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Cover Photos for your Business’s Facebook Timeline Ready or not, here it comes! Less than two weeks until new Timeline officially rolls out for your business’s Facebook page. As a business, your brand will move away from the typical Landing Page and make way for a new large and in charge Facebook Cover Photo. Your Cover Photo will represent your business, and it’s an important choice. Here are some tips for choosing yours: Use a unique image that represents what your business is about or what you’re doing with your Faebook page. Be creative and test out different images if needed. You can even have your fans vote for their favorite one. Keep to the guidelines: o Your image must be 399 pixels wide. o Cannot contain prices, sales, or calls to action including “Download,” “Get it Now,” and “Share our Page.” Keep in mind that your cover photo is public, and anyone visiting the page can see it. Your image must abide by copyright laws.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the new Timeline features, Davanti Digital Media can help navigate your business through the social media world. Visit us on Facebook to find out more about our services and for tips for business owners!

Cover Photos for your Business's Facebook Timeline