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The iPad 3 is Brilliant and Outstanding The new iPad is now here, it went on sale with the usual apple consumer frenzy precisely on the 16 of March. It is an improved version of the iPad 2 with additional polish and better technology and also included in this latest model is a Powerful new A5X Chip for stunning graphics. This new iPad is definitely an incredible device for media consumption with more responsive and speedy web browsing. The videos in this version load quickly, streaming smoothly. Apple has also added fantastic games such as the popular 'angry birds' with very sharp graphics. This generation of apple delivers wonderful array of apps on a gorgeously superb screen with Incredible and amazing changes. Changes like a new dictation feature and better rear camera making it more exciting. This new iPad still looks like the old model, having the same length and width and home button and screen size. It is also a bit thicker and slightly heavier than the iPad 2 but this often goes un-noticed. You can only differentiate the iPad 3 from the iPad 2 when it is turned on. Features and specifications of The New iPad High Resolution Retina display With the new iPad 3 you get to see everything like never before, it comes with a better screen which has four times more pixels than the iPad 2 with razor-sharp text and richer colors. This retina display completely transforms the entire experience of this new iPad, making everything to look perfectly detailed and beautiful. Designed with advanced optics this iPad allows you to record videos and take photos of excellent quality. Also, a 5mp camera is included and it has auto focus and face detection ability to create a sharper overall image, capturing images whether in sunlight or candlelight. Smart cover The iPad 3 comes with a smart cover that can sleep and wake your iPad by just opening and closing it. This means that when you close it your iPad goes to sleep and when you open it, it wakes up and even turns into a handy little stand. This is more than just a protection from dust and scratches. The iPad 3 comes in nine models and is twice as powerful as the iPad 2 with higher resolutions (iPad 3 - 2048 x 1536 vs iPad 2 - 1920 x 1080). It offers 4G LTE connections on AT&T and Verizon wireless and also HSPA

Customer reviews The introduction of this new iPad was widely accepted as usual with apple products but lately some users have complained that the tablet is hotter than the iPad 2 and this makes it uncomfortable to use. And this could make it difficult to be used in hotter countries. Here's a comment by a user "I'm loving the screen and speed but there's something weird about it, it gets too warm to hold. Others had complains over the thickness. Nevertheless the pros are much more in favor of this new piece of hardware than the cons. Conclusion This device is fast and reliable and can be used at all times. And I will recommend and advice whoever is thinking of getting one to go ahead and get it, because it's worth it. It's a superb new generation gadget and has a fast processor and a simple interface.

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==== ==== Get a FREE ipad 3 Now! Check it out. ==== ====

iPad 3 - The New iPad 3 Review  

The new iPad is now here, it went on sale with the usual apple consumer frenzy precisely on the 16 of March. It is an improved version of th...