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This Monster needs charged and to pay for everything I lost my mind mostly can’t be replaced but I don’t have to live like this, his job should be in BCCF cleaning toilets for inmates he is nothing more than 1 himself. While he’s in there I could get my life back a bed, home, things everyone has. I don’t. Do you think I had the money for all this? NO.

KENDRICK JOHNSON: this is my son and I how we are supposed to be. Do you see any BRUISE on me or him? No, you would not in this picture, taken before you came around. I don’t look like this anymore. THE ENTITLED A.P.D. 5/6/2014 For: Kendrick Johnson – Who Terrorized me for 4 years. He should be in prison for what he has done. He will do it again. I want him charged! Remember the 75 pages Sgt. Riddle? Let me show everyone what else I have, 200+pictures by Hospital & cell phone. To: Asheville Police Department: To Protect and Serve? What happens when they are worse than the criminals are? NOTHING!

Asheville, NC Police Brutality Begging Asheville’s Police Internal Affairs for help, Sgt. Riddle laughed at me for years and advised me to stop documentation about them. Lt. Pound was not laughing it was not funny to him. 2011 2010 2009 Reference: Sargent Stephen Riddle (you don’t scare me anymore) Lt. Pound, Mayor: Terri Bellemi Year after year. 6/20/2009 True History: you don’t get this on News 13 they show tourist appeal, nothing real about A.P.D. Cammeron B. White

Cammeron B. White

Any man, women, or children would have already been in prison for what Asheville NC police officer (joke) Kendrick Johnson did on 4/2/2013 I have over 200 pictures, most from Mission Hospital Asheville. Someone from the Asheville Police Dept. had called the hospital apparently to say I had assaulted Johnson. However, that was never on my charge because the Magistrates did not believe Johnson. He lied …and lied some more. You should just ask, (it’s laughable, his excuses) Both knees looked like they were beat by a baseball bat. I looked beaten by a train. Both elbows looked the same as my knees. Johnson did not miss any part of me. The top of both knees slammed! With my face slammed into the corner of a cement bench 12’ long X 3’ high. Vice like hold on my neck, Johnson ground my face in a corner of the back of this bench while my knees where being slammed and mashed with his knee into the back of my leg anywhere he could kick my legs grinding my face at the same time. All 120lb. of me to his 350lb. @ 5’5” Had his partner on the other side squeezing the handcuffs even tighter. Terrorized all over my ID? All this after he had beaten me from his State Car to the door of jail as the camera looks at a brick wall, as he is assaulting me. This swelling and bruises on my face came from being ground into the corner of the cement bench. That had never been washed, ever. That was funny to Johnson too. He had this glow in his eyes I will never forget how happy he was. He was proud, ask people in Booking how he acted. Happy, Laughing, having a good time. he looked like the crack heads he hangs out with @WORK I seen him to many times not writing tickets, why be around them? 4/2/2013 he acted as if he was on crack. I mean it. My eye’s black; my cheeks have several different gruesome colors on them, my wrist wrenched in those handcuffs bleeding now scared. Top of my feet have small marks on them now that don’t go away. Why? He stomped on the tops of my feet. Kicked and kneed me in the back of legs and back, all over, after he got me in the cage with his partner again. He had me alone in the sally port parking lot. Where the camera faces the wall. I mentioned that to Rodriquez, I wonder how many times they have done this to people inside that sally port. It’s making me sick thinking about it.


Cammeron B. White

Asheville, NC Police Brutality Begging Asheville’s Police Internal Affairs for help, Sgt. Riddle laughed at me for years and advised me to stop documentation about them. Lt. Pound was not laughing it was not funny to him.

wrist are weak now when lifting.

The scares will never go away my hands wake me up every night about 4 times my

Beaten by; A.P.D Kendrick Johnson, I quit taking pictures after 3 weeks. He left me hand cuffed in his car for about 1 hour. The cuffs at this point where so tight it numbed my hands. Johnson finally returned to his car, I was sitting there. Not having my ID he shoved me against the wall and said stand there. Johnson @ 350 & 5’5” I @ 120 & 5’5” I turned Johnson & his partners into Internal Affairs for stalking, harassing, stopping me 11 times, (no ticket from Johnson) he made the others write them. Sargent, Lt., Mayor, all kinds of doctors, they would do nothing. I told them he / they were going to hurt me, he did, from head to toe, I was black, blue, green yellow and shades I have not seen before. He beat me against cement walls, the car door, kicked my ankles, caves, beat my face into a cement corner slamming my knees to the cement bench. I thought, this is it. He was just getting started. Then made me pull my pants down to my ankles turn around bend over and spread in front of 4 men 1 women. He has told these people I am a drug dealer. Never any problems with any cop until, Saturday, June 20, 2009 the day he walked up to me and into my life ever since, said “Ms. White?” by a city park. I had never seen him before in my life. My life has never been the same will never be the same, it never ends, they would beat on my door in the middle of the night 50 times after I turned them into Internal Affairs Lt. Pound, shaking I would not open to terrorized. They would be back, once a month or more. Until 4/3/2013, he came for me. I sat in a cement cell with a hole in the floor, nothing more all night cold. No Judge, No calls, No food, No water, I asked for my Attorney James Mills 15 times. For 23 hours I felt caged treated like an animal for no ID, he planned to hurt me, threatened my boyfriend Rodney once, and said that he would “love to be alone with Rodney out of the city!” However, he could not have done this to him I would do just fine. I was walking out of a friend’s house (A real Harlem Globe Trotter, love him) there Johnson stood. He pretended not to know who I was! (Even in booking) and said, “Who are you? Let’s see your ID!” to his new partner Johnson said, She assaulted me and to everyone else along the way, laughing and 350lb sweating all over me. I was terrorized, scared to death, that was his goal, I begged A.P.D. to help in writing. Riddle told me to quit sending them documentation of what these people where doing to me. He even counted the pages of my Grievance. Johnson never showed up in court, none of them did. I knew he would not be there they never have. Before Johnson, I did not have a record; I even worked for Central Prison in Raleigh NC look at my record now! After 50 years, I am a criminal of all kinds of things it seems. All lies, no one will believe me.


Cammeron B. White

Until a Judge saw, what he did, every Judge has dismissed every one of the imagined charge, for lying & not showing up for court. * J walking, *No ID, *you were holding your head, *you were sitting down. The charges they came up with to stop me never end. If it were not a Hate Crime, it would be laughable. Nothing is funny to me, but how they laughed in booking that day 4/2/2013 quite an actor Johnson told them all, laughing, “I just wanted her ID! HA, HA” pretending he did not know who I was! They know better now I made sure of that. Of course, nobody has done anything at all to Johnson for this but with some effort I will find someone now that I have my internet back. See how long it took me to get this back. Approximately 1year 1month after Johnson.

Thank you for reading this, will you help me? I have lost everything I own now. I could not go back to that building, and still staying with friends, hiding and hoping I don’t see him or them again my hands are numb all night now from the scars on my wrist that will never go away from hands, feet, knees. I can hardly go anywhere again, I had just started to go places again when he showed again, my mind is not the same either I am afraid all the time, leave the lights on all over the house, hiding, wearing hats and go out at certain times only. I am going to fight back now, they shot at my son 7/15/2013 he was driving my car. They did not even know they were mine. Both the Car & Man A.P.D. still has my car but not my son thank God; I want the car back.

Both of these


Cammeron B. White

pictures are 8 days after Johnson beat me. My back, arm, and wrist, there are more… more… more… 6 weeks later I still looked like this in places I have witnesses many witnesses, my hands are still ruined wakes me up every night dead numb and tingling. They laughed at me the whole time they were doing this. These pictures are nothing next to pulling my pants down, turn around and bending over for 5 people, I guess they thought my ID was somewhere in there. I have to stop this now I am getting sick. I am closing this file and sending it to people; I think should care about what kind of cops we have in this city. I am not paid to be nice, protect, or serve Johnson is, I use to I did my job. My Captain would tell you that. I need to know what Johnsons Captain thinks about this job. I would have been in the prison I worked for had I done something like this to the inmates or anyone outside too. I am not an inmate and Mr. Johnson should be. There is nothing he can say to Justify what he has done. He knows it; I know it and I want you to know it. Please. Our Dad, Husbands, Sons, Brother, and Mother would be in Prison for what they did beating Granny. I hid from my grandchildren for a month. Did not want them in terror of cops. They Will know that just because they are a cop does not mean they can do anything they want. They terrorized me for years, now; I am going to show Mr. Johnson! He HISSED that in my ear as he jerked the chain & twisted the chain on those handcuffs of yours, kicked, and slammed me into cement walls, doors, corners while squeezing my neck pulling my hair. For 1 year, now I have not slept because of Johnson let us see how well he sleeps after I tell the world what he does to people. I never touched Johnson not one time did I even think about assaulting him in any way at 350 lb. @ 5’5” it would be crazier than I am. Sort of like hitting a HIPPO, Wouldn’t you think? He is only 20 years younger than me @120lb & 5’5” also, so no; the thought of hitting him did not cross my mind. After all, is he supposed to be a cop I have never made a habit of getting in a fight or even being around them until 2009 I seldom saw 1 this one stole from me and then had to explain. I did not just pull them over to: “Hey will you come terrorize me for 4 years? After stealing Evidence, beating me, and pull my pants down!” I hide in my house everyone knows it, including the Grandchildren they don’t know why. This is why. Thank you Sincerely, Cammeron B White 5/10/2014 The Grandchildren I hid from for a month while I looked like a train wreck. We did not want to tell them a cop did this.

U.S. Mail: Social Security Fraud Hotline P.O. Box 17785 Baltimore, Maryland 21235 FAX: 410-597-0118 I was beaten by for no ID. That is the excuse anyway. The real reason is this. johnson & partner stopped me walking down the street, I was heading to MALOPROPS coffee house. They put me in their car took me behind the department search my bag. Found a 1/4lb of marijuana they took it wrote my fake ticket told me not to show for court. I was not on the docket I checked. from there on my life has been more than a living night mare I have been arrested for j-walking that never happen, for 5

Cammeron B. White

holding my hands in my pocket, 11 times I was molested and taken to booking. All of these charges were dropped I have spent the last 4 years in a courtroom over one bogus charge after another. I finally went to internal affairs telling them in 75 pages everything that has happen. They did nothing but laugh. kjohnson got me in his car drove to the station jerked me out and started beating me against the car door twisting my fingers into the chain of handcuffs cutting my wrist. he then took me inside a cell beat my face into cement, crawled on top of me all350lb @5'5" I am in hand cuffs 120lb @ 5'5" there are 200 pix from hospital of what he did I t took 8 weeks for the damage he did to go away the scars will never go. I hide every day all day now. He never showed for court so whatever he charged me with was dropped. I am now supposed to forget what he did. I was forced to pull my pants down & bend over in front of 4 people including him. Threw me in a cell with a hole in the floor. for 23 hours I did not get water, a judge, phone call, food, no blanket, he has now terrorized me 4 years after that he went to the land people I rented from for 3 years told them I assaulted him. I was evicted.