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SUMMER HEAT SET TO RISE EVEN MORE Does your car need a good clean inside & out? Call the professionals and make your car like new again! AT OUR PREMISES OR HOME VISITS

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Experts predict temperatures in the 90’s in August

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La Marina News Issue no. 006 - Friday July 27th 2018

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Aquagest 966794383 Ambulancia Amigos Euro’ 966794453 ( San Fulgencio ) 696465481 Ayuntamiento 966794201 Ayuntamiento (pueblo) 965419174 Bomberos Urgencias 085 Centro de Salud 965729500 Centro de Salud (pueblo) 965419489 Consultorio Medico 966794231 San Fulgencio ( Mañanas ) Consultorio Medico 966796281 ( Urb.La Marina ) Correos 902197197 Cruz Roja ( San Fulgencio ) 966794111 Escuela Infantil 966794496 Farmacia Pueblo 965419053 Farmacia ( San Fulgencio ) 966794381 Farmacia ( Urb.La Marina ) 966796912

La Marina News

LOCAL WEATHER - Your fortnightly forecast

55.7 % EU, with (Source:


million nights spent in tourist accommodation, or 22.2 % of the EU total.

LA MARINA Hope Christian Evangelical Church ( opposite La Marina Market ) meet every Sunday at 11 am. A warm welcome awaits you. Tel Bryan 966184728. LA MARINA In the RC Church at San Fulgencio - Every Sunday at 10.15am Tel: Rita Bryan - 966 795 535

BUS TIMES Monday to Friday (Times in brackets from Monday to Saturday - Sunday and red days, no buses.) Going Urb.La Marina - Village - Elche (7.15) 12.45 (15.35) 18.15 Urb.La Marina - San Fulgencio - Rojales 09.35 14.05 20.35 Urb.La Marina - Guardamar (09.35) (14.05) (19.35) Urb.La Marina - Torrevieja 09.35 Return Elche - Village - Urb.La Marina (09.00) (13.30) (20.00) San Fulgencio - Urb.La Marina - Village - Elche 12.40 15.35 Guardamar - Urb.La Marina (07.00) 12.30 (15.15) 18.00 Rojales - Urb.La Marina 15.30 Torrevieja - Urb.La Marina 14.00 (Fontana Hotel)

62% of EU residents took part in tourism, making

1.2 billion SUNRISE & SET

Rise 07:00 07:01 07:02 07:03 07:04 07:05 07:06 07:06 07:07 07:08 07:09 07:10 07:11 07:12

Set 21:15 21:14 21:13 21:12 21:11 21:10 21:09 21:08 21:07 21:06 21:05 21:04 21:03 21:02

The Chaplaincy Church Centre Services are: La Siesta - 1st and 3rd Sunday in the month at 11.15am. 5th Sunday – Evensong at 6.30 pm. Tel. Bruce Heath - 966 786 079. Los Balcones - Every Sunday at 10.30am Tel. Rosalind Gough – 966 720 351. Lago Jardin - Every Saturday at 6pm (closed August). Tel. Liz Shouksmith - 966 799 238. Campoverde - Every Sunday at 6pm. Tel. Jill Dorsett - 966 762 715. La Zenia Cristo Resucitado Centro Ecumenic. Every Thursday at 11am - Holy Communion (Said) La Manga Club, St Teresa’s - 2nd Sunday of the month at 6pm. Tel. Hugh James – 630 877 887 All denominations are welcome to attend our Services DUTY PHARMACY Check on the doors of your local pharmacy or at the health centre 14 DAY FESTIVAL CALENDAR July 28: Institution Day (closures in Cantabria) July 29: Fiesta de Santa Marta de Ribarteme, August 15: Assumption Day (religious festival; closures) Madrid


June 27 July 28 July 29 July 30 July 31 July 1 August 2 August 3 August 4 August 5 August 6 August 7 August 8 August 9 August



TOURISM IN 10 SPAIN The TOP Facts Figures Countries with&the Best Weather

1 Greece 2 Spain than half of the total nights 3More Portugal spent by non-residents in the 4 Italy 5EU-28 Cypruswere spent in Spain, Italy, 6France New Zealand and the United Kingdom. 7 Australia 8 Brazil In 2016, Spain was the most 9 Malta common tourism destination in 10 Fiji

Your horoscope

Day length 14:14 14:12 14:11 14:09 14:07 14:05 14:03 14:01 14:00 13:58 13:56 13:54 13:52 13:50

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7 days before publication date Next issue: 10th August 2018 Images/Graphics: 300DPI

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La Marina News Issue no. 006 - Friday July 27th 2018

La Marina News

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g n i m a e r d #alicante

Wanna sell your home? Call us at 441 +34 966 699

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SUMMER HEAT SET TO RISE EVEN MORE Experts expect August to be extra hot on the Costa Blanca Summer didn’t waste any time announcing its presence this year. While the UK is in the middle of a brutal heat wave sending heat indices soaring into the triple digits, the Costa Blanca has been dealing with its own surge of heat for the past few weeks. Temperatures have climbed into the 80s and 90s across areas that are more accustomed to seeing highs in the low 70s at the end of June. That kind of warmth doesn’t seem unusual to those of us who live here, but many homes in the Costa Blanca aren’t air conditioned and the effects of prolonged heat can quickly become a problem for vulnerable populations. A look at the upper-levels of the atmosphere over the past week shows a weather pattern on pause. A resilient ridge of high pressure has parked itself over the British Isles and parts of the Costa Blanca, allowing temperatures to soar 10-20°F above average. The normal high for the end of July in London is 73°F. Temperatures in the city have been in the 80s for a while now and the latest forecast from The Weather Channel shows temperatures at or above 80°F for the next week. Paris, France, could see a high temperature of 95°F on Sunday, soaring past the average high of 73°F. Thursday saw Ireland’s warmest temperature in 12 years when Shannon Airport recorded a high of 89.6°F. It hasn’t gotten that warm in Ireland since the town of Elphin reached 90.1°F during a historic heat wave in July 2006. The warm, dry conditions have allowed wildfires to break out across the region however, a low-pressure system moving into the Iberian Peninsula this weekend will bring some relief to Portugal, Spain, and France this weekend and early next week before the ridge builds back in and the heat cranks up for another week. Not all of Europe is feeling the warmth. Abnormal warmth is usually accompanied by abnormally cool weather somewhere nearby.


by Tina Brown of Expat Solutions

With the arrival of shiny, clean bins could the Urb be seeing the last of “Rubbishgate”? It would be nice to see an end to the piles of bags stacked against bins, plastic bottles overflowing their containers and boxes filled to the brim. However, whilst the Town Hall can be held accountable for the state of the bins and the emptying schedules they cannot be blamed for many of the issues the Urb has been experiencing. It’s not the Town Hall that throws cans in the streets, neither do they dump sofas and fridges roadside or leave piles of garden waste. As residents of the urbanisation should we not take some responsibility for the environment we live in? There are many things that we can do to make the place appealing for tourists and homeowners alike and it benefits everyone if the Urbanisation remains a popular and thriving community, the more people use the facilities the more facilities there are, simple economics. So, we should unite and take action, if someone is dumping waste they should be pulled up on this, if not, a photo of their number plate can be taken and submitted to the town hall, when walking round the streets rubbish can be picked up and if fly tipping has occurred a picture can be taken and emailed to the town hall at with details of what has been dumped and where. Power lies in the many, so we can sit back and complain about the situation or rise up and do something about it. La Marina is a great urbanisation with a great collection of inhabitants from all nationalities and together we can ensure that the appearance of the Urb matches its heart.

YOUR LETTERS Hello I read your article in the last issue with interest. I have contacted the town hall repeatedly about the bin situation. I live on Calle Rio Segura opposite the International Supermarket. We have four bar/ restaurants, a hairdressers and a sizeable supermarket. We used to have two green bins, a plastic bin and a cardboard bin together with two bottle banks. This was to service the commercials and surrounding houses. We now have one grey bin for everything!! I initially contacted the town hall about the amount of rubbish accumulating in the road and this was when everything was taken away but not replaced. Surely the commercials should have been dealt with first? On walking around the urbanisation it is clear that the grey bins are being emptied but not the plastic or cardboard as the streets are littered with all the rubbish. I would appreciate your help with this matter. Kind regards PAMELA HAYES

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La Marina News Issue no. 006 - Friday July 27th 2018




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La Marina News

Though most will find it hard to believe, there are some people with UK Passports, living here in Spain, who voted for Brexit! That, in an era when unity has never been more important, and we should all be striving to get together, not split apart. So are you proud of that stance, alongside Nigel Garbage, er, sorry, Farage, lovely Boris, and now Trump, who has decided he likes Brexit (thinks it keeps out dirty foreigners) and the turncoat May woman, who was for ‘remain,’ remember? Just what advantages can Brexit bring? Keep the pound? You were doing that anyway, though just why, I can’t think. Keep out immigrants? Ha! If Britain had a Mediterranean coastline, just see if a bit of paper would stop them. And Trump (descended from immigrants, married to a recent one) can talk, eh? I doubt whether immigration can ever be halted, and, in any case, the growth of immigrant communities already residing in Britain is such that any further ingress is of little importance. It is worth remembering that in the USA’s population less than 1% is native American – the rest are immigrants! So is there anything else? Sovereignty? Nobody’s going to stop you singing ‘God Save the Queen,’ or waving flags around, even wearing silly hats at Ascot, but if somebody could stop those idiots jumping off balconies at Magaluf the ambulance crews would be grateful…

MARKET RUBBISH The San Fulgencio market on the 14th July left locals fuming after rubbish was left behind and high winds blew the litter all over the industrial estate. Opposite the camp site and Iceland was where most of the debris built up as the winds gathered strength in the afternoon. A huge amount of plastic was among the litter which was left behind by the market cleaners. Many took to Facebook to complain while others said that locals should do more on the Urb and elsewhere to clean up the area, which has seen a new refuse company taking over the contract just last month. As one resident said, “locals could do a lot more if they got up and helped keep their own town clean instead of moaning about it all the time and relying on the town hall to do it.” However, others pointed the finger directly at the town hall and pointed out the poor record they have for this sort of thing.

Cyclist dies on N332 at La Marina

A 51-year old male cyclist who was killed after an incident on the N-332, between Guardamar del Segura and Santa Pola, on the La Marina by-pass. It occurred just after 11:00 when the cyclist left the road along the right hand side and fell into the embankment. An emergency ambulance took the man to Elche hospital where he died as a result of the accident.


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Your local news - Friday July 27th 2018

HOROSCOPES Aries March 21-April 20 Lovers and close friends will be highly sensitive over the next few days: expect others to act and react based on past events or incorrect assumptions. This is a time of positive emotional growth Taurus April 21-May 20 Friends and close family members will now offer support. Over the past few days discussions with relatives and friends may have been riddled with underlying stresses or tension. Gemini May 21-June 21 Insights into the character or private motives of a business partner will be compelling this week. Your wisdom will be much admired over the next few days; respond quickly to requests for advice from authority figures. Cancer June 22-July 22 Avoid excessive workplace gossip early this week. Aspects indicate that friends and colleagues may now be enmeshed in a difficult emotional triangle. Key issues will involve power struggles between co-workers. Leo July 22-August 22 Before Tuesday watch for a sudden rise in social interest or romantic overtures from loved ones. Creativity, sensuality and inspired thought are now on the agenda and will likely appear without warning. . Virgo August 23-September 22 Early this week a listless and self-reflective mood arrives. Allow for some emotional indulgence here; important romantic decisions may now require extra time. Wednesday accents the beginning of a significant shift in relationships.

Libra September 23-October 23 Romance and sensuality are compelling this week: beginning early Tuesday morning watch for a powerful flirtation between new friends or colleagues. Scorpio October 24-November 22 Communications, mental energy and social events are accented over the next few days. Beginning early Monday, and lasting over the next few days, expect new gossip in your social circle. Sagittarius Nov 23-December 21 Home relationships will work in your favor before mid-week: early Monday afternoon watch for a subtle but important breakthrough with a close friend, roommate or relative. Key issues may be common future goals. Capricorn December 22-January 20 Social events may be emotionally revealing early this week. Romantic flirtations, withheld feelings and underlying opinions will now be easily expressed. Aquarius January 21-February 19 Early Monday morning expect business associates, partners or bosses to demand detailed explanations of recent paperwork or documents. Small facts and figures may now become extremely important . Pisces February 20-March 20 Before mid-week watch for the arrival of a powerful atmosphere of romantic attraction to arrive. Over the next few weeks many Pisceans will experience a sharp increase in sensuality.

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Clubs & Associations Aircrew Association Costa Blanca Former and serving of the UK or Allied Armed Forces are very welcome to join this friendly organisation founded here in 1988. Details from the secretary on 96 640 4123 Alcoholics Anonymous Costa Blanca South 625 912 078 www. ASPETGA We are the Pet Owners Association of Santa Pola and Gran Alacant. Together we´ll have more strength to defend our rights, to fulfill our responsibilities, to live in peaceful coexistence with our neighbours and to lobby for new projects. Costa Blanca Computer Club We meet regularly every Saturday from 10.00am to 1.00pm at the Sierra Bernia School, Alicante. Costa Blanca Mountain Walkers The CBMW who get together twice a week to enjoy walking in the mountains of the Costa Blanca. Anyone is welcome to come along. Visit for info. Crime Watch Spain (Vecinos Colaborando) We try to reduce crime and vandalism in our communities. We try to look after the citizens. We also teach Spanish. Email: K9 Animal Shelter If you have spare time we would love to hear from you. 600 845 420 - 610 852 726 M.A.B.S. CANCER SUPPORT We are here for you when you need us. Call Bob Clayrton 96 679 0775 or 699 894 183

Pets in Spain - Animal Rescue - info@petsinspain. com Road Bike Riding Group in GA We are a small group who spend most of the winter here in Gran Alacant. If you are interested in joining one of our rides look us up on Facebook Gran Alacant Road Cyclist (bici Gran Alacant) Royal British Legion Gran Alacant Meets on the first Monday of the month at 6.00pm at La Taberna, next to Monte y Mar Bowls Club, Plaza Mayor. You do not need to be ex-services to join. Contact Brian 639 917 971 or Robin 96 669 5423. Email, Samaritans in Spain If you have something on your mind give us a call. Talk to us any time you like, in complete confidence. You don’t have to be suicidal to get in touch. 24 hour confidential telephone support line on Freephone: 900 525 100 - Walking Football Every Thursday. For more info: Barry at for start times, venue and weekly updates. If you live in the La Marina area, please remember that HELP Vega Baja works alongside Cruz Roja at their social centre in Calle Berna (number 6) on Tuesday mornings. This is in addition to our Helpdesk at the Hope Christian Centre (opposite the market site) on Thursday mornings. Our volunteers are there to offer advice and information on all aspects of living in Spain. As a charity our aim is support people, particularly at times of need. If you are experiencing a difficult time and need our help, please go along and talk with our volunteers or contact our San Miguel Centre on 966 723 733










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You local news - Friday July 27th 2018

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August is set to be a stellar month for Netflix with both new and returning Netflix Originals currently scheduled to release. We’ve got the details on all of the Netflix Originals coming throughout the month and includes the likes of Ozark, The Innocents, Flavors of Youth and Disenchantment. We’ll see quite a few series debuts in August including the brand new project from Matt Groening. If you’re looking for even more new series, we’ve got a special debut series article waiting for you here. As always, keep this page bookmarked as it’ll be updated right through the month of July.

I Am a Killer

Type: Docuseries Release Date: August 3rd, 2018 A British production which will see several episodes featuring hour-long profiles of a different prisoner who has been convicted of murder. The series is a joint production between A+E in the United Kingdom and Netflix.

Flavors of Youth

Type: Movie Release Date: August 4th, 2018 Did you enjoy the anime movie ‘Your Name’? Then it’s likely Flavors of Youth will be right up your alley given it comes from the same

studio. The new movie comes from CoMix Wave Films which has a history in fantastic anime movies and their next is coming exclusively to Netflix.

Insatiable (Season 1)

Type: TV Series – Comedy Release Date: August 10th, 2018 Former Disney star Debby Ryan will be appearing in this all-new original comedy series called Insatiable. The season will consist of 13 brand new episodes and focus on Bob, a disgraced laywer who becomes a beauty pageant coach. The series also stars the likes of Christopher Gorham, Dallas Roberts, Alyssa Milano and Erinn Westbrook.

Disenchantment (Season 1)

Type: TV Series Release Date: August 17th, 2018 Matt Groening’s first major Netflix project is scheduled for its spectacular debut in August 2018. We haven’t got a trailer yet but from its artwork, it looks to contain the same humor and same art style as his previous two projects The Simpsons and Futurama.



LIVE MUSIC Every... Friday Saturday Sunday

Football on TV

Saturday 28th July 2018 Arsenal v PSG ICC 13:35Premier Sports Benfica v Juventus ICC 19:05 Premier Sports Chelsea v Inter Milan ICC 20:05 Premier Sports Man Utd v Liverpool ICC 23:05 LFCTV / MUTV Sunday 29th July 2018 Bayern Munich v Man City ICC 00:05 Premier Sports Barcelona v Tottenham Hotspur ICC 04:05 Premier Sports Monday 30th July 2018 PSG v Atletico Madrid ICC 13:35 Premier Sports Wednesday 1st August 2018 Man Utd v Real Madrid ICC 01:05 MUTV Tottenham Hotspur v AC Milan ICC 01:35 Premier Sports Barcelona v Roma ICC 03:05 Premier Sports Arsenal v Chelsea ICC 20:05 Premier Sports Benfica v Lyon ICC 22:05 Premier Sports Thursday 2nd August 2018 Burnley v Aberdeen UEFA Europa League Second Qualifying Round 2nd Leg 20:45 BT Sport 1 / BT Sport 4K UHD Saturday 4th August 2018 Napoli v Liverpool Friendly

19:00 LFCTV Girona v Tottenham Hotspur Friendly 20:00 Premier Sports Inter Milan v Lyon ICC 20:05 Premier Sports Real Madrid v Juventus ICC 23:05 Premier Sports Sunday 5th August 2018 AC Milan v Barcelona ICC 01:05 Premier Sports Aberdeen v Rangers Scottish Premiership 13:00 Sky Sports Football / Sky Sports Main Event Chelsea v Man City FA Community Shield 16:00 BT Sport 1 / BT Sport 4K UHD Bayern Munich v Man Utd Friendly 20:15 MUTV Monday 6th August 2018 Hull City v Aston Villa Championship 20:45 Sky Sports Football / Sky Sports Main Event Tuesday 7th August 2018 Liverpool v Torino Friendly 20:30 LFCTV Nottingham Forest v West Brom Championship 20.:45 Sky Sports Football Chelsea v Lyon ICC 21:05 Premier Sports Wednesday 8th August 2018 Real Madrid v Roma ICC 01:05 Premier Sports Atletico Madrid v Inter Milan ICC


Your local news - Friday July 27th 2018

DOWN 1 Sailors’ dance (8) 2 Ultimate (5) 4 Small and dainty (6) 5 Pulsate (5) 6 Witty saying (7) 7 Savant (4) 8 Provide with garments (6) 13 Prompt (2,3,3) 15 Bleak, rigorous, austere (7) 17 Cosset (6) 18 Breathe out (6) 20 Tales (5) 22 Type of steak (1-4) 23 Covering for the wrist (4)

Across 1 Audio equipment (2-2) 3 Immaculate (8) 9 Curling lock of hair (7) 10 Regretting (5) 11 Aviator (5) 12 Herald’s tunic (6) 14 Twelfth sign of the zodiac (6)

16 Shrewdness (6) 19 Upper part of the windpipe (6) 21 Drainage channel (5) 24 Express in speech (5) 25 Taking everything into account (3,4) 26 Completed (8) 27 Period before Easter (4)

DOWN 1 Supplement to a will (7) 2 Digging tool (5) 3 Former (3-4) 4 Martial art (6) 5 Sum up (5) 6 Remote parts of Australia (7) 7 Long, pine (5) 13 Nonplussed (2,1,4) 15 Airman (7) 16 Scottish emblem (7) 17 Misgivings (6) 18 Wonderful (5) 19 Adversary (5) 21 Inert gas (5)


1 Clergyman’s gown (7) 5 Spacious (5) 8 Male duck (5) 9 Type of biscuit (4,3) 10 Live together in harmony (7) 11 Unadorned (5) 12 Foliage (6) 14 Din (6)

Answers below

Test yourself or take on someone!

General Knowledge 1) What type of trees do dates grow on? 2) The country of Lesotho is completely surrounded by which other country? 3) In the nursery rhyme, whose wife “could eat no lean”? 4) By land area, which is the largest state in the USA? 5) Acording to an old proverb, what “gathers no moss”? 6) Which type of cycle has only one wheel? 7) The nickname Geordie is often given to a person from which large city? 8) What is the name of the rubber disc hit in a ice hockey match? 9) Which sea separates the islands of Ireland and Great Britain? 10) Which queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe famously led an uprising against the occupying Romans? 11) What was the name of the large balloons anchored to the ground by cables in London during the Second World War? 12) Bill Gates was the principal founder of which computer company? 13) How many sides does a decagon have? 14) The first expedition to reach the South Pole was led by which Norwegian explorer? 15) If your hobby is philately, what do you collect? 16) Adolf Hitler was born in which country? 17) Hollywood is a suburb of which American city? 18) Hematology is the branch of medicine concerned with the study of what? 19) What type of animal are you ‘sick as’, if you are heart-broken or very disappointed? 20) What do Americans call Autumn?


Sudoku - Easy

Sudoku - Hard

18 ‘The final frontier’ (5) 20 Japanese art of paper folding (7) 22 Traditional saying (7) 23 Close-fitting (5) 24 Hazardous (5) 25 Odd (7)

Funny stuff... A bloke walked into a pub the other day with a fried egg on his head. “Why have you got a fried egg on your head?” asked the barman. “Because a boiled one keeps rolling off.” he replied.

Q: A house has 4 walls. All of the walls are facing south, and a bear is circling the house. What color is the bear?

The teacher asked little Johnny to use the word ‘definitely’ in a sentence. Little Johnny replies, “Teacher, do farts have lumps in them?” The Teacher says, “Of course not Johnny.” Johnny replies, “Then I have definitely crapped myself.”

Q: What is at the end of a rainbow?

Riddles A: The house is on the north pole, so the bear is white. A: The letter W! .

Tea Break Fun Solutions

ANSWERS 1) Palm trees 2) South Africa 3) Jack Sprat’s 4) Alaska 5) A rolling stone 6) A unicycle 7) Newcastle (a Geordie is a person from the Tyneside area, which includes Newcastle) 8) A puck 9) Irish Sea 10) Boudica 11) Barrage balloons (which served as an obstacle to low-flying enemy aircraft) 12) Microsoft 13) 10 14) Roald Amundsen 15) Stamps 16) Austria 17) Los Angeles 18) Blood 19) Parrot (as in sick as a parrot) 20) The fall



Hard Easy

Gran Alacant News Issue Your no.Local 5 - News Friday -February Friday July 16th 27th 20182018

New Horizons Let me first introduce myself, my name is Luke and up until a few months ago, I was residing in the popular Urbanisation of Gran Alacant. Today I am living back home in the UK, spending some much needed time with family and friends before continuing on the next stage of my journey. My long term partner is still a resident in Spain, allowing me to reconnect with my Mother and Father at a difficult crossroads in their life. As an Expat, I have always been mindful that one day, I will have to return to the Country of my birth, as my parents grow older. I am using this time productively; working, volunteering and continuing to write, as I have done for a lifetime. In this column ‘Postcards From Britain,’ I want

to talk about life back home, the differences between Spain and the UK and changing attitudes as we move towards Brexit and a new European order. It felt strange returning to the UK, my flight arrived on a hot sunny afternoon at Southampton Airport. As I gingerly took my first steps on British soil, after three years away, everything felt alien, the smells different, the City I left behind, much smaller. Deep down, I was apprehensive about returning to the south coast; instantly I missed Gran Alacant, wondering what the hell I was doing ‘coming home!’ That was then and this is now; over the proceeding weeks I have settled back into British life pretty well and am thoroughly enjoying myself. The weather has been the biggest factor in

Gran Alacant News

making the time here bearable. From day one, the sun has shone, hotter and longer than I can remember; the summer has been glorious, better than I could have ever expected. At times the sultry temperatures have been too much, with the humidity far higher than I have come to expect living on the Costa Blanca. Equally, on occasion the heat has been far stronger than that in Spain. Britain really does come into its own during the summer, it is a fantastic place to be; smiling faces, cheerful expressions, maybe a little too much skin on show and those lobster red tans that only the British seem to sport, but definitely a welcome break from the dark winter months. Whether hot or cold, the weather does give the British an excuse to moan, another pastime we excel at and a real sign I am home; It wouldn’t be the same

without a gripe or two! Not only are we in the middle of one of the best summers in living memory, but there has been a real sense of euphoria and excitement; a young English football team, took the World Cup by storm, grabbing the attention of a nation, uniting our divided population during a challenging period in our history. Despite our failure to reach the final, a positive, thankful Country feels great pride in what our lads have achieved, earning the respect of everyone who lives on these islands. Even me, someone who doesn’t follow football at all, feels proud at what these men accomplished; at times, whilst watching England play, I have also been swept along with the sea of emotion. It has been heart warming to see friends and foes alike come together in support of our national team. The ‘feel good’ factor is in abundance at the moment, it is a special time to be living here. Despite the difficulties of our impending departure from the European Union and the politics surrounding the logistics, the UK seems to be relishing in this current optimistic phase. Like everyone, I am looking forward to the months ahead. This may well only be a temporary stopover along the way for me, but conjecture suggests a meaningful, productive and memorable time ahead. I have never been one to pass an opportunity by, I welcome this adventure with open arms!

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La Marina News Issue no. 006 - Friday July 27th 2018

La Marina News

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Alicante Airport Parking

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La Marina News Issue no. 006 - Friday July 27th 2018

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WELCOME TO With a touch of Spanish and Moroccan style and located in the village of La Marina, we offer an environment where you can enjoy a quiet, cozy and family atmosphere. Here you can enjoy good coffee, a varied breakfast menu, Spanish tapas, national and international dishes, including several of Moroccan origin, accompanied by a variety of drinks and a good selection of wines. It is important for us at Restaurant-Bar la Vista Bar to prepare dishes with an excellent selection of fresh top quality ingredients and having a qualified cooking team to guarantee our guests and customer satisfaction. You can also always be online because we have free WiFi connection, we can be a place where you can hold meetings or events, enjoy a meal, have a drink or a cup of coffee or just watch life on the streets of La Marina. Your hosts and staff are here to serve you in the most professional way and we hope you enjoy your visit enough to come again

Av. de l'Alegría, 22, La Marina Village

Tel. 634 33 46 11

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• DEATH Open: Monday to Friday 9.00am - 2.00pm C/Mayor, 4 La Marina Village Tel. 96 541 95 94 - 96 541 94 32

La Marina News Issue no. 006 - Friday July 27th 2018

La Marina News

AROUND THE REGION GRAN ALACANT FIESTAS Friday 27th to Sunday 29th July LOCAL MARKETS Monday Callosa d’En Sarria, Dénia, Elche (Plaza de la fruta, Plaza de Barcelona and Plaza de Sant Josep), Ibi, Monovar, Petrer, SANTA POLA, La Nucia


Bake House Fresh loaves - Pies - Pastrys Breakfast - Cakes + much more

Tuesday Altea (farm produce), Aspe, Benidorm (farm produce), Elda. Jijona, Orihuela, Pilar de Horardada (Mil Palmeras). Wednesday Alcoy, Banereres, Benejama, Benidorm, Callosa de Segura, Campello, Guardamar del Segura, Muchamiel, Novelda, Ondara, Petrer, Sax, Teulada, Polop de la Marina (farm produce). Thursday Alicante, Agost, Albatera, Castilla, Cocentania, EL ALTET (4-8pm), GRAN ALACANT, Jávea, LA MARINA, Pego, Rojales, Villajoyosa, Villena. Friday Alfaz del Pi, Azafara, Crevillente, Dénia (Rastro), Delores, Finestrat, Gata de Gorgos, Moraira, Muro de Alcoy, Monforte del Cid, Pilar de Horadada, La Nucia, Onil, Vergel and Torrevieja.

Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 62, Benijófar

Tel. 96 507 0418


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Saturday Alcoy, Alicante, Almoradí, Benejuzar, Benejama, Benissa, Calpe, Castalla, Cocentaina, Elche (Plaza de la fruta, Plaza de Barcelona and Plaza de Sant Josep, Elda, LA MARINA, Novelda, Pinoso, Pedreguer, San Juan, San Vincente, Sax, SANTA POLA and Jálon (Rastro).

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Interesting Events CIVIL WAR TOUR

Guided tours of the aircraft shelters from the Civil War in Alicante Visiting hours for the Aircraft shelters Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:00 am. Saturdays at 12 noon and 5 pm. Sundays at 12 noon. In addition, extra visits are organized each month. Information on dates and times at 690 004 431/ Rates: 5€ General. 3€ Reduced price (under 18 years old – over 65 years old – groups of at least 20 people). Free for children under 6 years of age. Booking: Visits can be booked through the contact telephone number 690 004 431 or the following email address: For telephone reservations the recommended schedule is: From 10 am to 1.30 pm and from 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Individual guided tours will be organized in groups of at least 10 people and require a previous reservation. For group visits, consult languages and other available timetables.

Tango and Milonga workshops outdoors in the Plaza de Gabriel Miró

WHEN: August 3, 2018 8.00pm WHERE: Gabriel Miro square, Alicante Gabriel Miró Square 03001 Alicante Spain COST: Free CONTACT: COUNCIL OF CULTURE OF ALICANTE 965149219 Every Friday of the month of August the fans of this musical genre will be able to learn tango and milonga in the Plaza Gabriel Miró. The workshops will be held on every Friday of the month of August. The Gabriel Miró square hosts the tenth edition of the Tango and Milonga Workshops where fans of this musical genre will be able to enjoy for the tenth consecutive year of outdoor evenings with exhibitions of the traditional Argentine milonga and tango , as well as performances by singers. The workshops will continue every Friday of August to the 31st.

Sunday Elche (Plaza del Raval handicrafts market), Elche Football Stadium, La Alguena, La Matanza, La Murada de los Vicentes, La Nucia (Rastro), Pedreguer (Rastro) and Torremanzanas.





Second Hand Furniture

Forget the rest, we are the best! OPEN Mon-Thurs & Sat 2pm-11pm Fri 12pm-11pm HOME MADE


Tel. 96 644 3370 - 625 985 491 La Marina Village

Pies Fishcakes Thai fishcakes Veg lasagne Try our freshly made cheesecake

MENU OF THE DAY 6 Days a week Cod or Haddock, Chips, Peas, Bread + Butter 2-5pm only 6.95€

All fish can be lightly battered or poached

TRADITIONAL FISH & CHIPS Call: 966 795 659 C/Franscisco de Quevedo 1, (Below Consum Sq) Urb. La Marina

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La Marina News Issue no. 006 - Friday July 27th 2018


La Marina News



By Malcolm Palmer

WILL LIVERPOOL CHALLENGE FOR PREMIER TITLE? Despite languishing 25 points behind Manchester City in the Premier League last season and almost fin-

ishing out of the top four altogether, Liverpool, and not Chelsea, Tottenham or Manchester United, seemed the side most capable of denying Pep Guardiola’s side from retaining their crown next term. Comprehensive victories over City in the league and Champions League during the campaign only solidi-

fied that feeling, while their summer dealings has only reinforced it. Liverpool are on the verge of shattering the world record fee for a goalkeeper after agreeing a stunning £66m deal with Roma for long-term target Alisson. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has chased the 25-year-old for the best part of 12 months and Loris Karius’ horror display in last season’s Champions League final defeat to Real Madrid, followed up by his howler against Tranmere in a pre-season friendly earlier this month, has only reiterated the need to go for broke for his signature. Chelsea and Madrid’s interest appeared to derail Liverpool’s momentum at one point, but the Merseyside club have made the decisive breakthrough in talks with Roma, raiding the Italian club for the second time in 12 months after signing Mohamed Salah from their Serie A counterparters last summer.

Alisson has emerged as one of the best goalkeepers in the world in the last 12 months, earning a place in the WhoScored Team of the Season in Europe’s top five leagues last term with a rating of 6.99. The Brazil international represents an upgrade on Karius in all departments and his impending arrival is a huge statement of intent by the club. Alisson didn’t commit a single error that led to an opposition goal in 49 appearances across Serie A and Champions League action last season, whereas Karius managed three in 32 games. The Brazilian averaged more saves per game (3.2) than Karius (1.8), while also boasting a hugely superior save success rate (76.7%) compared to Liverpool’s current No.1 (66.7%). In fact, Alisson made more saves (155) across both competitions from two fewer appearances than Karius and Simon Mignolet did combined (94). Alisson a more commanding presence between the sticks and with the ball at his feet.

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