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The Parish of St George with St Luke & St Perran and The Parish of St Aidan A very warm welcome to today’s worship at St. Perran’s, St. Aidan’s or St. George’s. Today, we con nue on our Journey to Jerusalem - as we recall Jesus’ triumphal entry into the city. As a church family in South Barrow, we seek to learn more about God and encourage one another in Chris an faith and life - for details about Sunday and Mid-week ac vi es, please pick up the Spring Programme, and a copy of the our magazine, Team Talk, at the back of church today.


Holy Communion at St George’s Church (Ramsden Chapel) with Revd. Gary Cregeen

GOOD FRIDAY - 29th March 10.30am

Good Friday Service at St Aidan’s Church with Revd. Gary Cregeen followed by a lunch of Fish & Chips

EASTER DAY - 31st March 8.30am

Easter Communion at St Perran’s with Revd Gary Cregeen


Easter Communion at St Aidan’s with Revd. Gary Cregeen


Easter Communion with Bap sms at St George’s with Revd Jo Northey and Revd Gary Cregeen

CHURCH ELECTORAL ROLLS This year, under the Church Representa on Rules, a new Church Electoral Roll has to be prepared. Regular worshippers at either St Georges, St Aidan’s or St Perran’s are invited to fill in an applica on form for enrolment on the Electoral Roll, which is effec vely a list of membership and enables you to vote at the Annual Parochial Church Mee ngs - applica ons must be completed and returned by today (24th March).

The Annual Parochial Church Mee5ngs Monday 15 April at 2 pm at St. Aidan’s Tuesday 16 April at 7pm at St. Perran’s (refreshments will served). During the mee ngs we shall elect Churchwardens, members to the PCC’s, two members of the Deanery Synod and appoint stewards (sidespeople). The Annual Parochial Church Mee ngs also provides an opportunity to be updated on the different aspects of God’s work in the parishes and Team, as well as a means of looking ahead to consider the opportuni es and challenges in South Barrow and beyond. Please make the APCMs a priority in your prayers and by seeking to be present. Items for next week’s Newsleer to Judith Cowsill at or 829710 by 21st March - thanks

READINGS Jeremiah 31:27-37 Luke 19:28-40

TEAM TALK—ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES We would provide an opportunity for local businesses and organisa ons to adver se in Team Talk. Whilst providing publicity for the adver ser, this would also raise income to support the local church in South Barrow. Do you know individuals, businesses or organisa ons who may be willing to support the magazine in this way? If you do, please pick up a leAer, giving details of the cost of adver sing, from the back of the Team’s churches and pass it on to them. As Easter approaches, we recall Jesus giving Himself for us on the Cross totally, fully and sacrificially. Let us consider our personal response to Him, and the calling He has entrusted to us … Christ has no body now on earth, but ours - no hands, but ours - no feet, but ours Ours are the eyes through which He looks with compassion on the world Ours are the feet with which He is to go about doing good Ours are the hands with which He is to bless all people now Amen

The Easter services in South Barrow provide a great opportunity to invite family, friends and neighbours to accompany you to church - think about who you could invite!

This Week in South Barrow Wednesday 27th 10am Midweek Holy Communion at St. Aidan’s - Gary Thursday 28th 9.30am Easter Experience at St. George’s School 1pm Funeral - Elsie FISHER - Thorncliffe 7.30pm Maundy Thursday Holy Communion at St. George’s Friday 29th 10.30am Good Friday Service at St. Aidan’s Collect for Maundy Thursday God our Father, you have invited us to share in the supper which your Son gave to His church to proclaim his death un l He comes; may he nourish us by His presence, and unite us in His love who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit; one God, now and for ever - Amen Collect for Good Friday Eternal God - in the cross of Jesus, we see the cost of our sin and the depth of your love; in humble hope and fear, may we place at His feet all that we have and all that we are, through Jesus Christ our Lord - Amen

Collect for Passion Sunday True and humble king, hailed by the crowd as Messiah - grant us the faith to know you and love you, that we may be found beside you on the way of the cross, which is the path of glory. Amen Please pray for… Our worship over Easter and the opportuni es to invite others to hear the good news of Jesus Christ . Give thanks for the Lent mee ngs and for the opportunity to explore what it means to be ‘Disciples Together’. Those living with hardship and wondering how they are going to make ends meet pray for Barrow Foodbank; give thanks for those who donate and volunteer and the help and hope this gives to those in need. Our Queen - give thanks that God has giIed her with a long life, lived out in Chris an faith and service. the recently bereaved, especially family and friends of May Fleming, Tom Pearson, Elsie Fisher and Eleanor Murphy - and those who are unwell, and those who care for them, especially Denise Downing, Joan Dixon, Clive Gillhespey, Ada Hickton, Marjorie Gorry, Edna Dobson, Ged Harris, Mavis Davies, Pat Dixon, Paul and Claire Coulson, Jean Wood, Gwyneth Gardner and Jake Fearon*. *If you know someone who is unwell and would appreciate prayer please give their names to either Gary, Jo or Judy Cowsill.

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