its own bed. New ideas welcome. Vegetable Garden: Student help urgently required - please see Mr Hardy or Mrs Machin.


Tuxford Topics

The day was brought to a close with an impressive programme of pieces performed before an audience of parents & supporters.

Major Harry Dunstan (retired) Mr Lewis Renshaw DCM L/Cpl G Goldsworthy Mr Ian Nichol former RE “All our students displayed a high level of respect for the event. I was very proud of the drama group and the choir for their outstanding performances” said Mr Frank Nichol who organised the day.

Gardening Club The Garden Club meets every Monday lunchtime - all year groups very welcome. It reflects the fact that the academy now has several gardens that are looked after by students. We meet in the outdoor classroom and discuss what kind of gardening the students would like to do.

After a morning of rehearsals, students took part in a mass bands ceremony involving current soldiers & veterans from previous conflicts. Head of Music Mr Jeff Evason, commented “I was proud to see them represent the school so well, both as musicians and students. They totally understood the protocols of such a sensitive event.”

4U Health Clinic Inclusion Garden: This is run by Mr Hardy and Mrs Machin. The vegetables have been planted. New vegetable plants will be put in soon. The school is awaiting various new seeds to arrive to encourage more student participation. Memorial Garden: Volunteers needed to keep the memorial garden clean and tidy. If you can help, please see Mrs Machin. We have the seeds and pots and we are looking for students to prepare the seedlings at home. The vegetable garden is in need of some manure. If anyone can help with this, please ring Mrs Machin at school on 01777 870001.

As a school, we are committed to extending the services available to the young people in our care. Students have access to the 4U Health Clinic during Tuesday lunchtime. This service is provided by Bassetlaw Primary Care Trust, staffed by a team of professionally trained and experienced PCT staff. Students who access this service will be treated in confidence. Should you have any questions about the 4U Health Clinic, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Caroline Saxelby, Assistant Principal at school.

Charity Fair is well supported The annual Paul Andrews Charity Fair took place in the school hall on Thursday 24 November 2011. There were 15 different stalls at the fair, one of them being the famous Teddy Tombola stall run by Pete and Linda Andrews.

Other charities represented at the Fair included Action for Children, Traidcraft, Tuxford Scouts, Beaumond Hospice, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Aegis Trust, Mayflower Animal Sanctuary, Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance, Children’s Society

and Bassetlaw Hospice. A total sum of over £1,600 was raised. Thank you to all who supported this event.

Some of our Post 16 students organised stalls raising money for Children in Need, Global Student Forum and Mayflower Animal Sanctuary. Well done to all the students involved who between then raised over £300 for their chosen charities. Y12 student Lea Gerard who ran the Mayflower Animal Sanctuary stall said, “I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to all who supported the Mayflower Animal Sanctuary. I raised a fantastic £80.45 and I really couldn’t have done it without you.” Principal Geoff Lloyd won the prize for guessing the name of the lion, after guessing it was Elvis!

Charlie wins first senior trophy Year 11 student Charlie Bentley of Normanton-on-Trent has had a very successful year as a golfer. He first became interested in golf at the age of 6 when his father bought him some junior golf clubs and he played in the garden. Three years later Charlie played on a real golf course with dad and enjoyed the game. Aged 14 Charlie started to play regularly at Newark Golf Club after grandad David Winterton taught him the rules of the game.

During the Spring and Summer months, Charlie practises on Monday and Thursday evenings after school and on Sundays.

“I love playing golf and my grandad has been a huge influence on me,” said Charlie. “I would love to become a professional golfer.”

Last year, Charlie won three competitions there, namely: The Grant & Green Junior Cup The Photostatic Junior competition The Titchfield Trophy Senior competition The Titchfield Trophy event was an open competition to senior and junior members so Charlie did very well to win. It was a real surprise to Charlie and a milestone in his golfing experience. “It just feels great to have won my first senior cup,” commented Charlie. During the winter months, Charlie practises every Thursday after school at the floodlit Rufford Driving Grange.

Charlie Bentley - Photo courtesy of Newark Advertiser

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PTA wine tasting

DALP appoints business manager

On Saturday 15th October 2011, the PTA hosted a ‘fun’ Wine Tasting and quiz evening with Ann et Vin, of Newark, here in school.

Diverse Academies Learning Partnership, the umbrella organisation overseeing Tuxford and its partner schools, made a key appointment in December. Mr Ian Harmer became its first business manager tasked with accessing new funding for the partnership, reviewing current costs and team

Nearly 50 people attended and we were ably instructed in the art of ‘Slooshing’ (as Ann described it!) in order to distinguish 8 varieties of wine. This was accompanied by a ploughman’s supper and followed by a wine quiz. The winning team received £20 worth of vouchers for Ann et Vin. A raffle was held on the night and the event raised £160 for funds. As a good time was had by all, we hope to hold another of these entertaining events in the Autumn.

Quiz raises £590 A very successful quiz evening was held on Saturday 28th January. We hosted 16 teams with almost 80 participants! Thank you to all members of staff who brought along friends and family and to those who donated raffle prizes. Special thanks go to Julie Hethershaw and her team in the kitchen, Julie Simpson and daughter Georgia, Mollie Whitehead, Julie Rushby, Sam Dumoulin and Catherine Hancock. To Jerry Hoare and son Chris, Paul Cook and the school’s site managers for setting up tables, chairs etc. Thanks also to Julie and Georgia Simpson for fantastic raffle sales, and lastly but not least, Mr Philip Baker, our Quiz Master for the evening, ably assisted by Paul Creighton, the school’s Data Manager. The winning team was ‘Bramworth’ with team members Sandra, Mick and Matt Hollingworth with Mandy and Paul Brammer. A fantastic £590 profit was made for PTA funds.

Your PTA Over the years the PTA has been the school's biggest sponsor. Our contributions have released grant funding in the past and they also pay for extras such as the new rugby strip. Please support us. The PTA runs a 200 Club. £12 per year for entry to a monthly draw.

HOW TO CONTACT THE PTA - On line - The school receptionist will take any mail or phone messages


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building across the member schools. An accountant by profession, Mr Harmer has valuable experience as Director of Financial Resources in a large Leeds FE college. The staff at Tuxford look forward to working with him to ensure our services to students and the community go from strength to strength.

Combining business with chocolate GCSE Business and ICT students were given the opportunity to indulge in some ‘glass and a half of full cream milk’ chocolate during their fact finding trip to Cadbury World on Friday 4th November. Although the company has been taken over by an American multi-national the visitor centre continues to focus on its roots. Cadbury staff gave an interesting presentation on aspects of its business. Some fascinating Cadbury facts emerged: • 1.3 million Cadbury Crème Eggs are made every 24 hours throughout the year • Last year, Oreo biscuits were launched in India for the first time, under the Cadbury brand • At Halloween in 2011, the company’s hand decorated chocolate pumpkins were so popular that Cadbury could not keep up with demand • Cadbury has two full time chocolate tasters and 160 volunteers • Any chocolate that falls off the production line is marked as unfit for human consumption and given away for free to pig farmers The talk explained how the factory operates, including production methods,

quality assurance and the use of technology. There was also an insight into product development within the organisation. Only one or two new products a year make it into production from hundreds of different ideas so the decision making was discussed. A separate talk explored the use of information technology throughout the whole of the Cadbury organisation. An exhibition traced the history of the business. It showed how forward thinking the Cadbury family were in looking after their workers - providing sick pay and pensions for them well before this was the norm; and building schools, churches, leisure facilities and housing for the local community. They were real pioneers in corporate social responsibility. The Tuxford students were given the chance to do some product development themselves by creating their own combination of molten chocolate and toppings. At the end of a gruelling factfinding investigation, both staff and students felt it their duty to partake in a little retail therapy in the factory shop.

Charity Round-up

Post 16 members of the Charity Committee meet each week under the chairmanship of Associate Principal Mrs Jenny Taylor to discuss ideas and plans for fundraising events. During this academic year two non-uniform days, on 20th October and February 3rd, have raised over £2500 so the committee has much to celebrate. £1000 has been sent to Bosom Buddies the breast cancer awareness charity and to Marica and £500 to Jeans for Genes. The team sold poppy bands for Remembrance Day in November and raised £300 for the Royal British Legion. There were also smaller events for Children in Need at the same time as the Paul Andrews charity fair including a P16 bake sale. Children in Need received £200. In October, on returning from half term, we started the push for Xmas Box collections to send to Operation Xmas Child. Shoe boxes were brought into school, wrapped and filled with small gifts for children in countries where the joys of Christmas were lost in the struggle to survive. When the Samaritan’s Purse van arrived on 7th December, we loaded 680 boxes to be taken to Belarus. This is a really touching sight since students are really keen to be involved. Special congratulations to BJH who with the help of Miss Hethershaw collected 107 boxes, all of fine quality gifts! At Christmas time, the staff also support Macmillan nurses. For the past few years, we have given donations and posted up our own messages of Christmas greetings in the staff room. This year we raised £200 to be sent to the cause.

The third non-uniform day enables any student to bid in for funds for a chosen charity. Mrs Taylor has received a number of requests and the Charity Committee is looking at these to decide who has written the best letters. The committee expects to give away ten lots of £100. Students enjoy the more relaxed dress code of non-uniform days - and they know that their £1 donations help good causes. On January 28th, Mrs Taylor accompanied eight Y13 students to Asda Newark to bag-pack for charity and they raised a fantastic £590. We decided that we would start to build up a fund for present and past post 16 students to bid into to help charities that they wish to work with. At the moment we have several students who are planning Gap Years with charities, to teach or work in other ways in third world countries. We think that whilst students are at school they have a brilliant opportunity to fundraise with friends when they leave it is not as easy!

We have supported the Marica Schools in Hyderbad in India since 1994. There are children going to Marica who are not only living in extreme poverty, but also suffer blindness, other disabilities or illnesses such as polio. The lady who runs Marica clothes, feeds and transports them to the school. The money we send goes only to the charity and is not spent on any administration. Two Post 16 students are currently investigating placements for this year. A group of our students are setting up a ‘pen-friend network’ with Marica - having this link offers multiple global opportunities. The effort of the students and staff at Tuxford is enormous and even though they usually receive the benefit of their own choice of dress six times a year, many of them pay this back twentyfold in their support of these charities!

Boys get waxed for Children in Need! Two Y12 students Andreas Georgiou and Joe Fowler bravely and painfully had their legs and armpits waxed for Children in Need. The boys decided to go public during lunch break on Friday 18th November so students witnessed their agonised faces during the process. Andreas and Joe raised a whopping £206 for their efforts. Jenny Taylor, Associate Principal said, “Andreas and Joe are fantastic. They are always coming up with new ideas to raise money for charity.”

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Students learn secrets of supersonic car

On the ‘Path to a better self’ The five tenets of Tae Kwon Do have been passed down from ancient Korean warriors. They are not merely coaching tips for martial arts enthusiasts, but are guiding principles for living a good life. Paul Hawksworth (Y9) is one of the Tuxford Academy students currently mastering the Five Tenets as a hobby - and making excellent progress.

Twenty two Y11 students and four Y13 students had the opportunity on Monday 9th November to inspect a vehicle that is intended to break the 1000mph land speed barrier. Bloodhound SSC team is a pioneering engineering project and the trip provided an exciting opportunity for students to experience British engineering knowhow at its best. Their teachers hoped that it might inspire them to become engineers of the future. Project members are on tour to many schools and colleges throughout the UK, with the intention to promote, educate and inspire students. The venue attended by the Tuxford party was North

Nottinghamshire College. The team must overcome many engineering barriers by using Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths before the record can be broken. Students attended workshops to understand the challenges the engineers have faced to achieve the objectives of the project. Our students were a credit to the school. They were very polite, engaged and all looked very smart.The students had great fun and were genuinely inspired by the presentation and activities. The workshops formed a valuable enrichment to the engineering curriculum.

He has achieved blue belt standard so far and is preparing for red belt alongside fighters who are five years older. Paul travels to Lincoln for his classes. In addition to the knowledge (Five Tenets, Korean history and culture, etc), he is practising self defence, sparring, board breaking, knife defence and “pattern” - the moves and poses that are effective for attack or defence. He speaks of all of this with enthusiasm and commitment so it is obvious to the onlooker that he enjoys his sport and is getting much from it. As for the Five Tenets, you are probably curious by now. Ancient oriental wisdom tells us that we will all be travelling on the Path to a better self if we live by: courtesy, integrity, courage, perseverance and self control.


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Parent Support Coffee Morning

Diary Dates MARCH 2012

Just before the end of term, Tuxford Academy’s Parent Support Group held a Coffee Morning for parents/carers of our New Year 7 students. The intention of the meeting was to encourage parents to visit the school again now their children had started, to meet other parents and to voice any concerns/questions. ‘WE WILL ROCK YOU’ Over 30 parents attended the gathering, which was a fantastic response. Thank you to all those parents who attended. Tuxford Academy really values your input and support and we will do our very best to follow-up your comments. If any parent would like to join our parent support group or would like further information please contact Nicola Manning, Extended Services Co-ordinator on ext 571. Our next meeting is at 9.45am on Thursday 26th April at the Mine of Information, Tuxford.

English events this term This term we will once again be participating in the 2012 Times Spelling Bee for Year 7 pupils; an activity now in its third year. This national event aims to improve core skills and also builds confidence. Pupils will compete with other schools in the Midlands in March and we are hoping to go one better this year and make it through to the semi-finals! The spelling team meets meet once a week and can also practise online. We invite all pupils in Year 7 to visit the site where they can hone their core skills too. We are also working with professional poets on a national poetry slam event ‘Shake the Dust’, which this year has an Olympic theme. Selected pupils from KS3 and KS4 will have the opportunity to work with poets in school during the spring and summer terms creating and performing their own poetry, before a team will represent the school at Nottingham Playhouse in the regional heats in the summer. We are very excited about the programme’s potential for further developing creativity, self expression and confidence. Pupils will performing their final pieces for the school in the summer term.


GCSE External exams start World Book Day Y10/Y11 Science exams


Y10/Y11 science exams


Extreme Physics


PTA meeting - 6.30pm


Y11 Support Evening AS Progress Evening


Y11 External exams finish


Y7 Progress tutorial Y13 Academic Tutorial Y11 MFL speaking assessment

Thursday 12th July to Saturday 14th July The Ben Elton & Queen West End hit comes to Tuxford Watch this space for details of ticket availability

29 Y12/13 Geography Residential - 3 Apr to Dorset 30

BTEC Dance For the students who are currently working on their BTEC Dance, Mrs Bingham will be running a catch up session every Thursday from 23 February to 29 March 3.30pm - 4.30 pm Please contact Mrs Bingham for further information.

‘Sewhat’ Catwalk Show

End of term (Easter Holidays)

APRIL 2012 16

First day back after Easter Holiday


Y8 Academic Tutorials


GCSE Art Exam


Parents in Partnership Evening (Study Skills) /Armed Forces Careers Event - Y10/11/12/13 ONLY


Y11 Ext drama exam

MAY 2012 1-2

A2 Art Exam


As exam speaking exam


May Day


Y9 Progress Tutorials Y10 mock exams/AS art exam


AS art exam/AS Drama exam PTA meeting 6.30pm


A2 French speaking exam AS Drama exam


North Notts Community Arena, Eastgate, Worksop.

Y10 exams/GCD/GCSE External exams start


AS History exam/Y10/Y11 science exams

A video of the show will be recorded during the performance.


Y11 Smart Day


Y11&Y12 timetable ends


Y9 exams start(prov) Y10+Y11 science exams

Wednesday 28th March Come along to support Tuxford students taking part. An excellent opportunity to celebrate the textile work completed in Bassetlaw schools. Show starts at 7.30pm and finishes at approximately 9.30pm.

Tickets can be purchased through school - £3 per ticket.

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Ben’s faultless French impresses The ‘Student of the Week’ accolade is awarded to Tuxford students for a wide range of achievements. Service to the community, an outstanding attendance record, sporting success and helping to organise charity events have all been recognised. In December, Ben Thompson of Y11 won his for academic attainment. His response to a Controlled Writing Test for GCSE French was found to be perfect. His teachers could not have done better themselves so you can’t ask for more than that.

age, he was interested in far flung places such as Jamaica and Morocco. “Foreign culture is fascinating and I want to know more about Islam, African tribal societies, the early inhabitants of South America, everything and anything.” As well as these general reasons for being attracted to French, there is also the specific reason that Ben has some French ancestry. “My great great great grandfather fought for France in the Crimean War and he was awarded the Légion d’Honneur.” There is a talent for languages within Ben’s family. He has an older brother who is fluent in Greek, French and Italian. An aunt (former Tuxford student Lucy Hemstock), speaks French most days as she sells yachts to international customers. Ben would like to work abroad for a while, perhaps as a translator. He finds the British reluctance to learn languages very strange. “I think British people could try harder to embrace other languages. I can’t understand why people avoid foreign films with English subtitles - and they won’t even try to use the local language whilst on holiday.”

Ben hopes to take A Level French “I love travel and I just find languages interesting,” he told us. From an early

Ben is already thinking of going to university and which degree to choose. He currently feels that French and Arabic would be a good combination. However, the other subject that Ben really likes is Art.

Tuxford choir at Royal Concert Hall The Senior Choir had a busy Autumn term. In November, it played a central role in the school's Remembrance service, singing a haunting unaccompanied version of Amazing Grace, before closing proceedings with the traditional song Londonderry Air. In December saw they were invited to perform a number of popular Christmas songs at Tuxford Village Christmas Lights switch on.

The year closed with an appearance at the prestigious County Concert held at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham. After a long day of rehearsals, the students took their place in a mass choir of selected secondary schools from around the county. Other Tuxford students were also involved - in county bands and drama groups. The audience, in excess of a thousand, applauded the young people's efforts loudly.


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Y7 Academic Tutorial Week Collection of Xmas boxes for Operation Xmas Child KS3 Disco Y7 Pantomime trip Our choir sing at the Notts County Xmas Concert AS Mock Results Day Post 16 Celebration of Achievement Evening Post 16 Christmas Party at The Elms Hotel, Retford

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