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The Comrades Marathon a Brief History

28 May - 10 June 2014

The Beach Vault Now that is a Clever Idea


Wicked Wheels The Ducati Diavel Carbon


Secret of


Can This be True?


+ Free accessories To The value oF r3000

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Durban North to ballito



o, here we go

from the editor

generate 314 million dollars annually. Ballito is open for business right now with the Ballito Junction Shopping Centre poised on the brink of massive expansion that they seem confident will be complete by 2016 adding cinemas, retail, fashion, food and much more to the already impressive shopping scene here. Now, all we need is people. There are just not enough people with disposable income living here yet to support local businesses. We need more cash flowing into the local economy and the boffins say that tourism is the answer. We have an airport on our doorstep and the basic ingredients are perfect – sea, sun, sand…and … DOLPHINS! The captive dolphin industry is a money spinner, but as people are becoming more aware of the issues surrounding this business, the captive industry is losing its appeal. While it might be cool to watch these creatures doing tricks, the cruelty involved in their capture and confinement is unacceptable to most. Wild dolphins, however, are being visited more frequently by people who want to experience the mysteries associated with these encounters. This is because scientific research now confirms that in 80% of people who have a dolphin encounter they have found brain wave

again, bashing away at another missive from my nuclear Zozo hut in Ballito on what used to be called the Dolphin Coast. It still is called the Dolphin Coast by some, but they tend to be yesterday’s heroes, hopelessly out of touch with the rapid pace of development in this region. If my memory serves me correctly, the name was changed to The North Coast a while back by those who battled with the spelling of the word, dolphin…but wait a minute…let me check… Okay, I’m back with the info… Nombuso at the Dolphin Coast Publicity Association tells me that to avoid confusion, I should refer to the area as Dolphin Coast / North Coast / KwaDukuza, but I could technically get away with the name Dolphin Coast because, well, no one really has the issue nailed down yet. If we stay true to form on the subject of local tourism, to finalise the matter we will engage a firm of consultants who will consult widely to determine what the name should be, charge a fortune for the privilege and submit a report that will be placed somewhere safe until it is lost. But why am I hammering on about a name when these things are changing all the time? Well, I’ll tell you. We could be sitting on a proverbial gold mine in tourism terms if international trends are anything to go by. Across the Kitchen globe people & Interiors are beginning to interact with We’re Always First wild dolphins for recreation with the Best ! and therapeutic NEW SHOWROOM reasons. It’s potentially Shop 3, Millenium Towers, 8 Solistice bigger business Road, Umhlanga Ridge than shark cage (Behind Tiger Wheel and Tyre & Miele Appliances) diving and that Tel: 031 584 7292 Sagie: 083 786 8653 is estimated to

patterns shift from the alpha state of consciousness to the theta state. The theta brain wave patterns induce states of expanded consciousness such as those found during meditation or transcendental states of being. This brings feelings of deep peace, relaxation, wellbeing, increased learning capabilities, and a deeper understanding of being part of a larger universe. While it is not permissible to swim with dolphins on the Dolphin Coast at present, you can take a spin up the road to Ponta do Ouro in Mozambique where this is not only possible, I would go so far as to suggest that it is mandatory! Angie Gullan and her team at Dolphin Center (not to be confused with The Dolphin Center…it’s a long story) specialise in taking people out to sea to swim with dolphins. While this was not on my bucket list, we recently had the opportunity to take the plunge and so, in true Gonzo journalistic tradition, I went along for the ride. I will give you a more complete account of this experience in our glossy magazine launching this spring, but for now let me simply say this. I have no idea whether my brain wave patterns were altered or whether I entered the theta state or not, but there was some pretty weird stuff going on out there. I am not easily influenced by hype and

nonsense but under the sea that morning, we swam with dolphins and the world will never be the same again. If you have never been to Ponta do Ouro, it’s a trip you should consider. Just four hours from the Dolphin Coast yet so completely different from what we have become used to, the welcome that awaits you is so worth the journey. Crime is practically non-existent there according to the SA expats who have emigrated there and while the rand might be in the doldrums, it still buys reasonable value in Mozambique. Welcome to another edition of Life & Style, a gift to all on the dolphin coast and online everywhere at

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Make happiness a factor in decision making. Analyse what kind of thoughts your mind produces. Plan adventure activities. Ask for peace of mind. Just be there. Never dramatise a difficulty. Return everything you have borrowed. Complain less and listen more. View struggles as growth opportunities. Erase any negative messages on your “internal tape”.

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Ponta do Ouro -Mozambique

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Sudoku Sudoku puzzle - medium

Fill the empty spaces on the grid so that every row, column and box (3x3 squares) contains every number from 1-9. It’s not easy…but it’s fun! SOLUTION FROM ISSUE NO.10 Sudoku Solution - medium



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On the Money Most investors are intent in attaining solid returns for their portfolio, yet many go about looking for it in the wrong places.....






Shaun Latter – Quaestor Wealth efficient portfolio theory) that can assist in this, the more challenging part is when and how to rebalance. In other words, as assets rise and fall in value, so you need to rebalance. This is especially true when you have multiple funds and asset managers across multiple platforms. Most investors I sit down with can tell you which company they are invested with (this is usually merely an administrative platform), quite a few less are able to tell me which fund managers are involved and I am yet to have met with someone who can tell me what their asset allocation is. With asset allocation as the big “E” on the eye chart of investment returns, it is easy to notice the problem. So before you try pick out the “best unit trust” (there are now in excess of 1051 funds available) or “best fund manager(s)”, try finding out what your asset allocation is and whether it is properly aligned with your return target. Once done, you’re 94% of the way there! Stats source: CFA Journal – Crinson, Beebower and Hood PS. Email for a free portfolio x-ray with asset allocation and expected return.

“Wealth Strategies for successful living” Life has enough complexities and uncertainties as it is – your financial well-being shouldn’t be one of them. As a professional financial planning and wealth management practice, our focus is to translate investment complexities into simple, effective solutions that not only provide clarity for today but certainty for tomorrow. Office: 031 830 5270 Email: The Business Centre, 2 Ncondo Place, Ridgeside, Umhlanga Ridge, Durban

w w w . q u a e s t o r w e a l t h . c o . z a


curtain shop

L I F E ’ S TO O S H O R T TO S E T T L E F O R O R D I N A R Y Loxley Estate offers you an exclusive address on the North Coast’s idyllic Sheffield beach. This unique development is ideally located close to the coastal towns of Ballito and Salt Rock and only a 15 minute drive from King Shaka International Airport. A jewel on KwaZulu-Natal’s North Coast, this boutique lifestyle estate provides spectacular views of the Dolphin Coast and is only a 5 minute walk from the area’s pristine beaches. Call James on 082 921 0044, Kevin on 082 303 5439 or Robin on 072 279 7535

• 24 stunning freehold sites • Unique 6-unit sectional title scheme • Bespoke housing packages available • 24-Hour security and access control • Indigenous landscaped gardens • A fully integrated gym with sauna and natural eco-pool offers a tranquil, serene space to enjoy the bird life and wetland conservation areas • 10% deposit secures ownership • No transfer duties 5535


n the last edition we spoke of the importance of establishing an investment objective and return target and therefore, the next logical step is in how to best go about attaining that return. Most people I speak to are surprised to hear that 94% of what determines the return you can expect from your investment is asset allocation. That is, the spread you have between various asset classes such as equities (or shares), property, bonds and cash both locally and abroad. The balance of 6% comes from market timing (2%) and stock picking (4%) which is largely dependant on asset manager skill. Pretty much all asset managers will tell you that trying to time the market is futile yet they place such importance (and value) on their ability to pick the right stocks, both of which are negligible in the return outcome. You see asset allocation is all about holding a diverse range of assets that allow you to extract the highest possible return with the lowest amount of risk. Setting up this allocation is reasonably easy and there are numerous models (such as

Looking for well priced, quality furniture, in a unique range of styles? Visit our expansive showroom with solid wood furniture for all areas of your home



28 May - 10 june 2014

The Beach Vault – It’s Just an Idea…


n entrepreneur has come up with a solution to the age-old problem of where to store valuables at the

beach while enjoying a day-time snooze. Marcal DaCunha, 29, has invented a locker that can screw into the sand and hold personal items such as purses, mobile phones, small tablets and money. It is closed by a special waterproof

Experience our coast like you never dreamed of! Hundreds of tropical fish, octopus and gorgeous underwater landscapes. Tidal Tao Snorkeling Safaris, safe and exciting for all ages and fitness levels. We provide everything you need. If you can swim, we can teach you to snorkel! Visit for more info on our tours, beaches, weather, tides and other useful beach loving resources or “Like” us on Facebook

Contact Michy 079 3070608 or email:

snorkeling in Madagascar 27th September to 4th October 2014 Don’t miss out on this fabulous experience – prices have been keenly negotiated and this will be the trip of a lifetime. Contact Michy 079 307 0608 madagascar

“For all your office and school stationery supplies at competitive prices” Stockists of all the major brands!


Tel: 032 586 1690 • Cell: 082 769 3704 Fax: 086 608 7467 •

lid to stop any liquid seeping inside, and then covered by a towel and pillowcase. Whenever a sun-seeker is lying on the towel to relax, the 30cm deep and 15cm wide container is completely concealed. Passing thieves would then have no opportunity to steal any of the valuables if a user fell asleep because they would be on top of the locker, known as the Beach Vault. Although the contraption could be picked up and stolen if it was left unattended, Marcal believes it is less likely to happen than by leaving belongings out in the open. The Beach Vault comes with a special towel that has a hole cut away for easy access, which is covered by an attached, inflatable pillow. Marcal DaCunha, 29, a church pastor from New Jersey in the USA, said: 'The whole thing started when my wife, Krystal, and I were travelling back from the beach. 'She said "What if we had a container you could put underneath your towel that could hide all of your stuff?" 'The idea was that if you were lying on the towel and you fell asleep you wouldn't have to worry about watching your stuff or trying to keep hold of it

Doing what he does best: Sir Mick Jagger puts on energetic performance in first Rolling Stones gig since death of L'Wren Scott


ir Mick Jagger has taken to the stage with The Rolling Stones, as they perform their first gig since the tragic death of his partner, L'Wren Scott. The band wowed 23,000 of their fans with an energetic performance at the Telenor Arena in Oslo, Norway, on Monday, which saw them perform their greatest hits as part of their On Fire tour. Jagger looked fabulously rock and roll in a black fitted blazer with white paint splatters all over it and his trademark black skinny jeans and trainers. The 70-year-old got so hot with his energetic routine that he threw off his blazer, revealing a silk patterned shirt underneath. Mick's band mates looked thrilled to be back on stage with their friend after a particularly tough couple of months for the star. The gig is the first the group have played since cancelling the Australian and New Zealand leg of their 14 On Fire tour following the news of L'Wren's death. Earlier this month, Mick looked tired when he was seen out in London for only the third time in public since L'Wren's death.

while closing your eyes. 'We spoke about it and spent a while making prototypes and coming up with ideas and we have now worked with engineers to come up with the Beach Vault. 'The Beach Vault screws into the sand and has a screw-top lid which has been built with a rubber O ring to make it waterproof. 'It is perfect for holding purses, wallets, phones, money, keys, and even has space for a book or an iPad Mini. 'The idea is you then place the towel over the top of it, which has a hole in it so you can access the container, but covered by a built-in pillow. 'This means that when you are lying down you are directly on top of your stuff and you don't have to worry about someone taking anything. 'If you were to leave your stuff unattended the Beach Vault would remain completely out of sight. 'There is nothing to stop a thief from picking the whole thing up and leaving if they knew where it was, but this is the same risk as using a handbag.' Marcal is raising money on a crowdfunding website to go towards the manufacturing of the Beach Vault. He expects it will retail for around R250.

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Common Myths in

Interior Design Dale Dennis (B-Tech Interior design TUT)

Interior design myth #4 –

I can do it myself, I see it on TV all the time.


ou more than likely could do it yourself, however there are a few points to remember: When these TV shows are produced a lot of planning goes into the project before hand, and remember, even on these shows, they have a team of professionals working on the project, if not directly for the audience to see, definitely behind the scenes. These shows also have sponsors, so in these instances clients’ budgets are no issue. That wonderful moment when the client says OMG! I love it (or secretly hates it – but can’t complain because it was done for free), is not what working with an interior designer is all about, the client should always be along for the journey making decisions hand in hand with the professional that is guiding them through the process. There should never be a “surprise!” whether it is good or bad. It is also delusional to think that an entire house or room can be completely renovated in 1 day or even a week; stripping, rubble removal, electrical, plumbing, painting and new furnishings – there is in actual fact a proper timeline that should be followed to allow for quality work, there is no point going through this process if whatever you achieve has no longevity. Are you aware that natural fibres move in coastal conditions? Your curtains will hang on the floor today, and tomorrow they will be up in the air? So perhaps using linen curtains isn’t a great idea for a beachside apartment, doing it yourself comes with a lot of risks like this if you are not well

To the Four Winds Opening in Ballito Soon



mbizo Gallery is proud to present To the Four Winds, a collaborative exhibition of works by fashion designer Terence Bray, visual art by Jeannie Kinsler and jewellery by Frieda Luhl and the Fine Ounce Goldsmith Collection. The exhibition will be opened on June 12th at 6.30pm by architect Joy Brasler and it will run until July 31st. The opening of To the Four Winds will feature live music, great wine and snacks and a collection of some of the most interesting people in Ballito. You are welcome to attend the opening at the Imbizo Gallery at the Lifestyle Centre in Ballito or to pop in at any time during the run of the exhibition to enjoy this fascinating collaborative. Imbizo Art Gallery, Shop 7A, Ballito Lifestyle Centre 032 946 1937


after before


informed. This is not to say that you cannot do it yourself, if you are inspired by design promoted by these shows that is GREAT, it is wonderful that more of the masses are becoming design aware, but just make sure that you conduct your research, do proper planning and be realistic about your projects timeline to ensure you end up with a quality, functional space at the end of it all.

Ground Floor Interiors 082 940 3793





& Sean Dercksen

28 May - 10 june 2014


Small Business Coach –


or many business owners, getting your product / service out is your top focus, but it can be your biggest obstacle at the same time. In addition, there are many uncertainties when it comes to pricing which have to be considered before going to market.

Here are three strategies for selecting the right prices for best results:

1.Select your products / services and decide where they fit In order to attract an abundance of prospects you need to offer a variety of prices for them to choose from. This will help a prospect get past the barrier to entry. Decide where your specific products / services will fit into your overall offering based on price. Consider offering something for free by bundle packaging it to another item – “Purchase this and get that free.” Next you want to look at your higher priced offerings, but be sure to also add items in between these price ranges so that you give prospects purchase

stepping stones. You might also find that you are only promoting high or medium priced offerings within your range. Look for gaps in your pricing range and make sure that anyone can purchase something that you sell. 2.Product / service titles impact on the value you want to create Think of titles for your products / services that will maximize the perception created in a prospect’s mind. It is all about value in your title, so think creatively here. Perhaps you cannot give your offerings a title… if not, then give your promotional material that showcases your offerings a value-laden title. But don’t stop there - you want to follow through with the wording on your promotional material as you identify the features, promote the benefits and highlight the advantages as well. 3.The psychology behind choosing a price You will have noticed that businesses rarely use round numbers when pricing

these days. This can be a real frustration as you end up with a fist full of change after a visit to the shops. Everything is priced a few Rands or Cents less than a rounded number. The reason for this is that even though buyers round the number up in their minds, they remember and therefore lean towards the lower ending number. In fact, a business owner will sell more if they simply change their pricing structure to the lower ending numbers. Simply put, R295 or R297 priced offerings will sell better than R300 offerings. So, take a look at your business and see how you price and promote your products / services. Ensure that you offer a variety of pricing levels within your range to accommodate all budgets in your target market. Make it easy for prospects to get started with you as you build trust and constantly promote value in

all your offerings. for past articles go to or

Celebrating a Massive Loss at Bob’s Boot Camp


ports physician Dr Craig Roberts from Durban’s Prime Human Performance Institute was in Ballito last week to give a talk at the invitation of his friend and colleague Bob Russell. Bob is the driving force behind Bob’s Boot Camp – a fitness club that has taken Ballito by storm. Bob’s Boot Camp gets great results for those looking to shape up, and the small army of devotees that are up well before dawn to gather on the sports field at Umhlali for their communal workout, are a living testimony to the benefits of exercise boot camp style. Bob Russell & Sam Hewitson Craig is sports physician to the Springbok rugby team, so he knows a thing or two about fitness which he had come to Ballito to share with Bob and his boot campers at a social gathering to celebrate the end of a twelve week challenge where an astonishing amount of weight had been lost and a huge amount of fitness gained. The thrust of Craig’s message was that the single most important thing you can do to avoid premature death and reduce the risk of disease is to exercise regularly. Even if you are not able to participate in an organised work out, the good news is that just thirty minutes of moderately Bjorn Rencken brisk exercise per day will be hugely beneficial to your general wellbeing. But if you really want to get in shape and enjoy the ride, maybe you should give Bob’s Boot Camp a try. And maybe you’ll soon be celebrating with Bob too!

Dr Craig Roberts

Jeanette Niemandt

. Martin Niemandt The Yu




Berenice Jamieson


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Lad 05 3rd ies hr o e st Alli rgie Sc ry 2nd - Be Winn 30 C s h o n Rob oeman 1st - Jea renice ers lass erts -S n am ette Jami He Nie eson wit ma son ndt Me n s 3rd W 2n - M inne d a 1st - Pe rtin rs - B ter Nie jor Ho ma n R us n enc ton dt ken

A Million Rand Target for Children in Need


he KwaDukuza Child Welfare Society is a charity that supports a huge number of people in need but sadly receives very limited financial assistance from the State. They are therefore heavily dependent on the public for support and each year they hold a Winter Fair as a major fundraiser. This year the Fair will be held in conjunction with the Mr Price Pro in Ballito and the Society aims to raise over a million rand at this event. The launch event was held at the Boat House in Ballito last week and over R300 000 in pledges was raised from those who were there to get the ball rolling. Edison Power, the major sponsor of the Winter Fair, donated R75 000 to the cause and the balance came from smaller businesses and individuals in attendance.

The KZN Youth Choir Coming to Ballito


n Friday June 6th the KZN Youth Choir will be performing at Ashton College in Ballito as a fund raiser to help them to go on tour. This is a fabulous opportunity to support a wonderful choir and to hear choral music of the very highest order right on your doorstep. Tickets are just R50pp, R30 for pensioners and scholars, and they available from the school. Call 032 946 2096 now to book your seats.


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Executive Head, Ashton International College


Well, 35 years later we were blown away by our Ashton Students with their rendition of the same movie. It certainly was appropriate that we could celebrate the majestic Grace Hall with our very first full production. The acting over the four nights was, to say the least, superb. With a cast of approximately 40 students, the synchronization and choreography was brilliant. Each student, whether part of the backstage crew, cheerleader or leading role, played a significant part in the success of the production. What was wonderful to observe was just how each student grew within their roles over the four performances. Even more impressive was seeing how many students who were involved with sport for the school who also participated in the production, especially our rugby and netball boys and girls. The giant LED screen was astoundingly effective and a great hit, and displayed the most amazing backdrops for the different scenes. Term 2 is always a stressful term and this year, in particular, even more so due to the disruptions of public holidays and Easter. There is always a fine balance when attempting to create a holistic child and



Joe Erasmus –

he year was ‘1978’ and my schooling was coming to an end. Probably one of the highlights of that year was the release of ‘GREASE’. At that stage both, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John were the hottest property in the acting fraternity. They literally exploded onto the scene.


with exams looming towards the end of this term it is finding that balance between sport, culture and academics. It obviously comes down to time management. The majority of our students will be sitting for their IEB exams, while the Cambridge students will be having maximum teaching contact time in their build up for trials in late August/ September. It always amazes me as to how our students and teachers cope with the rigours of both IEB and Cambridge and have the distinct ability of multi-tasking and being successful. With our school having reached the milestone of over 1000 students , bearing in mind we are still in our infant stage as Ashton, we can no longer be regarded as a small or even a medium school. As I have mentioned previously, I am, we are, able to measure our students success through their own

Grease –

It’s Still the Word at Ashton


shton College’s production of the popular musical, Grease, may be over, but it will long be remembered by all who performed in it and everyone who came to see it. The young performers gave it their all and what they might have lacked in

experience was offset by their energy and enthusiasm. They sang and danced and acted their hearts out – and the audiences loved it. It was a big production and a mammoth task to stage and direct but with the clever use of technology and a state of the art new theatre to work in, it came together beautifully. The new Grace Hall at Ashton College is a performer’s dream and a real credit to the school. The bar has been set very high and we can’t wait to see what Ashton produces next.

is the“Grease groov word, Greas e it’s got it’s got e m placeis the timeeaning. Greas , is th is the e m i o s feelin the w tion e g…,” ay we are

success, whether it is academics, sport or culture. Once again, I congratulate our students and their teachers on their tremendous achievements. The proud Executive Head of Ashton College JOE ERASMUS



28 May - 10 june 2014

Three Chicken Dishes That You Will Love...

Natasha Barnes

Grande Diplome Cordon Bleu Cookery Silwood Kitchens

Perfect Lemony Roast Chicken There is nothing better than a Roast Chicken, where possible always use a fresh organic fowl instead of a frozen one. My recipe is delicious and flop proof if you are going to be roasting a whole bird for the first time.


Chicken with Cashew and Red peppers in Coconut milk


30ml (2 tablespoons) butter 15ml (1 tablespoon) olive oil 60ml (1/4 cup) cashew nuts, unsalted 1 red pepper, de-seeded and finely sliced 2 gloves of garlic crushed 1 onion, thinly sliced 15ml (1 tablespoon) freshly grated ginger 15ml (1 tablespoon) ground coriander 2,5ml (½ teaspoon) ground turmeric 2,5ml (½ teaspoon) ground nutmeg 500g skinless chicken fillets, cubed into equal pieces 1 x 400ml can coconut milk 45ml (3 tablespoons) fresh cream or mascarpone cheese 45ml (3 tablespoons) fresh coriander leaves Fresh black pepper


Heat the butter and oil in a large, very deep, frying pan or saucepan. Add the cashew nuts and red pepper and sauté for three to four minutes or until the red pepper is soft. Remove from the pan and set aside. Add the garlic, onion and fresh ginger to the pan, cook until the onion is soft. Stir in the spices and the chicken and brown the chicken lightly, about 5 minutes, do not overcook the chicken or it will become tough. Reduce heat and stir in the coconut milk, add the reserved cashews and red pepper. Simmer for 35 minutes or until the chicken is tender. Stir in the cream and fresh coriander and heat through to serve. Give the dish a sprinkling of black pepper. Serves 4

1kg - 1,2kg fresh organic Chicken Salt and pepper to taste 1 very large lemon or two small 30ml (2 tablespoons) good quality olive oil 2 - 4 cloves of garlic, crushed 15ml (1 tablespoon) fresh thyme or 10ml dried 4 potatoes, peeled and quartered


Pre-heat oven to 220C Remove any Giblets from the chicken and discard. Trim away any visible fat and make sure there are not bits of feather left on the wings. Cut the lemon in half, reserve the juice and set aside. Do not discard the squeezed lemons. Season the bird all over with salt and pepper. Mix together the olive oil, garlic, reserved lemon juice and thyme. Take the cut lemon halves and stuff them into the cavity of the bird.

Rub the bird all over with the olive oil mixture, using your hands to ensure the chicken is well covered. Place the chicken in an oven roasting tray, Roast at 220C for 30 minutes, reduce the heat to 180C, and add the potatoes and leave to cook for a further 1 hour, or until the juices run clear. This is when the bird is pierced with a metal skewer or small knife at the thickest part of the thigh. If you have a very large bird, up to - 1,6kg to 1,8kg, then increase the cooking time by 10 – 12 minutes at 180C. Check on the potatoes even now and again and give them a good turn to coat evenly with the juices while cooking. Once cooked, remove the chicken from the oven, cover with foil and leave to stand for 10 minutes for the juices to settle before carving. Serve with lemony potatoes and a green salad. Serves 4.

Sticky Chicken Wings

I love chicken wings! As a child my mom would buy them in bulk and cook up Sticky Chicken Wings for us for supper on a Friday night. We would sit in front of the TV, trays on our laps, devouring some cheap action video and a plate of delicious wings. These are best eaten with your fingers. Don’t forget to provide a finger bowl for your guests.

Ingredients 1kg fresh chicken wings, thawed if frozen 5ml (1 teaspoon) chilli powder, hot 5ml (1 teaspoon) sweet smoked Paprika 5ml (1 teaspoon) ground cumin 10ml (2 teaspoons) BBQ spice mix 60ml (¼ cup) soy sauce 60ml (¼ cup) honey 80ml (1/3 cup) tomato sauce 2ml (pinch) dry- mustard powder 10ml (2 teaspoons) red wine vinegar


Mix together the chilli powder, smoked paprika, cumin and BBQ spice mix. Rub all over the wings and leave to stand for a good few hours. Pre-heat the oven to

200C. Mix together the remaining ingredients and pour the sticky sauce over the chicken, use your hands to combine well. Transfer to an oven roasting dish or ovenproof dish and cook at 200C for 35 minutes or until the chicken is cooked and you are left with a sticky sauce. Serves 4.


For A Longer Life @LaPiazzaBallito I T: 032 946 1527 I 032 586 3565 I A: Shop 12, The Well, Ballito

Eat Lots of Hot Curries:

Scientists Say Pain-Blocking Ability of Chillis










7am-10pm Daily

Boosts Lifespan curry or stir fry for dinner won’t just spice up your evening – it might also help you live longer. Scientists say that blocking the body’s ability to feel pain boosts lifespan - and that one way of switching off pain is by regularly eating chilli peppers. The culinary advice follows experiments in mice, in which stopping pain signals from reaching the brain extended their lifespan. Animals that could not make pain-sensing protein called TRPV1 were ‘exceptionally long lived’. Not only was life 14 per cent longer, but it was also healthier. They developed cancer less often and their memory faded less with age. They seemed to be able to burn off calories without exercising more than usual and their metabolism, including their ability to process sugar remained youthful late in life. This could cut the risk of diabetes,


the journal Cell reports. University of California researcher Andrew Dillin said: ‘We think that blocking this pain receptor and pathway could be very, very useful not only for relieving pain, but for improving lifespan and metabolic health and in particular for treating diabetes and obesity in humans. ‘As humans age, they report a higher incidence of pain, suggesting that pain might drive the ageing process.’ The animals in his experiment had been genetically-engineered to not make the TRPV1 pain sensor. But Professor Dillin said that regularly eating capsaicin, the compound that gives chilli peppers their zing, should stop the sensor from working. He said: ‘Chronic ingestion of compounds that affect TRPV1 such as capsaicin might help prevent metabolic decline with age and lead to increased longevity in humans.’




I Kids Play Zones I Wood Fire Pizza Ovens Covered Outside Seating Area I Deli & Bakery



Free Wifi



Mon-Sun 10am - 10pm

TEL: (032) 525 7792

Franco€s CUCINA ITALIANA (032) autheNtic 586 - 3477 079 509 3403 (cell)

italiaN restauraNt & piZZeria

experience real Italian Hospitality “new and exciting menu” 032 586 3477 079 509 3403 16 COMPENSATION BEACH ROAD, SHOP 1&2, VALENTE CENTRE, BALLITO


DISCOVER THE BEST HIDDEN TREASURE ON THE NORTH COAST AT LA MONTAGNE'S CRAYFISH INN RESTAURANT. Come and Enjoy a Romantic Candle lit Dinner or a Relaxed Family Meal at our Cosy and Intimate 50-seater Restaurant. Not only do we offer amazing shellfish but also a wide range of poultry, meat & vegetarian dishes with a great selection of wines.



100 Compensation Beach Road Tel: 032 946 2121



28 May - 10 june 2014

e l y t S n i d e i r r a M

Keith and Tania Marques are our featured bridal couple in this edition of Life & Style. This lovely couple chose to leave the big smoke behind and chose The Boat House in Ballito for their bespoke beach wedding. This is one of the most popular venues on the North Coast for beach weddings and friends and family loved it almost as much as the bride and groom. Sam Basson was on hand to capture the memories in a series of exquisite pictures, some of which are featured here. We wish Keith and Tania a wonderful life together.

all made up

Wed with us… in Style and Elegance One special day, one special moment, held at one special place. Capture memories and experience romance in a setting that makes your dream a reality. Meander Manor creating your dream with spectacular sea views.

by Ashton

Wedding Expo visit us on the day and stand a chance to WIN a wedding worth over

R70 000

13 July 2014, 10 am to 3 pm

*XHVW/RGJH‡&RQIHUHQFH&HQWUH‡:HGGLQJ9HQXH 032 525 8107 t 071 682 5795 t Shakas Rock, Dolphin Coast t


WESTVILLE 031 267 0088


082 331 5969


Exceptionally creative and detail oriented Makeup for all occasions . Ashton is an award-winning makeup artist specialising in brides, performers for stage, photography shoots, fashion shows, film appearances and more. She has recently returned from overseas and is now consulting full-time as a hair stylist and make-up artist at Scissor Sisters Hair Studio in Ballito. Call Ashton on 081 819 0149

Ocean Queen Seafoods

The Quarter – Come and Enjoy the Difference!


Fresh Line Fish All types of Crabs Langoustines

All Types of Prawns Crayfish Oysters

TAKE - AWAY NOW OPEN For your convenience fish and shellfish are cleaned free of charge

032 946 2832

Shop 3, The Quarter Centre, Ballito

Mon - Fri:09h30 -19h00 Sat:09h00 -19h00 Sun:10h00 - 18h00

Framer: Wynand Fourie Shop 18, The Quarter Shopping Centre

Cnr Stewart & Nandi Mthembu Drive, Ballito

Cell: 072 257 3124

art * decor * furniture * jewellery * gifts

at The Quarter, cnr Stewart & Nandi Mthembu Drive, Ballito Sue Boulle Fran Jex

082 414 9929 082 444 1518


he Quarter Boutique Shopping Centre is a multi-level shopping complex in Ballito, offering an interesting and very different retail experience to the discerning shopper. Stores range from boutiques to hair salons, beauty therapy, a barber, a photographic studio, a dance studio, food stores and fashion boutiques. A piazza-style food quarter offers fine dining, and both indoor and al fresco style dining. The cuisine on offer will satisfy any craving, ranging from much-loved smaller items to the more substantial at prices that you will love. Enjoy relaxing and refuelling between visiting one of the many stores and boutiques at The Quarter. There’s plenty of safe and convenient parking, both covered and open and easy access to everything. Come and enjoy the difference…

Cell: 082 652 3889 Phone/Fax: 032 946 3996 Email:

Shop 14A, The Quarters, Stewart Drive, Ballito

All our products are 100% pure bamboo, sourced locally, hand made and treated accordingly.

The Quarter is located at the corner of Stewart rd. and Nandi Mthembu Drive, Ballito


032 586 3553 The Quarter, 1 Stewart Drive Unit 11, Ballito

Per Ardua ad Astra rod briggs


ver a lifetime of working with the “good and the great” a common theme has emerged. It is simply the lack of achievement in the mainstream of humanity; even the most successful tend to be so in only one or two areas of their lives. Stories of high powered executives whose personal lives have taken a back seat are so common as to be the norm. While most pay precious little attention to the upliftment of the community they are part of, the nurturing of the earth and our precious environment, the vast majority pay no attention at all to the

“What a magnificent waste…..” Ayn Rand – Atlas Shrugged

spiritual side of life, thinking that it’s not of import – or at best that it can wait till later. The media has us believing that if we can put a roof over our head, keep the family fed and manage a holiday every now and then we have a successful life. We are all capable of so much more in a plethora of ways. The title of this piece, per ardua ad astra,(through adversity to the stars) is the motto of the Royal Air Force but it has its roots in the ancient world of Virgil and his description of the god Apollo’s advice “sic itur ad astra.” There are layers of complexity to this advice but the bottom line is that through a constant striving to improve, in all areas of our life, we can become one with the gods. How far are most of

us, not just from achieving this ideal, but from even trying in the first place? Over the last half century or so our education, all over the world, has been, and continues to be, ‘dumbed down’ to encompass only that which we need to know to eke out a living in the technocentric madhouse of modern life. There seems to be no place for ethics and social order whereas eudaemonia, Aristotle’s wonderful principle of living a “good” life and the rules for doing so, is quite literally only so much Greek to most. Start noticing the areas in your life that are on your road less travelled, explore them, keep learning and growing. Our life

should be a continuum of adventure and exploration; if it’s not it’s just a magnificent waste. Namaste Rod Briggs is an International Lecturer in the Mind Sciences. He has taught government departments, universities, Olympians and peak achievers in the corporate and private sectors from all over the world. He spends half the year in Europe and the USA on lecture tours but resides on the Dolphin Coast. Contact the Mindlink Foundation for one on one or group Personal Development Skills or get Rod Briggs’ book Simple as Breathing at



28 May - 10 june 2014

Comrades -

The Ultimate Human Challenge...




Garth Bendixen– Pilates by Design Johan Dorfling - Personal Trainer


2. Don't start too slow. Start within your limits though but don't waste time, you will not catch it up in the second half. 3. Walk early up hill. Don't wait for your heart to start pounding in your chest then slow down. You are spending yourself and will pay for it later. Run the flats and the downs, walk the hills fast. 4. Shorten and speed up your stride. This will cause less of a breaking effect when your feet hit the tar and give you a 'rolling' style of running. This causes less impact on your joints, there's less chance of injury and it reduces muscle fatigue caused by vibration. 5. Keep hydrated and well nourished. There is a lot of debate around this subject at the moment so stick to your original game plan, again, don't change anything now. 6. Rather arrive undertrained, than over-trained! It is human nature to think that you have not done enough and to try and sneak in a few extra runs. Truth is, you cannot get fitter now, you can only make yourself tired. 7. Have 2 to 3 good night’s sleep before the race. You are probably not going to sleep well the night before, so make sure you get a few nights of good rest in the week leading up to the race. 8. Limit your last minute prep. You should spend the day before with your legs in the air, not on them. 9. Take a picture of your toe nails. It will probably be the last time you see them this year. 10. Keep moving forward even when you are eating and drinking! Any stops quickly More than just a workout! add up to an hour wasted. 11. When last did you relieve • Sport Specific Fitness Training yourself? Ask yourself this • Functional Strength Training at the end of the race. If you • Cross Fitness Training haven't for a while, best is to • Nutrition and Supplementation check in with the medics, you • Weight Loss Specific Fitness are probably dehydrated. • Core Strength I can now see how • Posture Correction easy it can be to write an • Injury Rehabilitation encyclopaedia about running • Ultra Endurance Event Fitness but this is where I'll stop. • Stretching and Flexibility Best of luck to all Comrades runners… May you surpass johan dorfling your personal expectations. ood luck to all runners taking part in this year’s Comrades Down Run! Although I have only done one Comrades, this meets the qualification criteria to be an expert in the field so, novices, listen closely! 1. Don't experiment with anything new! This includes new supplement, vitamins, shoes, shorts, exercises etc.! It's not worth throwing away 6 months of training.

PERSONAL TRAINER Cell: 072 340 1213

Johan - 072 340 1213


second of every day that you are a failure! Therein is the tyrant of the war that claims people’s lives! Ok, so I am done laying down the “heavies”, as my wife likes ongoing “war” for both to call it. What’s the light men and women, and has at the end of the tunnel? been active for centuries. What’s the answer if the This “war” has claimed ideal body doesn’t exist? The the lives, both literally and answer is that you can have figuratively, of millions a great body! You can have of people all over the a drop dead gorgeous body, globe. The battle is for an however, you should not “ideal body”. We see the be driven by what people “ideal body” plastered all think and say about your over every form of media body but rather by what available ranging from YOU think about your body! TV, magazines, Instagram Here are some tips to help and even Facebook. I used you get started on achieving to be an Idealist until I a balanced approach to a started working as a Pilates GREAT body: Instructor and realized that the “Ideal” body does not 1. It won’t be perfect exist. It doesn’t matter how and that’s Ok! Stop waiting strong your willpower is, for the perfect time to start life throws you curveballs – just get started. Accept and there are bound to be that the process won’t be moments or even seasons perfect. You will make in ones life where you will mistakes! Your goal is to do choose the chocolate over a better each day and not to salad or the entire chocolate be the “ideal” person. cake over the small piece If you get off track, don’t you intended to have as a wait until Monday or next “cheat”, on the Saturday you month when you think it were white knuckling to get will be easier. The sooner to. Beside this, I can assure you can right the ship the you that there will always less likely you’ll sink into be someone that you will bad habits. You messed up, think has a better body than don’t give up. Get back on you do. The ideal or perfect track now, not later, not body is an ever-illusive goal! Monday. Now! The problem is not in When you do give in, wanting a great body; the learn from it. Then let it problem is thinking that go and hit restart… right if you aren’t taking every away. Don’t let it compound perfect little action every into more bad choices. Get very good at starting over, finishing will take care of itself. In this moment, you are back on track. 2. Your progress is about you. Compare yourself to the old you, not to anyone else. How much better are you doing than you would have done before? If you only trained Contact us 082 521 2469 twice in one week and you here is an

planned to train five times, that’s still better than when you were doing NOTHING!! Comparison is a killer – really. It wipes out your motivation, your self-worth and gives you every reason to quit – none of this helps you get what you WANT. 3. Treat yourself like a child. Be as kind to yourself as you would a child. If you mess up, don’t beat yourself up! Recognize that you could have done better and make a decision to do better! This pattern should be on “repeat” for the rest of your life! Give yourself the same advice you would give a child if you were trying to help them get over something 4. Choose and commit. To commit is something you will be faced with everyday! Be honest with yourself when the time comes to exercise. If you genuinely don’t have the time or you’re exhausted then make a choice and commit to NOT going to exercise. However, if you are stuck in the place where you “just don’t feel like it”, then make the choice and commit to going! There is nothing worse than feeling guilty and saying to yourself, “I should have,” or “I wish I had.” NO!! Make a choice either way, stick to it, and don’t feel bad either way!! If you have never tried Pilates then of course I am biased towards it and I welcome you to come to our group classes or come to a complimentary oneon-one private session to see what its all about. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed! I look forward to seeing you SOON! Remember, whatever you choose, you CAN have a GREAT body!

Pilates by Design Home & Décor Centre,Douglas Crowe Drive Ballito Look for us on Facebook 082 521 2469 082 498 9042.

The Comrades Marathon – a Brief History


he Comrades Marathon is the world's oldest and largest ultramarathon run over a distance of approximately 90 km | 56.1 miles between Pietermaritzburg, and Durban. The race was the idea of First World War veteran Vic Clapham, who wanted a living memorial to those South African soldiers killed in the war. Clapham, who had endured a 2 700-kilometre route march through sweltering German East Africa, wanted the memorial to be a unique test of the physical endurance of the entrants. The constitution of the race states that one of its primary aims is to "celebrate mankind's spirit over adversity". The Comrades Marathon first took place in 1921 and has

been run every year since, except from 1941 to 1945 when it was stopped during the Second World War. Forty-eight runners entered the first race, but when the starting shot was fired, only 34 had the heart to tackle the daunting task - not surprising when one considers that the course was tarred only for the last few kilometres into Durban. A time limit of 12 hours was set and Bill Rowan became the inaugural winner, clocking 08:59 to win by 41 minutes from second-placed Harry Phillips. Of the 34 starters, only 16 completed the race.

Find the freedom to ow

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Tuesday 08h15 - 09h15 Thursday 17h15 - 18h15 at Sugardance Studio The Quarter, 1 Stewart Drive, Ballito. Contact Helen on 079 368 4486


Reiki session to rejuvenate the mind and body, uplifts your spirit and restores natural energy, with a full body sports massage.

Lomi Lomi Back Massage

Exclusive Gel Nails



Tel: 073 128 1236 Email: Web: 10 Manor House on Manor Estates, 44 Old Main Rd, Umhlali 7 days a week. 9am - 5pm Bookings preferred, walk-ins welcome.



28 May - 10 june 2014




nlike older-generation Ballades, which were rebadged Civics, South Africa's latest Ballade is in fact a Honda City with that nostalgic badge. Although the new model hasn't grown in length or width, extending the wheelbase by 50mm has freed up more interior space to make it roomier than its class rivals. On the outside, it receives a completely new look that resembles the recently revealed third-generation Honda Jazz, on which the new sedan is based. Although it was designed in Japan, this was done with extensive input from Asian countries where the

Trend starting from

R195 900 incl. VAT

Bluetooth® Hands Free Telephone

Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)

6 Airbags

Air Conditioning

rio 1.4 manual sedan from r2269 p/m

Now iN s


T’s&C’s: Purchase Price R189995 60% guaranteed buyback 20% deposit 36 months 10% interest rate

More Power, More Performance and Much More Style. Visit Kia Umhlanga Now to Experience it For Yourself.


The result is, as Honda describes it, an “advanced cool stunner.”

This generation marks the introduction of a new 1.5-litre i-DTEC turbo diesel engine that was developed exclusively for India. It'll also be offered with an improved version of the familiar 88kW 1.5-litre i-VTEC petrol engine.

The 2014 Honda Ballade is now available at Honda Umhlanga, 15 Meridian Dr, Durban. Call now to find out more or to book a test drive 031 580 7900.

Roland Brown The original Diavel caused a stir with its mix of cruiser looks and brutish power. Now it's more refined without losing its appeal

fiNaNCiaL Year eNd sPeCiaL

Denise Bond Sales Manager Thabo Mlobeli Claude Maduray Nhlanhla Zungu Ivan Pillay Chanelle Bosch Candice Gourrege

City is most popular.

Ducati Diavel Carbon

Electric Windows

Honda Auto Umhlanga 031 580 7900

KIA Umhlanga T: 031 570 4700

The New Honda Ballade

082 462 1039 082 837 3897 084 716 1297 083 431 7265 084 948 1234 083 233 4806 079 540 1103

It would be

impossible for this updated Diavel to match the impact of the original, launched only three years ago. Few bikes have been as controversial. Internet forums and magazine letters pages blazed with complaints that the Diavel was ugly, and that Ducati was betraying its sporting heritage by building a cruiser. Despite that, Ducati's boldness in creating the dramatically styled and cleverly engineered Diavel was rewarded when almost everybody who rode it came back smiling; marvelling at the unique way that it combined a relaxed riding position and fat back tyre with thrilling acceleration and improbably agile handling. It looked like a cruiser, performed like a superbike and has since sold respectably well, despite being far from cheap. The updates are aimed at improving comfort and low-speed performance. Ducati claims a revised injection system gives a more refined feel. That may well be true, although I'd need a back-to-back test with the old version to confirm it. What is certain is that the revamped Diavel is not just one of the quickest bikes around but also one of the most exciting. For such an aggressively

styled bike it is rider-friendly, especially in the softest of the three riding modes, Urban, which limits power output to 100bhp. But if you press the indicator button to select Touring or Sport mode, then crack open the throttle, you'll need to hold on tight as the Ducati thunders forward at a rate that even the firm's super-sports 1199 Panigale would struggle to match. At 205kg dry the Diavel is heavier but its extra length helps keep the front wheel down. It is a little more refined, and every bit as exhilarating as ever.

notice board

TIDE TIMETABLE 28 MAY - 10 JUNE 2014 Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday

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High 15:43 16:17 16:49 17:21 17:52 18:25 19:01 19:46 20:47 22:12 23:37 ---:--00:40 01:28

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Shop G70a Ballito Bay Mall

BIG Sound Projects

or skhuMbuZo 082 930 7793

official approved haNdbook


Al Marrakesh Guest House Ce La Vie Guesthouse Lavender Farm Guest House Meander Manor Rain Farm Game & Lodge 032 815 1050 Seaside Lodge B&B/Conferences Weddings 032 946 4103 The Cottages 032 586 1444

Weddings/events Bowditch Photography 082 256 0006 Litchi Orchard Markets, Events, Weddings 032 525 5118 Hatches Matches Dispatches 079 887 0236

medical Dr Shoshanna Dunn - Chiropractor Dr. Loubser / Dr. Perold - Dentist Dr. Ryall A. Hamlyn & Dr. Peter C. Iyavoo East Coast Pharmacy Medisport Pharmacy Sanhall Dental Sports &Therapeutic Massage The Cosmetic & Dental Emporium

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beauty salon

Tiffany’s beauty salon is looking to add another member to the team. I am specifically looking for someone with more than a years experience, preferably ITEC qualifications in beauty and massage and a nail tech course and experience. We would like someone who is as passionate about skincare as we are. Email to apply.

CompuGeeks computer sales & repairs


074 538 2780

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Fun & entertainment

Clubventure Holla Trails Jolly Jumpers

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Ashton International College Crawford College Curro Mount Richmore Inscape College Trinity House

Auto Umhlanga Used Cars 032 946 0798 Audi Centre Umhlanga 032 586 3223 Ballito Auto Body & Restoration 072 340 1213 Ballito Car Service Centre 032 946 2423 Ballito Scratch & Dent 032 946 3504 082 485 3537 Honda Umhlanga 032 586 1100 079 368 4486 032 586 3368 082 521 2469 032 946 1670 032 946 0453 032 946 0453 032 946 3314

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Air- Elec Airconditioning, Refrigeration, Electrical Installations & Repairs 032 946 0930 032 525 8187 All Kill Pest Control 084 511 2228 032 946 3933 Alpha Security 032 947 1805 032 525 5698 Apex TV Services 032 525 8825 032 946 1588 Big Sound Projects 082 551 4768 082 331 5969 Coastal Hire 079 175 0925 032 586 3477 Comp-u-Accounting 031 700 8770 032 947 0520 CompuGeeks 032 586 0900 032 946 1527 CopyInk- Business Services 032 946 2767 032 946 8800 D&D Gutters 083 461 2524 032 946 3931 Dolphin Coast Gas & Braai 082 900 9375 032 946 2214 Dolphin Coast Tourist Services Taxis 083 431 2749 031 568 2286 ES Brokers 031 502 1922 032 525 7460 Execuspecs 032 946 3473 032 946 5403 Executive Personal Assistant 071 682 6497 032 525 8030 Flight Centre Ballito 032 946 3058 032 946 2121 HP Steenkamp Attorneys & Conveyancers 032 946 0093 032 946 2121 JMK Group 083 602 7742 032 525 8030 Life & Style Publications 032 946 3112 RSG Paving 083 415 9067 SA Pulse Electronic Installers 032 500 9001 Schulz Wiesinger & O’Dwyer 032 946 1500 082 956 9295 032 946 0523 Scott’s Pool Services 083 400 5456 076 013 0647 Small Business Coach 032 947 1217 021 876 2671 Wheal Steel 071 485 6204 032 525 8107 TFC Contracts Tile & Floor 032 946 2388 073 244 8246


032 946 3046

call dave 082 551 4768


ROTARY CLUB OF BALLITO Want to help? Call: 083 600 4804

Buying Selling Renting

P.A. & Sound Equipment for Any Event, Big or Small Great Service, Best prices North Coast

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A-Z 2nds AC Screens & Shutters KZN Civon Interior Solutions Cupboard Value FinFloor Ground Floor Interiors Home Flair Fine Furniture with Flair O La La Interiors Tongaat Plants Trimwise Pvc & Ziptrack Blinds Leather Gallery NMC Cornice & Mouldings Studio 10 / Blinds Home Decor Supertrack - Shutters, Blinds & Curtains The Sandstone Story Union Tiles

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TO ADVERTISE IN OUR NEXT EDITION August- November 2014 call 032 946 3674/3112


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A fortnightly lifestyle read from Ballito and Umhlanga on the North Coast of KwaZulu Natal South Africa

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