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DATA SHEET Cincom Eloquence is the most intuitive document-automation solution in the industry, providing business-line professionals with the power to generate dynamic documents, both structured and free-form, that are more fluent, timely, and persuasive. By simplifying the design, deployment, delivery, and management of high-volume, personalized document communications, Cincom Eloquence can help organizations realize cost savings of up to 80%, accelerate time-tomarket by 90%, and reduce errors to near zero. Design compelling documents: Cincom Eloquence provides the automation tools you need to easily design compelling templates (incorporating complex logic, guided workflows, and real-time data) that serve as the basis for all of your fully personalized, document communications—from a complex letter to a highly customized insurance policy. Templates can be imported from other sources or easily created, tested, and edited within a familiar Microsoft Word-based design environment—lessening the burden on IT departments. Deploy timely communications: With a commitment to open standards and field— proven technologies, Cincom Eloquence is engineered to be a single solution that scales from highly personalized documents generated on demand to structured documents produced in batch. Rapid deployment across your organization is accomplished via a services-oriented architecture (SOA) that optimizes your infrastructure investments while providing efficient integrations, multiple delivery channels, and output flexibility (Postscript, PDF, AFP, WordML, and PCL). Deliver personalized content: Through a thinclient interface, Cincom Eloquence provides business users with “point-and-click” access to a central repository containing templates with preapproved content and preconfigured workflows that easily guide the assembly and generation of documents while interacting with customers in real time. And, generated documents can be delivered in any form preferred by your customers—print or electronic. Manage the entire lifecycle of your correspondence: Cincom Eloquence provides a content-management solution that allows companies to easily and effectively capture, store, index, manage, and access all documents. With Eloquence, companies can quickly find and retrieve information whether it is an entire document, a single line of information within a document, or anything in between.

Cincom Eloquence® Perfect Documents Made Easy!

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Easy to Use! Cincom Eloquence’s easy-to-use interface was co-developed with Human Factors International, experts in the area of user-centered design, and leverages the features, content-editing, and formatting capabilities of Microsoft Word—including WordML, Microsoft’s published, open XML schema. This enables you to move document design and generation out of the IT department and onto the desktops of non-technical, line-of-business professionals for more timely, accurate, and relevant document communications.

Easy to Integrate! Cincom Eloquence helps you optimize enterprise-wide legacy investments by effortlessly integrating with core business applications, databases, and information-technology infrastructures. Cincom Eloquence was engineered based on an open, J2EE/XML service-oriented architecture (SOA) that utilizes either JBOSS or IBM’s industry-leading WebSphere technology.




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• User interface co-developed with Human Factors International* • Leverages the features, contentediting, and formatting capabilities of MS Word • Template authoring simplified through a graphical, “drag-anddrop” view for logic and embedded MS Word for content and formatting • Build a single document template with multiple variations (jurisdictions, language, geography, and effective dates) • Create reusable content components (logos, paragraphs, and address headers) • Combine individual templates into document collections • Preview formatting and test logic directly within the authoring environment • Lock compliance-oriented content components from any user changes • Logins grant access to only those features/functionality necessary to execute a user’s unique responsibilities • Manage and add barcodes to document templates • Version control provides an audit trail of all changes to document templates and administrative files


• Intuitive thin-client interface for • Services-Oriented Architecture interactive, real-time generation (SOA) eases integration with core applications, databases, and • Point-and-click access to a infrastructures central repository containing document templates with • Published open standards (J2EE, preapproved content JSP, XML, and Word M L) • Compiled-XML core accelerates production throughput • IBM WebSphere Application Server/WebSphere MQ Series or JBOSS/ActiveMQ • Access data directly from databases, XML, or flat files • Variety of output formats supported including PDF, Postscript, AFP, WordML and PCL • Comprehensive facilities enable late-stage testing in a secure “staging” area of the production environment without disrupting active production users • Comprehensive solution for batch, interactive, and ondemand document production • Single sign-on support for multiple software applications • Web services enables enterprisewide transformation initiatives • Integrated security provides authentication via “out-of-thebox” support for LDAP/ADSI protocol

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• Out-of-the-box workflows guide users through dynamic assembly and generation in real time • Users select from predefined content (paragraphs, images) or provide free-form text • Comprehensive management review framework (multi-level hierarchies, append, and parameter tools) • Save documents at any stage of workflow for later retrieval and completion • Extensive integration facilities enable seamless and rapid integration with external applications • Native WordML facilitates printing, post-printing, and electronic delivery strategies

• Web-based access to documents across the enterprise • Fully automated archive and retrieval • Index data directly from native outputs (AFP, PDF, Word, Postscript, and PCL) • Intuitive user interface for developing powerful queries • Standards-based platform utilizing a services-oriented architecture (SOA) in a Web services environment • Comprehensive find capabilities down to the line level within a document • Centralized and remote scanning capabilities • Workflow built upon customer business processes • Role-based security access • Retrieve parsed sections from different documents and images and combine them into a single, organized PDF

• Support of all major print streams and electronic outputs, including AFP, PDF, Postscript, PCL and XML via local, central, or batch modes • Streamline electronic delivery and archiving by converting documents (e.g., AFP to TIFF) • Supports the insertion and dynamic placement of PDF, JPG, TIFF, message lines, barcodes, and OMR marks *Human Factors International, Inc. (HFI)—global experts in the area of user-centered design.

About Cincom Document Solutions Cincom Document Solutions (CDS) provides the most-intuitive, dynamic, document automation solutions in the industry. By streamlining the design, deployment, and delivery of high-volume, highly personalized document communications, CDS has helped hundreds of businesses worldwide strengthen customer relationships, minimize compliance risks, reduce costs, and accelerate time-to-market.

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Borcherding Data Sheet  

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