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WALTON PARISH COUNCIL Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 4th March 2008 Present: Cllrs: K Shaw (Chairman); S Birkby; T Bone; A Cottrell; E Fairclough; J Mackley; E Prince; J Slater; D Spedding; N Sullivan. In attendance: Cllrs: M Cummings (WMDC); A Manifield (WMDC); the Clerk to the Council & 1 member of the public & a member of the Press for part. Apologies for absence: Cllr: S Loosemore; G Isherwood (WMDC). Declarations of interest: There were none. 119. To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 5th February 2008 The Minutes of the previous meeting held on 5th February 2008 were approved without amendment and signed by the Chair as a correct record. 120. Matters arising from the Minutes of the previous meeting (not included elsewhere on the agenda) Cllrs Birkby and Spedding attended the first meeting of the Crofton, Walton and Sharlston Neighbourhood Network meeting on 27th February organised by VOX at which issues of common interest were shared. Of particular interest was advice on applying for funding and press liaison. Cllr Spedding offered to represent the Council on VOX. Resolved that Cllr Spedding be the Parish Council representative on VOX. 121. SAFE scheme 1. To receive the report of PC Daley. In PC Daley’s absence, there was no report. Resolved that Inspector Karen Bailes be invited to the next Parish Council meeting to explain the changes to the Neighbourhood Policing Teams which were unveiled on 3rd March and to explain how the SAFE scheme will relate to the changes. 122. WMDC Ward Members-Update WMDC Councillor Cummings reported as follows: 1. The Police Neighbourhood meeting held 28th February 2008. 37 people were at a lively meeting at which PC Eddie Davis attended. Problems raised included: youth anti-social behaviour; parking on School Lane; the lack of electric light and CCTV at the Cherry Tree Road bus stop; vegetables, probably stolen from the allotments, being used as missiles. There was a request for John Trickett MP to visit Walton and PC Davis said he was in contact with him. Councillor Cummings is setting up meetings between PC Davis and various residents who have particular policing issues. 2. Shay Lane Traffic calming. WMDC Highways have stated that 20 mph speed limits will not be introduced without associated Traffic Calming. However, Shay Lane has been assessed as a very low priority for Traffic Calming (129th in the area), and because resources only allow 5 or 6 Traffic Calming schemes to be introduced in a year, no further action is proposed (correspondence copied to the Clerk).


WMDC have ordered stakes which can be planted 2m apart along the grass verges of The Grove to prevent parking. White lining will take place in the near future. This will be both for the zebra crossing and the car park at the Community Centre. The zig-zag markings at the crossing will not be extended. The Cherry Tree Road roundabout will not be altered. 3. Public Footpath changes A dedication agreement has been secured by Wakefield Council with the new owners of Waterton Park Golf Club for changes to the public footpaths in and around the golf course. WMDC Councillor Manifield reported as follows: Arriva have warned that, following an incident where a brick was thrown at a bus driver, the Company could withdraw bus services. Any information about issues which threaten the bus service should be reported to Arriva. Reports that the wall bordering the new school is still dangerous are being investigated by Mike Young, WMDC Section Engineer. Resurfacing of Shay Lane at the Greenside end will commence week beginning 17th March. Councillor Bone pointed out that Shay Lane road surface is deteriorating rapidly, and resurfacing is required urgently. Resolved that the reports be noted. 123. To receive information and advice from John Whitworth, Highways Enforcement Officer WMDC. John Whitworth stated he is currently the only Highways Officer in the Wakefield District, and informed the Council about a number of matters regarding the Highways and associated Acts: 1. Parking on verges. Because of the difficulty of obtaining convictions, it is unusual for those parking on verges to be prosecuted. Putting bollards, stakes or other fixed items alongside the verge can be an effective way of preventing parking on verges. 2. Parking on pavements. Court rulings mean that provided a double buggy or a disabled mobility unit can get past, parking on pavements is allowed. 3. Parking offences. Parking offences have been decriminalised and, from next February, offences will be dealt with by the District Council instead of the police. 4. Obstructed driveways. Driveways are only considered to be obstructed if the offending car is parked on the same side of the road as the driveway. If a car is parked on the other side of the road opposite a driveway, it is considered to be an inconvenience and not an obstruction. 5. Parking restrictions. Where there are no yellow lines, it is possible to request a white line with T-bars be painted on the road to indicate where parking should not take place. This is not enforceable, however. 6. Mini roundabouts. Mini roundabouts are giving rise to more accidents than before because drivers fail to obey the rules of the roundabout. Drivers require more education about their use. 7. Zigzags. There is a fixed penalty for parking on zigzag markings. 8. Overgrowing vegetation. WMDC have an obligation to remove overgrowing vegetation where it is an obstruction or endangers pedestrians or traffic. 9. Barbed wire fences. Section 164 of the Highways Act covers any danger posed by barbed wire fences. It is possible to enforce remedial action. 10. Parked cars for the purpose of selling or repairing. Under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, it can be an offence to make a business of selling or repairing cars on the highway.


John Whitworth informed Council that where contraventions are found in the above situations, contact should be made to him on 01924 302593. Resolved that John Whitworth be thanked for his information and the report noted. 124. Finance1. To approve accounts paid and income received February 2008. The Clerk submitted details (copy attached to Minutes) of accounts paid totalling £9,546.88 and income received of £2,489.25. Resolved that the financial statements and payments be approved. 2. To agree Insurers for 2008/9. The Clerk reported that following last year’s request to get comparative quotes for insurance, he obtained a quotation for a policy with Norwich Union which is specifically tailored to Parish and local councils, which has additional cover to the current Zurich policy and which is 19% cheaper to the renewal premium for Zurich. Norwich Union is also offering a further 5% discount for a 3 year long term agreement. Resolved that: i. insurance be switched to Norwich Union and ii. the long term agreement be entered into. 3. To agree action following expiration of Electricity & Gas contracts. The clerk submitted comparative quotes for the supply of electricity and gas from a number of suppliers and for different contract periods. Resolved that: i. the gas contract with British Gas be converted to a 3 year contract. ii. the electricity supply be switched to EDF on a contract to expire September 2010. 125. To set the date of the next Parish Council meeting as Tuesday, 8th April 2008. Resolved that: i. the date of the next meeting be Tuesday, 8th April 2008. ii. the date be notified to the Wakefield Express for publication. 126. Correspondence The Clerk submitted and reported on the following documents: 1. WMDC – notification and agenda of Council meeting 13.02.08; minutes of meeting held 16.01.08 and reports. 2.

YLCA - link to a guidance pack to use to put forward a case against closure of Post Offices from Help The Aged.


WMDC Highways – Shay Lane Traffic calming – notes of meeting with District & Parish Councillors.


WMDC Traffic Management - Shay Lane Traffic calming - responses from Traffic section to the report in item 3 above.


Barnsley Canals Consortium –notification and agenda for meeting 10.03.08 and minutes of meeting 12.11.07.


WMDC Planning Services – introduction from 6.04.08 of standard application forms (called “1App” ) for planning consent to speed up validation of applications. To facilitate this, a standard checklist is also being introduced, and Parish Councils are invited to consult on the checklist items by 21.03.08.


WMDC Family Services – launch of Wakefield Play Strategy Event.


WMDC Property Management – notification that Walton School was sold to Mr Norman Hogan, of Malahide, Ireland and the transfer was effected on 5.12.07.



WMDC Transportation & Highways Dept. – advising that zebra crossing will be marked out after measuring-up following completion of the ramp, but no specific date given.

10. YLCA – invitation to a workshop on “Delivering Rural Affordable Housing” 17.03.08. 11. YLCA Wakefield Branch – notification and agenda of meeting 28.02.08; minutes of meeting 1.11.07 and minutes of Joint Executive Board meeting 20.10.07. 12. WMDC Corporate Services – invitation to climate change seminar (third of three seminars) to be held 6.03.08. 13. WMDC Public Rights of Way – response to report of laurel bush blocking Trans Pennine Trail. 14. WMDC Highways Dept – response to Clerk about adoption of The Stables saying it will happen around Mid March. 15. WMDC Highways Dept. – information about Grit Bins (circulated to members of Council). 16. YRCC – booking form for Parish Government Conference 7 - 9.03.08. 17. West Yorkshire Rural Transport Partnership – notification and agenda of meeting 07.03.08. 18. Plantscape - revised quotation. 19. YLCA – information on employee Statement of Particulars (circulated to members of Council). 20. PPL – acknowledgement of order for slide. 21. WMDC Development Control enforcement – response to report about Goldwing Farm (circulated to members of Council). 22. WMDC – notification and agenda for Budget and Financial Strategy meeting 3.03.08. 23. W Yorkshire NHS Central Services Agency – invitation to make representations on the application for new pharmacy premises in Walton. 24. Scottish Power – notification of charges for a follow on contract. Current contract expires 31.03.08. Received after agenda distribution for information only: 25. Walton Flower & Produce Show seeking continued sponsorship and dates of the annual show 16.08.08, & plant stall 1.06.08. 26. WMDC – Invitation to Mayor’s Civic Parade and service 5.04.08 at Ackworth. 127. Planning Applications. 1. To review applications validated and decided February 2008. Two applications were validated & four decided in the period. A query was raised why an application at Haw Park Lane had not come before the Parish Council. Resolved that: i. the applications be noted without further comment. ii. the Clerk investigate why the application at Haw Park Lane had not been notified. 2. To note report from WMDC Development Control Enforcement re Goldwing Farm. The response from Enforcement was circulated with the agenda. Resolved that i. the response be noted


ii. the Clerk point out to the enforcement officer that the caravan site was quite visible without trespassing on the property. 3. To review an application for setting up a Pharmacy in Walton. Resolved that the application be endorsed, but that concern over parking be raised. 4. Development of the former Junior School The Clerk reported he had been in contact with a property consultant acting for the architect involved in a proposed development of the former school. Resolved that the Clerk arrange a meeting with the consultants. 128. Floral displays. The Clerk submitted comparative costs and information for the supply of floral displays from First Impressions and Plantscape and a report was given of a presentation by Plantscape. Resolved that: i. the supply be awarded to Plantscape. ii. the hanging baskets be top planted “Holestar” baskets. iii. sponsorship be sought at a charge of £100, including plaques, and invoices arranged accordingly. iv. an opening order of 25 baskets be made. v. that a site visit be arranged as soon as possible to decide the placing of baskets. 129. To receive Working Party Reports: 1. Buildings The heater on the stage has been removed and the flue filled in. To prevent damp entering from above, it was thought sensible to get a quote for removing the chimney pots and capping the chimney. As there was no further word from K G-Armytage about access to his property, the wall at Coronation Cottage could now be repaired. Resolved that: i. a quote be obtained for capping the chimney. ii. the wall at Coronation cottage be repaired. 2. Recreation & Playgrounds A more detailed Inspection Report on the Playground has been received from WMDC. The Clerk reported he has obtained a discount of £190 on the quoted price for the slide from PPL, and a quotation for a notice which could be affixed to the slide stating it is “designed for children over the age of 3 years” for a price of £42.50. One of the conditions of the grant for the slide is to promote the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, and the Clerk reported on the possibility of having a plaque attached to the slide for a price in the region of £60-75 advertising who had provided it. Resolved that i. a meeting be arranged with WMDC Playground Supervisor to agree the work needed in the Playground. ii. the notice for £42.50 be ordered. iii. a plaque advertising who provided the slide be obtained. 3. Footpaths A response to the complaint raised at the last meeting about the laurel tree on the Trans Pennine Trail has been received from David Holdsworth, Footpaths Officer, saying he will investigate suggesting a solution may involve a cut back by WMDC or, 51

if the bush infringes the legal width of the highway, requiring the owners to keep the path fully clear. Resolved that the report be noted. 4. Environmental Improvements A note about grit bins from WMDC was circulated with the agenda. Councillor Mackley identified where dog fouling bins might be appropriate. Resolved that: i. the possibility of a grit bin being sited outside Cherry Tree Stores be investigated. ii. the Clerk find out the maintenance costs of dog fouling bins. 130. To agree action on communication with electors. 1. Questionnaire Councillor Birkby reported that the responses to the questionnaire have been discussed. A letter has been sent to all those who gave their names and addresses and a list of suggestions and problems passed to the Chair. A report on these will made at the next meeting of Council. Resolved that the report be noted. 2. Website Councillor Spedding reported he has discussed issues relating to local government requirements with the Clerk and the website is now set up. Names of Councillors and contact details are listed. For those without e-mail addresses or telephone contacts, messages will be directed to the Clerk. Resolved that the report be noted. 3. Parish Plan Resolved that discussion be postponed. 131. To receive matters reported directly to the Clerk. There were none. 132. Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960. Resolved that Press and Public be requested to leave the meeting to discuss a confidential matter related to Human Resources. The Clerk reported that he had now received advice from YLCA. Resolved that a small working party discuss Employee Contracts with the Clerk based on the advice received and make recommendations to Council.

Date of Next Meeting: 8th April


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