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==== ==== Here's A Quick Way To Permanently Cure Acne ==== ==== Medications for Acne If you or someone you know suffers from acne. There is, however, good news. There are literally pages and pages of acne medications available to you, these acne medications can be, found on the Internet, as well as on store selves. Most of the acne medications on the selves are over the counter, however, it is, and still best advised that you consult with a doctor before ever using any of these medications. Let us look at prescription medications. There is a long list of prescription medications, which play an important role in acne treatment. Here is, just a small list of the many proven prescription medications a person with acne can use. Interlesional Corticosteroid is, simply an injection, which will lessen the inflammation of cysts. Cysts are the leading cause of acne; however, the Interlesional injection will simply eliminate the cysts preventing acne from even forming. Another prescription acne medication is, Tretinoin. Tretinoin actually unclogs your pores and keeps them unclogged. However, there are some side affects like redness, dryness, and burning. If these side affects occur, you may need to see a dermatologist. The dermatologist will instruct you on how much Tretinoin you should use. However, Erythromycin is, simply used to keep certain bacteria away. In addition, Tazarotene, which comes in the form of gel or cream, will keep your skins pores clear and eliminate acne. However, if you are a woman that is, pregnant should not use this medication, due to the fact that Contraception is, in Tazarotene. This product has caused birth defects in animals. In addition, these medications find the main cause of acne in your body, and destroy it permanently. However, many dermatologists will mix different medications for better results. Many people suffer from acne, and have a difficult time dealing with acne. You may have seen advertisements about different medications that are safe to use on television. Some of these medications promise that you can become acne free, however, most do not. The only sure fire way to know if a medication works is, to consult with a dermatologist first and simply try them. Moreover, trying different medications could cost a bundle in expenses, so therefore if you find a medication that works stick with it. Many prescription medications use Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid. However, any type of peroxide is, safe to use if used properly. Peroxide is, a sort of cleanser for the skin, as well as kills a bacterium that causes acne. Salicylic Acid works differently then peroxide. Salicylic Acid allows skin cells to clog up into pores. However, if pores are unclogged you will have more breakouts. Be careful when using washes and soaps for they contain sulfur, which can cause redness, drying of the skin and peeling. Moreover, be extra careful when using over the counter acne

prescriptions. When using over the counter medications be sure to follow the instructions properly. Overuse or abuse of these over the counter products could cause sever breakouts, and instead of helping get rid of the acne, you could even make it worse. Daily cleansing will prevent future breakouts, but will not completely stop acne.

==== ==== Here's A Quick Way To Permanently Cure Acne ==== ====

The Quick And Easy Way To permanently cure acne  
The Quick And Easy Way To permanently cure acne  

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