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Photo story 3x36 Assignment

David Jex

People: These images show how I did a shoot over a time period of around five hours to show how after alcohol has been consumed, the actions and personalities of the intoxicated subjects changes. I wanted to focus on how people seem to become a lot more lively and outgoing after the consumption of a large amount of alcohol.

Place: These images illustrate a trip I took to Kirkstall Abbey in Kirkstall. It shows the ruins of an old Cistercian abbey which monks lived in about 5 hundred years ago. I focused mainly on the details of the building and used different techniques to try and represent the sheer size of the main church.

Event: The images here show a photo shoot I did at Hyde park in Leeds where some of the local teens were having a small skating competition. I have focused on the different styles and techniques of the skaters and how they perform different tricks and stunts. The images look at how the skateboarders use their body in different ways to enable them to balance on the board.

Images copyright of David Jex

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