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TEAM TALK The Magazine of the Parish of St. Aidan and the Parish of St. George with St. Luke and St. Perran

Jesus Christ - Risen! Ascended! Glorified!

May 2013


5th May

8.30 am 9.30 am 11 am

Holy Communion (CW) at St Perran’s Holy Communion (CW) at St Aidan’s Morning Worship with Baptisms at St George’s

12th May

8.30 am 9.30 am 11 am

Holy Communion (CW) at St Perran’s Holy Communion (CW) at St Aidan’s Holy Communion with Baptism(CW) at St George’s

19th May

10 am

Team Service with Holy Communion at St Aidan’s

26th May

8.30 am 9.30 am 11 am

Holy Communion (CW) at St Perran’s Holy Communion (CW) at St Aidan’s Holy Communion (CW) at St George’s

2nd June

8.30 am 9.30 am 11 am

Holy Communion (CW) at St Perran’s Holy Communion (CW) at St Aidan’s Morning Worship with Baptisms at St George’s

TABLE TOP SALE AND COFFEE MORNING Saturday 18 May - 10am to noon - St. Perran’s Tables only £5 Please contact Geraldine Southam on 466327


If you want to brush up on the basics of what it means to be a Christian or find out more about Christianity, these relaxed, informative and helpful meetings would be ideal for you. • • •

You do not need to know anything or much about the Bible You won’t be asked to read, pray or answer questions You will be given every chance to ask questions

Revd. Gary Cregeen will help to explore the following questions: Tuesday 30th April

Why did Jesus come?

Tuesday 7th May

What did Jesus achieve?

Monday 13th May

What does it mean to repent?

Wednesday 22nd May

What does it mean to believe?

These informal meetings will be at The Rectory, 98 Roose Road, at 7.30pm, and will end no later than 9pm. If you are interested in coming along to these ‘refresher’ meetngs, please chat to Gary on877367. Those considering Confirmation are invited to attend ‘Simply Christianity’ to prepare for this important step.

Have you visited our Team website?

SOUTH BARROW TEAM REGISTER Baptisms (at St. George’s Church, unless otherwise stated) 31st March Polly Eve McARTHUR - born 28th September 2012 Funerals (at Thorncliffe Crematorium, unless otherwise stated)

We extend our sympathy to the family and friends of: 4th April 15th April 15th April 16th April 17th April 19th April 19th April 19th April 22nd April

Gordon DICKENS - aged 81; at St. Aidan’s Church George HORNE - aged 88 Freda SHANNON - aged 85 Kathlyn OTTO - aged 71; at St. George’s Church Janet NOAKES - aged 82; at St. George’s Church Mary LAYDEN - aged 90 Muriel MOORBY - aged 90 Revd. Herbert SIMPSON - aged 92; at St. Aidan’s Church Jackie ARCHER - aged 65

Enquiries about Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child, Baptism, Weddings, Renewal of Marriage Vows and Funerals should be directed to Reverend Gary Cregeen.

PENTECOST TEAM HOLY COMMUNION SERVICE 19th May - 10am - St. Aidan’s Church

Churches Together in Barrow OPEN AIR PENTECOST SERVICE 19th May - 3pm - The Dock Museum

Consider who you could invite to worship with you


report written by Dorothy Thistlethwaite Our speaker on 20th March needed no introduction to members. Pat told us that her talk was rather serious and that Madge’s was humorous. They both lived up to their expectations! Pat read some poems from Helen Steiner Rice - we have all bought her cards for different occasions. Madge then gave her talk which was certainly humorous. Many thanks to both. On 10th April, we welcomed Jean Grainger who talked about the holiday she and Horace had recently taken to Lanzarote. They have been on holiday to the same hotel for the last few years; as a result they know the staff who remembered their likes and dislikes. If ever Jean has any spare time she would make a good PA for Saga! The venue for our weekend away has been decided - Chester. The dates are Thursday 7th to Saturday 9th November. There are a few seats left so, if you’re interested please ring Elaine (582960) or Susan (871264) for more information.


report written by Sylvia Groves Our meeting on 9th April was really good; Monica Crellin came to MU with a box of memorabilia of shopping in the fifties. Monica went around each person asking them about there memories and the ladies had a lovely afternoon, which culminated with a bring and buy stall. If any other group is interested in ‘going down memory lane’ please contact the library as they will deliver the box for you on lots of subjects.


report written by Doreen Finch

On 14th April, we welcomed, as our speaker, Nicola Woolridge from Furness Carers. She spoke about how Furness Carers provide free and confidential information and support to carers of all ages - they help carers maintain their own health, employment and social life. Young carers can include those aged between 5 and 18 years who care for someone at home who is ill, disabled, frail of addicted. Furness Carers provide respite breaks, support, after school clubs and much more. On 9th May, we go down memory lane with Jean Grainger; while 23rd May is our Overseas Afternoon; on that day, we will have a bring and buy stall and a draw to raise money for the work of the Mother’s Union overseas.


report written by Pat Hughes In April, we re-arranged our programme and had a visit from Wilf Cooper, who talked to us about his hobby ’quilling’. He brought along his materials and demonstrated this very interesting art; a few ladies tried out the art for themselves! Wilf is going to bring some of his finished pictures when he will be visiting us again later in the year. We are all looking forward to having a visit from Jill Jepson on 2nd May; whilst on 16th May, the Writer’s Singing Group will be coming along to entertain us. I am sure it will be a very interesting afternoon and anyone wishing to join us would be welcome!


by Claire Coram Our caring staff are here to listen and advise you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Barrow-in-Furness

103-105 Roose Road 01229 820517 Ulverston

Higgin House Cavendish Street 01229 582167

The Collective is an informal gathering, which meets on alternate Mondays at Grandma's Kitchen on Carlisle Street at 10 am. While relaxing over coffee, we read a passage/parable from the Bible, and then have a general discussion about what we’ve read and how it applies to us today; there’s also the opportunity to ask questions before we close with a prayer related to the passage.


written by the Team Rector, Revd. Gary Cregeen In the Church and among God's people, at Christmastime, we celebrate the coming of Christ into the world in bodily form. We stand in awe as we think of the infant Jesus who was God taking on a human body (incarnation), and living among the human family. We are thrilled by His teaching, life and ministry and astounded that He should die as a ‘substitute’ for us – at Easter we celebrate His death in our place on the Cross and His victory over death – the resurrection. However, there is another significant event in the life and ministry of Jesus which often passes without much notice – His Ascension, which took place forty days after Easter. In past years, at least in some communities, Ascension Day was a special religious holiday in which no work was done. The ascension of Christ has tremendous theological meaning, as well as practical application. So, why is The Ascension significant and how does this momentous event relate to us today?

REASONS FOR THE 4040-DAY DELAY In the biblical account of Jesus’ Ascension one of the first things that we notice is that there was a forty day delay between the resurrection and the ascension (Acts 1:3). At first glance this can appear strange – surely Jesus would want to return to His Father without delay? However, there were good reasons for the 40-day delay. Firstly, there was the need to present convincing proof that Jesus was alive following His death on the Cross. Over a period of forty days, Jesus showed Himself to be very much alive by appearing to a vast group of different people under divergent circumstances. He appeared to Mary Magdalene and another woman in the garden on the morning of the resurrection; and to Peter, later on the same day; and to the two disciples on their way to the town of Emmaus; and to the ten disciples (without Thomas) in the upper room; and to the eleven disciples (Thomas present) one week later; and to seven disciples by the Tiberias Sea; and to 500 believers in Galilee; and

finally, once again to the disciples just prior to His ascension.

at Pentecost (50 days after Easter and 10 days after Ascension). Jesus said, "You will receive power when

Combining these appearances, over 500 individuals saw the risen Lord before His ascension. The diversity of these people, the large number of persons, the circumstances under which they saw Jesus, the inability of Jesus' enemies (the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Romans) to disprove the testimony of these disciples - all of these things come together to form convincing proof of the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb. Had Jesus died, arose, and then gone immediately to be with the Father, it would have been quite easy for the authorities to claim that the body of Jesus had been stolen from the tomb. But as it was, they now had to deal with the reality of Jesus' person, and the testimony of the disciples.

the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." A third reason for the forty

Secondly, during those forty days, Jesus had certain things to say to His disciples, instructing them concerning their future. He gave instruction about the true nature of the kingdom of God and taught His disciples about their future ministry. It was during this time that Jesus promised the disciples the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, which the Church celebrates

day delay can be seen in the need to encourage the disciples. Following the cruciďŹ xion of Jesus, we ďŹ nd the disciples huddled in the Upper Room, fearing for their lives. If the disciples were to become what God had intended for them to be - individuals who would "turn the world upside down"- they needed a new vision and hope. THE CONTINUING MINISTRY OF JESUS When we speak of The Ascension as bringing to an end the earthly ministry of Jesus, we dare not assume that the ascension marked the end of His ministry! Jesus is still actively at work within and among us. For example, the Scriptures speak of the ascended Christ as either seated (Ephesians 1:20) or standing (Acts 7:56) at the right hand of God. The right hand position to any ruler is the place of power and equality. Continued on page 11

CHRISTIAN AID WEEK - 12th to 18th May

Christian Aid Week was first held in 1957, and is Britain and Ireland’s longest-running fundraising week. It is famous for its distinctive red envelope that drops through the letterboxes of millions of homes every May, and for the thousands of volunteers who dedicate their time to raising vital funds to help poor communities around the world build a better future for themselves. This year, Christian Aid Week is highlighting the fact that tonight, one in eight people will go to bed hungry, but there is enough food for all to eat and have their fill if certain changes are made. Christian Aid works in partnership with communities and organisations in 48 countries, supporting innovative projects to help people transform their own lives from barely surviving to truly thriving. In drought-prone southern Zimbabwe, Christian Aid partner Dabane Trust worked with local communities to access the clean, naturally filtered water that is stored, hidden, beneath sand-bed rivers, ensuring people have a supply of clean water. Now they can water their gardens all year round, meaning they can grow a variety of vegetables to eat and to sell. Husband and wife Jabulisa Ndlovu and Zuzeni Nyathi used to struggle to find enough for their children to eat, but Zuzeni says: ‘We [can] now eat every day at any time – we are always full.’ This Christian Aid Week, bite back at hunger and give a gift that will help people living in poverty out of poverty. Please support the local Coffee Morning on 18th May or use one of the special red envelopes!

Jesus Christ - Risen! Ascended! Glorified! - continued from page 9 Thus, because of Christ's power and authority over all God's creation, we know that when we pray, Jesus not only hears our prayers, but He also has the ability and authority to change the course of events for the benefit of His people. He also intercedes for us - what a wonderful assurance! To know that One who loves us is the Mediator between our sinfulness and God's holiness; to know that Jesus not only interceded for us on the Cross with His blood, but that He continues to plead with God over our sin even now. Also, Jesus’ Ascension signified the sending of God’s Holy Spirit – sent by God to enable those who trust in Christ to grow in His likeness and to serve Him. And, furthermore, at His ascension Jesus promised He would return; as John puts it in his gospel, He has gone to "prepare a place" for those who believe.

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News items and articles for June’s Team Talk should be forwarded to Revd. Gary Cregeen by 19th May at the latest.

At the back of each Team church are letters for would-be advertisers, along with details of cost.

The annual subscription for Team Talk is only £5 for the year (if posted, please add £5). Cheques should be made payable to ‘St George with St Luke PCC’ and forwarded to Pat Hughes, 24 Kent Street, Barrow-in-Furness, LA13 9QT.

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The Annual Parochial Church Meetings (APCM) took place during April. The APCM elects Churchwardens, members to the Parochial Church Council, appoints Sunday Stewards for the coming year, and provides an opportunity to review and further God’s work in our two parishes which make up the South Barrow Team. In 2013 the church’s Electoral Roll was completely renewed and those wishing to be identified with the local church were required to complete an Electoral Roll Application Form; consequently, there are now 44 members on St George with St Luke and St Perran’s Electoral Roll and 33 members on St Aidan’s Electoral Roll. If you didn’t complete an application Form and wish to be on the Electoral Roll (roll of membership) there are copies at the back of each of the churches - please return your completed form to the respective PCC Secretary (see back page for details) The elections and appointments were as follows: The Election of Churchwardens: St. George with St. Luke and St. Perran - Ted Fenton, Jean Mease and Geraldine Southam St. Aidan - Peter Gardner and Madge Wignall. The Team Rector thanked the Churchwardens for all their hard work and valued support; he especially thanked Keith Cockburn who has completed his six year term of office at St Aidan’s. Election of the Parochial Church Councils All those currently serving on the Parochial Church Councils were reelected, with the addition of Phyllis Jones. Appointment of Sunday Stewards The names of those will to serve for 2013/14 were read out and duly

appointed. The Team Rector thanked all those involved in the important ministry of welcome. The APCM included various reports representing the breadth and life of the local church in South Barrow; our churches are rooted in the local community and the potential opportunities for reaching the local community twith the good news of Jesus Christ by improving our church buildings and making them more wecloming and accessible is phenominal. At the APCM we noted our appreciation of Mike Blakeborough who relinquished his dutues during 2012; also, to Linda and Steve Cronin who have moved to Cheltenham. We also remembered with thankfulness Revd. Ian Harvey who died in May 2012. Please pray that God will guide us in all that we do in South Barrow.

ASCENSION DAY HOLY COMMUNION SERVICE 9th May - 7pm - St. George’s Church Preacher - Rt. Revd. James Newcome, Bishop of Carlisle All welcome!

The South Barrow Team is hosting this service on behalf of Barrow Deanery. There will be a ‘Deanery Choir’ for this service - if you would like to be part of this, the rehearsal is at 6pm at St. George’s on the day of the service.

SERVICE OF CONFIRMATION 16th June - St. George’s Church For more details, please contact Revd. Gary Cregeen


The recent auction at St. Luke’s was well attended and almost all the items selected for auction were sold. We are grateful to Rory and Wendy McClure for organising the auction they were married at St Luke’s 24 years ago! Also, a big thank you to Ted and Ruth Fenton, Geraldine Southam, Julie Cregeen and David Reynolds, all of whom helped prepare for the auction by cleaning and moving furniture. In addition to the auction • • • •

the Holy Table in the Lady Chapel has been gifted to Rampside Church a silver ciborium and wafer box, along with a processional cross will find a new home at St Mary’s Dalton the ambry from the Lady Chapel is going to Clifton Church, near Penrith, at the request of the McMaster family the bell will be housed at Urswick Parish Church, who wish to increase their peal of bells from four to six.

Please continue to pray for those seeking to fulfil this difficult but necessary task sensitively and with integrity.

Ordination of Matt Hornby 30th June - Carlisle Cathedral - 10.30am Tickets can be obtained (free) for those who would like to attend the Ordination Service. Please sign up on the sheet at the back of church as soon as possible - by 16th June at the latest.


St. Aidan’s Rainbows are aged between five and seven. We run Mondays through term times, between 5pm and 6pm. As we only have one hour with the Rainbows, it’s usually action packed and fully fuelled. This term, they are working towards a Badge; we will be covering magical fairy tale activities - we are making tasty bonfires with biscuits, playing games with shoes and Smarties, singing songs and making memories. St. Aidan’s Brownies are aged between seven and ten. They run after Rainbows, on term-time Mondays, between 6pm and 7.30pm. Brownies run the evening themselves with help from the Leaders. They generally pick and choose what the would like to achieve in the term to come, we call this a Pow Wow. This term, as the weather is improving (a little!), they have decided to do lots of sports activities, They will be having a gym session, badminton and Short Tennis at the Leisure Centre, as well as Archery, which they are very excited about; they will be doing this with one of the Guiders who holds a qualification in Archery - we’re hoping to hold it in the Vicarage garden! If anyone from the parish who has any skills they would like to share with the girls occasionally, from a simple story to making drinks, please contact Karen Thompson.

TEAM CONTACT DETAILS all telephone numbers begin 01229 Team Rector and Rural Dean of Barrow

Revd. Gary Cregeen, The Rectory, 98 Roose Road, LA13 9RL 877367

Team Vicar


Assistant Curates Revd Jo Northey, 36 Thorncliffe Road, LA14 1BX 826487

From July 2013

Revd Matt Hornby, The Vicarage, 98a Roose Road , LA13 9RL 877755

Churchwardens Ted Fenton (St George’s w. St Luke’s and St Perran’s) Peter Gardner (St Aidan’s) Jean Mease (St George’s w. St Luke’s and St Perran’s) Geraldine Southam (St George’s w. St Luke’s and St Perran’s) Madge Wignall (St Aidan’s)

820408 825870 829923 466327 820484

PCC Treasurers Pat Liddicott (St George’s w. St Luke’s and St Perran’s) Sheila Darlington (St Aidan’s)


PCC Secretaries Alison Otto (St George’s w. St Luke’s and St Perran’s) Carole Williamson (St Aidan’s)

825802 826017

Vergers Geraldine Southam (St George’s w. St Luke’s and St Perran’s) Keith Cockburn (St Aidan’s)

466327 826692

Hall Lettings Secretaries: Ted and Ruth Fenton (St George’s and St Perran’s) Keith Cockburn (St Aidan’s)

820408 826692

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