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Millions of people want to lose weight, but most of those people are struggling. Are you one of the struggling masses? Be honest-with yourself, not with me or anyone else--what kind of effort are you really expending? While you may think what you need is something revolutionary, but what you actually need is simply to get started! Many people just don't have any clue how to get started! Does this sound like you? Regardless of the amount of weight you're trying to lose, the real secret is to stop reading about it and to take some action. The following guidance can help you get past the "analysis paralysis" and get on your way. As in any project, the first thing you should do is to set goals. To create an outcome for yourself, visualize the result in extreme detail. There are plenty of new age programs that talk about creating abundance for yourself, and I'm not going to suggest you can make yourself wealthy just by picturing it in your head, but you can do a lot of things that are realistic, such as weight loss! To create your goals, you should ask yourself two very simple yet important questions: 1. How much weight you want to lose-exactly how many pounds? 2. By when do you want to lose all the weight? Are you aiming for a beach body for the summer? Trying to get in shape for your wedding? Write them down, put them on your refrigerator or your desk, make sure you have them in front of you at all times. This is a way to keep your mind on them to some degree all the time, so you internalize them and so you're more likely to make choices with those goals in mind. If you put the goals on the fridge and in the pantry, you can't grab a quick snack without being reminded of what you're trying to accomplish. Remember--don't think about finding a quick way to lose weight, instead think about realistic goals you can set so that you can get started! Don't just write down "I want a flat stomach fast" on the fridge-instead, write "I want to lose 45 pounds by August 30!" When you set your goals, they should be realistic. If you set a goal of losing 60 pounds within two weeks, you're GOING to be disappointed and therefore you aren't going to do yourself any good. In fact, you may shy away from trying again. Realistic goals allow you to make progress, and that progress motivates you to keep going. So it really is all about the goals! Once you know how many pounds you want to lose, and by when, then you can brainstorm about what you have to do to get there. You can average the weight loss goal to see how many pounds

per week, and that can help you identify the steps you need to take-what kind of foods, what exercises you need to do and for how long, etc. This is really what gives you the power, and it's the secret of how to get a flat stomach fast!

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==== ==== For Great tips on Losing Weight - Check this out! ==== ====

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