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Beers 1) Golden – 4.1% ABV Winter’s Brewery, Norwich (Local) - A refreshing yellow golden ale with nicely balanced malt hop and light tangy citrus flavours, derived from a blend of American Slovenian and English Hops. 2) Storm Force – 5.3% ABV Winter’s Brewery, Norwich (Local) - Light amber, malty sweetish brew with a delicate hop aroma and a moderate bitter finish. 3) Orange Blossom 4.4% ABV Ole Slewfoot Brewery Company, Hainford. (Local) - A Special Ale charged with honey and has the flavour of orange citrus. The beer and pale to amber in colour 4) Whyte Angel 4.5% ABV - Blackfriars Great Yarmouth (Local) - A clear refreshing wheat type beer with fragrant hop flavours 5) Old Habit 5.6% ABV Blackfriars Great Yarmouth (Local) - A rich dark ale with rich roast flavours 6) Wherry 3.8% ABV Woodforde's (Local) – Fresh and zesty with crisp floral flavours. A background of sweet malt and a hoppy 'grapefruit' bitter finish characterises this champion bitter 7) Nelson's Revenge 4.5% ABV Woodforde's (Local) – Rich and floral aromas, sweet Norfolk malts and a burst of 'citrus' hops embody this mouth-watering premium beer 8) Admiral's Reserve 5 % ABV Woodforde's (Local) – Solid and generous sweet fruit flavour create a complex and satisfying dark chestnut-coloured beer. 9) Sundrew 4.1 % ABV Woodforde's (Local) – Subtle golden beer – pale in colour and light on the palate with the distinctive hoppy Woodforde's finish. Deliciously golden and refreshing. 10) Mardler's – Mild 3.5 % ABV Woodforde's (Local) – Gentle, delicate sweet roasted malts combined with a low hopping rate make this traditional East Anglian Mild an ideal appetiser. 11)Norfolk Nog 4.6 % ABV Woodforde's (Local) – Smooth, rich and rounded 'Old Ale' with a velvety texture and hints of chocolate, treacle and liquorice. 12) Norfolk Headcracker 7 % ABV Woodforde's (Local) – Pale but strong and full-bodied. Carries an intricate combination of plums and damsons countered by an abundance of 'citrus' hopping. 13) Thwaites Original ABV 3.6% A clean, dry-tasting and refreshing bitter. Of a glowing amber appearance and malty, nutty flavour. Yielding a distinctive hoppy aroma and lingering, bitter finish. ‘Great drinkability’. 14) Robinsons Dizzy Blonde ABV 3.8% A superb refreshing straw-coloured ale brewed with the distinct American Cascade/Amarillo hops to give a clean zesty hop flavour complimented by a crisp satisfying dry finish. 15) Camerons White Rabbit ABV 4.0% Camerons White Rabbit is a pale, straw-coloured ale with a distinctive citrus grapefruit aroma giving it a fruity bitter flavour. This light refreshing ale is the perfect drink to have at the start of spring so hop to it and get yourself a pint.

16) Goff’s Tournament ABV 4.0% An amber-coloured thirst quenching session bitter with a delicate floral aroma and a hoppy bittersweet finish. 17) Hop Back English Hop Medley ABV 4.0% Celebrate National Cask Ale Week and St. George’s Day with our tribute to the delights of the great English hop! An easy drinking, chestnut-coloured pale ale with a complex range of flavours. 18) Marston’s Beer Company Dragon’s Tale ABV 4.5% Brewed using the finest quality malt and selected blend of English hops to give a dark beer with a pronounced bitterness. 19) Saltaire Copper Ale ABV 4.1% Copper-coloured malty ale, brewed with a blend of 5 malts and hopped with spicy Challenger and fruity Styrian hops. 20) Cairngorm Howler ABV 4.2% Russet, rich-flavoured ale, very smooth with lots of condition. The initial strong malt flavours give way to bittersweet estery finish with a hint of blackcurrant. 21) Exmoor Fox ABV 4.2% Cunningly crafted from a blend of several malts and hops to produce a mid-brown beer of unusual subtlety and taste. A slight maltiness on the tongue is followed by a burst of hops with a lingering bittersweet aftertaste. 22) Tom Wood’s Springtime ABV 4.2% A pale amber beer that is slightly sweet but smooth in the mouth. A subtle hint of honey in the aroma leaves a fruity aftertase in the finish. 23) Ringwood Boondoggle ABV 4.2% We can think of nothing better than going for a Boondoggle or two and enjoying this pale golden beer with a light citrus aroma and deliciously fruity aroma. 24) O’Hanlon’s Yellow Hammer ABV 4.2% A faintly floral nose gives way to a smooth strapping sweet malt body flourished with hints of grassy hop bitterness, honey, and green apples. 25) Old Mill April Fool ABV 4.2% A pale bitter with a complexity of hop, giving a lingering pleasant hoppy aftertaste 26) Shepherd Neame Spitfire ABV 4.2% Crafted from traditional varieties of English malt. This dark golden ale combines an underlying depth of maltiness, tinged with a subtle hint of toffee with the bold citrus and fruity spiciness of Kentish hops, to produce a well-balanced, thirst quenching popular drink. 27) Itchen Valley Green Jackets ABV 4.5% Fruity hops on the nose, clean and refreshing to taste with a hoppy and bitter dry finish. 28) Brains Milkwood ABV 4.3% The unique character of Rye Crystal and malted oats brings russet-red colouring and smooth toffee poetically balanced by a crisp bitterness from Goldings hops. 29) " Pi" Bitter 3.8% ABV A light amber ale with a fresh hoppy citrus aroma , slightly dry on the palate leaving a smooth bitter after taste. 30) Winklepicker 5%ABV A dark winter warming ale , A slight roasted flavour is imparted from the chocolate and crystal malts accompanied by a gentle vanilla aroma .

Cider Shack Crones of Kenninghall "Special Reserve" - Winner of numerous awards. Medium dry.

Whin Hill of Wells Next The Sea " Medium " Apples used are grown in their own orchard at Stanhoe.

Whin Hill of Wells Next The Sea " Sweet " Single variety using Traditional cider apples.

Norfolk Cider of Attleborough " Medium " Now Norfolk's oldest cider producer Stephen Fisher uses a mixture of Culinary and desert apples to produce a traditional Norfolk cider.

Norfolk Cider of Attleborough "Sweet " After fermentation this one gets added sugar to sweeten it up for the girls.

White Gate Farm of Fleggburgh "Gold" A real treat from this east Norfolk co-operative

Watsons of Martham " Nice and Dry" Russells version of a very dry Norfolk cider with a kick.

All Ciders vary from 6.5% to 7.5% See Richie on the cider shack bar for free tastings.

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Aylsham Beer Festival 2010 Beer and Cider List (Updated Apr 6th 2010)  

Beer and cider list for the Aylsham Beer Festival 2010.

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