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More and more people are suffering problems with kidney stones. These are waste deposits which calcify or harden at the bottom of the kidney. Usually, stones are small enough to pass through the ureter. But if the stones start to become bigger, they can cause numerous risky complications, not to mention excruciating pain and discomfort. Vigorous walking and oral consumption of muscle relaxants are some recommended methods of easing the pain caused by kidney stones. Procedures to remove these  stones at hospitals and establishments are very expensive. It comes then as no surprise that people are starting to look for alternative kidney stone removal procedures, particularly those that can be accomplished at home or through medication. Here are some popular methods for kidney stone removal:

Ureteroscopy - a long, thin telescope called a ureteroscope is inserted through the ureter. It locates the kidney stone and breaks it up so that the patient can eliminate it without discomfort. Lithotripsy - just like ureteroscopy this procedure will also break down bigger kidney stone particles to make them easier to eliminate while urinating. Ultrasonic, Extracorporeal shock wave and eletrohydraulic versions of this procedure are also available.

Some experts report that drinking a special tea can help ease this affliction. This tea should have the following components: corn silk, dandelion, nettle leaf, fennel seed, and oat straw. It should be drunk once in the morning and once in the evening. Lifestyle is usually what causes the on set of kidney stones. Fortunately, prevention and kidney stone removal is attainable at home. Here are some popular suggestions: Taking care of health - there is no cure like prevention. If possible try to eat citrus fruits in order to allow the body to cleanse and keep its performance top notch.

Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water - water is the kidney's best friend. Drinking lots of water can help dissolve kidney stones supposedly.  Check up with a doctor on a monthly basis - a doctor can see little problems before they get worse. He can also prescribe medication to his patient. Taking the medication religiously Maintaining a low salt low alcohol diet - these two things cause harmful stress to the kidneys. Drink cranberries - cranberries are known to have properties that can dissolve kidney stones, too Cut back on red meat - red meat is high on uric acid, which makes kidney stones painfully


Pain in the sides of the abdomen, as well as during urination, and difficulty passing water waste are surefire symptoms of kidney stones. If these start to appear, set an appointment with the doctor for an examination, diagnosis, and advice for kidney stone removal. Kidney stones can lead to bigger complications like cancer and other things. Precaution and a careful diet is the key to avoiding this.

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==== ==== Learn how you can pass your kidney stone pain free within 24 hours using a little known, tested and proven method...guaranteed! ==== ====

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