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About Us • Dave and Dee Brown, the founders of DeeLux, opened their first store in 1986 in their hometown of Riverside, CA. “Cool Jerk” was a tiny store packed with vintage clothing and a 1965 Seeburg jukebox. In the 90’s the business was reinvented as “The Denim Bank”, serving the market for recycled Levi’s.

• Claremont, CA is the home of the newest DeeLux, opened in the summer of 2013, with daughters Justine and Chelsea added to the management team. The ’65 Seeburg will soon be back in action at DeeLux Claremont!

Make Space In Your Wardrobe By Selling Off Your Used Clothes If you always fall short of space to store more clothes, it’s time to bid farewell to the old ones.

Find the best place to sell used clothes in your locality. The best way is to sell them off online. There are some wonderful websites that deal in old clothes. You can buy and sell used clothes in good condition on these websites and solve your space problem forever.

Sell Your Clothes For Cash How it Works: Sell Your Clothes for Cash Bring in your clothes! We buy 7 days a week, no appointment needed. Check in with a DeeLux staff member, then feel free to shop while we look at your clothes.

We’ll price each item that we choose to buy, and offer you 35% of that price in cash on the spot or 50% in store credit.

Contact Us DeeLux Santa Ana 209 N. Broadway Santa Ana, CA 92701 Phone: (714) 760-4801 Mon-Thurs 11- 7 | Fri-Sat 11-8 | Sun 12-6 Email:

DeeLux Claremont 224 Yale Ave. Claremont, CA 91711 Phone: (909) 399-0721 Mon-Thurs 11- 8 | Fri-Sat 11-9 | Sun 12-6 Email:

Selling off your used clothes