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am a firm believer in the principle of service, a notion instilled in me from an early age as a primary school pupil at St Dunstan’s Memorial Diocesan School, the motto of which was “I serve”. Essentially my understanding of this is to do the right thing and good leadership is generally based on this premise.

Earlier this year, when it became apparent that our Rate Payers’ Association was in imminent danger of collapse, I volunteered to work on a committee to rescue it – in the nick of time, as it happens. Just weeks after the new DOCRRA committee was invested, the water crisis hit and we were able to negotiate successfully with the authorities to overturn the punitive system of fines that had been implemented as a strategy to curb water use in the region in favour of a more equitable “user pays” scenario. Prior to this we held a public meeting that drew a capacity crowd and it appeared that DOCRRA was off to a flying start, but it was obvious then that we had no effective way of communicating with our membership and therefore had no idea of who our members were. So, we designed a simple and effective website to sign up membership and to build the association into a force to be reckoned with. After all, to negotiate from a position of strength is always the best way to advance your cause. There are currently pressing issues threatening to weigh heavily on ratepayers in the region that DOCRRA should be monitoring. The drought continues and our

water crisis is far from over. You can expect some interesting developments in this regard going forward. The price of electricity is set to skyrocket in the region and you will be subsidising much of it to other areas if my information is correct. The cost of the recent upgrade to the entrance to Ballito – the widening of the P445 – has been excessive and the loan raised by the KwaDukuza Municipality to pay for it will be repaid through substantially increased rates and levies. Ultimately, you and I am going to pay dearly for it. Think, I’m exaggerating? Watch this space. But that’s not all, folks. Our municipal building in Ballito is in ruins. What started as a simple renovation has been bungled to the point of no return. By appointing the wrong contractors and through what would appear to be hopeless administration, the municipality has effectively botched the job so badly that the building now stands deserted, derelict and open to the elements. And it gets worse. Many of your documents have been left behind in the chaos if reports from my committee are true. Building plans and other important documents have apparently been left unsecured in deserted offices, open to anyone too rifle through. Your security and privacy may well have been compromised and no one seems particularly concerned. This has to be urgently addressed at the appropriate level. Ballito still has no formal taxi rank and the situation is rapidly deteriorating while those who should be addressing the situation keep passing the buck. I have been in several meetings where various versions of the truth have been bandied about by those in authority but the fact remains – we are no closer to a permanent solution than we were a year



ago and time is running out. Taxi Associations are volatile by nature and their patience has been tested to the limit. We should never be held to ransom by inept authorities like this. We pay millions of Rands into their coffers each month and, quite frankly we deserve better. And there are other equally pressing issues but I won’t labour the point. So, what is DOCRRA doing for you in these matters? The simple answer is, unless you join us and add your name to our membership data base, I don’t believe that we currently have a mandate to do anything. We have fewer than a hundred signed up members at present. We will shortly commence with a membership drive to determine the future of the association. We need a membership of thousands if we are to be taken seriously. Join us and we will get results - go to www. docrra. for more info . The alternative is, do nothing and hope for the best. The choice is yours. Welcome to another edition of Life & Style now also online at Y












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Peace of June until end t&c’s mind is apply a call away. Are you looking for a new managing agent?

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Making Space Affordable

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Wakefields Property Management is responsible for the management of the affairs of over 560 Sectional Title and Share Block developments throughout KwaZulu Natal. If you are looking for a New managing Agent, please contact our office and we will be happy to provide a quotation that will match your requirements.








“Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.” - Steve Jobs

o-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs was one of the world’s greatest “ideas” men. But he also understood that when you truly understand your product and the market, your decision to act or not to act has wide implications on the outcome of your business transactions. The same holds true for selling property.

Why are you selling? Every property transaction starts off with the reason why ownership must change hands. The reasons may be as variable as you can imagine from selling for profit as part of an investment, because of relocation, personal circumstances referred to as the 3 D’s – Death, Divorce and Distress or even as simple as to get away from nasty neighbours. Once the motivation to sell has been established: WHY, the next step to decide upon is: How. How do I go about selling my house? Selling a property is not as complex as many perceive it to be. It all comes down to a willing seller and willing and able buyer coming to an agreement on their price and the terms of the transaction. Even written on the back of a cigarette box with both signatures and witnesses will be sufficient to conclude the transaction. Richard Branson states that: “Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It’s hard to keep things simple” But beware: When dealing with the untrained and often unqualified Realtor, or going about it on your own, it could lead you into a morass of pitfalls and trouble. When working with a reputable Brand and Realtors much of the clutter and dangers are cut out, leaving both parties, buyers and sellers, to focus on what is important. Offering a minimum input to the sellers and buyers by giving them a full service package from such a reputable Real Estate company (such as Harcourts Dolphin Coast) will remove the complexity and taking much of the stress and strain out of the transaction. Every business transaction needs a vision. In property that vision is the successful sale (or rental) of the property. The more clearly the vision

treasured about your property, no longer has value for the buyer. Why your first offer is often your best offer? I have personally experienced it on numerous occasions where the seller has refused the low first offer only to regret it for a long time thereafter. The old saying that a ‘bird in hand’ is better than an empty hand is true. Today all indications point to negativity in the financial as well as the property markets and political uncertainty both here at home as well as international is slowly influencing the property prices of today. Immigration figures points to more and more South Africans looking for greener pastures elsewhere, and all of this impacts on the property market. Although Ballito is still a sought after area to invest, the trends point to a more rational and slower house price. I strongly advise that once you have received an offer for your property, not to reject it outright, but to consider all aspects and communicate with the assistance of your chosen agent to get to the best result for all parties. Weighing the pros and cons and thinking it through without allowing your emotions to get in the way, your first offer may well be not only the only offer ,but also your best offer. To help you guide you through your property transactions, why don’t you call on us: Harcourts Dolphin Coast? We have years of experience and are qualified to sell or rent your property with your best interest at heart. AGENTS: Have you ever considered a career in real estate? Do you want to be the best agent you can be? Do you want real tools to help you list and sell more? Do you want a global partner that gets you to the top? Harcourts Dolphin Coast will help you get where you need to be, and celebrate your success every step of the way with their rewards and recognition programme. Call us today. We are located at 11 Jack Powell roads. 032 946 2331 or you can e-mail us on:

Shakas Rock


Little Greece. The Ultimate Ocean Penthouse. Greek Island inspired. Modern with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The kitchen is a delight with all appliances. Seldom will you find views of the coastline, private beaches and the Indian ocean as offered from this penthouse.


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Yes, we offer sound advice, wide variety, great service and value-for-money but we offer something more, product. Olivari, Mandelli, Besana, Oro & Oro and Formani world class handles: all brands top of the game for a reason — when all the hype is said and done it is the product that counts. Handles Inc are specialists in: Imported Handles, Home Accessories and Ironmongery.

Shop 2B Manhattan House, 3 – 5 Twilight Drive Umhlanga Ridge 031 584 6649

it is communicated the more everyone involved will relate to it and want to attain the desired results. In a peoplecentred industry such as property, where the interactions with clients determine success or failure, it is important to choose wisely: those who will put in the most time and effort to serve their client’s needs. What if you receive an offer that is not what you were expecting? It is very hard to accept that your expectations and the reality are not matching up. The first reaction is often to feel insulted and to blame both the agent and the buyer. One way to understand the low offer is to place yourself in the shoes of the buyer, and ask yourself what you will pay for your house now that the shoe is on the other foot. Many times buyers will not pay for your reasons to profit. It is like selling an old model car to purchase a new car at the same price. You are often not aware that what you have valued and


Smart, Sophisticated, Spacious Beach Apartment. Direct access onto the promenade . 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Fully fitted kitchen, A large store room and secure undercover parking bay is provided for your car. Watch the sun rise on the ocean from the large patio.

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21 October - 03 November 2015

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dolphin coast builders

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us assist you in theprovider ABSOLUTE LetLet us assist you in locating the locating ABSOLUTE care for your family! Based KZN, Contact 079family! 303 1779 or Based careinprovider forJess your in Ballito.

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Salt Rock Shopping Centre

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Umhlali Upholsterers Salt Rock Homework Club. AFTERNOON HOMEWORK AND STUDY ASSISTANCE FOR GRADES 1-12.


Situated at Curro Mt Richmore. One on one remedial support and exam prep classes also available. Qualified and experienced tutors, very small groups. Contact Jess - 0793031779.

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Ballito 082 466 7755 Mon - Fri 08:00 -17:00 Tues 08:00 -15:00

OPEN FOR BREAKFAST & LUNCH We specialise in Belgium waffles, old traditional and gourmet Milkshakes, Italian Ice cream and Italian Soft serve, traditional Pancakes and Italian Mokador Coffee.

FRIDAY VETKOEK SPECIAL a delicious, big Vetkoek made from our traditional family recipe. You’ll love it!


We’ve got you covered Jason Galloti - 083 791 4927 Tel/Fax: 032 947 1630 Email: Shop1, Old Main Road, Umhlali

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28 November 2015 18h30 Crawford College North Coast R80pp/R50 per child u13 Natashia 082 560 7861


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only valid from 21 October-10 November on presentation of advert

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Distributor of computer sales & repairs computer sales & repairs Nail and computer sales & repairs Beauty Products e.g. Acrylic, Gel, Gel computer sales & repairs Polish, Eye Lash and Wax Products and various Equipment.


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-TREME CLEANING Solutions is a young business founded by Alistair Feuilherade and Timothy Lyle. They specialise in residential and commercial exterior cleaning and no job is too small or too big.

Recently they were commissioned to clean the iconic Lifestyle Sail. The structure is about 25 meters high with access only by very specialized equipment. With all the construction in the surrounding area, all the



buildings in the area are subject to dust build-up which causes havoc to the cleanliness of the buildings. This buildup eventually stains buildings if not cleaned from time to time. The task was to clean this massive sail inside and out. Because the Lifestyle Shopping Centre is busy during the day the task had to be performed at night and finished before the first shop owners arrived at 6am. Working at night presents its own challenges but the company is completely self-sufficient and mobile with their own water (recycled) and electricity in case of load shedding. Safety is a primary concern and a safety officer was on site throughout the job to make sure that everyone worked according to the code. Despite rain during the evening they managed to complete the job at 5:45 am while a few curious runners were doing laps around the parking lot. As the sun rose, they left the site and the results speak for themselves.

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21 October - 03 November 2015



any seem to get confused around investment vehicles and investment funds / strategies and may fall into the trap of thinking one investment vehicle (e.g.: Unit Trust) performs better than another (e.g.: Retirement Annuity). The reality is that performance is primarily driven by the type of fund(s) you are exposed to and what their asset allocation looks like.

Let’s draw an analogy…..

Land Rover meets Lamborghini in a sprint race – who’s going to win? Well, it depends........assuming a flat tarred surface and the Lamborghini will be the obvious choice. If, however, the track was a rocky 28° incline then the Land Rover would become the clear winner. And so it is with the selection of investment vehicles with the track ‘condition’ being aptly represented by tax – select the incorrect vehicle for your circumstances and needs and stand the risk of placing unnecessary ‘drag’ on your investment performance. The way to increase the performance of

“Wealth Strategies for successful living” Life has enough complexities and uncertainties as it is – your financial well-being shouldn’t be one of them. As a professional financial planning and wealth management practice, our focus is to translate investment complexities into simple, effective solutions that not only provide clarity for today but certainty for tomorrow. Office: 031 830 5270 Email: The Business Centre, 2 Ncondo Place, Ridgeside, Umhlanga Ridge, Durban

w w w . q u a e s t o r w e a l t h . c o . z a



INCE drought hit the province in September 2014 and the continued deterioration of the Hazelmere Dam supply level, Sembcorp Siza Water embarked on various initiatives to augment water supply. These included requiring customers to voluntarily reduce water consumption, the drilling of

boreholes, recycling water, etc.

Mr. Nicky Misra, Project Manager said that “the company had undertaken a feasibility study with regard to locating potential borehole sites. The company has since successfully drilled and commissioned 7 boreholes with appropriate on site treatment, to ensure that water from the boreholes complies with the

these investment vehicles to provide better returns would be likened to choosing a ‘bigger engine’ for the vehicle and boosting long term returns through greater exposure to equities and property. Just looking to cruise? You would then opt for more bonds and cash in your investment vehicle. The main differences between investment vehicles (from a legislative point of view) are that of tax and liquidity and when deciding on which vehicle(s) to use to house your wealth, these should be the topics that are dealt with first. With the wide array of investment ‘products’ available in the market, the surprising truth is that they all fit into one of the following categories: Collective Investment Schemes (e.g.: unit trust) Endowments Retirement Annuities Pension Funds Provident funds So although there may be one or two bells and/or whistles added to some of these products by the life company or investment house, the undeniable truth is that they all fall under the same legislative constraints and obligations as each other – understand how they are governed and be empowered with perspective of which is best for you. TAX: The tax aspect of investment vehicles are dealt with in two areas namely; income tax and Capital Gains

Tax (CGT). One has to consider what income tax concessions (if any) are given on the premium or contribution made to the investment as well as explore how you or the fund will be taxed whilst in the fund and finally understand what tax will be paid (if any) on exiting the fund. LIQUIDITY: Liquidity of an investment is purely the extent to which the funds invested in a given investment vehicle can be liquidated (cashed out). For the most part, there is a tradeoff between potential immediate tax benefits and liquidity constraints. It therefore become important to have one’s investment portfolio intelligently structured in order to maximise both elements and ensure that one is either not falling into a tax trap or forcing their wealth to become illiquid. So, in short, while correctly structuring your portfolio within the right investment vehicles can optimise your tax, the key driver of returns are derived from the investment funds and asset classes you hold.

SANS 241:11, potable water standards. Sembcorp Siza Water intends commissioning additional boreholes to

Mr. Koos Duvenhage, Process and Quality Supervisor said “this is the future” and also mentioned that “the value

other appropriate legislation regarding the drilling and consumption of water from boreholes. The company will

reduce the reliance on the Hazelmere supply. Since these boreholes have been commissioned together with a reduction of consumption by our customers we have achieved approximately a 35% reduction. Sembcorp Siza Water will soon launch the recycled water plant which will have the capacity to produces 5 million litres of water per day. This plant will effectively supply 40% of the daily usage of Sembcorp’s concession area. The recycled water has been utilized since December 2014 where customers have been using it to fill swimming pools, for construction purposes, firefighting and irrigation.

of reuse water is very high and plays a major role in the construction industry and ensured minimal impact to the industry and local economy. The quality of the Reuse/ Recycled water has been tested and is in compliance with SANS 214:11 for potable water drinking standards. Mr Shyam Misra, Managing Director of Sembcorp Siza Water stated; “A rigorous quality monitoring system is in place to ensure that the water quality meets the stringent standards as most boreholes, if not all, provide water that is not safe for human consumption. Hence, there is strict regulation in terms of the National Water Act and

be commissioning additional boreholes with appropriate treatment to further reduce the draw down from Hazelmere Dam as well as a further recycling plant in Shakaskraal. We thank all our customers who assisted in playing their role in saving water”. Misra added that “we would also like to encourage our customers to continue being water wise as the Hazelmere Dam remains critically low and is currently at approximately 30%.” Mr Misra also wished to thank the management and staff of Sembcorp Siza Water for their outstanding efforts and contribution made in managing the drought.

Contact Shane Duncan - 083 549 5554 032 525 8300 (T) 032 525 8296 (F) Stunning range of Traditional and Contemporary Garden Pots, Feature Pots and Water Features NEW RANGE OF MOSAIC POTS!!

Business Hours: Mon – Thurs: 8am – 4pm Friday : 8am – 3 pm Saturday: 9am – 1pm

Directions: From Durban Exit off N2 at the Salt Rock(turn off 214). Turn right over highway. Right at Sasol Garage into Old Fort Road. Follow signage to gate of Rock Pots KZN and East Coast Garden Art. GPS Co-ordinates: -29° 29' 12.44", +31° 13' 32.09"



Executive Head, Ashton International College


Extract from Headmaster’s Message to Matriculants

s we celebrate the final leg of our matriculants school career at the Valedictory, I would like to share with our students Timothy 4: 6 – 8 “For I am already being poured out like a drink offering and the time has come for my departure, I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have kept good faith”. The beauty of this verse is that it can be used in different stages of our lives and in the case of the matriculants it is after the culmination of 12 years of education. “Visualise yourself on your ship, the ship is tied to the dockside, the anchor still lowered. You have spent 12 years ‘in this harbour’ and now it is time for the rope to be released and the anchor to be raised and suddenly with a gentle sway, you are about to moor away from all that you know and embark on a journey, a new chapter, of your young life.” The value of your last 12 years has set you up to sail in a certain direction. Your co-ordinates have been determined. Some of you are going to follow the

stars, some are going to navigate by the sun, and some are going to use a compass. Each one is different. No two coordinates are going to be the same. The fact that you are departing one harbour means you are received in another, to be tied, moored and anchored only to be released to the open seas once again. At the end of the day, YOU will be the captain, the master, the skipper of your vessel. You are going to set your sail and your co-ordinates. You will enter the storm or adjust your sails to avoid it. The single most important common denominator in all is that



you need to trust in your Faith and by the Grace of God you will accomplish anything. We know that you will leave Ashton as a young adult of the highest quality. Leave this harbour and sail into the open seas and invest these qualities into your future.





OU may have seen the bright pink car driving around Ballito! Well, Crystal is known as our very own Ballito Barbie. Yes, she looks just like Barbie with her long blonde hair and crystal shoes. Crystal is every little girl’s dream come true. She performs at little girl’s parties… doing fantasy shows for them.

She is an amazing actress as she gets into the character of Princess Barbie, lookalike Barbie Popstar, Tinkerbell, Barbie Mermaid, or Cinderella. Crystal Princess is planning a stunning party events all over the country. The party event is for every little girl, her friends and their moms. With beautifully decorated picnic baskets, offering special princess treats, smoke machines, bubbles, singing, dancing and fun, little girls will be able to meet Crystal and her very special princess friends. Each little girl will also receive her very own silk party bag with lip gloss, eye sparkles and a surprise! There will be photographers taking photos of the girls with the princesses. On the day, crowns, wands, princess dress up and other girlie accessories will be available to order or purchase. This is going to be a truly royal occasion. If you have not been invited to a Crystal Princess Party, you have missed out! Here is your opportunity to come and experience a magnificent day with your daughter and her friends. This will be a special date. Send an email to with your full name, your daughter’s name and ‘Crystal Party’ and we will enter you into the draw to win 4 tickets worth R800 to the event. We will also send you details of the event.

DIGBY AND THE LULLABY - COMING TO BALLITO DIGBY AND THE LULLABY will be on tour in Durban from 27 to 31 October, performing two shows as well as a guest performance at the Sinakekele Fundraising dinner at Zimbali Estate which will be hosted by Legendary South African actress & performer Lisa Bobbert. The duo will be in Durban for a guest performance at the fund-raising dinner, hosted by Lisa Bobbert at the magnificent Zimbali lodge, for the Sinakekele Children’s home. They’re honored to be part of this worthy cause and love using music to promote change in South Africa. They’ve added two more shows to their Durban visit based on their sold out performances in KZN earlier this year. Digby and the lullaby will also be sharing the evening of the 31st with Durban based duo Connecting Stars, who have also been attracting a lot of attention locally and in the USA. Digby and the lullaby have been stirring hearts all over

South Africa and the rest of the world, the duo recorded their debut album, The Somewhere Wind, with producer Kieran Kelly at New York’s Buddy Project studio. (Angus and Julia Stone, Sufjan Stevens, Better Than Ezra) and are currently working on a new album, they’ll be showcasing a few of their new songs, beats and grooves at this exciting new show.

“Miss something else, don’t miss Digby and the lullaby” - Graham Ward, drummer for Tom Jones, Paul McCartney and Ray Charles. “Digby and the Lullaby held their audience in suspended animation for two full sets. People walked out a bit wobbly on their feet. An unbroken wave of truth and love does that to you” – Gisele Turner, independent writer and editor. “Having seen them win over the hearts of the Kirstenbosch Gardens crowd, it is clear that the two can perform in front of thousands of people” Therese Owen – Music Tonight

PERFORMANCES DATES ARE: 27 October | Zimbali Fund-raising for abandoned babies 7PM Tickets R350 (includes dinner)

31 October | Freedom Café Double bill with Connecting Stars 7:30 R100

30 October | Music in the Shed 200 Inanda Road Hillcrest 6:30 PM Tickets R100

For more info contact Darren on 072 352 4591





21 October - 03 November 2015



Demos will be hosted on Thursday, 29 October from 09h00-12h00.

OLLOWING the success of last year’s workshop demos, we will once again host this exciting display of innovative Christmas decor and Christmas cooking at the annual Christmas Fair Fund’s Country Fair.

Tickets must be purchased separately for this event at R350.00pp – this price includes entrance to the fair, the demos, a shopping bag, bottle of water, glass of champagne and light snacks at the demo. Bookings Essential!!! Tickets are limited so don’t miss out! Tickets can be reserved by mailing: michelle@ or contact Michelle Blake on 083 284 9059 Follow us at www.facebook. com/ChristmasFairFund

We have an absolutely fabulous line up which includes: •Di Stewart - a long standing member of the Christmas Fair Fund and co-author of Market Food, together with Debbie Rich of Out to Lunch will present Christmas Breakfast •Nadia vd Mescht - a highly talented and loved creative, Nadia offers business development specifically for creative entrepreneurs. Paired with her love for branding, is creating packaging & parcels that will delight & inspire you •Joani Mitchell (SA Masterchef contestant 2013) - the beautiful and passionate Joani will host a Christmas Cocktail Party Demo (Canapés)

The ladies of the Christmas fair fund surprised Danielle Fisher and the team at Radio Life and Style. as they arrived without warning bearing gifts..the ladies cooked and baked tirelessly as a gesture to thank the station for all they are doing to promote this longstanding worthy cause.

•Patricia Lewis (Celebrity Masterchef runner up 2014) gorgeous and vivacious, Patricia will share her foodie love in Christmas Desserts and her Christmas Table set up •Kita Birkenstock - new stall holder to Country Fair - will showcase her Christmas Table

Radio Life & Style will be broadcasting LIVE from the Christams Fair Fund on Wed 28th Oct.


Come and Enjoy a Romantic Candle lit Dinner or a Relaxed Family Meal at our Cosy and Intimate 50-seater Restaurant. Not only do we offer amazing shellfish but also a wide range of poultry, meat & vegetarian dishes with a great selection of wines.



100 Compensation Beach Road Tel: 032 946 2121

OCT/NOV CONFERENCE SPECIAL Full Day Conference Special @ R295.00 per person Includes: Venue Hire, Standard Equipment Pens, Pads, Sweets Arrival Tea/Coffee/Snacks Mid Morning Tea/Coffee/Snacks Buffet Lunch Afternoon Tea/Coffee/Snacks

Half Day Conference Special @ R 235.00 per person Includes: Venue Hire, Data Projector & Screen Flipchart Pens, Pads, Sweets Arrival Tea/Coffee/Snacks Mid Morning Tea/Coffee/Snacks Buffet Lunch

Luxury Acommodation - Conferencing - Supper Theatre - &Weddings Luxury Acommodation - Conferencing - Supper Theatre - Weddings Functions& Functions - Poolside Bar&-Cigar Whisky Bar - Entertainment - Squash RestaurantsRestaurants - Poolside Cocktail BarCocktail - Whisky Bar&-Cigar Entertainment - Squash Court - PoolCourt Tables- Pool Tables Wellness SpaParties - Kiddies Parties - Wellness -Spa - Kiddies






The Litchi Orchard in Salt Rock has just expanded its offerings to include a cluster of lovely artisanal stores in a tranquil setting, designed to appeal to those who enjoy the finer things in life. The new stores have been selected to complement the existing range of “Food and Farm” attractions .Watch this space...

When you bridge the sensory experience of

AUTHENTIC, old-world with a NEW AGE of craftsmanship the results are nearly indescribable

Shop H5 | Ballito Junction Shopping Centre Corner Ballito Drive & M4

032 946 2214







freshly prepared & unbelievably tasty. Come and experience our wide range of vegetarian, chicken, lamb, tandoori and seafood specialities. only Eat in


Ten Dish Buffet R120 per couple. FRIDAY & SUNDAYS Special discounts on selected dishes.

032 586 1384 / 078 751 8945

Destination Delicious

27 Sandra Road, Ballito (near Ballito Accomodation)

MON - SUN 10 AM - 10 PM








21 October - 03 November 2015




WAS recently invited as a guest speaker at a women’s conference to talk about legal aspects affecting women.

Considering the life of a mother / home creator / business executive / wife or partner, brings forth an overwhelming spectrum of legal issues! This obviously also applies to men who fulfil a variety of demanding rolls at home and in the workplace. And yet, I still frequently meet people who say: “I don’t make use of an Attorney as I don’t really have legal issues?!” It is impossible to address even a quarter of the legal aspects you are faced with daily in one brief article, however, let’s consider a few major events that you are most likely to encounter: MARRIAGE I specialise in Divorce law and one thing it has

taught me is that most people have no idea of “how” they are married. Even more shocking is that very few of the people who do know, know what their ANC means or how this will affect them at divorce or death. Bear in mind your responsibility to educate your children who still need to cross this bridge. DIVORCE I have done several articles on divorce law and again strongly recommend that you consider divorce mediation through the assistance of an experienced and qualified mediator. This will save you not only time but your hard earned money and considerable trauma, allowing you to heal sooner and to resume your life’s journey. WILLS AND DEATH I previously wrote an article on Wills and was

18 Sheffield Drive Sheffield Beach Cell: 082 376 7454 Email:

5 Bolero Park, Krugerrand Road Richards Bay 3900 Tel: 035 789 2688 Fax: 035 789 2644

When your future is on the line you need an Expert. We are an Established reputable law firm that pays special attention to the needs and concerns of our clientele. We employ only nationally recognised trial lawyers. We offer the following specialized services: • CONTRACT LAW • COMMERCIAL LITIGATION CONVEYANCING ( PROPERTY TRANSFERS) • CRIMINAL LAW


Success to our Clients

Service to the Community




• •

subsequently asked what one should do when faced with the sudden death of a loved one. I cannot detail the entire procedure however I encourage you to ensure that you have a trusted legal representative by your side who will guide you and your family through the legal process, allowing you time to grieve. The starting point of course is a legally binding Will, drafted by your Attorney. There are so many legal issues that deserve attention in your life – ASK YOUR LAWYER FOR ADVICE ENABLING YOU TO MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS ABOUT ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE!

Honour to our Profession

MICHELLE KRUGER, Attorney and owner of KRUGER ATTORNEYS in Salt Rock, recently addressed women on their rights at an inspirational breakfast for women hosted by UBUHLE HR AND MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS at the Prince’s Grant Golf Estate to empower women on the North Coast. The theme for the half day conference was: BE SUCCESSFUL - TAKE OWNERSHIP! Women were empowered with valuable legal advice and that of the other guest speakers Gert Smith and Luke Howard from PSG Consult, Rita Els image consultant from Chata Romano, Kirsty Turco from Redlip make-up studio in Saltrock and Lolita de Lange from Designs Unlimited who exhibited her beautiful jewellery. Liza Gresse, Director of UBUHLE HR encouraged ladies to embrace their greatness and to live their full potential by owning their success!




UYING a home is one of the most significant decisions – and one of the biggest investments – you will ever

Have you found the home you want to purchase? Are you worried about hidden defects that may end up costing you more than you bargained for? When viewing your dream home, you may see minor repairs, but it’s unlikely that you will climb into the roof or check for any underlying source, causing damage. This is why you need Inspect-A-Home. For peace of mind, home inspections are essential if you are selling or buying a home. The purpose of the home inspection is to uncover any existing faults and identify potential problems. A detailed report is drawn up that lists the findings, as well as suggested remedies. Home inspections are thorough, taking 2-3 hours to complete on a standard 3 bedroom house, and cover every aspect of the property from roof to boundary walls. Inspect-A-Home does not only report on apparent defects, but also offers preventative and maintenance advice. If the advice is followed, you will be spared unnecessary expense in the future. The cost of the inspection is dependent on the size of the property and the complexity of

the dwelling eg double storey, multiple roof cavities, etc. Find out more at or call Greg 0741624573 Don’t let your dream home become a nightmare.







UNTER S. THOMPSON once said that, “The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.” The thought of that ran through my mind as I walked down the hallway leading to the pool deck of the Protea Fire & Ice Hotel in Tamboerskloof, Cape Town - on my way to the launch party of this year’s Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference. For two days, I would be able to get a chance to look straight into the eyes of the South African music industry and find out straight from some of its leading figures what it would take to carve out a career in the music business.

The Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference is a platform that was started by local music management organisations Black Mango Music and Seed Experiences in order to give up-and-coming artists direct insight into how the music industry operates - particular in South Africa today. The conference provides

an opportunity to connect and network with some the sharpest minds in the industry and learn about the business of music, the latest trends and how to earn from your art to build sustainable careers. The BSAMC launch party was a very sophisticated affair with a heated swimming pool outside and a well set-up DJbooth and room filled with people well adorned in semiformal attire and industryaffiliated hoodies inside. However, despite the glamorous setting, I was still skeptical about how my experience would pan out. I expected the same disillusionment that Thompson felt when he obviously got too close to the source of where the magic of sound and melody came from. I was keeping a lookout for the thieves and the pimps. Whilst milling around the room, sipping gingerly on an overpriced Castle Lite and trying not to look too out of place, I noticed a man in grey cap cutting through the clean looking crowd in order to fetch a towel for another attendee who had decided to strip down and make use of the Fire and Ice’s heated pool. That man was Trenton Birch - one of the founders of Black Mango Music, an organisation that specialises in artist management and community outreach programmes such as

Bridges For Music that works with using electronic music as a means of empowering disadvantaged communities and that is in the process of starting a music school in Langa township with the aid of brand ambassadors such as Skrillex, Black Coffee and others. Trenton is also the frontman of reggae/hip-hop group, Trenton and Free Radical, a lecturer in Music Business at SAE and is one of the key orchestrators of The Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference. And, at the moment that I saw him, he was also an attentive host making sure that that his guests were comfortable. After having spent a few years working in the music industry in London, Trenton came back South Africa with a new global perspective on how to strengthen the growing South African market. Being artists as well as being industry leaders, Trenton and his team are more empathetic to the desires and needs of South African musicians and are able to channel that empathy by helping artists develop the skills that necessary in strengthening the local music market which will ultimately allow the artists to focus and improve on their craft. That essentially was the crux of the conference - informing a new wave

Martin Smith at Linc

Top international performer, Martin Smith and his band from the UK, brought their energy and excitement to the KZN North Coast recently with a sell-out performance at the Linc Campus in Salt Rock. Performing hits from their God’s Great Dance floor album and others, they delighted the audience, many of whom had travelled from other parts of the province to be there on the night. Linc Church will be bringing more top Christian acts to perform on the North Coast so watch the press and listen to Radio Life & Style 88.0fm for details.

innovative music lovers Trenton Birch Interview with: AKA and about the industry as a Jack Parow — with AKA IV League, Trenton whole to see where they Birch and Jack Parow can contribute and make a difference. From sitting in on an interview with Damon Forbes (who manages artists including Jeremy Loops and Farryl Purkiss) and Raymond Bloom (who manages Goldfish), discussions on The state of the Cape Town Music Industry the American accent in South African music and media and the implications of using digital audio streaming as a revenue stream or just hearing stories from SA music giants such as AKA and Jack Parow - I couldn’t American accents in our music and media help but be excited with to the wealth of knowledge the prospects that such being shared in those rooms, in depth conversations about our industry is surely going to the industry could bring about. be richer for it in the years to If even half of the people in come. attendance paid attention



IFESTYLE Billboard Girl, and Crawford College North Coast student Storm Mirtle has just returned from an international arts showcase where she has received call backs and an invitation to attend the stage auditions in Orlando, Florida in July 2016. International Talent Scout Kim Myers, commented on Storm saying how much she loved the fact that she is multitalented and poses as a quadruple threat by ticking all the boxes. Mirtle who is 17 and has been grooming herself for Hollywood from a small girl, and has spent the past 14 or so years of her life gaining experience and accolades in drama, dance, singing and modelling. She boasts a list of organisations and disciplines from Ballet, freestyle, modern, hip-hop and contemporary in dance disciplines and Pretoria Youth Theatre exposure on stage just to name a few. Drama is my passion says Storm, but I have a huge passion for dance too and the singing and modelling just followed suit. Storm says her arrival at Crawford College North Coast helped inspire her in all cultural areas and loves the high level of cultural input in Drama. In particular, she gives great credit to her Drama mentor Melissa Wood, who is highly committed and such an inspiration. She

has recently joined Footworx Studio in Ballito where owner Natasha Hooman choreograph her mixed dance piece for this audition. The next step is to attend a cultural boot camp in Johannesburg in January and start the grooming process for the trip to USA. At this showcase held at Walt Disney World, the organisers bring representatives and scouts from well-known companies such as 21st Century Fox, Sony, MGM, Nikelodeon, etc. and the chances of obtaining work or a booking from this stage is extremely high. This could come in the form of dance videos, voice overs, movie parts etc. Storm says “one should never give up on their dreams, and a dream is never too big to achieve, if you have enough passion.” Storm goes on to say “My Mom taught me that I can do ANYTHING if I really put my mind to it, and work hard enough to achieve it”. As this trip involves a heavy cost factor, Storm has started a fund raising campaign to reach this dream journey and if anyone would like to support her by making a donation please email your name and amount you would like to donate to the following email address

You can also LIKE her Facebook page under her stage name STORM TEALE. Storm would like to share this exciting journey with you so let’s get this local talent to stardom!






21 October - 03 November 2015

Radio Life & Style has been growing listeners steadily over the past ten months and the shows keep changing and evolving as presenters find their pace and rhythm and as new sponsors come on board. The Morning and Afternoon Drive shows in particular are undergoing exciting changes, becoming more structured with tighter, trendier, more exciting regular features coming to the fore over the next few weeks. A massive sonic upgrade is underway at 88.0FM, with new music and audio content arriving to spice up the local airwaves. This week, a new sounding station has been launched with a new set of radio stings, jingles and station idents to freshen up the offering… And this is just the beginning…

BREAKING NEWS From this week we will be launching the RETRO RADIO SHOW: taking older listeners back down a tunnel of time to relive the stories and radioplay series they grew up with on Springbok Radio and other popular channels of entertainment. Of course, for those who grew up in a post-radioplay era, this will be a novel vintage radio treat too.

10am – 12am: The Power Play– Erin Dickson and special guests. 12am – 1pm: An Hour of Awesome of Music

The Radio Listening Partnerships are Growing The latest business to stream Radio Life & Style 88.0fm to customers and staff is the Ballito Service Station better known to customers as the Caltex Filling Station. They were the recipients of a selection of treats last week to welcome them to the fold!

4pm – 6pm: The Afternoon Drive – Dave Charles, with surf report by Steve “The Hoff” Honneysett & sport updates with Colin Mbogwa. Music ,interviews and entertainment features. 6pm Onwards: Nothing But Great Music…



6pm - 8pm: - Highway 88 with Armin Klie

SATURDAY 8am -10am: The Official Radio Life & Style Top 20 SA Music Chart Show– Mike Charles, 10am – 12pm: Saturday Special – Dave Charles with Anton von Allerman doing the Saturday Motoring Feature 12pm Onwards: Music for the Weekend…


Kauai Ballito Loves Radio Life & Style 88.0fm Kauai Ballito has introduced a new menu and are spreading the love on Radio Life & Style!

DO YOU HAVE SICK SKIN? then this treatment is just for you.

Beaute Pacifique is sold worldwide by dermatologists and selected skincare salons. Their 30 day money-back guarantee if one doesn’t see the results promised is unique. A medical skin-scan is done with the Dermascan scanner prior to treatment and one after the treatment period prescribed, so that a comparison can be done to gauge the difference. Evidence is available from case studies, proving that this is the solution for people with problem skin....psoriasis, eczema, skin cancers, lesions, operation scars, pigmentation, ageing and sun damage. Also new in Perfect 10’s basket of offerings is BODYOGRAPHY, an all-natural, paraben, preservative and chemical-free, PETA-approved make-up range from the U.S., pitched on the same level as MAC cosmetics. Bodyography has been a London, New York and Paris catwalk favourite for fashion icons like Diane Von Furstenberg, Carolina Herrera and Donna Karan and Kim Kardashian. It has been joked that

3pm – 4pm: Hour of Awesome of Music

Creaking Door (alternating)

Mike chatted to specialist paediatric dietician Claire Mchugh on the Morning Drive today about “Healthy Plate - Healthy Me”, her amazing educational kids book and plate combo! If you heard the interview and want to find out more about the product and how to keep your kids eating the right stuff.


1pm – 3pm: The After-Lunch CrunchDanielle Fisher (Fridays) School Sports Special with Coach Dave De Vries & special guests

7pm -7-30: Retro Radio - Squad Cars & The

If this proves popular, we will increase the content to include other shows and features to add to our ever expanding lineup. We are also looking for presenters to create a country music show, a jazz and blues show and an Afrikaans music show to add to our current lineup. If you think you have what it takes, contact to arrange an interview and, who knows, you might be our next big thing!

EAUTE PACIFIQUE, was formulated in Denmark by a team of scientists who were researching methods of getting vitamin A to penetrate right down to the dermis, the deepest layer of the skin without side-effects. This was something nobody in the skincare industry could achieve and many today are still trying.


7am – 9am: The Morning Drive Show – Mike Charles with Matt Williams reporting sport, & surf report by Steve “Hasselhoff” Honneysett. Daily traffic updates from Paul Herbst of IPSS Medical Rescue & “The Caught and Not Bought Fishing Report” with Greg Kruger (Mondays and Fridays). 9am – 10pm: An Hour of Awesome of Music

retro radio show

We will kick off with the popular classic radio series SQUAD CARS, which will be broadcast on Tuesday nights at 7pm, followed by the spine-chilling tales of THE CREAKING DOOR broadcast every second week from 7pm.


Bodyography is so pure that you can feed it to your toddler!

Perfect 10 is holding an event on the 5th November from 10am to 1pm at the Simbithi Country Club to launch these fantastic new skin and make-up solutions. Debbie Wolfendale, Imbalie

Beauty’s director of Sales and Marketing will introduce the two brands and Tilde Sauer, a member of the Beaute Pacifique from Denmark will be doing complimentary Dermascans.

Tickets cost R100 and include: - A high tea - A R100 voucher to redeem against any purchase on Bodyography or Beaute Pacifique for a month - The Dermascan worth R850. - A professional make-up artist demonstrating contouring and illuminating your best features. Tickets are limited so pop by PERFECT 10 at the Ballito Junction to get yours. Email or call 082 7741825.

Hit Music - The Soundtrack to Your Endless Summer…

BALLITO DO YOU HAVE SICK SKIN? Psoriasis, eczema, skin cancer, wrinkles, pigmentation or sun damage?

invites you to the launch of


Then this event is JUST for you!

Join us for a fun and informative high tea event hosted by top award winning Perfect 10 Nail and Beauty Studio Ballito to officially launch Bodyography make-up and Beauté Pacifique skin care product range on the 5th of November from 10h00 at Simbithi Country Club. Learn more about the latest Makeup tips and the importance of contouring by make-up guru Debbie Wolfendale managing director for Imbalie beauty. Get your own personal Dermascan skin analysis, learn more about skin wellness and how to improve conditions such as skin ageing, pigmentation, sun damage, acne and eczema by Tilde Sauer, Senior Advisor for Beauté Pacifique from Denmark. Beauté Pacifique Scientifically proven to repair and rebuild your skin in just 5 days!

Bodyography Makeup Beauty with a conscious - kind to your skin and the environment

Beauté Pacifique is fully imported from Denmark and is has developed some of the world leading products in anti-aging skin care.

Bodyography is a full mineral makeup range developed in the USA in the early 1990’s.

Beauté Pacifique guarantees patented formulas using revolutionary ingredients as well as a delivery system which allows high potency levels of Vitamin A to penetrate down into the deeper layers of the skin. The cells responsible for repairing and rebuilding are activated and the collagen and fibre structures deep within the layers of the skin starts to appear thicker and healthier in a short period of time.

It has since become an industry leader and a firm favourite with makeup artists, celebrities and makeup lovers all over the globe owing to its excellent quality and extensive range of innovative products and fashion forward colours. • • • • • •

Paraben Free Fragrance Free Oil Free Talc Free Gluten Free Cruelty Free

Tickets only R100 Includes R100 off voucher, Dermascan valued at R850 and lots of prizes. RSVP by 3 November to







Be a WINNER with EYE 2 EYE




O promote the importance of taking care of our eyes Eye 2 Eye Optometrists in Ballito are launching a competition with some super prizes to be won. All you have to do to win is to share in what way glasses or sunglasses have helped make your life better in an unusual or funny way.

This is what you stand a chance of winning:

Main prize: Hugo Boss duffel bag, a pair of Gucci or Jimmy Choo or Hugo Boss sunglasses and a pair of Polaroid head phones. 2nd and 3rd: Hugo Boss duffel bag and a pair of Polaroid or Occhio sunglasses. Smaller prizes: ten Polaroid headphones.


VERYONE who has been on the RINGSIDE BOXING GYM’S extremely popular Twelve Week Challenge has experienced the Z Factor. There are those who love him and those who love to hate him when he is putting them through their paces, but they all love the results.

Zenon Jagiela is the Z Factor – the Boxing Gym’s secret weapon who adds a power dimension to fitness training that everyone is excited about. The weight training programme is cleverly designed to incorporate body weight and elements of functional training that gets the kind of results that often can’t be achieved with fancy equipment. But it’s the way Zenon works that his clients find so beguiling. He’s not at all intimidating, rather, he

encourages each of his charges to work within the limits of their own capability and modifies exercises to suit the profile of each trainee. He has a winning way with people developed no doubt from the years of experience he gained working on cruise ships and dealing with the wide range of challenges that this adventure presented him with. Zenon is highly qualified as a trainer and continues to further his depth of knowledge because he is passionate about results – your results! He feels a real sense of personal accomplishment and pride in the transformation of his clients and understands what it takes to encourage and inspire each one to get the kind of results they desire. Contact Zenon on 083 779 5118 to discuss how he can help you to get beach ready in record time!

Send your story to their facebook page:

THE ONLY SPECIALIST RUNNING STORE IN BALLITO. Catering for beginners to experienced runners The Sports Zone Running Co. are the footwear experts


Shop H3 Ballito Junction Tel: 032 586 0246



deal with lots of business men and women who find it a real challenge to get to gym even twice a week. I understand that not everyone has six days a week to exercise at their leisure and many will think they are wasting their time if they don’t do just that. WRONG! Twice a week is a perfect start. It gives you enough time to recover between workouts and to do some fun stuff outside the gym.

For those that still use the “I don’t have time” excuse, I found this quote by Edward Stanly that not only applies to nutrition, but exercise as well. “Those who have no time for healthy eating, will sooner or later have to find time for illness” The next challenge for these business people is deciding what to do when they are there to give them maximum benefit. So let’s assume you only have and hour, two maybe 3 times a week. What are you going to do? Are you going to attend a class? Do the circuit? Maybe just some cardio, followed by a few sit ups and maybe something for the flabby inner thighs and buttocks. Here are some pointers for our time pressed professionals. Fix your injuries. If you have an injury, do whatever you can to fix it, rather than avoiding it. You

don’t have to spend the whole session on this, allocate a portion of your gym time, then move to the next station. Make hay while the sun shines. Do whatever is going to give your body the maximum benefit that day in case life happens tomorrow. No point walking around with an over trained chest and you can’t make it to gym for the rest of the week. Sometimes that means just doing some mobility and stretching exercises. Those exercises will help you move better and stronger for your next workout. Superset Instead of sitting and staring at your muscles when your are resting, do another exercise for a different part of the body. This is an incredible time saver. Mix up your strength training and cardio You don’t have to do just cardio, or just weights. Break it up into 5 to 10 minute stations. Get a program If you are going to spend an hour at gym, you might as well make it count. Buy a program designed specifically for you, not the one in the magazine promising to incinerate belly fat in 60 seconds. Keep it simple Don’t make the excises or superset too complicated and try and use as little equipment as possible, no wasting time waiting to do an exercise. Get a personal trainer

Find the freedom to flow If you are really pressed for time, leave it to the professionals. You will get an hours workout done in 40 minutes working with a trainer. Book an appointment. If you aren’t meeting anyone to train with, make an appointment with yourself and stick to it, no rescheduling. Don’t skip the stretching. If you are not disciplined enough to stretch after your workout, stretch during. Whatever you do, don’t skip it. Don’t focus on your problem areas. Contrary to popular belief, if you are pressed for time, rather focus on training your body holistically then focussing on problem areas. Have you ever seen anyone with a six pack but flabby arms? Don’t waste time. It’s easy to strike up a conversation at gym and before you know it, your hour is up. Keep moving, if you are not busy with an exercise, do a stretch or set up your next station in the mean time. Rest wisely If your fitness level isn’t up to it yet and you can’t handle going straight from one exercise to the next, again, stretch while you rest. Get a pedometer.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Tuesday 08h15 - 09h15 Thursday 17h15 - 18h15 at Sugardance Studio The Quarter, 1 Stewart Drive, Ballito. Contact Helen on 079 368 4486 FOR You can exercise while you are working. Aim for 10 000 steps a day. You burn the same amount of calories whether you walk or run 10 kilometers. A pedometer is a great tool to motivate you to burn those extra calories, and because it’s low intensity, it will be more fat calories. Be realistic There is no point in have a 5 day split routine focusing on a different muscle group every workout when you only managing to get to gym twice a week. Rather do a 1 day full body workout if this is the case.



YOUR NEW PERSONAL TRAINER Call Johan Dorfling 072 340 1213





21 October - 03 November 2015



N our previous issue we ran a piece on The Harley Davidson Sportster and I was so impressed that when an aged HD Sportster was offered to me at a really attractive price, I thought it would be fun to pick it up as a project.

I have always enjoyed the process of restoring old vehicles, particularly old Jeeps and Land Rovers. I have had a succession of these over the years and I loved each one of them. It’s an expensive hobby, sorting out the issues that invariably lie deep within the recesses of the project. Sometimes you get lucky – it happened to me once with an old series 2A Land Rover that started its life as a military office vehicle attached to the Springs Commando Regiment. I bought it from a chap who had picked up a few military surplus vehicles at auction and was selling off those he didn’t want to keep. It was gorgeous – completely original in every respect, right down to the blackout curtains, rifle racks, convoy lights and turret on the passenger side of the cab. It had a high roof looked rather ungainly which is why it was being sold off, but I saw its potential as a camper. It didn’t start – it had no battery and the fuel lines were gummed up. The tyre walls were a little perished but there was still plenty of tread on them and the passenger door had a nasty gash through the aluminium sheeting. The odometer showed a grand total of 15 700 km which I assumed indicated a faulty mechanism and without a chance to listen to the motor running, I presumed the worst. Still, I was hopeful that it could be made sound with enough time, money and effort, so I made a scrapvalue offer which was accepted and

I arranged for my new acquisition to be towed to a nearby workshop where a mechanic had agreed to check it over. I got lucky. With some clean fuel through the lines and a new battery, the old Landy roared into life and with a new half door and a coat of Sahara Sand coloured paint we took to the road. Everything worked perfectly – even the odometer…that mileage was original and I had just acquired the bargain of a lifetime.

But I have had many projects over the years that have tested my patience, enthusiasm and wallet to the limit. On the upside, the sheer joy and sense of accomplishment achieved by putting these labours of love back together and onto the road has been hugely worthwhile. I am hopeful that this latest project will prove as satisfying. At first glance, there was no doubt

that the Harley would need some expert attention – much more than I could bring to the party with the limited space I have to work with in Ballito, so I started looking around for some help. Harry Poellmann at The Biker Store in Umhlanga specialises in Harley Davidson projects and I was keen to go this route until I realised that the old banger would never make it to Umhlanga under its own steam so I popped in to North Shore Motorcycles to discuss my dilemma with Kenneth Griffith. He convinced me that I should look no further – this was a project that he would undertake to show Ballito the calibre of work he and his team are capable of. I love enthusiasm and at North Shore there is lots of it, so within days

the Sportster had been stripped down to the bare frame and, true to form, the gremlins were revealed. Although the 1200 Evolution motor had been recently worked on as was evident from the new pistons and rings we discovered, not all was as one might have hoped. There were bolts missing, much of the motor was un-torqued, there was too much play on the big end bearing and a magnet had come loose on the rotor from the high performance charging system causing a reasonable amount of internal damage. The fuel inlet valve in the carburettor needed replacing as did the missing clip on the choke housing. The front fork seals needed replacing and the breaks needed attention. Much of the chrome had seen better days and the paint job was crying out for a refurb. Oh, and it was loud – incredibly loud… so loud in fact that my beloved Sue completely lost her sense of humour for a moment, and that would never do. It would need a set of baffles too. And so, the project is now well and truly underway. In the next edition I will show you how far we have come with the rebuild and bring you up to speed with the journey as it unfolds…it should be fun!



EW YORK — A 1956 Ferrari built for Formula 1 racing legend Juan Manuel Fangio is going on the auction block in New York City, where it could sell for more than $28million.

RM Sotheby’s says the Ferrari 290 MM, chassis 0626, will be offered on December 10 as part of its “Driven by Disruption” sale. Pre-sale estimate The historic car never crashed despite a racing career that lasted until 1964.The $28 million pre-sale estimate makes it one of the most valuable cars to come to auction. A Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta that sold for $38.1 million at Bonhams in 2014 holds the record for any car at auction. Fangio, an Argentinian considered one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time, raced the 3.5 litre, V-12 engine car in the 1000-mile Mille Miglia event, finishing fourth overall in a race that wound all through Italy.

The car was specially designed for the five-time F1 world champion and was one of only four 290 MMs to be built.The red car with a blue nose competed in many other classic races. In 1957, legendary drivers Eugenio Castellotti, Luigi Musso and Masten Gregory drove it to victory in the Buenos Aires 1000km. RM Sotheby’s says the 0627 was purchased in 1957 by enthusiast Temple Buell who continued to enter it into races around the world with Jo Bonnier and Gregory behind the wheel. It eventually as acquired by collector Pierre Bardinon and remained in his renowned Mas du Clos Collection in France for nearly 34 years before being acquired by the current owner, identified only as a private European collector. The auctioneer says the car has its original chassis, matching-numbers engine, gearbox and body.

NOTICE BOARD TIDE TIMETABLE 21 OCT - 03 NOV 2015 Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday

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ROTARY CLUB OF BALLITO Want to help? Call: 083 600 4804

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COME and


takes place at Sugar Rush Park every Sat morning at 8am. Park Run organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, are safe and easy to take part in. There are currently 54 Park Runs across South Africa. Entry is free and the whole process is run entirely by volunteers. Runners need to register on line beforehand and bring a printed copy of their personal bar code. The Sugar Rush cafe will be open to grab a coffee on the go! All welcome.


Want a spotless houseYOUR without the hassle SPRINGCLEAN HOUSE that comesFOR with permanent 2 LADIES ONLY R280 t &staff? c’s apply

Time trials take place from the club house at Salt Rock Country Club every Wednesday starting at 17:45 in the summer and 17:30 in the winter.

Let you! LET us US take TAKE care CARE of OF it IT for FOR YOU!

We offer: OFFER: • WE Affordable domestic assistants, fully trained to SETA specs • Aff ordable domestic assistants, fully trained to SETA specs • Once off spring cleaning to live in options Once off spring cleaning to live in options • • Should you wish to employ your own staff, we source, do all No obligation consultation • reference checks and train staff for your specific requirements. We also do individual payroll for people who have only one • • We also do individual payroll for people who have only one or two employees , we process a payslip, register & pay your or two employees , we process a payslip, register & pay your employee UIF, your payslip can be emailed to you monthly employee UIF, your payslip can be emailed to you monthly with leave, deductions etc. with leave, deductions etc. Train existing staff • • Train existing staff Holiday accommodation or investment property services. • • Holiday accommodation or investment property services.


from the Sports Zone Running Store at the Ballito Junction Shopping Centre in Ballito. It’s absolutely free and beginners are welcome! Meet new friends and have some fun while you get in shape the happy way! For more info call David Flood on 082 423 6110.

Contact Mona on032 032525 586 3998 6198 contact Mona 4099oror081 081296 296 6198 Email:on email:



Al Pescatore Italian & Seafood Restorante 032 946 3574 Beira Alta Steak & Seafood Restaurant 032 946 2388 BizziB Gourmet Goodies 079 897 0710 Fego Caffè 032 525 5698 Fenshui Chinese Food & Sushi 032 946 1588 Food Matters Gourmet Catering & Events 082 331 5969 Karibu Pub 032 947 0520 La Piazza Continental Cafe/Restaurant 032 946 1527 Lifestyle Spar 032 946 8800 Lifestyle Tops 032 946 3931 MammaG’s Pizza, Pasta Cafe` 032 946 2214 Mozambik 032 946 0979 Mundo Vida Restaurant 031 568 2286 Saltyz Pub & Grill 032 525 5560 SuperSpar @ Tiffany’s 032 525 8030 Tops @Tiffany’s 032 525 8030


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Host: rainbow sky promotions

Host: rainbow sky promotions

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH “the voice of ballito”


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a Ma kuz

yor Ricard

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On 17 August 2015, sixteen people lost their lives in a gruesome collision involving a mini-bus and a train in Shakashead.

That eventful day seared anxiety, brought us closer to our own insecurities. IN PARTNERSHIP WITH Of all the heartaches, that“the day united voiceus, ofwe ballit offered the bereaved our hand. It unified our resolve to stand against road fatalities. : SUGAR RUSH PARK - COLLISHEEN ESTATE Even today, that spirit remains. bu em

Kw a

Inter-faith Prayer Service

VENUE DATE : 07 - 08 NOVEMBER 2015 You are invited to join the Department of TIME : 9 AM - 5 PM

Transport, Community Safety and Liaison and KwaDukuza Municipality to pay tribute to the victims in a joint prayer to be held at the crash site in Shakashead.

Latest Cars, Bikes and Accessories Food Fun and Entertainment for All You are welcome to join us in re-affirming our call for an accident free season. Beer Tent Shakashead Entrance Free Sports-ground FREE

Saturday 24 October

ENTRY 10:00am

Enquiries: Thabile Zondo | Tel: 032 437 5014 | email:

mdu zakwe 082 487 8854

mdu zakwe 082 487 8854

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Life & style issue 21  

Life & style issue 21  


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