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ABOUT DAVAI Davai Aps is a private owned business originally founded back in 1984 by Kim Brüld Olesen as a one man company. Throuout the years the business has developed into an international player which specializes in Bridge building, renovation and maintenance worldwide. Offshore installations is also part of our daily routines within steel work, surface treatment as well as NDT and Frosio inspections. Certified personnel is our main activity today where we are very flexible in numbers of people as well of various professions such as certified welders, certified offshore painters, Irata technicians level I-II-III, electricians and ordinary blue color. Today we are located 4 different places, main office is based in Grenaa (8500) where the daily management is being handled, in Hvide Sande (6960) we have a site office for the western part of Denmark, and in Rødby (4970) we have our site office as well as workshop for serving the coming tunnel project connecting Denmark to Femeren in Germany. Our recruitement is taking place in Grenaa and Klaipeda in Lithuania, where our skilled recruiters are ready to find what ever profession is requested. Education is a big part of our recruitment program, this to ensure highest possible skilled and motivated staff in any profession. We emphasize on quality and deadlines. We continue to develop our comprehensive database of professional, specially trained and certified employees, who are always ready to take on both on- and offshore tasks. All our employees have experience from projects worldwide.

DAVAI ApS · Fiskerikajerne 20 · 8500 Grenaa · Denmark · Tlf. +45 86 30 12 36 · davai@davai.dk · www.davai.dk




Nordhavnskaj 1 · 6960 Hvide Sande · Denmark

Finlandsvej 3 · 4970 Rødby · Denmark

Tomo Gatve 8a, · LT-92125 Klaipeda · Lithuania

Tlf. +45 21 40 79 55 · kio@davai.dk

Tlf. +45 21 40 79 55 · kio@davai.dk

Tlf. +370 46 44 11 54 · uab@davai.dk

BRIDGE RENOVATION AND MAINTENANCE Bridges are key elements in infrastructure, and they can be broken down due to environmental or mechanical conditions. Break down or a non-scheduled closing of a bridge cause massive consequences for traffic and can cause unexpected expenses. The cost of repairs can be both predicted and minimized, when a bridge undergoes systematic and continous maintenance. Davai is market leader within dehumidifying and maintenance of cable staybridges, and has great expertise and knowledge within renovation of bridges from projects worldwide. Davai use Cableguard Elastomeric Cable Wrap System from the acknowledged manufacturer D.S. Brown. It is a thoroughly tested method of dehumidifying sealed-off steel cables on suspension bridges, which is used as an active corrosion protection on landmark bridges all over the world. Technique: Dehumidified air is injected into the cable to keep the relative humidity below 50%, which eliminates the possibility of cable corrosion. The system also produces a pressure inside the sealed-off cable to prevent water and damp from penetrating. CableguardTM is an environmentally safe technique that can last for a long time, which limit the costs of future maintenance. The 2,3 mm thick and protective wrapping, capsules the existing surface coating without scraping, grinding or painting before installation. Finally, CableguardTM also provides effective UV and ozone protection and is available in many colors for both new builds as well as renovation projects. For further information about the system, see www.dsbrown.com

An excerpt of our references:

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Ny Lillebælt Bridge, Denmark (wrapping & dehumidifying) Höga Kusten Bridge, Sweden (wrapping & dehumidifying) Forth Road Bridge, Great Britain (wrapping & dehumidifying) Severn Bridge, Great Britain (wrapping & dehumidifying) Humber Bridge, Great Britain (wrapping & dehumidifying) Älvsborg, Sweden (wrapping & dehumidifying) Storebælt Bridge, Denmark (wrapping & dehumidifying) Hardanger Bridge, Norway (wrapping & dehumidifying) Bosphorus Bridge I, Turkey (wrapping & dehumidifying) Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, Turkey (wrapping & dehumidifying) Bosphorus Bridge III, Turkey (wrapping) Hålogaland Bridge, Norway (wrapping, scaffolding & dehumidifying) Tamar bridge, Great Britain (bolt exchange)

INDUSTRIAL ROPE ACCESS Rope access system is a safe method of working at height where ropes and associated equipment are used to gain access to and from the work position, and to be supported there. The advantage of using rope access methods mainly lies in the safety and speed with which workers can get to or from difficult locations in order to carry out their work, often with minimal impact on other operations, surrounding areas and the environment.

ACCESS EQUIPMENT If you are in need of any access equipment, such as lifts, cranes, sky climbers, telescopic loaders or climbing gear, we are your full-line supplier. We offer sale, rental and leasing of any kind of professional access equipment, and we guide you to choose the proper solution every time. With Davai you get technical support on site - 24 hours a day.

Our Rope Access service;

• Consultant •  Method Statement •  Risk Assessment •  Rescue Plan • IRATA L1-2-3 Technicians (Man Power) • Inspection    •  Visual and NDT inspection   • Paint Inspection • Cleaning    •  Coating Removal & Application    •  High Pressure Water Blasting   • Sandblasting •  Maintenance and Installations   • Paint    •  Rope Access System Installation

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SURFACE TREATMENT We have many years of experience within industrial surface treatment, inspections and repairs of even the most complex surfaces.

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Offshore Bridges Cranes Wind turbine Ships Industry Fire protection Road paving

FROSIO AND NDT INSPECTORS • Frosio inspectors level 1-2-3 • NDT Inspections VT-MT-UT

CONTAINERS SALES, DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION AND RENTAL SOLUTIONS We will build the exact container solution to fit your needs, whether you need mobile workshops, living quarters or a paint hall. In addition, we also build house boats and pram solutions according to your needs.

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Custom built containers Personnel facilities Steel workshops Electrician workshops Paint kitchen Epoxy change room facilities Fresh water plant 7 m3/24h Storage containers Ventilation containers Workshop containers Mobile industrial kitchen Wire cutting equipment UHP water cleaning units

PERSONNEL We have at our disposal, a number of experienced, well-educated and highly committed employees, who are all certified and ready to start work - even within short notice. With Davai you will always receive personnel with up-to-date education, the right qualifications for your specific task, and people who are able to be part of a team.

WIND TURBINE SERVICE SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE Davai has great expertise and knowledge within wind turbine jobs: We perform everything from renovation to installation, both on- and offshore. We have at our disposal a larger group of employees who are equipped with GWO courses and with experience from several projects worldwide. Member of

We educate our staff according to your request!

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Certified welders Industrial painters Bridge technicians Ventilation technicians Rope access technicians (Irata 1, 2 and 3) Offshore technicians (Full GWO Package) Frosio inspectors Welding coordinators Sandblasters Metal workers Scaffold builders Crane operators NDT inspector

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Installation and renovation Surface treatment Blade repair Assembling Certified welding Frosio inspections level 1-2-3 Irata technicians 1, 2 and 3


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Anholt Havmøllepark (Denmark) Horns Rev (Denmark) I-II-III Borkum Riffgrund (Germany) Baltic II (Germany) Kriegers Flak (Denmark) Mercur (Germany)




Davai has become part of the nationwide NetHire network of professional landlords. This means that Davai can now offer you a much wider range and deliver goods to you throughout Denmark. NetHire is a network of landlords for the installation and construction industry and has a large number of specialized landlords associated with tools and machines you will not find anywhere else.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOU AS A DAVAI CUSTOMER? You can still rent all Davais products - just like always. You will have the opportunity to rent a wider range and have it delivered throughout the country. No matter where the tool comes from, you get the invoice from Davai, so you only have to settle for one place. You can order and get tools up to 1000 kg. on the day you order it. You are assured that all tools are covered by either Davais or NetHire’s rental insurance. Contact Davai for more information. Equipment rental for future projects - nethire@davai.dk

Davai Electric Industry is a division of the Davai Company that performs electrical engineering tasks. Davai El industry conducts construction and services for businesses with extensive industry experience. Davai Electric industry supplies and leases generator up to 100KVA. Davai El industry supplies teams for special tasks. With Davai El industry as a supplier, we can offer our customers a partner solution where we, together with the customer, would like to advise so that the optimal solution is found.

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Industrial installations Installations for Businesses Assembly tasks Crane service / operation Rental power station On shore service It and data Fiber Security and monitoring Energy optimization Ventillation Construction Power Generator operation Area lighting





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10. Bosporus Bridge III

2. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge

11. Hålogaland Broen

3. Storebæltsbroen

12. Tamar Bridge

4. Humber Bridge

13. 7th Bridge

5. Hardanger Broen

14. Kriegers Flak

6. Höga Kusten Bridge

15. Horns Rev

7. Elfsborg Bridge

16. Borkum Riffgrund

8. Forth Road Bridge

17. Baltic II

9. Lillebæltsbroen

18. Anholt Havmøllepark

A. DAVAI ApS · Fiskerikajerne 20 · 8500 Grenaa · Denmark · Tlf. +45 86 30 12 36 · Kim Bruld Olesen +45 21 40 79 55 · kio@davai.dk · www.davai.dk B. DAVAI ApS SITE OFFICE FEMERN · Finlandsvej · 4970 Rødby · Denmark · Tlf. +45 21 40 79 55 · kio@davai.dk · Kim Brüld Olesen C. DAVAI ApS HVIDE SANDE · Nordhavnskaj 1 · 6960 Hvide Sande · Denmark · Tlf. +45 21 40 79 55 · kio@davai.dk · Kim Brüld Olesen D. UAB DAVAI · Tomo Gatve 8a, · LT-92125 Klaipeda · Lithuania · Tlf. +370 46 44 11 54 · uab@davai.dk



1. Bosphorus Bridge