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Press Release     Seapine  ALM  2012  Hits  Market  with  Over  100  New  Features     Cincinnati  –  February  9,  2012  –  Seapine  Software  announced  today  the  release  of   Seapine  ALM  2012,  its  quality-­‐centric  application  lifecycle  management  suite.   Seapine  ALM  2012  contains  over  100  new  features  and  enhancements  that  improve   traceability,  support  thorough  application  testing,  and  provide  more  control  over   managing  projects.     The  enhancements  to  Seapine  ALM  2012  include  new  features  for  TestTrack,   Surround  SCM,  and  QA  Wizard  Pro.  These  tools  will  help  teams  deliver  products   faster  by  eliminating  steps,  streamlining  processes,  and  automating  repetitive  tasks.     One  of  the  biggest  improvements  in  TestTrack  is  that  it  now  features  custom  fields   that  calculate  values,  something  often  requested  by  TestTrack  users.  Other  new   features  include  a  native  relational  database,  as  well  as  draft  and  active  custom   fields.       Surround  SCM  delivers  improved  offline  support,  more  flexible  mainline  branches,   and  additional  integrations.     QA  Wizard  Pro’s  new  functionality  allows  users  to  automate  stress  and  boundary   tests  without  virtual  machines.  It  also  includes  Google  Chrome  support  and   integration  enhancements,  as  do  TestTrack  and  Surround  SCM.       “Customers  are  finding  TestTrack’s  new  calculated  fields  to  be  a  huge  benefit,”  said   Paula  Rome,  Senior  Product  Manager  for  Seapine.  “Calculated  fields  allow  them  to   analyze  their  workflow  using  custom  metrics,  and  implement  risk  management  and   issue  triage  strategies  using  their  own  scoring  formulas.”       “Customers  also  find  a  lot  of  value  in  the  integration  between  QA  Wizard  Pro  and   TestTrack  TCM,”  Rome  added,  “because  they  can  now  simplify  the  process  of   automating  existing  test  cases  and  record  manual  test  cases.”     Seapine’s  development  tools  help  organizations  of  all  sizes  streamline   communication,  improve  traceability,  achieve  compliance,  and  deliver  quality   products.  To  learn  more  about  Seapine  ALM  2012,  visit       About  Seapine   With  over  8,500  customers  worldwide,  Seapine  Software,  Inc.  is  the  leading   provider  of  quality-­‐centric  product  development  solutions.  Headquartered  in   Cincinnati,  Ohio,  with  offices  in  Europe,  Asia-­‐Pacific,  and  Africa,  Seapine’s   development  tools  help  organizations  of  all  sizes  streamline  communication,   improve  traceability,  achieve  compliance,  and  deliver  quality  products.      

Contact: Angie  Pepiot   Seapine  Software,  Inc.   Phone:  (513)  701-­‐1554   Fax:  (513)  754-­‐1660    

Borcherding Press Release  

The company wanted to announce its new solution suite, putting the emphasis on the massive set of new features and enhancements.

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