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==== ==== Joint health is important for your dog too. Give your pet the most complete joint support supplement available. ==== ====

Arthritis is a degenerative disease that affects the joints and can occur in the neck, hips, shoulders, elbows and back. Your pet doesn't have a way on how to tell you the pain he is feeling so it's your obligation to make life more comfortable for him. Surgery should be your last option. The only time you would consider it is if your dog's life depends on it and you have done every possible solution. You can provide natural pain relief for dogs that are suffering from the dreaded chronic condition. It may take a few weeks to see some improvements but changing your dog's diet is an effective natural pain relief for dogs with arthritis. Forget about dog food loaded with chemicals and preservatives. From now on, only serve high-quality dog food with no added food colorings, wheat, corn, soy products and preservatives. A low-fat and low-carbohydrate diet is going to help in managing your dog's condition better. Keep in mind that grains (they make up a large portion of dry dog food) are proven to increase inflammation therefore increasing pain and discomfort as well. Switch to home-prepared meals instead that have raw meats and vegetables. Celery, lettuce, cucumber and carrots are all beneficial for joint pain and aching muscles. Cut all the vegetables into very small pieces so your pet can digest them easily. Never use onions or mushrooms because they can be very toxic for your dog. A joint supplement can also be an effective natural pain relief for dogs. Glucosamine is an amino sugar that aids the body in manufacturing glycosaminoglycans which is meant to maintain cartilage structure. Look for a Glucosamine supplement that also contains Chondroitin Sulfate. Chondroitin helps attract water into the cartilage for added lubrication. Studies show that it helps restrain excessive cartilage destroying enzymes. MSM and Omega 3 fatty acids are also proven to help alleviate arthritis symptoms. MSM does not really help treat the disease but it sure does help in relieving the pain. Omega 3 on the other hand helps in regulating the pressure in the joints.

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==== ==== Joint health is important for your dog too. Give your pet the most complete joint support supplement available. ==== ====

Pain Relief For Dogs With Arthritis